J.C. Strauss Portrait Questionnaires Collection

Accession Number:  SC 1912:02
Location:  RB-M
Dates:  1912
Size:  1 Hollinger; 0.25 cu. ft.
Creator/Collector:  SLPL
Acquisition info:  Collected by St. Louis Public Library (Central Branch)
Accruals:  No accruals expected
Custodial history:  Originally located in Fine Arts Department, later transferred to RBSC.
Language:  English
Processed by:  Jean E. Meeh Gosebrink, March 1998; Amanda Bahr-Evola, April 2017
Conservation notes:  Questionnaires digitized.
Scope and Content: Collection consists of completed questionnaires containing biographical information about the subjects of the J.C. Strauss Portrait Collection. Relatives and/or associates of the subjects completed questionnaire. Form created by SLPL staff.
Arrangement:  Alphabetical
Restrictions:  Unrestricted. Permission required to reproduce images.

J.C. Strauss Portrait Questionnaires Collection
1 Hollinger; 0.25 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding Aid
 1/2  Original inventory
 1/3 A
John Hurley Adams
James Francis Aglar
 1/4  B
Theodore Reese Ballard
Thomas John Barry
Gustav Baumgarten
John Philip Becker
Edward Fairfax Berkley
Augustus Charles Bernays
Lucian Blackmer
Arthur Malcom Blackwell
Howard Armand Blossom
John N. Bofinger
John Louis Boland
Benno Bribach
Augustus Van Liew Brokaw
Frederick Van Liew Brokaw
Myron M. Buck
Michael Burnham
 1/5  C
George William Cale
James B. Case
Hinman Holden Clark
Seth Wallace Cobb
Lewis Edgar Collins
Norman J. Colman
Charles Sterling Cone
Paul Felix Coste
Thomas J. Couch
George Taylor Cram
Frederick Morgan Crunden
John K. Cummings
Samuel Cupples
 1/6  D
George Davis Dana
Charles Richard Harding Davis
William Brewer Dean
Joseph Dickson
Samuel Morris Dodd
Albert Drey
Henry Duncker
 1/7  E
Henry Elliot
 1/8  F
Daniel Marsh Frost
 1/9  G
Smith P. Galt
David Coal Gamble
Gerhard William Garrels
Oliver Garrison
August Gehner
Louis Glaser
Morris Glaser
Edward James Glasgow, Jr.
Benjamin Brown Graham
William Grayson
 1/10  H
Edwin Harrison
George A. Hayward
Abraham M. Hellman
Louis M. Hellman
John Franklin Hinckley
Henry Hitchcock
Samuel Holliday
Laclede J. Howard
Williamson Pope Howard, Jr.
 1/11  I
Frederick Henry Ingalls
Halsey Cooley Ives
 1/12  J
George P.B Jackson
 1/13  K
James Edwin Kaime
Ferdinand Prunier Kaiser
Jacob Klein
Casper Koehler
William M. Kohn
 1/14  L
Rufus James Lackland
Arthur Lee
William J. Lemp
Julius Lesser
Francis Henry Ludington
 1/15  M
William McCully
Estill McHenry
John E. McKeighan
Thomas S. McPheeters
John Frances Magner
Isaac M. Mason
Phillip Medart
Isaac Wyman Morton
Henry Hodges Mudd
Henry Thomas Mudd
 1/16  N
Charles Wesley Nugent
John Clemens Nulson
John Wesley Nute
 1/17  O
Warren B. Outten
John Henry Overall
 1/18  P
Timothy Papin
Charles Parsons
Ernest Peugnet
Joseph Percival Phelan
Laurence Lempiere Prince
 1/19  R
David Ranken
Valle Reyburn
Jonathan Rice
Harry Riesenberg
Edward Scott Robert
Adam Roth
Julius Rothschild
Clinton Rowell
Moses Rumsey
 1/20  S
Clark Hamilton Sampson
John Schroers
Max Schwab
Henry Clarkson Scott
William Marshall Senter
Walter L. Sheldon
Henry Theodore Simon
John B. Slaughter
Lewis Eben Snow
Frank Louis Soldan
Andrew Sproule
Thomas Armat Stoddart
 1/21  T
Amos M. Thayer
William Henry Thompson
William Henry Thornburg
Dwight Treadway
 1/22  V
Jacob Craig Van Blarcom
James Wallace Van Cleave
1/23 W
Edward Walsh, Jr.
Charles Guille Warner
Henry Herman Wernse
Moses Coridan Wetmore
J. Gabriel Woerner
Charles Hadley Wyman
1/24 Y
James Erwin Yeatman
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