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SLPL offers over 7,000 eAudiobook titles in a variety of genres including mystery, urban fiction, science fiction and more!

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SLPL offers 170+ downloadable magazine titles. The eMagazines are yours to keep, and there is no limit in the number you can download.

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All-Time Bestsellers!

Even if you're not an avid reader it's hard to get by without at least hearing about the books topping the bestseller lists. You may have…

Interior Design eBook Style!

Stuck at home? Ready to make some interior changes, but need some inspiration to move forward?

I got a dog, now what?

If you recently brought a dog into your home, or maybe you are thinking about bringing a dog into your home...

STEM Fiction

This list is inspired by a homeschool co-op who pairs a fiction title with their STEM lessons.
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