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The St. Louis Public Library's Artist Spotlight highlights the work of professional local artists who are making an impact on the St. Louis community.

Selected artists and their work will be featured online for two months, by invitation only.


Working as an artistic duo since 2017, Evan and Stacey combine their different backgrounds of art and science to create artwork that represents and explores their personal stories while leaving room for viewers’ own experiences.

Evan’s career in the arts started in 2007 when he discovered a passion for drawing and painting. Initially self-taught, he then studied drawing and painting privately prior to beginning his academic career in art at St. Louis Community College, continuing into a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Webster University, where he worked closely with his professors to learn 3D Printing, CNC Machining, and other fabrication practices. Evan is currently finishing his Master of Fine Arts at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, graduating in May 2023.

Meanwhile, Stacey studied Civil Engineering and now works as a project manager for roadway design and construction in the St. Louis area.

In 2017, Evan began an artistic collaboration with Stacey to pursue more complex technologies and concepts. Stacey’s experience as an engineer brought new expertise to enhance the sculptural works and installations he
was creating. This partnership has led to several exhibitions and shown them the power of a collaborative process.

Evan and Stacey transform galleries into welcoming spaces that create opportunities for viewers to access childhood memories or consider what makes a space sacred. In their newest work the duo utilize playground structures commonly associated with parks to explore childhood through an adult lens. They live and work in St. Louis, Missouri.


Archived Artists

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January-February 2021: Tiff Sutton

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May-June 2021: Janie Stamm

July-August 2021: Stan Chisholm

September-October 2021:  Marina Peng

November-December 2021: Gonzalo Jove

January-February 2022: Sarah Paulsen

March-April 2022: Basil Kincaid

May-June 2022: Metro Academic and Classical High School

July-August 2022: Ilene Berman

September-November 2022: Edo Rosenblith

December 2022-February 2023: Misato Pang

March-April, 2023: Tucker Pierce



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