St. Louis Riverfront Lantern Slides

Accession Number: SC U:67 

Location: RB-M Photo 

Dates: unknown 

Size: 2 small lantern slide boxes; 0.35 cu. ft. 

Creator/Collector: Unknown 

Acquisition info: Unknown 

Accruals: None expected 

Custodial history: unknown 

Language: English 

Processed by: Jean Gosebrink, May 2003 

Reprocessed by: Amanda Bahr-Evola, March 2016 

Conservation notes: Lantern slides rehoused into archival sleeves and boxes at some  point prior to 2016. 

Scope and Content: The collection contains 3 ¼ 4” glass lantern slides. Numbers  preassigned and retained. All subjects related to St. Louis  Riverfront area. The slides correspond to the publication, comprehensive program for reclamation of the St. Louis river front, to be effected by the construction and operation of a riverview freeway / St. Louis (Mo.) Law dept., 1934.  

Arrangement: Original collection order preserved. Numeric.  

Restrictions: Collection open for research.  

Remarks: Fragile items.

March 2016 Rare Books and Special Collections Series: RB-M Photo Acc. # SC U:67 St. Louis Riverfront Lantern Slides 

  1. 1930 2 small lantern slide boxes, 0.35 cu. ft. 

Box/Folder Description 

1 Riverfront Scenes 

1 a-b. Abandoned Bissell Point intake tower 

2 a-b. Ash cascade north of Gasconade street 

3 a-b. Bellerive Park, from Mississippi River 

4 a-b Bellerive Park, on top of bluff 

5 a-b Bluff at Delor court 

6 a-b Bluff at Wyandotte street; Sugar Loaf mound in background 7 a-b Bluffs at Eichelberger; city-owned wharf 

8 a-b Bluffs at Maeder street; city-owned wharf 

9 a-b Bluffs south of Marine Hospital 

10 a-b Burlington elevator 

11 a-b City garbage dump 

12 a-b Draw & dump east of Marine Hospital 

13 a-b Draw at Marine Hospital 

14 a-b Homer’s dike & intake tower 

15 a-b Laclede Gas Co., front Mullanphy street 

16 a-b Marine Hospital 

17 a-b McKinley bridge [training on bridge] 

18 a-b Merchants bridge 

19 a-b Municipal docks 

20 a-b Naval reserve station, Bissell’s Point 

21 a-b North end of Terminal elevated railway 

22 a-b North shore boat harbor 

23 a-b North shore boat harbor at St. Cyr road 

24 a-b Railroad avenue north of Gasconade street 

25 a-b Residential development, south bluffs 

26 a-b River below Bellerive Park, looking north 

27 a-b River below Bellerive Park, looking south 

28 a-b River traffic: steam boat on Mississippi by Bridge 

29 a-b Riverbank east of Workhouse 

30 a-b Riverview Drive, north of city  

31 a-b St. Louis Ship Building Co., boatyard at Hurck street 

32 a-b Sand unloading plant near Dock street 

33 a-b Union Electric plant at Ashley street

2 34 a-b Union Electric high tension lines 

35 a-b United States Arsenal 

36 a-b Water Works drive 

37 a-b Water Works drive, south of Chain of Rocks bridge 

38 a-b Wharf at East Grand avenue 

39 a-b Wharf at Gratiot street 

40 a-b Wharf at Sidney street 

41 a-b Wharf at Workhouse 

42 a-b Wharf north of McKinley bridge 

43 a-b Wharf south of McKinley bridge 

44 a-b Wharf south of Chouteau avenue 

45 a-b Wharf north of Municipal bridge [shows Riverfront & Eads bridge] 

Hooverville slides 

46 “Fresh air taxicab” 

47 a-b Hooverville beach 

48 a-b Hooverville church [“Independent Fundamentalist Church of St.  Louis”] 

49 a-b Hooverville emporium 

50 a-b Mixed tenancy, Hooverville.  

51 a-b Railroad track playground  

52 a-b Residential development on south side of bluff 

53 a-b Settlement between Mill Creek sewer and garbage dump 

54 a-b “Soup’s on” [settlement near Mississippi River] 

55 a-b Typical backyard [settlement near Mississippi River] 

Riverview Freeway slides: CWA project 104 

56 Air view of mall 

57 a-b Riverview Freeway: Bellerive Park connection. CWA project 104 

58 a-b Riverview Freeway: Calvary avenue connection. CWA project 104 

59 a-b Riverview Freeway: Davis street connection. CWA project 104  

60 a-b Riverview Freeway: Grand avenue connection. CWA project 104 

61 a-b [Riverview Freeway:] The mall, central motif of Riverview  Freeway, “a pedestrian sanctuary” 

62 a-b Riverview Freeway: Marine-Chippewa connection and Indian  playground. CWA project 104 

63 a-b Riverview Freeway: Memorial monument 

64 a-b Riverview Freeway: Riverview Drive connection. CWA project 104 

65 a-b Riverview Freeway: St. Louis Central Riverfront. CWA project 104  

66 a-b Riverview Freeway: Sidney street connection. CWA project 104

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