Louisiana Purchase Exposition Lantern Slides

Accession Number: SC U:66

Location: RB-F Photo

Dates: unknown

Size: 2 long flat boxes; 2.25 cu. ft.

Creator/Collector: Dr. F.M. Whelpley (probable)

Acquisition info: Unknown

Accruals: None expected

Custodial history: unknown

Language: English

Processed by: Jean Gosebrink, March 2003

Reprocessed by Amanda Bahr-Evola, March 2016

Conservation notes: Lantern slides rehoused into archival sleeves at some point prior to 2016.

Scope and Content: The collection contains 3 ¼ 4” glass lantern slides. Most contain a stickered number. All subjects related to the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis.

Arrangement: Original collection order preserved. Numeric. 2 slides (1and 13) were missing at processing.

Restrictions: Collection open for research.

Remarks: Fragile items.


March 2016 Rare Books and Special Collections Series: RB-F PhotoAcc. # SC U:66 Louisiana Purchase Exposition Lantern Slides 1904 2 small boxes, 2.25 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
1 2. View of grounds looking west
3. View of grounds
4. David R. Francis portrait
5. President Roosevelt leaving DR Francis’s house on Dedication Day
6. President Roosevelt speaking in Liberal Arts building
7. Governor Yates of Illinois leading military parade
8. Uniformed men at LPE
9. Palace of Art
10. The Cascades
11. Statue of Napoleon Bonaparte in front of Festival Hall
12. Cascades fountain, by Konti
14a. Detail of Cascades
14b. Festival Hall w/Ferris Wheel in background
15. From the center of the traverse lagoon
16. Garden between Machinery and Electricity buildings
17. Agriculture Building north front
18. Art Palace (color rendering)
19. Plan of Art Palace
20. Closeup of Art Palace
21. Art Palace eastern temporary wing
22. Palace of Education & portion of Mines Building from Art Hill
23. Palace of Education
24. Palace of Education section
25. Palace of Education exterior detail
26. Palace of Education main west entrance
27. Palace of education exterior detail
28a. Palace of Education cloister
28b. Palace of Electricity (color rendering)
29. Electricity building
30. Palace of Electricity east façade
31. Palace of Electricity section
32. Palaces of Electricity and Education
33. Palace of Electricity
34. Forestry, Fish & Game Building
35. Hall of International Congresses
36. Hall of Congresses
37. Hall of Congresses entrance
38. Hall of Congresses cloister
39. House of Hoo Hoo (rendering)
40. The Inside Inn (rendering)
41. Liberal Arts Building (rendering)
42. Palace of Liberal Arts
43. Palace of Liberal Arts west façade
44. Palace of Liberal Arts
45. Machinery Building
46. Machinery Building
47. Machinery Hall north entrance
48. Machinery Hall tower
49. Palace of Machinery colonnade
50. Manufacturers Building (rendering)
51. Palace of Manufacturers, north façade
52. Physical Culture Building (rendering)
53. Mines and Metallurgy Building (rendering)
54. Palace of Mines and Metallurgy
55. Palace of Transportation (rending)
56. Palace of Transportation entrance
57. United States Government Building (rendering)
58. Varied Industries Building (color rendering)
59. Varied Industries Palace from the west
60. Varied Industries Palace: St. Louis Street Cleaning Depart.
61. Palace of Varied Industries
62. Three big features of the Varied Industries Palace
63. Varied Industries Building
64. Varied Industries Building
65. Palace of Varied Industries
66a. Alaska Building with totem poles
66b. Varied Industries Building
67. Mexican Building
68. Hawaiian Building (rendering)
69. Arkansas Building (rendering)
70. Arizona Building
71. Colorado Building (rendering)
72. Connecticut Building (rendering)
73. Illinois Building (rendering)
74. Indiana Building (rendering)
75. Iowa Building
76. Kansas Building (rendering)
77. Kentucky Building at end of construction
78. Louisiana Building
79. Minnesota Building (rendering)
80. Missouri Building (rendering)
81. Montana Building (rendering)
82. New Jersey Building (rendering)
83. Ohio Building (rendering)
84. Oklahoma Building (rendering)
85. Virginia Building (rendering)
86. West Virginia Building (rendering)
87. Buffalo dance by S.H. Borglum
88. Cowboy at rest by S. H. Borglum
89. The blizzard by S. H. Borglum
90. Raphael medallion by Brewster
91. Joseph Henry by John Flanagan
92. Statue of Napoleon by D. C. French in front of Festival Hall
93. Minnesota by Gustav Gerlach
94. Indian territory by C.A. Heber
95. Arkansas by Jaegers
96. Egyptian art by Jaegers
97. Atlantic Ocean by Konti
98. Spirit of the Pacific Ocean by Konti
99. Cupid and fish by Konti
100. Spirit of the Atlantic Ocean by Konti
101. Group side Cascade by Konti
102. Fisheries by Konti
103. Horse group by L.O. Lawrie
104. Quadriga group by Lopez
105. Louisiana Purchase Crowning Figure Peace monument
106. Nebraska by F.H. Packer
107. DeSoto in enlarging shops, sculpture by E.C. Potter
108. Kansas by A.A. Weinmann
109. Transportation Building, relief sculpture by Wiehle
110. Threads of life by Robert Bringhurst
111. Unidentified statue
Notes: Slides #1 and #13 missing at processing

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