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The Women of R&B

Originating among the African American communities of the 1940s, Rhythm and Blues encapsulated the everyday experiences ...

Women of World War II

Meet many notable women who helped win World War II.

Black Artists, Then and Now, In Their Own Words

This Black History Month, meet some of the most iconic Black painters, sculptors, architects, and printmakers...

Self-Love Celebration

February is the month of love! Check out these titles centered around self-love and empowerment...

Inclusive list

TLC Recommends: Women's History Month Edition

This Teen to Teen recommendation list was selected by St. Louis Public Library's Teen Leadership Council.

Foreign in a Domestic Sense

Puerto Rico is a political paradox: part of the United States but distinct from it, enjoying citizenship...

Biographies of Courageous Women

For Women's History Month, read a memoir about women who achieved amazing things, often not only for themselves...

A Contemporary Feminist Reading List

Happy Women's History Month! Enjoy a wide range of titles that speak to the importance of gender equity...
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