“The Land We Live In” Radio Scripts Collection

Accession Number: MA 99:02
MA 00:02
MA 01:10
MA uu:105
Location:  Papers: SC D1 Shelf 6; Audio recordings: Compton
Dates:  1937 – 1969
Size:  1 box [3 cassettes and 5 records, separate]
Creator/Collector: Collection by SLPL
Collection created in Special Collections
Acquisition info: A portion of the collection was transferred from SLPL Tin Room files and the Art Department.
Individuals items were donated by Patricia Mansfield in February 1999; Kensinger Jones in August 2000; A.J. Cabanellas; and Frank Absher [date unknown].
Accruals:  No accruals expected
Custodial history: “The Land We Live In” Collection is thought to be assembled over time as a vertical file in the Tin Room. Individual donations were interfiled with the core collection in January 2014 in order to create one discrete collection.
Language:  English
Processed by:  Sarah Cain, June 2014; Kristina Impastato, August 2016.
Conservation notes: All items placed into acid-free folders and archival boxes. Metal fasteners removed and replaced with vinyl-coated paper clips.
Scope and Content: The collection contains the “The Land We Live In” radio scripts, intermittently from 1939 to 1951; clippings, and brochures. The show first aired on KMOX in 1937 and was then moved to KSD in the late 1940s and continued until its last show in 1952. “The Land We Live In” was a presentation of Union Electric, heard at 5:30 Sunday evenings and performed before a studio audience. Each episode was a recreation of an historic event or series of events from the St. Louis area.
Arrangement: Collection organized into subseries.
Subseries 1: Scripts
Subseries 2: Audio recordings
Within subseries, organization is by date.
Restrictions:  Unrestricted. Permission required to reproduce images.
Remarks: Jean Gosebrink accession numbers – Ge-327, Ge-848, Ge-484c - included with corresponding items.
Audio recordings are stored with other cassettes at Compton. Cassettes are arranged in order by Ca-## (approx. 10 boxes). Records are in the phonorecord collection (approx. 50 boxes).
**See “Land We Live In” Photo in Burnes/KSD Collection: Producer Ted Westcoat and Kensinger Jones, writer; Rehearsal scene: from left, producer Ted Westcoat, writer Kensinger Jones, actors Elliot Bergfeld, Emily Coleman and Bruce McFarlane, and announcer Del King (late 1940s).**

“The Land We Live In” Collection
1937 – 1969
1 letter Hollinger, 3 cassettes, 5 records; 1.3 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
   Subseries 1: Scripts
 1/2  Land We Live In – Index
 1/3  Land We Live In scripts, 1939-1940, 1945-1946. MA 99:02
 1/4  Land We Live In scripts, 1947. Ge-484c/MA 00:02
 1/5  Land We Live In scripts, 1948
 1/6  Land We Live In scripts, 1949, 1951. Ge-327
 1/7  Land We Live In brochures 1937, 1943, 1945. Ge-848
 1/8  Land We Live In clippings 1947, 1949, 1975
 1/9a  Land We Live In, letter to Kensinger Jones, Aug. 15, 1969
 1/9b  Ge-983, Ge-484c/MA 00:02
   Subseries 2: Audio recordings
 -/-  KSD, “The cowboy from Oak Hill,” The Land We Live In, March 9, 1950 [cassette]. Ca-323/Ge-596/MA 01:10
 -/-  KMOX, “The story of the St. Louis Municipal Opera” The land we live in, Maurice Clifford – announcer, December 18, 1938
 -/- KMOX, “Land we live in: Sam Hildebrand, the bush wacker king”, March 18, 1946 [cassette]. Ca-00414/Ge-001189
 -/-  Union Electric Co. Presents “The Land We Live In” [3 records]: Parts 1 & 4, Sept. 1945 (Box 5a). Parts 2 & 5, Sept. 1945 (Box 5b). Parts 3 & 6, Sept. 1945 (Box 5c).
 -/-  KMOX, Union Electric Co. Presents “The Land We Live In” [2 records]: Parts 1 & 3, March 18, 1946 (Box 20a). Parts 2 & 4, March 18, 1946 (Box 20b).

**Recordings are stored with other like audio types at Compton**

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