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“Land We Live In” Radio Scripts Collection

The collection contains the “The Land We Live In” radio scripts, intermittently from 1939 to 1951; clippings, and brochures. The show first aired on KMOX in 1937 and was then moved to KSD in the late 1940s and continued until its last show in 1952. “The Land We Live In” was a presentation of Union Electric, heard at 5:30 Sunday evenings and performed before a studio audience. Each episode was a recreation of an historic event or series of events from the St. Louis area. Finding aid »

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1904 St. Louis Auto Tour

Collection of materials and artifacts related to the 1904 St. Louis Auto Tour arranged by the American Automobile Association.  The tour began in New York and concluded in St. Louis at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition with a parade of participating cars.  Various events were held in cities along the tour path. Finding aid »

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Academy of Science of St. Louis: Meeting Minutes

The collection contains a bound journal of the inaugural meeting minutes of the Academy of Science of St. Louis. The minutes were compiled by BF Shumard, a prominent geologist and paleontologist in the St. Louis area. Dr. Shumard came to St. Louis in 1853 as the Assistant Geologist and Paleontologist of the Missouri Geological Survey. The Academy of Science of St. Louis is still in existence and is affiliated with the St. Louis Science Center at 5050 Oakland. Finding aid »

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Adeline Rotty Johnson Collection

The collection contains newspaper clippings, programs, and photographs related to Adeline Rotty Johnson, a prominent dance teacher in St. Louis. Most of the items relate to when she was a dancer for the St. Louis Fashion Pageant from 1921-1923. Some items contain personal recollections from Ms. Johnson written on the back. Finding aid »

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Alfred Fleishman Papers

The papers of Alfred Fleishman span the years 1926-2002, with the bulk dated between 1960 and 1982.  The collection consists of extensive personal and professional correspondence, photographs, biographical materials, published articles, speeches & writings, clippings, awards, memorabilia, and audiovisual recordings.  Materials in the collection related to Fleishman-Hillard, Inc. contain memorandums, correspondence, speeches, and published materials.  The papers document Fleishman’s public relations career, his work, travel, and wide-ranging civic involvement with the St. Louis, national and international Jewish communities. Finding aid »

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Autograph Album

Autographs of individuals dating from 1822 through 1901, including such prominent persons as Edward Evert Hale, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Robert C. Winthrop, Henry W. Longfellow, Jefferson Davis, Grover Cleveland, Ulysses S. Grant, Booker T. Washington, John Wilkes Booth, and Charles Scribner. Some of the autographs came by way letters addressed to George O. Carpenter or his wife, Caroline (Greeley) Carpenter. Others were sent to the Commercial Club, where G. O. Carpenter was a member. Provenances for most of the letters or autographs cannot be traced. Finding aid »

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Bill Mauldin Editorial Cartoons Collection

The collection contains forty-four (44) original artworks by Pulitzer prize winning comic strip and editorial cartoonist Bill Mauldin.William Henry "Bill" Mauldin (1921-2003) served in World War II and volunteered to work for the 45th Infantry Division’s newspaper drawing cartoons about regular soldiers facing the dangers and tribulations of war, known as “Willie and Joe.” The cartoon originally was published for the G.I.s serving in Europe. This all changed in 1944, when Mauldin began working for Stars and Stripes which published his cartoons back home in the States as well as for the soldiers in Europe. From February 1944 to the end of the war, Mauldin was producing six cartoons a week. His cartoons became quick favorites among the G.I.s serving in Europe as well as all the folks back home in the States. Mauldin won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work. The first was in 1945 and the other in 1959 while at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He won the National Cartoonist Society Award for Editorial Cartooning in the same year (1959) and then received their Reuben Award in 1961. Mauldin abandoned cartooning for a while after the war and did not return until 1958 when he took a position at the Post as a cartoonist. He remained at the post for four years until June 22, 1962 when he moved to the Chicago Sun-Times. Here he created his most recognizable post-war piece which ran in the Sun-Times on November 13, 1963. It was of the Abraham Lincoln Statue at the Lincoln Memorial grieving with his head in his hands for the assignation of President John F. Kennedy. Mauldin remained with the Sun-Times until his retirement in 1991. During his non-cartooning period, Maudlin worked as a film actor, writer, and illustrator. He also ran for Congress in New York in 1956.   Finding aid »

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Bob Kochan Public Relations and Advertising Collection

The Bob Kochan Public Relations and Advertising Collection is a collection of public relations and advertising material pertaining to St. Louis media and its professional organizations. Some of the material in the collection includes advertising packets for radio and television stations; KSHE button; audio recordings of advertisements by St. Louis based companies and the 1995-96 Marconi Awards; I believe in St. Louis record with introduction by Sammy Davis Jr.; video recording of ad promos from Louis London Advertising; slides of St. Louis radio station photos and of the 1992 Marconi’s; and advertisements for the Advertising Club of St. Louis, the St. Louis Radio Association and Marconi Awards, Six Flags, and Alphen Brau Beer. Finding aid »

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Buford L. Pickens Papers: Architecture Student Reports

he collection contains reports completed by students of Professor Buford L. Pickens’ architecture classes. Subjects of the reports are historic buildings in St. Louis, most of which were in disrepair at the time of the writing of the reports. Reports contain written histories, floor plans, sketches, and photographs. Professor Pickens taught architecture at Washington University from 1953-1974 and was Dean of the School of Architecture from 1953-1956. Finding aid »

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Canadian Travel Literature Collection

Collection of travel literature covering Canada.  Much of the collection dates from the 1930s-1940s.  Brochures and publications from travel companies, transportation companies, tourist bureaus, tourist attractions, and government entities are featured. Finding aid »

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Caralee Strock Stanard Papers

The papers of Caralee Strock Stanard consist of biographical materials, correspondence related to Stanard’s work as Post-Dispatch fashion writer, Sylvia Stiles, and fashion press releases.  The collection also includes items relevant to her affiliation with Alpha Delta Pi.  Stanard served as Grand President and wrote the Creed of Alpha Delta Pi.  Finding aid »

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Chocolate Soldier Prompt Book

The collection contains a prompt book for the play “The Chocolate Soldier.” The book was owned by Harry Davies of the Davies Opera Company in St. Louis. Born in Wales in October 1865, Davies was a tenor who toured with various Welsh opera groups before coming to the US in 1890. He became a renowned tenor in the US and opened his own opera company in St. Louis. He died in 1925 while on tour. Finding aid »

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Colonial Houses Blueprints

 The collection contains blueprints of colonial houses and buildings from Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The blueprints are undated, and the artists’ initials are indicated on each blueprint. Finding aid »

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Cultural Educators Roundtable of Metropolitan St. Louis: American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration

The collection contains two copies of a handbook compiled by the Cultural Educators Roundtable of Metropolitan St. Louis for the occasion of the American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration. The Roundtable was formed in 1976 in order to improve cultural relationships between various community entities. Produced resources were meant to be used in a classroom or learning environment. Finding aid »

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Daniel Schlafly Board of Education Papers

The Daniel L. Schlafly Papers are a chronicle of Mr. Schlafly's years of public service as a member of the St. Louis Board of Education. Mr. Schlafly served on the Board as member and sometimes President from 1953-1981, and during that time amassed a large amount of notes, correspondence, reports, and other printed materials. He continued to follow Board of Education news even after his term of service ended, therefore, there is some coverage of Board happenings through the year 1993. Finding aid »

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David Friedmann Library Drawings

he collection contains 6 drawings by St. Louis artist David Friedman(n) from his series “Enjoyment in Libraries with the Candid Pencil of David Friedman.”  100 of these drawings were completed by Friedman over the year 1962-1963 at various libraries.  Friedman was born in 1893 in Mahrisch Ostrau, Czechsolovokia.  Moving to Berlin in 1911, he studied art and had a successful career as a newspaper sketch artist.  He fled Nazi Germany to Prague in 1938, but was deported to the Ghetto Lodz in Poland in 1941.  After liberation in 1945, he emigrated first to Israel.  In 1954 he came to St. Louis and worked for the General Outdoor Advertising Company until his retirement at age 68.  Friedman passed away in St. Louis in 1980.   Finding aid »  

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Dick Lemen Photograph Collection

The collection contains photographs of St. Louis scenes as well as some subjects from the surrounding area. Mr. Lemen received copies of these photographs from Dr. William G. Swekosky to enlarge. The actual photographer of these photos is Charles Clement Holt of the St. Louis Streets Department. Finding aid »

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Dorothy Brainerd Papers

The collection consists of the professional papers of Dorothy Brainerd (1906-1989) from 1952-1972.  The collection contains clipping scrapbooks, food articles and recipes, article drafts, and professional awards.  The bulk of the collection contains correspondence of letters from readers asking for solutions to a variety of homemaking & household issues.  Finding aid »

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Early Children's Literature Samples

The collection contains small booklets of stories, poems, songs, and reading lessons for children. The booklets come from a variety of publishers in the United States and Europe and span the years 1766-1909. After 1909, the booklets were used as part of an exhibit, but it is unknown where the exhibit took place and who compiled the exhibit. Finding aid »

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Elihu Hotchkiss Shepard Collection

The collection contains the bound manuscript handwritten by Elihu Hotchkiss Shepard entitled “History of St. Louis and Missouri.” The history narrative spans the years 1843-1859. Mr. Shepard published several history books about St. Louis and was a professor of languages at St. Louis College. Finding aid »

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Emil Boehl Photograph Collection

The collection contains mounted photographs of St. Louis scenes taken by Emil Boehl.  Boehl was a St. Louis photographer who focused on St. Louis scenes of streets, buildings, and locales.  He was born in Germany in 1839 and immigrated to St. Louis in 1854.  After service in the Union Army during the Civil War, Boehl returned to St. Louis and went into partnership with Lawrence Koenig in a photography studio.  The studio partnership existed until 1897.  Boehl retired from photography in 1919 and died on September 12th of that same year.  Finding aid »

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Flush Magazine

The collection consists of seven issues of Flush magazine from 2002. Flush Magazine was published by Jeremy Rouse and Darren Tracy from 2001-2002 in Carlyle, Illinois. The free monthly publication focused on local alternative music and was distributed in St. Louis City and County, the Metro East, and Carbondale, IL.  The last issue was published in December 2002. Finding aid »

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Foliophiles, Inc: Pages from the Past Collection

The collection contains leaves/pages of various examples of the written word.  Items are significant either for the printing method, author, content, or combination thereof.  The collection was the product of a group of New York book collectors who began to meet in the early to mid 1920’s to discuss various aspects of books and publishing.  Attuned to the fact that the prices of rare and historical material often made complete copies beyond the means of most collectors, they decided to form a company to market original leaves of rare books and manuscripts from broken or otherwise damaged examples.  They called themselves the Society of Foliophiles (“lovers of pages”).  They offered various thematic portfolios of leaves for sale. Finding aid »

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Forest Park Photograph Collection

Although the date of many of the photographs is unknown, the dated material covers the years 1949 - 1963. The collection appears to have been photographed by the same photographer over a period of time and throughout the seasons. No indication of photographer or studio is available for this collection.   Finding aid »

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Francis Frith Album of Photographs: England and Scotland

The collection contains an album of photographs taken by Francis Frith, a UK photographer famous for his work in the Middle East. Also included in the album are postcards presumably from his postcard company, Francis Frith & Co. Most of the items are subjects from England and Scotland with four Switzerland subjects. Finding aid »

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Fred P. Ayre Circus Collection

The collection consists of one scrapbook of materials related to various circus companies of the United States.  Cristiani-Wallace Brothers, Clyde Beattie-Cole Brothers, Hoxsie  Brothers, Hunt Brothers, Great Eastern Sectional Circus, and the Ringling Brothers circuses are well-represented. The advertisements, clippings, autographs, ephemera, etc. were assembled into a scrapbook by Fred P. Ayre of the Ayre Circus and Historical Museum of Pleasant Corner, PA Finding aid »

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Greater St. Louis

The collection contains some papers and publications related to the Greater St. Louis Regional Empowerment Zone. The organization was funded by the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for 10 years with funds being used for economic development, business loans, organization grants, and job training. Items in the collection include publications, photographs, and Board of Directors resolutions. Finding aid »

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Home Guide Scrapbook, The

The collection contains a scrapbook, entitled The Home Guide, which houses a variety of homemade textile samples. Family papers included in the collection indicate that someone from the Horstmann family of St. Louis compiled the scrapbook.  Finding aid »

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James H. Campbell Collection

The collection contains a typewritten manuscript by James H. Campbell that details his memories of the US Civil War. James H. Campbell was a US House of Representatives member from Pennsylvania and is unrelated to the Campbell family of St. Louis. It is unclear as to when the typewritten manuscript came into existence. Finding aid »

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Jefferson Barracks Hub

The Jefferson Barracks Hub, also known as the HUB, was published by the U.S. Army Reserves and was an “Official publication of the Air Corps Replacement Training Center, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.” The collection houses an incomplete run of volumes 1 through 4 from Dec. 12, 1941 to April 30, 1944 (v. 1, no. 36-v. 4, no. 18). Volume 4 is complete and volume 3 is missing four issues. Finding aid »

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Jessie Moller Collection

The collection contains biographical manuscripts written by St. Louis native, Jessie Moller. Included among the manuscripts is a song transcribed by Ms. Moller that she learned from her grandmother. Folder 1/7 contains correspondence to and from a variety of people regarding genealogical research. Finding aid »

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JJ Howard Collection

The collection contains a two volume set entitled Collectanea. The volumes contain family trees, wills, notes, correspondence, and genealogical notes and records. Information about JJ Howard is unknown. Finding aid »

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John M. Jennings Notebook

The collection consists of a notebook owned by John M. Jennings of Rising Sun, Indiana. The notebook contains names and addresses, accounts paid, and other miscellaneous notes. Curtis M. Jennings, the son of John, eventually moved to St. Louis and owned a lumber wholesale business. Finding aid »

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John McGuire Papers

The collection contains letters written to John McGuire, chiefly fan letters. The collection also contains one photo (1992 letter from Carl Payne). John McGuire spent five years at the Art Institute of Chicago in the late 1950s with the intent of becoming a painter. Instead, he spent the 1960s through 2005 as a journalist, most of which was spent at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1967-2005). He began writing special interest stories and conducting interviews. In the latter part of his career, he specialized in obituaries. McGuire was beloved by many. He had knack for being a great storyteller, which resulted in his success as a Post-Dispatch feature writer. He was awarded the Riverfront Times’ Best of Award for the Best St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reporter in 2000. McGuire died in his sleep at the age of 71. Finding aid »

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KDHX Collection

The collection contains papers, publications, ephemera and memorabilia of KDHX. Included is an incomplete run of Airwaves from 1983 to 2008. Airwaves is the the official publication of KDHX issued to members that contributed $40 or more annually to the station. KDHX is a community radio that KDHX began construction in March of 1982, but did not go on the air until 1987. It broadcasts at 88.1 mHz. The station is licensed to the Double Helix Corporation. In 2013, KDHX moved to the Larry J. Weir Center for Independent Media (3524 Washington Avenue) after more than twenty-five years at 3504 Magnolia Avenue. Finding aid »

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KDNA Papers

The collection contains the papers and memorabilia of KDNA and its later ownership by the Double Helix Corporation. KDNA was a St. Louis listener-supported radio station that operated in St. Louis's Gaslight Square district from 1968 to 1973. It broadcasted at 102.5 MHz. The station was licensed to the Double Helix Corporation in 1972 and in the call letters were later changed to KEZK. Finding aid »

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Keith Library

The collection contains individual leaves from a variety of old books, with most leaves being religious in nature. Some leaves contain informational posters that provide the history of the book. Harold and Diane Keith sent individual leaves to numerous libraries throughout the United States. Finding aid »

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L.E. Hammel Watercolor Collection

The collection contains watercolor paintings done by St. Louis artist and architect, Leland E. Hammel. Subjects for the paintings are from a variety of locations in the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe. SLPL hosted an art show of Hammel’s work at Central, January-February 1960. Finding aid »

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Laclede Little Symphony Television Program Collection

The collection contains photographs, communications, a 1950s St. Louis Symphony script featuring Frank Eschen and Judge Otto, the film "St. Louis City of Flight”, and a scrapbook containing schedules, press releases and clippings on the Laclede Gas 1962 Park Band Concerts. The collection is organized into three subseries, the bulk of which consists of photographs from the Laclede Little Symphony and other Laclede Gas sponsored programs. Finding aid »

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Mark Twain Drinking Fountain Scrapbook

The Mark Twain Drinking Fountain Scrapbook is a collection that contains two scrapbooks, photographs, and publications. “The Mark Twain Drinking Fountain was given to St. Louis to be erected in Forest Park at the Zoo in 1940” – Ora Hill. The bronze statue of Mark Twain atop the Mark Twain Drinking Fountain was made by Frank Vittor who was born in Italy and lived in New York at the time the statue was made. Finding aid »

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Mary Kimbrough Papers

The collection contains scrapbooks, clippings, articles, publications, correspondence, a draft manuscript of the Veiled Prophet, a draft manuscript of the History of St. Louis Country Club, materials from the Women’s Association of the St. Louis Symphony Society and audiovisual recordings. The dated material covers the years 1942-2010 with the bulk of the material ranging from 1970-1989. Finding aid »

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Mary Lee Taylor Pet Milk Cookbook Collection

The Mary Lee Taylor Pet Milk Cookbook collection consists of over 75 recipe booklets published from 1937 to 1961.  Pet Milk was represented by Gardner Advertising Company of St. Louis.  In the early 1930s, Gardner Advertising employee, Erma Perham Proetz, created the personality and pseudonym of Mary Lee Taylor.  Proetz was key in the development of the Pet Milk Kitchen with Mary Lee Taylor serving as the Pet Milk home consultant to the American housewife. Finding aid »

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Mathematics Collection

The collection contains three bound books of general mathematics, geometry, and calculus. One notebook contains lecture notes on geometry and calculus, taken by GP Herthel. The other two notebooks are volumes I and II of an Introduction to Mathematics. Finding aid »

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McAnally Collection

The collection contains various items belonging to Rev. David Rice McAnally. A Methodist Episcopal minister, McAnally came to St. Louis in 1851 and founded the Carondelet ME Church, South. He was also editor of the St. Louis Christian Advoate. Items include a day book, receipts, a handkerchief, and portraits. Finding aid »

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Music Notebook of Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck

The collection contains a music notebook owned by Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck. Born in Elgersburg, Germany, Rinck received extensive organ training from various instructors, including Johann Christian Kittel, a pupil of JS Bach. He was also a prolific composer, with widely distributed works ranging from organ to vocal and chamber music. Finding aid »

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Nick Charles Papers

The collection contains ephemera and correspondence related to Charles’ work at KXOK and his involvement with St. Louis Local AFTRA. The dated material covers the years 1965-1993 with the bulk of the material ranging from 1969-1974. Nick Charles aka Nicholas A. Pukish was a radio disc jockey on KXOK during the 1960s and 1970s. Charles, one of the three Johnny Rabbitt radio personalities, helped bring the Beatles to St. Louis in 1966. After leaving radio work, Pukish operated a locksmith company in west St. Louis County. He also freelanced as a booth announcer for KTVI and did commercial voice overs. Pukish died in July of 1993. Finding aid »

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Old Post Office Collection

The collection contains scrapbooks, correspondence, and newspaper clippings mainly related to the controversy surrounding the Old Post Office’s renovation or demolition. Other items include old ledger books and scrapbooks relating to the renovation. Finding aid »

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Pageant and Masque Lantern Slides

The collection contains 3 ¼ 4” glass lantern slides. Some contain a stickered number. The slides depict images from the 1914 St. Louis Pageant and Masque. Some slides are drawings, some are photographs. There is a typewritten list that appears to be a narrative of the slides, perhaps used in a presentation. Original list disintegrating into several pieces. Therefore, it was retyped and the original discarded.   Finding aid »

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Paul Edmond Beckwith Collection

The collection contains a typed and bound manuscript entitled “My Relatives.” Written by Paul Edmond Beckwith, the manuscript details the history of his family. Family trees are drawn in the back of the manuscript. Finding aid »

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Peter Ferman Photograph Collection

The collection consists of photographs widely undated but consistently marked with “Peter Ferman Photographers”.  The material ranges from the late 1950s to the early 1970s with the bulk of the material from the 1960s.   The collection is organized into five subseries of black and white photographs of assorted sizes.  The bulk of the collection consists of photos of individual actors and casts from the MUNY. Finding aid »

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Radio and Entertainment In and Around St. Louis Collection

The collection contains an incomplete run of Radio and Entertainment In and Around St. Louis (RAE) from September 26, 1931 to November 25, 1933 which was transferred from the SLPL Periodical Room. The collection contains duplicates of issues published in 1932-33, which were donated by Frank Absher and A. J. Cabanellas.  RAE provided readers with the weekly radio schedule as well as listings of current movies, plays, sports, and special events such as dairy show. "Free at your McKesson Service Drug Store"-- cover verso. Finding aid »

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Rae Londe-Kozloff Scrapbook

The collection contains a scrapbook compiled by Rae Londe-Kozloff entitled “My Girlhood Memories.” In addition to handwritten notes, items pasted in the scrapbook include newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards, invitations, cards, letters, school papers, programs, and miscellaneous items.   Finding aid »

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Rex Davis Papers

The collection contains clippings, manuscripts, publications, and photographs. Broadcaster Rex Davis (1910-2001) was born in Cincinnati as Frank W. Zwygart.  He started working in radio in Cincinnati in 1931 as a singer and later as a newscaster with WCKY radio, a CBS affiliate in Cincinnati.  Davis began working for St. Louis radio station KMOX in 1946 where he was awarded nom de air Rex Davis. He continued there until his retirement in 1981.  In 1985 he came out of retirement to become a part-time voice on the late Bob Hardy's morning show on KMOX. During his tenure with KMOX Davis held the positions of news director and director of community relations.  Finding aid »

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Richard Bartholdt Collection: Interparliamentary Union Scrapbook

The collection contains a scrapbook of newspaper clippings during the Interparliamentary Union conference at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Mr. Bartholdt was elected president of the IPU, a United Nations organization still active today. The cover of the scrapbook contains the inscription: Souvenir of Interparliamentary Union 1904, Presented to Richard Bartholdt by Hayne Davis. Finding aid »

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Second 50 Forum, The

The collection consists of an incomplete run of The Second 50 Forum, an independent monthly newspaper written especially for older adults in the St. Louis area. The publishing dates of the paper are unknown, but it is suspected that volume 1, number 1 was printed on November 1979. The newspaper went out of print sometime after February 1988. Finding aid »

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Southern Trip Narrative

Content/Scope:  The collection contains the typed manuscript detailing a road trip through the Southern United States in July 1935. The manuscript reads like a narrative and includes photographs and colored maps showing routes taken. Finding aid »

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St. Louis Auto Manufacturers Collection

Local Interest, Photographs, Advertising & Public Relations Content/Scope: Collection of newspaper articles pertaining to and photographs of early automobiles made by St. Louis manufacturers.  Most information donated by St. Louis native, John. A. Conde.  Conde was a noted automotive historian who was particularly interested in the early days of the automobile industry.  He served as the Curator of Transportation at the Henry Ford Museum and as a Public Relations Director at American Motors.  While at American Motors he created a corporate archive and also published several books on the subject of automobiles. Finding aid »

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St. Louis Bicentennial Lantern Slides

The collection contains 3 ¼  4” glass lantern slides.  Most contain a stickered number.  The slides were used as a presentation show, “The Story of a City,” for the celebration of St. Louis’ bicentennial. The topics cover a wide variety of St. Louis history and contain drawings as well as actual photos.   Finding aid »

St. Louis City Building Department House Numbering Certificates

hese are certificates assigning street numbers to new buildings (mostly homes) in St. Louis city ca. 1880 – 1976.  There are @112,000 certificates arranged chronologically by reference number.  Reference numbers are found on the Building Department Atlases.  If there is a reference number on a property there is a certificate for the property.  The certificate includes the block number, lot number, house number, owner and contractor.  Certificates also have a rough sketch of the property in relation to the street and a dated stamp of approval from the Street Department.  Finding aid »

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch Collection

Although the date of many of the pieces is unknown, the dated material covers the years 1878-2014 with the bulk of the material ranging from the 1910s-2000s. The collection is organized into three subseries, the bulk of which consists of publications that represent the history of and changes within the Post-Dispatch as well as the greater world of (newspaper) publishing trends and standards. Finding aid »

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch/W9XZY Papers

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, by radio from station W9XZY was the world’s first daily newspaper transmitted by radio signals to facsimile printers located in homes. The daily special edition of the Post-Dispatch was published for two years beginning on December 7, 1938. KSD, which was owned by the Post-Dispatch until 1977, operated the experimental facsimile station W9XZY out of the Post-Dispatch Building. The newspaper was dubbed the “radio edition” and was transmitted via ultra-high frequency. Finding aid »

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St. Louis Radio Collection

The St. Louis Radio Collection contains historical information on radio stations in the St. Louis area. The files include correspondence, administrative files, memorabilia, ephemera and memorabilia about individual radio stations as well as those employed at the stations. The majority of the material is related to marketing and advertising, particularly promotional items. Finding aid »

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St. Louis Riverfront Lantern Slides

The collection contains 3 ¼  4” glass lantern slides. Numbers preassigned and retained.  All subjects related to St. Louis Riverfront area.  The slides correspond to the publication, A comprehensive program for reclamation of the St. Louis riverfront, to be affected by the construction and operation of a riverview freeway / St. Louis (Mo.) Law dept., 1934.     Finding aid »

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St. Louis Television Photograph Collection

The collection contains photographs of St. Louis television personalities, performers and staff.  The collection aims to serve researchers of St. Louis media by providing them with photographs of St. Louis area television personalities, performers, and staff as well as images of the television studios. Acquisitions for the St. Louis Television Photo Collection are still ongoing. Finding aid »

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St. Louis Today Papers

The collection consists of St. Louis Today issues published from Sept. 7-8 to Oct. 5-6, 1973 (vol.1:nos.1-12) which were printed to replace the Post-Dispatch and the Globe-Democrat during their strikes—“St. Louis Today...will continue in operation until the end of the current newspaper strike.”; “...produced by local newsworkers from the two metropolitan dailies.” Finding aid »

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St. Nicholas Advertising Stamp Album

The St. Nicholas Magazine was a popular children's magazine published from 1873 to 1940 by Scribner’s. Mary Mapes Dodge was the editor until her death in 1905 when William Fayal Clarke took her place. It featured high quality children's authors and illustrators including Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Frances Hodgson Burnett, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and E. B. White. When Clarke was editor, the St. Nicholas Magazine placed more emphasis on departments and the magazine added divisions devoted to short plays, science and stamp collecting. The stamp collecting column was a regular feature until the publication’s last issue (volume 67) in February 1940. Note: Vols. 68-69 never published. In 1943 St. Nicholas was briefly revived by Juliet Lit Sterne in 1943, but failed again within months. Finding aid »

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Stan Trampe Photography Collection

The collection contains photo negatives of the work of St. Louis photographer Stan Trampe. Mr. Trampe had a studio at 4100 Laclede Avenue, and his subject matter consisted of mainly fine art nude photography. Also included in the collection are several published books by Mr. Trampe and flash drives containing digital copies of his photographs. Finding aid »

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Static, Inc.

The collection of Static, Inc. contains three print issues and covers the years 1997-1998.  The St. Louis alternative music periodical was published bimonthly by Jarrett Tindall and Tom Henkey, former writers at publications including The Riverfront Times and Night Times. They were assisted by a revolving group of approximately a dozen St. Louis-based writers and musicians. Static, Inc. included local, regional, and national touring band and concert reviews, record reviews, advertising, artwork, and commentary. Finding aid »

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Stereograph Card Collection

The collection contains the stereograph cards produced by several different publishing companies, Underwood & Underwood being the most prevalent. Covers travel, both foreign and domestic as well as optical illusion cards and miscellaneous subjects. Finding aid »

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Sue Ann Wood Papers

The papers of Sue Ann Wood Poor (1930-2016) span the years 1946-2010, with the bulk of the materials date ranging from 1960s-1990s.  The papers consist of a large collection of personal correspondence, publications and professional articles, University of Missouri, Rotary International Foundation Fellow, photographs, clippings, along with St. Louis Globe-Democrat, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and professional awards memorabilia. Finding aid »

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Theodore C. Link Collection

This collection contains photographs and print negatives, architectural renderings, drawings, clipping, notes, correspondence, and a notebook related to Link’s architectural projects in the St. Louis including a scrapbook of designs for a zoological gardens. Finding aid »

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TV Review magazine

The collection of TV Review spans the years 1951-1953.  In 1951, the St. Louis Television News Weekly publication was published weekly by The Scene Publishing Company on 308 N. Sixth Street in St. Louis.   By 1952, the publication was published by TV Review, Inc. at 5244 Delor Street, and featured a daily television program schedule for KSD-TV Channel 5 along with advertisements.  The publication changed its name to TV Preview during 1953, and continued to be published by TV Review, Inc. Finding aid »

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War on Misery

The collection consists of four issues of the St. Louis alternative publication, War on Misery.  The publication dealt with struggles against gentrification and police brutality along with wildcat strikes and the Occupy movement.  The content of the publication focused on activity in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, and more broadly in the state of Missouri and southern Illinois. Finding aid »

Wednesday Club

The collection contains yearbooks and miscellaneous items related to the Wednesday Club of St. Louis. The club was founded in St. Louis in 1890 by a group of women who wanted to continue independent intellectual studies. Miscellaneous items include programs as well as constitutions and bylaws. Finding aid »

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WEW Radio Collection

The collection contains show scripts, publications, and ephemera of WEW Radio. WEW received its broadcast license on March 23, 1922. The station was owned by and operated out of St. Louis University, who claims the station had actually began broadcasting seismological and weather information in Morse code in 1912 under call letters 9YK. Thus, making WEW the oldest broadcast station west of the Mississippi River. Finding aid »

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WIL Radio Collection

The collection contains show scripts, publications, ephemera, and memorabilia of WIL Radio. WIL radio began broadcasting at the 1430 AM frequency under the call letters WEB on April 5, 1922, though the station might have been established as early as 1920 under letters 9ZB which was owned by Lester “Eddie” Benson. WEB and WIL was a low-power, local-coverage station until 1939 when it went from 100 to 250 watts. In March 1949, WIL increased to 5,000 watts. Finding aid »

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William E. Tobey Ship Journal

The collection contains a journal kept by William E. Tobey of Boston during a voyage on the bark Bhering. The Bhering sailed from the Port of New York to the Amur River in Eastern Siberia and then from the Amur River to Honolulu. The Bhering ended its voyage in Hamburg, Germany. The journal details the trip through narrative and charts. Finding aid »

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William Henry Bates Collection

The collection contains papers and volumes related to the 8th Missouri Volunteer Infantry (The American Zouaves) who fought in the American Civil War. The collection is likely created by William Henry Bates, a member of the American Zouaves, who later went on to have a book and job printer business. Finding aid »

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William Powell and Marjorie Williams Collection

The collection contains mainly letters written by William and Marjorie Williams during Mr. Williams’ military career in WWII. Other items in the collection include newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards, and a wide variety of Army uniform pins and ribbons. After the death of Mr. Williams, Marjorie remarried to Ernest Eddy, whose dog tags and other small Army items are contained in the collection. Finding aid »

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Yale Scrapbooks

The collection contains 3 scrapbooks filled with Yale memorabilia from Walton Dennis’ time at Yale. Items include examinations, event programs, newspaper clippings, and certificates. Mr. Dennis died suddenly in his junior year at Yale. Finding aid »

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Youth’s Companion Magazines

The collection contains nine issues of the Youth’s Companion Combined with American Boy Magazine from 1934. The Youth’s Companion published from 1827-1929 before combining with rival American Boy magazine, which published from 1899-1941. Finding aid »

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