McCune Gill Pamphlets

Accession Number: SC U:91 

Location: RB-M 

Dates: 1942-1963 

Size: 1 regular Hollinger, 1 legal Hollinger; 0.63 cubic feet Creator/Collector: Unknown 

Acquisition info: Received from Joseph P. Logan 

Accruals: No accruals expected 

Custodial history: Unknown 

Language: English 

Processed by: Melissa Miller, November 2017 

Conservation notes: No notes 

Scope and Content: The collection contains pamphlets written by McCune Gill,  President of the Title Guarantee Trust Company. Subjects of the pamphlets include St. Louis history, legal matters, insurance matters, and legal history. 

Arrangement: Collection organized alphabetically by title of pamphlet Restrictions: No restrictions  

Remarks: Many pamphlets have copies that are catalogued with locations in  either the St. Louis Room or the Stacks.

November 2017 Rare Books and Special Collections Series: RB-M Acc. # SC U:91 

McCune Gill Pamphlets 1942-1963 1 regular Hollinger, 1 legal Hollinger; 0.63 cubic feet 

Box/Folder Description 

1 Finding Aid 

Index to Pamphlets 

743 Tuxedo 

810 Chestnut Street (2) 

Abandonment of Equities  




Ager Limitatus (2) 

Alien Property 

Ancient Lawsuits 

Attorneys’ Forms for Deeds Creating Co-Ownership in Real Estate  


Avoiding Reversions 

Babylonian Deeds 

Before St. Louis (2) 

Biblical Real Estate 

Blackstone (2) 

Business Maxims (2) 

Chouteau’s Pond (2) 

Camp Jackson (2) 

Can the Trustee in a Deed of Trust Control the Writing of  



Certificates and Policies (3) 

Charles Dickens in St. Louis (3) 

Church Real Estate 

Cicero (2) 


Closing Loans and Sales 

Coke’s Reports 


Conduits of Title (3) 

Co-Ownership of Real Estate (4) 

Corporation Income Taxes 

County Block Numbers 

Courses and Distances (3)

Court Proceedings 

Darby (2) 

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure 

A Deed of Trust Dies in 20 Years (or 10 Years) after Its Original  Maturity (2) 

Deeds (3) 



Demosthenes’ Surface Water Case 

Do Not Surrender Your Deed of Trust Uncancelled Drawing Deeds (3) 

The Dred Scott Case 

Duden (2) 

Early Pictures of St. Louis, No. 1 (2) 

Early Pictures of St. Louis, No. 2 

Early St. Louis Bankers (3) 

Early St. Louis Lawyers (3) 

Early St. Louis Manufacturers (3) 

Early St. Louis Transportation (3) 

Early St. Louis Women (2) 

The Earth Abideth Forever 

Egyptian Deeds (2) 

English Deeds 

The Epic of St. Louis, An Original Poem 


Estoppel (2) 

Final Settlement (2) 


Florissant (2) 

Foreign Corporations 

Forms for Deeds Creating Co-Ownership in Real Estate The German Civil Code 

Gesangvereins (2) 

Get a Title Whenever You Draw a Deed or Contract Goethe (2) 

Grand and Gravois (3) 

Grant, Bargain, Sell (2) 

Greek Deeds (2) 

Guide to St. Louis’ Historic Places 


Historical Questions and Answers 


How Not to Bring a Partition Suit 

How Not to Write a Will

How St. Louis Began (2) 

Humor (2) 

The Hundred Year Club (2) 

A Hundred Years of Title Information (2) 

Implied Remainders (3) 

Implied Warranty 

Income Tax Escrows (2) 

Institutes, Part One (2) 

Institutes, Part Two (2) 

Institutes, Part Three (2) 

Institutes, Part Four (2) 

Is It Safe to Take an Old Deed of Trust as Collateral? Islands (2) 

Jefferson Barracks (3) 

Jefferson National-Expansion Memorial Plaza (2) Jennings 

Jenny Lind (3) 

Judgments, Lien 

Justice Wanted to Know 


Kingshighway and Lindell (2) 

Kirkwood (2) 

Laclede (2) 

Ladue (2) 

Lafayette (2) 

Lapse of Devises and Legacies (2) 

Lawyer Poets 

Lawyers Should Have Their Clients’ Titles Examined  Lee and Grant 

Leffingwell (3) 

Lord and Lady Stokes 

Magna Charta (2) 

Maplewood (3) 

Mark Twain in St. Louis 

A Married Woman’s Conveyance Without Her Husband (2) The Mayors of St. Louis (2) 

Missing Persons (2) 

Missouri Cases on Precatory Trust 

The Missouri Decisions on Virtual Representation Modification of Contracts 

More Humor 

Mortgage Agents and Fire Insurance 

Mortgages in Ancient Countries 

The Mound City (3)

Mullanphy (3) 

Murders and Common Disasters 

Negotiability of Deeds of Trust (3) 

Norther St. Louis County (3) 

Notaries (2) 

The Old Cathedral (2) 

An Old Warranty Deed 

One Missouri (2) 

Open End Mortgages  

Outline of Missouri Real Property Law (4) 

Parliamentary Law (2) 

Parties to Will Contest (2) 

Perpetuities (2) 

Peck’s Trial (3) 

Pension Fund Trusts 

Per Capita or Per Stirpes 

Pine Lawn (3) 

Policy Provisions (2) 

Possession as Notice 

Precatory Trusts (2) 

Prepaymnet Privileges 

Primary Disposal of the Soil 

Printed Forms 

Priority of Mechanics’ Liens over a Construction Mortgage Priority of Repair Liens over a Previous Mortgage A Professor Looks at Title Insurance (2) 

Quarantine (2) 

Recent Commission Decisions 

Recent Tax Title Decisions 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 4 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 5 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 6 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 7 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 8 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 9 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 10 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 11 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 12 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 13 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 14 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 15 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 16 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 17 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 18

Recent Title Decisions, No. 19 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 20 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 21 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 22 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 23 

Recent Title Decisions, No. 24 

Reforming Heirs of Body 

Remainder to a Person “or” His Heirs (3) 

Remainders to Surviving Children 

Restraints on Alienation (2) 

Restrictions (2) 


Revival of Junior Mortgages 

Riverfront Property 

Roman Deeds (2) 

The Rule in Bingham’s Case 

The Rule in Wild’s Case 

2 Saint Louis 

St. Louis Architecture (2) 

St. Louis Chronology (2) 

St. Louis Duels (2) 

St. Louis in 1821 (2) 

St. Louis in 1849 

St. Louis in 1875 (2) 

St. Louis in 1893 

St. Patrick’s Laws (2) 

Schedule of Title Insurance Charges 

Selling Title Insurance 

Shifting Executory Interests 

So You’re Going to Buy Some Real Estate (3) 

Soldiers and Sailors and Their Real Estate (2) 

Stamps (3) 

The Statute of Frauds 

The Statute of Uses (2) 

The Story of the Rule Against Perpetuities (3) 


Street Names (3) 

Streets (2) 

Streets of St. Louis 

Streets, Vacation, Conveyance (3) 

Suggested Changes in the Missouri Law of Real Property 

Sundays and Holidays (2) 

Supreme Courts Advocate Title Insurance

Surface Waters (2) 

Surplus and Deficiency of Ground 

Survey 378 

Surveys (2) 

The Talmud 

Tax Titles 

Ten Thousand a Year (2) 

Testamentary Deeds 

Title Examiner’s Handbook (2) 

Title Standards 

Titles for Leases 

To Have and to Hold 

The Treasure Farm 

A Trustee, Receiver, Executor or administrator Should Have His  Title to Real Estate in the Trust or Estate Examined 

Twelfth and Olive (3) 

The Twelve Tables 

Turnvereins (2) 

Unconditional and Sole Ownership 

University City (3) 

Verses About Titles 

Virtual Representation (2) 

Void Judicial Sales (2) 


Webster Groves (3) 

Wellston (3) 

Westliche Post (3) 

What Is Title? 

What Remains (2) 

When Is a Deed of Trust Barred by the Statutes of Limitations? When Life Tenant Is Also Heir (3) 

When the Mortgagor Dies (3) 

When the Owner Dies 

Who Owns the Streets? 

Who Should Get Title Insurance, Why and From Whom 

The Will of George Washington, Deceased (2) 

Will Good in Any State 


Wills of Famous People 

With the Will Annexed (2)


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