KWK Radio Photo Collection

Accession Number: MA 99:01
MA 02:06
MA 12:02
MA 14:07
MA 14:13
Location:  Manuscript stacks, row 12
Dates:  1927-1984, 1987-1988
Size:  1 letter Hollinger
Creator/Collector: Collected by Virginia Mazzola
Collected by Jane Wilson Hutchins
Collected by Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation
Acquisition info: The first accession of photos was donated from Frank Absher/St.
Louis Media History Foundation between 1987– May 2012.
The second accession, a postcard featuring a group shot circa 1938, was donated by Virginia Mazzola in May of 1999.
The third accession consisted of 3 - 8x10” B&W photos of Ed Wilson with others, which was donated by Jane Wilson Hutchins on September 3, 2012.
The fourth and fifth accessions were donated by the St. Louis Media History Foundation on March 18, 2014 and June 10, 2014, respectively.
Accruals:  Accruals expected
Custodial history: Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation has been donating materials since 1987 and continues to actively donate to the collection one to two times a month. The items are integrated into the Media Archives Radio Photo Collection once it has been accessioned. Ms. Mazzola’s and Ms. Wilson Hutchins donations have also been integrated into the collection.
Language:  English
Processed by: Amanda Bahr-Evola, May 2012; Sarah Cain, April 2014
Conservation notes: All items placed into acid-free folders. Some items housed in mylar sleeves. Metal fasteners removed.
Scope and Content: The KWK Radio Photograph Collection is housed in the Media Archives. The purpose of this collection is to provide researchers of St. Louis media with photographs of KWK-AM (1927-1984) and KWK-FM (1987-1988) personalities, staff, and premises.
Arrangement:  Collection arranged alphabetically.
Restrictions: Copyright held by KWK(/CBS?). KWK Radio was a CBS affiliate and co-owned with KWK-TV (now KMOV-TV). Permission required to reproduce images.
Remarks: Some fragile items. The collection is still growing and the number of folders as well as their contents may change.

KWK Radio Photographs Collection
1927-1984, 1987-1988
1 Hollinger; 0.25 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding Aid
 1/2  Group shot, circa 1938. Ge-00373/MA 99:01
 1/3  Second Anniversary 1929. Ge-00257
 1/4  Dave Allen. Ge-00676c, Ge-00677c
 1/5  Bud Blattner and Dizzy Dean
 1/6 Bud Blattner and Dizzy Dean
 1/7  Gene Chase. Ge-001362
 1/8  Thomas Patrick Convey (3). Ge-00598a-c
 1/9  Coon Creek Boys. Ge-001222
 1/10  Dizzy Dean (2). MA 14:07
 1/11 Dizzy Dean (2). MA 14:07
 1/12  Group photo: Herb Pruett, Donald Barnes, George Sisler, Taylor Spink, Martin Haley, Ray Schmidt, January 1939. MA 14:13
 1/13  Happy Sally. Ge-001224
 1/14  Bob Hite at microphone, circa 1940
 1/15  Jack and Jerry (14). Ge-00990a-n
 1/16  Bill Jenkins, 1960-1962
 1/17  Jim Jones, ca. 1960
 1/18  King Richard, ca. 1960. Ge-001199
 1/19  Billy Knight Group, ca. 1930. Ge-00973
 1/20  Jim Light, 1961-1962
 1/21  Lynn the Singing Fiddler (2). Ge-00447c
 1/22  Lester Mayberry. Ge-001374 missing 4/17/14
 1/23  Buddy Moreno (2). Ge-01016 missing 8/15/13
 1/24  Johnnie Neblett. Ge-001490
 1/25  Gil Newsome. Ge-00676d, Ge-00677d
 1/26  Johnny O’Hara, 1938, 1943 (2)
 1/27  Quizdown
 1/28  Ken Reed, 1962
 1/29 Shady Valley Gang (2)
 1/30  Bill Snyder and Les Carmichael. Ge-001473
 1/31  Taylor Spink (2) with Jack Donnell, Jerry Brown; Al Helfer. MA 14:13
 1/32  Charley Stookey, 1936. Ge-001366
 1/33  Charley Stookey and Captain Jack. Ge-447a
 1/34  Studio B, in the Chase Hotel
 1/35  Ed Wilson (7). Ge-00584a-b, Ge-819, Ge-00684a-c/MA 02:06


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