William Torrey Harris Papers

Accession Number:  SC U:59
Location:  RB-M
Dates:  1869-1935
Size:  1 legal Hollinger, 1 slim Hollinger; .75 cubic feet
Creator/Collector:  Mrs. Ross
Acquisition info:  Donated to SLPL by Mrs. Ross, mother of staff member Ann Ross Abrams
Accruals:  No accruals expected
Custodial history: The collection was given to RBSC by Mrs. Ross, mother of staff member Ann Ross Abrams. Mrs. Ross compiled the typescripts William Torrey Harris’ articles, adding additional publications to the collection.
Language:  English
Processed by:  Reprocessed by Melissa Miller, April 2017
Conservation notes:  Items placed in acid-free folders
Scope and Content: The collection contains the typescripts and various original copies of publications written by Mr. Harris on the topics of education and philosophy.
Arrangement: The collection is split between two boxes. The first box contains the typescripts of Mr. Harris’ publications, and the second box contains original copies. Both boxes are arranged alphabetically by title of publication.
Restrictions:  No restrictions
Remarks:  No remarks

William Torrey Harris Paper
1 legal Hollinger, 1 slim Hollinger; .75 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding Aid
 1/2 Ad for Granger desk. American Journal of Education, 1875 (2)
 1/3 "American and German Universities" by CM Woodward; Journal of Education, May 1871
 1/4 "Appleton’s School Readers"; American Journal of Education, 1878
 1/5 "The Art Society; the Kant Club; the Aristotle Club"; The Western, 1875
 1/6 "Belgian International Congress of Educators"; Education, July/August 1881
 1/7 "Blossom Stem of the Century"; American Journal of Education, October 1876
 1/8 "Book Notices: Review of Education in Europe and America" by JW Hoyt; Journal of Education, February 1871
 1/9 "The Broad Gauge" by LW Hart; American Journal of Education, October 1876
 1/10 "Comment on Lectures on History and Philosophy of Education"; New England Journal of Education, 1883
 1/11 "Commissioner’s Report"; Educational Review, November 1903
 1/12 "The Concord School of Philosophy"; New England Journal of Education, 21 July 1881
 1/13 "Department of Education Address of Chairman and Remarks of Secretary"; Journal of Social Science, May 1883
 1/14 "Discussion of Paper in Relation to Culture and Studies in Grammar School"; The Western, December 1875
 1/15 Divoll memoranda
 1/16 "Dr. Harris’ Conversation on Primary Schools"; New England Journal of Education, 26 May 1881
 1/17 Editorial; New England Journal of Education, 19 July 1883
 1/18 Editorial; St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 8 August 1932
 1/19 "Education a Necessity"; The Western, September 1875
 1/20 "Educational Documents"; American Journal of Education, January 1874
 1/21 "Educational Significance of the Centennial Exposition"; New England Journal of Education, 1877
 1/22 "Emerson’s ‘Brahma’ and ‘The Bhagavad Gita’"; Poet Lore, June 1889
 1/23 "Instruction in Natural Science"; American Journal of Education, April 1875
 1/24 "Introduction to Pedagogies"; Journal of Education, December 1871
 1/25 "Is It Best?"; American Journal of Education, December 1876
 1/26 "Is the Establishment of German Universities Possible in This Country?" by Charles L. Bernays; Journal of Education, June 1871
 1/27 "Kindergarten at the Centennial"; New England Journal of Education, 11 January 1877
 1/28 "The Lesson of Goethe’s ‘Faust’"; The Independent, 5 August 1897
 1/29 "Materialism"; American Journal of Education, November 1880
 1/30 "National Teacher’s Convention"; The Western, June 1875
 1/31 Notice on lecture titled "Egypt and Phoenicia Contrasted"; New England Journal of Education, 2 November 1882
 1/32 Obituary; Educational Review, December 1909
 1/33 "Paul Janet & Hegel." Journal of Speculative Philosophy, 1867.
 1/34 "Preparation for College"; National Education Association, 1884
 1/35 "The Rationale of the Course of Study"; Journal of Education, 15 November 1888
 1/36 Regard to German instruction; The Western, June 1875
 1/37  "Relation of Woman to the Trades and Professions"; Educational Review, October 1900 
 1/38  "Report of the Commissioner of Education, 1874"; The Western, December 1875 
 1/39  "Review of ‘Ancient Symbol Worship’" by Hodder M. Westropp and C. Staniland Wake; The Western, August 1875 
 1/40  "Review of ‘Christian Ethics’" by DS Gregory; The Western, August 1875 
 1/41  "School Management" by J. Baldwin; American Journal of Education, February 1876 
 1/42  "Should Recess Be Abolished?" New England Journal of Education, 28 June 1883 
 1/43  "The Society of Pedagogy"; The Western, January 1876 
 1/44  "Some Thoughts on the Carnival"; The Western, January 1875 
 1/45  "The State Normal School at Kirksville"; Journal of Education, July 1871 
 1/46  "Statistics on School Attendance"; National Educational Association, 1871
 1/47  "University Education" by CL Bernays; Journal of Education, April 1871 
 1/48  "Unknown Quantities in the St. Louis Movement" by Charles M. Perry; International Education Review, 10 September 1935 
 1/49  “The Use of Textbooks”; National Education Association, 1871
 1/50  "What Are They Doing?"’; American Journal of Education, September 1878 
 1/51  "Why American Schools Lay Stress on Discipline"; American Journal of Education, September 1874 
 1/52  "Why Educate the Children of the Common Laborer?" New England Journal of Education, 19 October 1882 
 1/53  "Will Not This Do?"; American Journal of Education April 1875 
 1/54  "William Torrey Harris, LLD"; New England Journal of Education, 19 October 1882 
 1/55  "William Torrey Harris: An Appreciation" by Frank A. Fitzpatrick; Educational Review, January 1910 
 1/56  "William Torrey Harris’ Theory of Culture and Civilization" by Kurt F. Leidecker; International Education Review, 10 September 1935 
 1/57  Photocopies of originals
 2/1  "The Belgian International Congress of Educators, 1880"; Education: An International Magazine, Vol. I, No. VI, July/August 1881; full original volume 
 2/2  "The Function of the Library and the School in Education"; American Journal of Education; Popular Educational Document No. 26; original 
 2/3  "Hegel’s First Principle" by GWF Hegel; introduction and explanatory notes by William T. Harris; 1869; original
 2/4  "Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophic Method"; 1874; original
 2/5  "Method of Study in Social Science"; 1879; original
 2/6  "The Philosophic Aspects of History"; 1890; reprint
 2/7  "Philosophy in Outline"; 1883; reprint
 2/8  "The Place of University Extension in American Education"; 1892; photocopy
 2/9  Photocopies of originals
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