Italian Scenes Stereograph Card Collection

Accession Number:  SC U:56
Location:  RB-M Photo
Dates:  1894-1908
Size:  1 small box; 0.015 cu. ft.
Creator/Collector:  SLPL Fine Arts Department
Acquisition info:  Collected by Fine Arts Department of SLPL
Accruals:  No accruals expected
Custodial history:  The collection was assembled by staff of the Fine Arts Department
Language:  English, Italian
Processed by:  Processed by Amanda Bahr-Evola, February 2012
Conservation notes:  Items left in original container. Monitored for stability.
Scope and Content:  The collection contains stereograph cards depicting scenes, artwork, architecture, and people of the Italy. Published by Underwood and Underwood.
Arrangement:  The collection is by numerical order established by publisher
Restrictions:  No restrictions
Remarks:  No remarks

Italian Scenes Stereograph Card Collection
1 small box; .015 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  The Ancient Tiber and its Island—from the southeast Rome
 1/2  Capitoline, Palatine and Caelian Hills—Once the World's Centre from the Janiculum, Rome
 1/3  Aventine Hill and Distant Alban Mountains—southeast from the Janiculum, Rome
 1/4  Rome, the Eternal City—from the Dome of St. Peter's
 1/5  The Great Pontifical Palace, the Vatican—northeast from St. Peter's Dome, Rome
 1/6  St. Peter's and the Vatican—Greatest of Churches, Greatest of Palaces, Rome
 1/7  The Holy of Holies—St. Peter's Tomb—St. Peter's Church, Rome
 1/8  Wonderful Mosaic—Copy of Raphael's "Transfiguration," St. Peter's Church, Rome
 1/9  Tomb of Clement XIII, St. Peter's Church, Rome
 1/10  "Pieta," by Michelangelo, St. Peter's Church the Most Celebrated Marble in Rome
 1/11  The Vatican Palace, Residence of the Pope, Rome
 1/12  The Sistine Chapel, Vatican—where the Pope is Crowned, Rome
 1/13  Grand Corridor, Vatican library—Longest Room in the World Rome
 1/14  The library of the Vatican, Rome
 1/15  Gallery of Statues, Vatican, Rome
 1/16  Agony—the Famous Group of Laocoon, Vatican, Rome
 1/17  Bower of St. Anthony, Vatican Garden, Rome
 1/18  Bridge and Castle of St. Angelo (A. D. 136), Rome
 1/19  The Tiber, Castle of St. Angelo and St. Peter's Church, Rome
 1/20  Looking Southwest from Monte Pincio St. Peter's in the Distance, Rome
 1/21  "Sanctuary and Home of Art and Piety—Pantheon ! Pride of Rome."
 1/22  Palace of the Senator and Capital Tower—Site of the Tabularium, Rome
 1/23  The renowned Statue of Marcus Aurelius preserved to us from Imperial times— and the Capitol, Rome
 1/24  Temple of Vespasian, Arch of Septimius Severus east from the Capitol—Forum, Rome
 1/25  The Roman Forum—southeast from the Capitol, Rome
 1/26  Bas-reliefs (time of Trajan), Column of Phocas and Columns to the Temple of Saturn, Forum, Rome
 1/27  Forum and Capitol from near the Basilica of Constantine, showing ancient pavement of the Sacra Via, excavated 1900
 1/28  A Mighty Monument to Heathen Brutality and Christian Courage—the Colosseum, Rome
 1/29  Stupendous Interior of the Colosseum—Dens beneath the Arena and Sweep of Arcades where 50,000 People Sat—Rome
 1/30  Palatine Hill—from the Colosseum—Rome
 1/31  Via Sacra, over which Rome's Triumphal Pageants Passed—west from the Colosseum—Rome
 1/32  The Triumphal Arch of Constantine, Rome
 1/33  Magnificent Baths of Caracalla, ruins of the Peristyle, Rome
 1/34  Trajan's Forum and Column (147 feet high), Rome
 1/35  The Gallery, Palace of the Prince of Colonna—the Oldest Roman Family—Rome
 1/36  Chamber in the Cappuccino Catacombs, Rome—Showing Sacred Earth from Palestine
 1/37  Michelangelo's “Moses,” in "San Pietro in Vincoli," Rome
 1/38  The Gate of St. Paul and Pyramid of Gaius Cestius, Rome
 1/39  Beautiful Twisted Columns, Ancient Cloisters of St. Paul's, Rome
 1/40  Gate of St. Sebastian—the Porta Appia of the Aurelian Wall, Rome
 1/41  Along the Appian Way—Constructed 4th Century B. C., from Rome to Brindisi
 1/42  Venerable Tombs and Young Italian life, beside the renowned Appian Way, Rome
 1/43  Aqueduct of Claudius (42 miles long, constructed A. D. 52), near Rome
 1/44  Bird's-eye View of Naples and Vesuvius
 1/45  The "Lazzaroni" as they live in the Streets of Naples
 1/46  Our Wholesome Macaroni Drying in the Dirty Streets of Naples
 1/47  Beautiful Venus of Gallipede, Gallery of Ancient Statues, Museum, Naples
 1/48  The Farnese Bull, Grand National Museum, Naples
 1/49  Ruins of Herculaneum, Old Naples
 1/50  On the Road to Vesuvius
 1/51  In the Wilderness of Lava, Base of Vesuvius
 1/52  The Forum of Pompeii and Vesuvius
 1/53  Model, Ruins of Pompeii, Grand National Museum, Naples
 1/54  The Old Wheel Tracks Street of Stabia, Pompeii
 1/55  Beautiful Home of the Vettii—Buried August 24, A. D. 79—Pompeii
 1/56  Victims of the Great Disaster on August 24, A. D. 79—Pompeii
 1/57  Stove and Money Chests found at Pompeii, National Museum, Naples
 1/58  Steelyards and Scales found at Pompeii, National Museum, Naples
 1/59  Surgical Instruments found in a Physician's Home, Pompeii
 1/60  Convent of St. Mary of the Sea—Wildest Coast of Southern Italy
 1/61  Capuchin Hotel (Old Convent, 13th Century) and Great Cliff—Which fell into the Sea, December 22, 1899—Amalfi
 1/62  Amalfi, Italy—from the Capuchin Convent—"I beheld the scene and stood as one amazed"—Longfellow
 1/63  Proud Genoa and her Harbor—from the west
 1/64  Genoa—from the Rosazza Gardens 421
 1/65  Campo Santo—Genoa's Palace of the Dead 425
 1/66  Corridor, Campo Santo, Genoa 427
 1/67  Marble Blocks from the famous Quarries, the World's best Marble for Art Sculptures, at Railway Station, Carrara
 1/68  The World-famed Quarries which have furnished the Marble for all of Italy's Master Sculptures, Carrara
 1/69  The Famous Leaning Tower and Venerable Cathedral—800 years old-Pisa 435 [labeled as 57]
 1/70  Three Architectural Gems—“Fortunate in their Solitude and Society”— Baptistery, Cathedral and Campanile, Pisa
 1/71  "Last Judgment," by Orcagna the Most Famous Painting in the Ancient Campo Santo, Pisa
 1/72  Florence—"Flower of All Cities: City of All Flowers," from San Miniato
 1/73  Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza Delia Sigoria—where Savonarola was Imprisoned and Burned—Florence
 1/74  The Rape of Polyxena, in the Loggia, Florence
 1/75  The Duomo—"The Very Great Heart"—of Florence (A. D. 1296-1562)
 1/76  Michelangelo's "David"—Academy, Florence, Italy—"Work of his Youth, Pride of his Old Age."
 1/77  Tomb of Michelangelo—"The Great Master”—Church of Santa Croce, Florence
 1/78  The Wrestlers, Venus de Medici, and Knife Grinder, three Masterpieces in the Tribuna, Uffizi Gallery, Florence
 1/79  "Venus de Medici"—"The Statue that Enchants the World"—Florence
 1/80  The Vecchio Bridge and the River Arno, Florence
 1/81  Glimpse in the Pitti Palace Gallery, Florence—Showing Raphael's Famous Madonna
 1/82  A Well-curb, by Michelangelo, Certosa Monastery, near Florence
 1/83  Milan's Cathedral
 1/84  Milan's Cathedral—Among its Hundred Spires
 1/85  The Old Roman "Ponte Pietra" and Castle of S. Pietro, Verona
 1/86  Roman Amphitheatre, Verona, Italy—Erected A. D. 260—Second Only to the Colosseum
 1/87  Venice— “White Swan of Cities, Slumbering in Thy Nest"—Campanile, Doge's Palace and Prison
 1/88  The Lion of Venice
 1/89  San Marco, Venice—"An Oriental Poem in Marble, Mosaic and Gold”
 1/90  Interior of San Marco Cathedral, Venice
 1/91  Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy—Between a Palace and a Prison
 1/92  “The Bride of the Sea"—a View from the Campanile, Venice
 1/93  The Grand Canal, Venice
 1/94  The Rialto, Grand Canal, Venice
 1/95  Palazza Ca'D'Oro, Grand Canal—the Mediaeval Home of a Merchant of Venice
 1/96  The famous Statue of St. Peter whose foot has been kissed by millions, Rome, Italy
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