Bill Mauldin Editorial Cartoons Collection

Accession Number: SC 1962:01 

Location: RB-M 

Dates: 1958-1962 

Size: 1 flat tabloid Hollinger; 0.75 cu. ft. 

Creator/Collector: Bill Mauldin 

Acquisition info: Donated by Bill Mauldin in September 1962 

Accruals: No accruals expected 

Custodial history: Transferred from the Art Department 

Language: English 

Processed by: Jean Gosebrink; Sarah Cain, December 2014 

Conservation notes: Unbuffered tissue paper between items. Some artworks are encased in mylar. All items housed in an archival box. 

Scope and Content: The collection contains forty-four (44) original artworks by Pulitzer prize winning comic strip and editorial cartoonist Bill 

Mauldin. William Henry "Bill" Mauldin (1921-2003) served in World War II and volunteered to work for the 45th Infantry Division’s newspaper drawing cartoons about regular soldiers facing the dangers and tribulations of war, known as “Willie and Joe.” The cartoon originally was published for the G.I.s serving in Europe. This all changed in 1944, when Mauldin began working for Stars and Stripes which published his cartoons back home in the States as well as for the soldiers in Europe. From February 1944 to the end of the war, Mauldin was producing six cartoons a week. His cartoons became quick favorites among the G.I.s serving in Europe as well as all the folks back home in the States. Mauldin won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work. The first was in 1945 and the other in 1959 while at the St. Louis PostDispatch. He won the National Cartoonist Society Award for Editorial Cartooning in the same year (1959) and then received their Reuben Award in 1961. Mauldin abandoned cartooning for a while after the war and did not return until 1958 when he took a position at the Post as a cartoonist. He remained at the post for four years until June 22, 1962 when he moved to the Chicago Sun-Times. Here he created his most recognizable post-war piece which ran in the Sun-Times on November 13, 1963. It was of the Abraham Lincoln Statue at the Lincoln Memorial grieving with his head in his hands for the assignation of President John F. Kennedy. Mauldin remained with the Sun-Times until his retirement in 1991. During his non-cartooning period, Maudlin worked as a film actor, writer, and illustrator. He also ran for Congress in New York in 56.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by title (‘A’, ‘An’, and ‘The’ included) 

Restrictions: Permission required by copyright to reproduce images. Copyright held by the Post-Dispatch. 

Remarks: Previously cataloged as [Political cartoons about St. Louis] / Bill Mauldin (RB-M Folio 741.5973)

December 2014 Rare Books and Special Collections Series: RB-M Acc. # SC 1962:01 

Bill Mauldin Editorial Cartoons Collection 


1 flat tabloid Hollinger; 0.75 cu. ft. 

Box/Folder Description 

1/1 Finding Aid 

1/2 Brickwork 

1/3 Busy day for the police commissioner 

1/4 Come on out and fight! 

1/5 Comfort 

1/6 Confidence 

1/7 Cop 

1/8 Eek 

1/9 From Leo with love 

1/10 [Hanky-Panky Ranchettes] 

1/11 Happiest man in St. Louis 

1/12 Have a care, sir 

1/13 Hey -- What happened to the other guy? 1961 1/14 Ho hum 

1/15 How can I yield if he stops? 

1/16 Icebreaker 

1/17 If you need me, honk! 

1/18 [J. McNary tune-up kit] 

1/19 Last resort 

1/20 Maybe they don't count the ones scared to death 1/21 Mayor Tucker's new smoke problem. 1961 1/22 Monuments 

1/23 No bait, no bite [new industry] 

1/24 Now don't get stuck on the first page 

1/25 Now for heaven’s sake, fix yourself up 1/26 Overlap 

1/27 Please pass the Geiger counter 

1/28 Relic of the machine age 

1/29 Second try 

1/30 Shame on you for letting this child suffer 1/31 Sincerest kind of flattery 

1/32 St. Louis blues 

1/33 St. Louis does have the darndest weather 1/34 [St. Louis voter, ward bosses] 

Rare Books and Manuscripts/Finding Aids/Manuscripts/M/Mauldin Cartoons.JG/SC 1

December 2014 Rare Books and Special Collections Series: RB-M Acc. # SC 1962:01 

1/35 [Strontium 90 in milk in St. Louis area soars to record for US] 1/36 [Teamsters Local 245]. c. 1959 

1/37 The true whereabouts of the mysterious Mr. Moke 1/38 This one seems to fit best 

1/39 Traction 

1/40 [Truck dream] 

1/41 Voice of the people? 

1/42 We'd better take a taxi, folks. I'm a little short 1/43 Well, anyway, we agree that we don't like it' 1/44 Which way you headed, pal -- up or down? 1/45 [Winner take all] 


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