St. Nicholas Advertising Stamp Album

Accession Number: SC 1916:01 

Location: RB-M  

Dates: 1916 

Size: 1 scrapbook (10” x 7” x ¾”) 

Creator/Collector: Collected by Lucy Hoblitzelle; Susy F. Hoblitzelle (1916) Acquisition info: Unknown 

Accruals: No accruals expected 

Custodial history: Unknown 

Language: English 

Processed by: Sarah Cain, March 2014 

Conservation notes: Sheets interwoven with buffered tissue. Scrapbook housed in acid free envelope within a slim Hollinger.  

Scope and Content: The St. Nicholas Magazine was a popular children's magazine  published from 1873 to 1940 by Scribner’s. Mary Mapes Dodge was the editor until her death in 1905 when William Fayal Clarke took her place. It featured high quality children's authors and illustrators including Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Frances Hodgson Burnett, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and E. B. White. When Clarke was editor, the St. Nicholas Magazine placed more emphasis on departments and the magazine added divisions  devoted to short plays, science and stamp collecting. The stamp collecting column was a regular feature until the publication’s last issue (volume 67) in February 1940. Note: Vols. 68-69 never published. In 1943 St. Nicholas was briefly revived by Juliet Lit Sterne in 1943, but failed again within months. The scrapbook houses a collection of poster stamps or advertising labels, circa 1911 to circa 1916. Poster stamp collecting originated around 1860 and quickly gained popularity up  until World War I. Collecting poster stamps began to decline during WWI and became fairly unpopular by the beginning of World War II. A few collectors are still actively collecting cinderella stamps, a subseries of poster stamps that resemble a postage stamp but are not issued for postal purposes by a government postal organization.  

Arrangement: N/A 

Restrictions: Unrestricted. Permission required to reproduce images.  Remarks: Fragile, acidic pages. At one point was cataloged as RB-M J 745.

October 2017 Rare Books and Special Collections Series: RB-M Acc. # SC 1960:02 

St. Nicholas Advertising Stamp Album 1916 

1 scrapbook in envelope; 0.1 cu. ft. 

Box/Page Description 

1/- Finding aid 

1/1 [blank] 

1/2 Title page 

1/3 [blank] 

1/4 Title page. With “Since 1873 he best loved of all magazines St. Nicholas”  stamp 

1/5 [notes of previous owners/creators]  

1/6 Retain your beauty with Hinds Honey and Almond Cream. Hinds Honey and Almond  Cream for sunburn. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream college girls’ favorite. Hinds  Honey and Almond Cream beautifies the skin. Imperial Granum Food for nursing mothers. From the library of. Ex Libris. [stamp with man and woman in library]. 

1/7 Envelope, stamped “St. Louis Public Library April 5, 1937” 

1/8 No 68 [bird]. Hotel McAlpin Lobby, New York. Hotel McAlpin, New York. Hotel  McAlpin Winter Garden, New York. Mo-Jo, the only pure-clean-white chewing gum.  O’Sullivan’s heels of new live rubber [yellow and blue]. O’Sullivan’s heels of new live  rubber [gold and black]. O’Sullivan’s heels of new live rubber [heel with wings]. Seven  league boots when O’Sullivanized. Foen electric hair dryer. Edelweiss beer, a case of  good judgment. 

1/9 Whitman’s sampler, ten sorts of our best candies (6 stamps). El Verso Havana Cigars.  Cat’s Paw cushion rubber heels. Valentines Varnishes, Four-in-hand, 1914. American  Express Co. Christmas goods, Blackwell-Wielandy B. & S. Co, St. Louis. Valentines  Varnishes, A cow catcher, 1914. 

1/10 Connecticut General Life Insurance Co., Hartford. Globe-Wernicke office  equipment. The New Standard Dictionary, The Literary Digest. For your baby use the Mellin’s Food Method of Milk Modification. Time to retire?, buy Fisk. Castle Dancing Shoes, sold exclusively by Regal Shoe. Park Inn Bathing Pavilion, Rockaway Park. Light as a feather, Maish Comforts, Shorelands, Monmouth Beach, N.J., J. W. Doolittle. New Departure Coaster Brake. Hotel McAlpin Switch-board, New York. Edison Mazda Lamps [loose stamp]. Camp Dewey, New London, Conn.,  Junior Naval Reserve, NY. 

1/11 Gibraltar Brilliantine Linings. Kohler Campbell Pianos. ADS Peroxide  Cream. Wells Fargo & Co. Express, the old-time way. Wells Fargo & Co. Express, the efficient way. Wells Fargo & Co. Express, the rapid way.  Wells Fargo & Co. Express, the up-to-date way. St. Louis Festivities,  October 4 to 11, 1914.

1/12 Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915 (14 stamps:  [Atlas], [building and fauna], Court of the Universe Column of Progress, Court of Palms, Idaho State Building, Hawaiian Building, Avenue of Progress, Court of Palms, Machinery Palace Mining Building, New York State Building, California State Building Inside Court, Horticulture Building and Liberal Arts Tower, Dome of Palace of Horticulture, Machinery Palace. 

1/13 Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915 (11 stamps:  Liberal Arts Building and Horticultural Gardens, Transportation and Agriculture Building, Horticulture Building, Court of Sun & Stars (3 stamps), Palace of Education and Social Economy, Educational Building West Entrance, Educational Building South Entrance. Scenic Colorado, Gateway Garden of Gods.  

1/14 Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915 (10 stamps:  Palace of Fine Arts, Mines and Metallurgy, Court of the Universe, Varied Industries, One of the Four Niches, Court of Honor, Festal Hall, Palace of Food Products South Portal, Court of Abundance Tower and Great Cascade, Tower of Jewels Main Entrance. Mission Santa Barbara, California.  

1/15 San Diego, California. El Captain, Yosemite Valley, California. Japanese Garden,  Golden Gate Park San Francisco, California. Portals of the Park, Golden Gate Park  San Francisco, California. Chinatown, San Francisco, California. Arroyo Seco  

Bridge, Pasadena, California. Greek Theater, Berkley, California.  

1/16 Berkley Oaks, Berkley, California. Leland Stanford University, Palo Alto,  California. Santa Cruz Grove, California. Golden Gate, San Francisco, California. Yosemite Fall, Yosemite National Park, California. Preserving Fruit in California. Midway Point, Monterey, California. 

1/17 Lake Merritt, Oakland, California. Observatory Ruins, Strawberry Hill,  Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. State Capitol, Sacramento, California. City Hall, Oakland, California. Fountain Central Park, Los Angeles, California. Ocean Beach, Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco, California. Auditorium, Civic Center, San Francisco, California. 

1/18 Fry’s Harbor, Santa Cruz Islands, California. Mariposa Grove, Yosemite  Valley, California. Aches Capistrano, San Juan, California. San Gabriel Bells, San Gabriel, California. San Miguel Mission, San Miguel, California. Mount Shasta, California. First California Mission, San Diego, California. 

1/19 El Carmelo Mission, Monterey, California. Santa Ynez Mission, Santa  Ynez, California. Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California. San Luis Rey Mission, Oceanside, California. Mission, Los Angeles, California. San Fernando Mission, Fernando, California. Poppy field, California. 

1/20 PPP stamps (7 stamps): Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Swiss, Spanish, French  military airplane with machine gun, French military dirigible “Spiess”.

1/21 PPP stamps (7 stamps): Ural Cossack, Canadian Field Artillery, The  Moose Jaw Legion of Frontiersmen, Russian Cavalryman, Cameron highlanders using maxim gun, British submarine C-21, Russian Field Artilleryman. 

1/22 PPP stamps (6 stamps): Scotch, German Artillery for bringing down air  craft, Italian, German Auto Artillery, German Battleship SMS Blucher length 534 feet, Black Forest. For your baby use the Mellin’s Food Method of Milk Modification (4 stamps). 

1/23 (The Peace Society of America stamps) Peace, 1914 (8 stamps): Art,  Science, Music, Industry, Trade, Architecture, Agriculture, Commerce.  

1/24 (The Peace Society of America stamps) Peace: I am in favor of world wide peace spread this idea and war will cease, 1914 (8 stamps): Art, Science, Music, Industry, Trade, Architecture, Agriculture, Commerce. 

1/25 See Seattle in 1915. No. 175 [Native American in canoe]. New Kaiserhof  Hotel-Café, Chicago. Visit Universal City, the wonder city of the world. Light Aquilas, Kuhles & Stock Co., St. Paul. Go West Series no. 1, Burlington Route. Absorbine Jr., the antiseptic liniment. 

1/26 Model brassière. No. 176 [man and woman in canoe]. Model brassière.  Lehigh Valley Railroad, the double track highway through the Switzerland  of America. Fitz Spri-Foot rubber heels. Scenic Colorado, Mushrooms, Garden of Gods. Dri-Foot, makes shoes waterproof. 

1/27 Hinds Honey and Almond Cream for rough hands. Hinds Honey and  Almond Cream to cleanse the skin. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream protects the complexion. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream softens the skin. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream heals chapping. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream keeps complexion youthful. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream for windburn. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream prevents chapping. 1/28 Hinds Honey and Almond Cream softens rough skin. Hinds Honey and  Almond Cream for sunburn. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream best for  windburn. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream to relieve windburn. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream for chapping. 

1/29 Hinds Honey and Almond Cream for windburn. Hinds Honey and Almond  Cream for sunburn. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream for delicate skin. After the ride use Hinds Honey and Almond Cream. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream for sunburn. 

1/30 The Peace Society of America request for stamps. Read The Hidden  Children by Robert W. Chambers. For a clean city and economy burn Elkhorn-Laclede Coke. Evinruding for the fisherman. See Hawaii, Matson  Navigation Co. Public Ledger stamps (4 stamps): For travel information,  For financial news, For sports, For shopping. 

1/31 No. 337 [warriors on boat]. No. 338 [quinquereme ship]. Reznor heater.  Velvet, the smoothest smoking tobacco. IADM/CADM, come to the Display Men’s Convention in New York August 2nd 1915, Economist Training School. Stampkraft, Joseph And His Brethren (5 stamps).  

1/32 Christmas [partial]. Distinctive Jewelry. PPP, Alsatian. AIA Annual  Convention Minnesota Chapter, 50th Anniversary December 6-7-8, 1916  (2 copies). Mo-Jo pure white chewing gum. Mo-Jo pure therefore white chewing gum. PPP, Dutch. 

1/33 Nugents department store, St. Louis (4 stamps): A wonderful department  of China and glassware at lower prices than elsewhere, Convenient for uptown shoppers, Golf we have the only real golf department in St. Louis,  The best equipped house-furnishings department in St. Louis. Mellin’s food, our baby. Hôtel Bellevue Dreden [sticker]. Expect much of Ferris Hams & Bacon. Gibraltar Brilliantine lining. Grant’s Tomb, New York. Ten cents worth of Red Cross Explosives will clear a dollar’s worth of land. The New Keystone Beater.  

1/34 Burton Holmes Travelogues (6 stamps). Big Tremaine, A Story of Virginia [by Marie Van Vorst]. Sunshine Jane by Anne Warner 

1/35 1847 Rogers Brothers, Silver plate that wears (4 stamps). Sterling Mazda  Lamps, the scientific perfection. Headquarters for children’s wear, McCreery & Co., Pittsburg. Style supreme, Joseph Horne Co. Horne’s 66th Anniversary sale March 2 to 13 inclusive Joseph Horne Co. Hotel McAlpin Main Kitchen, New York. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, American Red Cross 1912. Hotel McAlpin Laundry, New York. 

1/36 Send her a flowergram, Florists’ Telegraph Delivery. American Book  Company, good schoolbooks (6 stamps). The standard Typewriter Company changes its name to Corona Typewriter Company, Inc. Since 1873 the best loved of all magazines St. Nicholas. Wells Fargo & Co  Express (2 stamps): The reliable way, The responsible way. Hotel Sherman, Chicago, 1911 (2 stamps). 

1/37 Ivory Pyralin, the toilet ware de luxe (2 stamps). State House, Boston,  Sparrow Chocolates. The house of friendliness, YWCA. YWCA, the twilight hour. Francis Bacon Pianos, they stand the test of time. Kohler & Campbell, the home piano of America. Smartest of wearing apparel for every member of the family, Bloomingdales. Duramant a waterproof varnish. The tourist smokes El Verso Havana Cigars. The professional man smokes El Verso Havana Cigars.

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