Artist Spotlight

The St. Louis Public Library's Artist Spotlight highlights the work of professional local artists who are making an impact on the St. Louis community.

Selected artists and their work will be featured online for two months, by invitation only.

Featured Artist: Neeka Allsup

Born in the back of a toy store in Austin, Texas, to two rogue scientologist hippies, Neeka Allsup was taught from a young age to self-analyze and interpret dream symbolism.

Do you often experience existential dread? Do you interpret your own dreams for meaning?

“After a vivid dream, I will look up what the symbols represent because I am interested in how the subconscious shows us metaphors about our life through symbolism.”

Neeka has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for painting and foundry (metal casting). She has a studio at Intersect Art Center where she uses the woodshop to make stretchers and frames.

Neeka is the shop and marketing specialist at the creative reuse classroom Perennial, teaching sustainable printmaking and painting classes there.

Her hobbies include walking to SLPL's Carpenter Library to check out self-help and psychology books, studying Russian and watching cartoons from different countries and eras.



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