City Art Museum Mounted Prints

Accession Number: SC 17:22
Location: RB-M
Dates:  1849-1883
Size: 2 flat boxes; 2 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: City Art Museum, Richardson Memorial Library
Acquisition info: Anonymous patron
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Patron donated materials to SLPL Buder Branch for transfer to  Rare Books 
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, November 2017
Conservation notes: No notes
Scope and Content:

The collection contains mounted art prints previously owned by  the Richardson Memorial Library of the City Art Museum. Most  

prints are by lithographers Currier and Ives.

Arrangement:  Collection organized alphabetically by print title.
Restrictions: No restrictions 
Remarks: No remarks

City Art Museum Mounted Prints
2 flat boxes; 2 cubic feet

Box Folder Description
1 Finding Aid
Currier & Ives Lithographs

-American Country Life: May Morning; 1855 

-American Express Train; 1855 

-American Farm Scenes No. 1: Spring; 1853 

-American Farm Scenes No. 2: Summer; 1853 

-American Farm Scenes No. 3; Autumn; 1853 

-American Field Sports: A Chance for Both Barrels; 1857 

-American Field Sports: Flush’d; 1857 

-American Field Sports: On a Point; 1857 

-American Field Sports: Retrieving; 1857 

-American Homestead: Autumn; 1869 

-American Homestead: Spring; 1869 

-American Homestead: Summer; 1868 

-American Hunting Scenes: A Good Chance; 1863 

-American Hunting Scenes: An Early Start; 1863 

-American Railroad Scene: Lightning Express; 1874 

-American Railroad Scene: Snowbound; 1871 

-American Railway Scene, An: At Hornellsville, Erie  

Railway; 1876 

-American River Scenery: View on the Androscoggin Me;  


-American Winter Scenes: Morning; 1854 

-American Winter Sports: Trout Fishing on Chateaugay  

Lake; 1856 

-Autumn in New England: Cider Making; 1866 

-Bass Fishing: At Macomb’s Dam Harlem River, NY; 1852 

-Brook Trout Fishing: An Anxious Moment; 1862 

-Brush of the Homestretch, The; 1869 

-Camping in the Woods: A Good Time Coming; 1863 

-Camping in the Woods: Laying Off; 1863 

-Camping Out: Some of the Right Sort; 1856 

-Canadian Voyageurs Walking a Canoe up the Rapid;  


-Canadian Winter Scene; undated 

-Catching a Trout; 1854

Cattskill Mountains: From the Eastern Shore of the  

Hudson; 1860 

-Celebrated Four-In-Hand Stallion Team, The; 1875 

-Central Park, Winter; 1862 

-Central Park, Winter: The Skating Carnival; undated 

-Central Park in Winter; undated 

-Coming from the Trot: Sports on the Home Stretch; 1869 

-Early Spring; undated 

-Eventide, October: The Village Inn; 1867 

-Express Train, The; undated 

-Farm and Fireside; 1878 

-Farm-Yard in Winter, The; 1861 

-Farmers Home, The: Autumn; 1864 

-Farmers Home, The: Summer; 1864 

-Farmers Home, The: Winter; 1863 

-Fashionable “Turn-Outs” in Central Park; 1869 

-Fast Trotting on Harlem Lane, NY; 1870 

-First Appearance of Jenny Lind in America at Castle  

Garden Septr. 11th 1850; 1850 

-First Trot of the Season, The: Free for All Horses Go as  

They Please; 1870 

-Grand Drive, The: Central Park, NY; 1869 

-Harvest; 1849 

-Home from the Brook: The Lucky Fishermen; 1867 

-Home in the Country, A; undated 

-Home of the Deer, The: Morning in the Adirondacks; 1862 

-Home of Washington: Mount Vernon, VA; undated 

-Home on the Mississippi, A; 1871 

-Home, Sweet Home; 1869 

-Hudson from West Point, The: Grounds of the US Military  

Academy; 1862 

-Hunting, Fishing & Forest Scenes: Good Luck All  

Around; 1867 

-Hunting, Fishing & Forest Scenes: Shantying on the Lake  

Shore; 1867 

-Husking; 1861 

-Levee, New Orleans, The; 1883 

-Life in the Country: Evening; undated 

-Lightning Express Trains; 1863 

-Lookout Mountain, Tennessee and the Chattanooga Rail  

Road; 1866 

-Low Water in the Mississippi; 1868 

2 -Maple Sugaring: Early Spring in the Northern Woods;  1862

-Mill River Scenery; undated 

-Morning in the Woods; 1852 

-Mount Washington and the White Mountains: From the  Valley of Conway; 1860 

-Mountain Spring, The; 1862 

-My Cottage Home; 1866 

-New England Scenery; 1866 

-Night Express, The: The Star; undated 

-Night Scene at an American Railway Junction; 1876 -Old Oaken Bucket, The; 1864 

-Prairie Fires of the Great West; 1871 

-Preparing for Market; 1856 

-Railroad Suspension Bridge near Niagara Falls; 1857 -Return from the Pasture, The; undated 

-Rising Family, A; 1857 

-Riverside, The; undated 

-Route to California: Truckee River Sierra; 1871 -Rysdyk’s Hambletonian; 1876 

-Snow-Storm, The; undated 

-Speeding on the Avenue; 1870 

-Star of the Road, The; 1849 

-Stella and Alice Grey: Lantern and Whalebone; 1855 -Stopping Place on the Road: The Horse Shed; 1868 -Summer in the Country; 1866 

-Summer Landscape, A: Haymaking; undated -Summer Ramble, A; undated 

-Summer Scenes in New York Harbor; 1869 -Sunny Side: The Residence of Late Washington Irving;  undated 

-Sunrise on Lake Saranac; 1860 

-Sunset Tree, The; undated 

-Tacony and Mac; 1853 

-Through the Bayou by Torchlight; undated -Trot, A: For the Gate Money; 1869 

-Trotting Cracks at Home: A Model Stable; 1868 -Trotting Cracks at the Forge; 1868 

-Trotting Cracks on the Snow; 1858 

-Trout Brook, The; 1862 

-Trout Fishing: From Nature and on Stone; 1852 -United States Capitol: Washington, DC; undated -US Military Academy: West Point; 1862 

-Village Blacksmith, The; 1864 

-Wild Duck Shooting; 1852 

-Wild Duck Shooting: A Good Day’s Sport; 1854

-Winter in the Country: The Old Grist Mill; 1864 

-Winter Pastime; 1855 

-Woodcock Shooting; 1852 (2) 

-Yosemite Valley, California: The Bridal Veil Fall; 1866 

Other Artist Prints

-Birth of the Virgin; Sebastiano del Piombo 

-Christ Bearing the Cross; Sebastiano del Piombo (2) 

-Crucifixion; Bernardino di Betto Pinturicchio 

-Herds of Bisons and Elks on the Upper Missouri; Carl  


-Illusion of Cephalus, The; Bernardino Luini 

-Last Communion of St. Jerome, The; Domenico Zampieri  Domenichino 

-Masquerade, The; Sergei Yurievich Soudeikin 

-Madonna and Child and Angels; Raffaellino del Garbo 

-Madonna and Child and St. John; Raffaellino del Garbo  


-Madonna and Child Enthroned with Four Saints and Three  Singing Angels; Niccolo Rondinelli 

-Madonna and Child in Glory with St. Catherine and St.  

Jerome; Giovanni Battista Moroni 

-Modesty and Vanity; Bernardino Luini 

-Origin of the Hymn of Independence; Bracet 

-Portrait of a Lady; Bernardino Luini 

-Pretty Little Girl; Rufino Tamayo 

-Rest on the Flight into Egypt, The; Orazio Lomi de  


-Resurrection, The; Raffaellino del Garbo 

-St. Bernard; Sebastiano del Piombo 

-St. Margaret of Certona, St. Francis and St. Jerome;  

Alessandro Bonvicini Moretto da Brescia 

-St. Nicholas of Bari Presenting His Disciples to the  

Madonna and Child; Alessandro Bonvicini Moretto  

da Brescia 

-Virgin and Child with Two Saints; Bernardino di Betto  


-Yankee Clipper “Cardelia”; unattributed

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