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The St. Louis Public Library's Artist Spotlight highlights the work of professional local artists who are making an impact on the St. Louis community.

Selected artists and their work will be featured online for two months, by invitation only.

Featured Artist: Samantha Hunerlach

Samantha Hunerlach

Samantha Hunerlach is an interdisciplinary artist from St. Louis Missouri. She received a BFA from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a major in painting and received an MFA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with an emphasis in fiber arts and sculpture. She recently founded the Non-Profit, STL Against Sexual Assault, aiming to create prevention training and education for the service industry.

In 2020 she assisted in painting a mural in The Grove neighborhood initiating conversation surrounding the prevention of sexual abuse.

Using a variety of mediums she creates pieces that display actions suspended, reversed, or sped up in time. Examining how seconds can possess the ability to create lasting impacts on our definitions of self. Frequently using intimate feminine objects such as bedsheets and lace, she utilizes symbolism within material to discuss moments that can impact the formation of identity, specifically discussing identifying as a survivor of sexual and domestic violence.

Creating a language rooted in advocacy she seeks to connect through a universal understanding of the unchangeable nature of time and action. Placing emphasis on the dichotomy between the permanence of the past and the endless possibilities that lie within the future.

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Instagram: @samanthahunerlachstudios & @stlagainst_sexual_assault



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