David Friedmann Library Drawings

he collection contains 6 drawings by St. Louis artist David Friedman(n) from his series “Enjoyment in Libraries with the Candid Pencil of David Friedman.”  100 of these drawings were completed by Friedman over the year 1962-1963 at various libraries.  Friedman was born in 1893 in Mahrisch Ostrau, Czechsolovokia.  Moving to Berlin in 1911, he studied art and had a successful career as a newspaper sketch artist.  He fled Nazi Germany to Prague in 1938, but was deported to the Ghetto Lodz in Poland in 1941.  After liberation in 1945, he emigrated first to Israel.  In 1954 he came to St. Louis and worked for the General Outdoor Advertising Company until his retirement at age 68.  Friedman passed away in St. Louis in 1980.


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