Baden Historical Society: Funeral Home Records

Accession Number: SC 1999:03
Location: RB-M
Dates: 1934-1974

2 large flat boxes, 2 shoeboxes, 1 record carton, 1 small flip-top;

5.65 cubic feet

Creator/Collector: Diedrich and Heitzenroeder Funeral Homes
Acquisition info: Donated to SLPL by former society member Ross Durbin
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history:

Loaned to Baden Historical Society by Diedrich and Heitzenroeder

Funeral Homes, housed at the Baden Branch

Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, March 2018
Conservation notes: Loose items within books placed in acid-free folders
Scope and Content:

The collection contains ledgers and index cards of funerals done

through Diedrich and Heitzenroder Funeral Homes in St. Louis.

Arrangement: Alphabetical
Restrictions: No restrictions
Remarks: No remarks

Baden Historical Society
Funeral Home Records
2 flat boxes, 2 shoeboxes, 1 record carton, 1 small flip-top; 5.65 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding aid
1/2 Miscellaneous Items
1/- Record Books, 1-4
2/- Record Books, 5-6
3/- Record Books, H

Abbott, Emma A.; book 6-68*

Abel, Whiliamina; book 1-121

Abeln, Anna M.; book 6-132*

Abeln, Margareth; book 6-208*

Abeln, Raymond C.; book 4-577

Achter, Michel; book 4-60

Ackerman, George; book 4-172

Adair, Mary; book 4-205

Adams, Amanda; book 6-212*

Adams, Florence A.; book H-16*+

Adams, James; book 2-62#

Adams, John; book 1-173

Adickles, Anna; book 6-294*

Adickles, Joseph; book 6-450*

Adickles, baby; book 2-74

Aemisegger, baby; book 1-170

Aemisegger, Fred; book 1-216

Agricola, Herman; book 4-265

Ahrens, Alvina C.; book 6-676*

Ahrens, Edith (Eda); book 6-797*

Ahrens, Ernest; book 6-490*

Ahrens, John J.; book 6-850

Ainsworth, Alfred P.; book 6-133*

Ainsworth, John A.; book 6-160*

Ainsworth, Lulu; book 2-163

Albatt, John W.; book 3-28

Albers, Bernard L.; book 6-370*

Albers, Fred; book 6-541*

Albers, John; book 6-456*

Albers, Richard; book 4-131

Albrecht, Frieda; book 6-87*

Alcott, Emma; book 6-365

Algermissen, Henry L.; book 4-571

Allen, Richard Lyle; book 6-89*

Allen, Roebeste; book 1-210

Altman, Ralph; book H-319*

Alton, Vance E.; book 6-232*

Alwes, William F.; book 6-343*

Amrhrein, Bernard F.; book 6-601*

Anderson, Amelia; book 6-253*

Anderson, Mildred E.; book 4-409

Anello, Mary C.; book H-55*

Anklan, Fred; book 4-509

Anthony, Ralph; book M-278*

Arkin, Irving J.; book 6-526

Armstrong, Ruth; book 4-140

Armstrong, Walter Leslie; book 6-585*#

Arnd, Catherine; book 4-544*

Arnet, Joseph A.; book 6-38*

Arnston, Ealard A.; book 6-411*

Arras, Robert R.; book 6-644

Ashbee, Julia A.; book H-35*

Ashbee, Roma (Ruth); book 6-147*

Asikainen, Eske E.; book 6-277*

Asikainen, Olga; book H-120*

Asikainen, William; book H-110*#

Asmus, Helen; book 4-260

Atchison, Leon; book 2-132*

Atzbach, Nettie M.; book H-108*

Aubuchon, Clara; book 6-560*

Aubuchon, Gerald Linn; book 6-172

Aubuchon, Norvel James; book 4-433

Aulbert, Anna; book 1-108

Aulbert, Anna M.; book H-164

Aulbert, Ernst; book H-274

Austin, Avery Arthur; book H-225*+

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Backer, Annie; book 2-246
Bageholz, Ida; book 1-208
Baggeler, Sister M. Veronica; book 6-341*
Bahr, Lela; book 4-281
Baierlotzer, John; book 6-412+
Bailey, Charles; book 2-95
Bain, Lenora; book H-321*+
Bain, William R.; book H-346*
Baird, Shirley Lee; book 6-701*+
Baker, Arthur; book 1-224
Ballasch, Christine; book 1-198
Baltzell, Howard W.; book H-323* (2)
Bandl, Frank; book H-330*+
Bangert, Augusta; book 6-762*+
Bangert, Kenneth; book 1-241
Bangert, William; book 6-506*
Banker, Elizabeth; book 4-62
Banker, George R.; book 4-453
Barch, Elenora; book 4-129
Barden, Robert; book 4-318
Barrett, Olivia; book 2-204
Barlbort, Mary; book 4-229*+
Barnes, Clara; book 6-724*
Barnes, Enfield; book 1-85+
Barnes, James M.; book H-173*
Barr, Catherine E.; book H-277*
Barr, Emma; book 2-44
Barr, John R.; book 6-823#
Barrett, Thomas; book 2-43*
Barrett, William; book 1-150
Barrick, Harry; book 4-127
Barsanian, John; book 2-271
Barteau, Emma; book 2-155
Barteau, Julius; book 1-87
Barteau, Ralph; book 1-95
Bartok, John; book 6-323
Batts, Minnie; book 6-171*
Baty, John; book 2-69
Bauder, Juanita; book 6-516*
Bauer, Dorothea; book 4-239
Bauer, Henry C.; book 6-612*
Bauman, Adolph; book 3-39
Baumann, Theophelia; book 4-579
Baumer, Alex; book 6-196*
Baumer, Ben; book 1-194
Baumer, Edward; book 4-262*
Baumer, Emma; book 2-219+
Baumer, Russel; book 1-81
Bayer, baby; book 2-123
Bayers, Frances; book H-407*
Bayes, Addie; book 4-151
Becht, Augusta; book 6-719*+
Beck, Arthur; book 2-5
Beck, Elizabeth; book 4-350*
Beck, Fred S.; book H-8*
Beck, Lester; book 4-33
Becker, Anton; book 6-867*
Becker, Frank; book 6-217*#
Becker, Gus; book 6-320*
Beckham, John Wesley; book 4-444
Beckmann, John Book; 4-155
Beckman, Rose; book 4-7*
Bedan, Edward P.; book 6-567*
Beddies, William; book 1-27
Behan, Michael J.; book 6-310*
Behring, baby; book 4-452
Behring, Fred; book 6-730
Behring, George; book 3-43+
Behring, June; book 1-28
Behring, Lizzie; book 4-435
Behring, Louise; book 2-51
Behring, Rose Mary; book 2-180
Beisel, Caroline; book 4-494
Bender, Marie; book 2-88
Benne, John E.; book 4-399
Benne, Louise; book 6-463*
Benne, William; book 4-307
Bennett, Emma; book 1-276
Bennett, Harry; book 1-49
Bennett, Herbert; book 4-48
Bennett, Malty; book 4-184*
Bennett, Tammy Dee; book 6-527
Berg, Edward; book 3-14
Berg, Frances Louise; book 4-285
Berger, Sister Mary Lorgia; book 6-215*
Bergmann, baby; book 3-16
Bergmann, Mary B.; book 6-380*
Bergmann, Theodore William; book 6-360*
Bertola, Saverino (Samuel Bertold); book 6-86* (2)
Bessie, Henry; book 6-771*
Bethel, Joseph T.; book 6-763*
Betts, Josephine; book 4-114*
Beustring, Ida; book 4-564
Bickel, Frederick M.; book H-361*
Biermann, Paul Edward; book 4-334
Biffer, female baby; book 6-158
Biggs, Mary; unknown book*
Birch, Clarence Edgar; book H-389*#
Birzinski, Frances; book 2-280+
Bischoff, Louise; book 4-464
Bishop, Ronald; book 4-271
Bitter, Herman H.; book 6-443*
Blake, Bernadette, book H-240*
Blakemore, Gartha A.; book H-342+
Blakemore, Joseph M.; book H-105*#
Blase, Amada; book 2-251
Blase, Eva T.; book 6-177*
Blase, Herman; book 6-782*
Blase, William C.; book 6-610*
Blatter, Amelia; book 6-591*
Blome, Fred; book 2-23
Blume, August; book 2-84
Blume, Henry; book 2-266
Blume, Mathilda; book 4-130
Bock, George B.; book H-350*+
Bockwinkel, Anna Angeline; book H-251*
Bockwinkel, Bernard; book H-6*
Bodeman, Joseph D.; book 6-123*
Bodeman, Rose Mary; book 6-211*
Boedefeld, Amelia; book 4-248
Boedefeld, Anna; book 1-83
Boedefeld, Bernard J.; book 6-274*
Boedefeld, Casper; book 2-82
Boedefeld, Henry; book 2-115+
Boedefeld, Joseph F.; book H-96*
Boedefeld, Marie L.; book 6-568*
Boegel, John; book 4-123
Boegeman, Aloysius; book 4-199
Boegemann, Marie; book 6-5*
Boehmer, Herman; book 1-71
Boehmer, John; book 2-34
Boehmer, John F.; book 6-469*#
Boehmer, Joseph; book 3-22
Bogoian, George; book 6-504
Bogosian, Zakar; book 2-248
Boharian, Arten; book 4-52
Bohler, Edward; book 4-206*#
Bohler, Helen Anna; book 6-8*
Bohlmann, Cheryl Annette; book 6-259
Bohn, Daniel; book 4-277+
Bohn, William C.; book H-242*
Boje, Fred J.; book H-203*
Boje, John A.; book 6-806*
Boje, Mabel M.; book 6-621*
Bokan, Frank B.; book 6-503*#
Bono, Joseph E.; book 6-600*
Borberg, Arthur E.; book H-169*
Borg, Frank J.; book 6-519*
Borgers, Anna Mary; book 6-311*
Borgers, John M.; book 6-694*
Borgers, Mathilda; book 2-201
Borgmann, Elizabeth M.; book 6-94*
Borgmann, Ernest; book 1-8
Borgmann, Gus; book H-27
Borgmann, Gustav William; book 6-14*
Borgmann, Henry H.; book 4-300*#
Borgmann, Harry; book 4-303
Borgmann, Louise; book 6-88*
Borner, Henry; book 4-152
Borsch, Hattie; book 6-831*
Borsch, Louis; book 4-201*
Bosch, August H.; book 6-626*
Bostrom, David; book 4-486
Bostrom, David; book 6-404*
Bostrom, Minnie; book 6-636*
Bottini, Peter; book H-365*
Bova, Joseph; book 4-398
Bove, Elsie; book 2-78
Bowden, Kenneth; book 1-35
Boyer, Hermine K.; book H-11*+
Bozoian, Bogos; book 6-122*
Bozoian, Carl (Kaloosd); book 6-698*
Brackman, Henry; book 1-182
Bradford, Burt Harold; book H-1*
Bradford, Eugene B.; book H-266*+
Bradford, William Z.; book 6-465*
Bradham, Calvin; book 1-178+
Bradshaw, John B.; book H-413*
Brady, Sarah; book 4-147
Brandmeier, Anton M.; book H-19*
Brandmeier, Elizabeth; book 6-155*
Branz, Thomas E.; book 6-337
Brase, George Fred; book 4-493
Brasier, Harry T.; book 6-117*
Brasier, Walter C.; book 6-280*
Brasier, Winifred A.; book 6-682*
Braun, Agnes E.; book H-299*
Braun, Clara; book 6-824*
Braun, Joseph C.; book 6-777*+
Braun, Wilhemina; book 1-171
Braun, William; book 4-63
Breckenkamp, Helen; book 4-314
Breece, baby; book 4-42
Breeden, infant girl; book H-233+
Breimel, Anton P.; book 4-326+
Breite, Marilyn; book 4-79
Breite, Gary Steven; book 6-85
Breite, Paul; book 1-237
Bremerich, Rev. John A.; book 4-404
Breuer, August F.; book 6-243*
Brewer, Helen L.; book H-189*
Brewer, Randolph J.; book H-47
Brink, Edgar W.; book H-339*
Brink, Louise; book 2-264+
Brinker, Charles; book 3-41
Brinker, Marie; book 2-101*+
Brinker, William; book 4-171
Brinkmeyer, Fred C.; book 6-60*
Briscoe, Grover C.; book 6-72*
Britt, Raymond; book 1-47
Brizinski, Peter; book 2-40
Brock, infant female; book 4-316
Broderick, Joseph A.; book 6-427*
Brolaski, Louis; book 6-484*#
Brommelhorst, Caroline; book 6-798*
Brouse, Jean; book 2-189+
Brown, Amanda; book 2-148
Brown, Anna M.; book 4-411
Brown, Catherine; book 3-45
Brown, James; book 2-263
Brown, Jesse; book 6-392*#
Brown, John; book 1-103
Brown, Minnie; book 2-4
Brown, Wilbur; book 6-746
Bruce, Steven Newton; book 6-590*
Brune, Dora; book 4-225+
Brunsteiner, Rosa; book 6-153*
Brunsteiner, Rose Marie; book 6-242*
Bruzaites, Anthony; book H-332*
Bryan, Alice; book 6-839*
Bryan, Anna; book H-12*
Bucceri, Joseph O.; book 6-856*+
Buchan, Ellen; book 6-229*
Buchholz, Sister M. Reparta; book 6-418
Buday, Mary; book 6-872*
Buday, Steve; book 6-550*
Budde, Sister Mary Damian; book 6-485
Buelterman, Hilda; book 3-15+
Buenger, Fredericka; book 4-382
Buenger, Henry; book 6-62*
Buenger, William; book 4-12*#
Buenger, Minnie; book 4-164
Bundy, Harvey; book 6-474
Bundy, Malina L.; book 6-340*
Burch, John B.; book H-109*+
Burckhardt, Alvin W.; book 6-869*
Burckhardt, Nora E.; book H-310*
Burgdorf, Charles; book 6-15*
Burgdorf, Julia; book 4-286
Burgdorf, Louisa; book 1-160
Burgdorf, Malliss; book 2-91
Burgdorf, Meta; book 6-732*
Burgdorf, Ralph; book 1-138#
Burgdorf, William; book 2-107
Burgess, Michele Dee; book 4-584
Burgess, Harry L.; book H-123
Burgess, Randy; book 4-296
Burgess, William; book H-248*
Burke, Annie; book 1-56
Burkhardt, Amelia; book 4-507
Burkhardt, Sister Mary Wilhema; book H-75*
Burlew, Raymond E. Sr.; book H-416*
Burnard, Nellie M.; book 6-696
Burris, Lillian C.; book H-259*+ newspaper article on back of card
Burrows, Anna; book 4-395
Burrows, Gerrie; book 2-232
Burrows, William; book 2-81
Bursey, James Edward; book H-153
Busby, Elizabeth; book H-272*
Busby, Samuel; book H-380*
Buschard, John H.; book 6-760*
Buschard, Josephine H.; book 2-94
Buschard, Sophia; book 1-69
Buss, John B.; book 6-514*
Bussell, Lloyd F.; book 4-418

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Cady, George Calvin; book 6-799*
Caldwell, Arthur; book 4-128
Caldwell, James Franklin; book H-22*+
Caldwell, Margaret Della; book H-20*
Callahan, John L.; book 6-91*
Carey, Blanche; book 4-28
Carnickle, Frank; book 2-211+
Carr, Florence L.; book H-222*
Carr, Myrell C.; book 6-749*+
Carr, Patrick W.; book 1-19
Carrico, Clarence; book 4-380
Carrico, Georgia Mary; book 6-707*
Carrico, Grover; book 4-270*
Carrillo, Elizabeth; book H-340*
Carron, Julia A.; book H-412*
Carson, Carl; book 6-389*
Carson, Cora; book 6-387*
Carson, Marie; book 6-811*
Casey, Ada A.; book 4-581
Casey, Thomas; book 1-157
Cavanaugh, John S.; book 6-390*+
Cayton, Frank; book 6-677*
Ceglinski, Frank M.; book 6-75*
Ceglinski, Mary; book 6-534*
Chapman, Sarah; book 6-832*
Charm, Joseph; book 1-287
Chestnut, Abbie; book 4-144
Chestnut, Claude; book 4-192
Choate, Stanley; book H-273*#
Cierpiot, Hugo B.; book H-138*+
Cissna, Mary; book 4-514+
Cissna, Roy; book 4-244
Clarida, Leland; book 6-827*
Clark, Bert; book 4-61
Clarke, James; book 2-275
Clarkin, Patrick; unknown book*
Clemont, Thomas; book 1-250
Cluskey, Sister Mary Samuela; book H-70
Cobeck, Manie; book 4-204
Coderre, Urlic; book 4-247
Cohlman, Charles Henry; book 6-12*
Cole, Edna; book 6-43*
Coleman, Daniel; book 2-60
Coleman, Edward J.; book 6-120*#
Coleman, Frank; book 6-747*+
Coleman, Frieda; book H-7*
Coleman, Leonard Lee; book 4-407
Coleman, Margaret; book 6-779*
Coleman Rosa; book 2-171
Coleman, Sally L.; book 6-645*
Coleman, Virginia; book 6-649*
Coleman, William D.; book H-400*
Coleman, William Eugene; book 6-17*
Colonius, Harry G.; book 6-822*#
Colson, Helen G.; book 6-257*
Connolly, Eugene J.; book H-306*
Conolly, Lucille; book H-427
Conrad, Edward; book 4-57
Constantine, Jack; book 6-276*+
Consuegra, Shirley Ainda; book H-144
Conway, Eugene; book 6-130*
Conwell, Wilma M.; book 6-874*
Cook, Ellis Joseph; book 6-121*
Cook, Wilhelmina; book 2-46
Coons, Lillian W.; book 6-23*
Corne, William; book 2-250
Cornelius, Clarence; book 1-195
Cornelius, Kate; book 1-236
Cornelius, Leslie; book 4-258
Costello, George M.; book 6-700*
Covert, Cora; book 1-53
Covert, Irene B.; book 6-422*
Covert, James; book 2-29
Covert, Lyman E.; book 6-726*
Covert, Marian; book 1-7
Cowling, Dora; book 2-116+
Cowling, James; book 4-358
Cox, Cora; book 2-75
Cox, James; book 2-178
Cox, Marjorie; book 2-161
Crabb, George M.; book 6-101*
Crain, Charles; book 1-45
Crane, Edward; book 6-103*
Crane, Myrtle E.; book H-147*
Crank, Mittie; book 1-48
Creech, Thomas E.; book 6-472*
Crocker, Berniece; book H-34* (2)
Crook, Elizabeth; book H-309*
Cross, Charles; book 4-13
Cross, Susie; book 4-336
Crowe, James; book 4-227
Crowe, Jessie; book 6-716*+
Crowe, Madalynne; book H-362*
Cull, Ethlynn; book H-206*
Cull, Glen M.; book H-254*+#
Culp, William; book 4-196
Cummings, Arthur L.; book 6-847
Cummings, Thomas H.; book H-66*
Cummings, Walter; book 2-213
Cummins, Eleanor F.; book 6-870*
Cummins, Elric C.; book H-294*
Curt, Alvina; book 2-45
Curt, Julius, book 2-80
Czapaitis, Ann; unknown book*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Dail, Rev. Joseph; book 2-224
Dakin, Stanley E.; book 4-355+
Dale, Roy Clifford; book H-285*
Darracott, Eleanor; book 4-160
Darrcott, William; book 2-231
Daubendiek, Henry; book 1-105
Daume, Lilly Bell; book 1-52
Daumes, Arthur; book 1-9
Davidson, Austin L.; book H-276*
Davinray, Joseph; book 4-15
Davis, Norman Monroe; book 6-286*
Davis, Susie Helen; book 6-818*
Davison, Jennie; book 2-292
Davison, Roland; book 6-458*
Davison, Thomas E.; book 4-361
Day, Irma L.; book H-44*
Day, Ross A.; book H-2*
Dean, Estelle; book H-381
Dean, Sylvester L.; book 6-353*
Debert, Harry; book 4-449
Debert, Mamie E.; book 4-574
Decker, Everett; book 4-4
Dee, Alice; book 6-623*
Dees, George; book 1-193
Degeal, Allen; book 2-260
Degel, Lillie; book 6-234*
Degenhardt, Sister M. Lorretta; book H-85*
DeGonia, Marlyn; book 3-25
Delgado; Vicente; book 6-203
Delhougne, Edmund L.; book 4-580
Delhougne, William; book 4-268
Demel, Joseph John; book H-176*+
Demel, Theresa Lena; book 6-206*
Demma, Anthony; book 6-48*
Denger, Mary Jo; book 6-283
Dennis, Jennie; book 4-264
Dennis, John; book 2-281*+
DeRities, John; book 6-522*
DeRousse, Edwin James; book H-396*
Dessel, Albert; book 1-242
Dessel, Alice; book 6-330*
Dessel, baby; book 1-5
Dessel, baby; book 1-128
Deul, Louis; book 1-218*
Deul, Mathilda; book 4-328
DeValley, Bion; book 2-103
DeValley, Mary; book 2-138
Devlin, George; book 4-275
Diebold, Sister M. Gergonia; book 6-373*
Dieckhaus, Mary S.; book 6-152*
Dieckmann, Anna; book 2-76
Dieckmann, August T.; book 6-3*
Dieckmann, baby (female); book 6-7
Dieckmann, Edward H.; book 4-586*
Dieckmann, Edward J.; book H-163*#
Dieckmann, Frank H.; book 6-445*
Dieckmann, Louis W.; book H-326*
Dieckmann, Minnie; book 6-76*
Dieckmann, Ottilia; book 4-90*
Dieckmann, Philip; book 4-22*
Dieckmann, Walter; book 4-165
Dieckmann, William; book 4-71+
Diedrich, Arthur R.; book 4-478
Diedrich, Charles; book 2-152
Diedrich, Clara P.; book 4-573
Diedrich, Edmund O.; book H-402*
Diedrich, Emil; book 4-102*
Diedrich, Gregory Carl; book 6-812
Diedrich, Mamie; book H-414*
Diedrich, Robert W.; book H-391*
Diedrich, Theodore; book 6-563*
Diedrich, Virginia; book 6-792*#
Dietz, Sister Mary Gonsalez; book 6-374*
Dillinger, Lillian; book 4-434
Dimond, Emma M.; book H-281*
Dimond, Oscar C.; book 6-66*
Dingman, John C.; book 4-549+
Dirckx, Edwin; book H-161*
Dirckx, Wilhelmina H.; book 126*
Dockery, Florence; book 6-181*
Dockery, James; book 4-142*
Dodge, Woodrow E.; book 6-30* newspaper article on back of notecard
Doerr, Alma M.; book 4-388
Donovan, Ike; book 6-303*
Doss, Virgil; book 2-10
Dougherty, John C.; book H-238*
Downs, Eugene; book 2-277+
Drees, Anna M.; unknown book*
Dreyer, Frank F.; book 6-642*
Duda, William Delyal; book H-165*+
Duncan, George M.; book H-172*+
Dunn, Harold; book 4-106*
Dunn, Harry E.; book 6-595*
Dunn, Mary Ethel; book H-68*
Dunn, Pauline; book 6-634*
Dunnavant, Josephine; book H-327
Durand, Frank C.; book 6-210
Durbin, Leo D.; book 6-319*
Duren, William G.; book H-338*
Dye, Louise; book 2-35*
Dyer, Jennifer Marie; book H-386*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Eaton, John; book 1-192
Ebbert, Sister Mary Teresa; book H-23
Eberhardt, Joseph; book 4-78
Eberhardt, Joseph A.; book H-264*
Eberhardt, Virginia; book 4-558*
Eberhardt, William J.; book 6-135*#
Eberle, William; book 4-503
Ebert, Sister M. Josella; book H-17
Echelmeyer, Loretta; book 4-231
Eckert, baby; book 1-199
Eckert, Clara A.; book 6-596*
Eckert, Fred; book 4-356+
Eckert, George; book 4-386
Eckert, John; book 4-374*
Eckert, Margaret; book 6-843*
Eckert, Paul; book 2-36
Edmunds, Minnie; book 4-357
Edmunds, William H.; book 4-349
Edwards, Emma; book 1-221
Edwards, Lemuel; book 1-187
Edwards, William Daniel; book H-196
Eggert, Ida; book 4-506
Eggert, Oscar; book 1-293
Eggert, Robert PFC; book 4-93*
Eggert, Walter; book 4-249
Ehren, Dolores; book 2-147
Ehrler, Frank; book 1-295+
Ehrler, Louise; book 4-159
Eichenberger, John F.; book H-223
Eichner, Albert; book 2-216
Eichner, John; book 4-26
Eickmeier, Emma; book 6-656*+
Eickmeier, William; book 6-197*
Eickmeier, Wilmer E.; book 6-551*
Eilers, Henry; book 6-603*
Eisenbach, Catherine; book 1-291
Elbert, John; book 2-28+
Elfen, Mary D.; book 6-301*
Elfen, Walter A.; book H-28*#
Ellington, Thelma R.; book H-376*+
Ellington, William J.; book 4-463
Elstermeyer, Eugene; book 4-323+
Elstermeyer, Minnie; book 6-488*
Emery, James F.; book 4-400+
Enning, Sister Mary Leodegar; book 6-332
Epperson, Audra R.; book H-43*
Erler, Richard; book 2-194
Erne, Daniel J.; book 6-572*
Eschbach, Arthur H.; book 6-566*#
Eschmann, Anna; book 6-226*
Eschmann, Otto; book 1-75
Essen, John Joseph; book H-374*
Evans, Shirley Ann; book 6-808*
Evers, Lina A.; book 6-65*+
Evirett, Jane; book 2-85
Ewing, baby; book 3-40
Ewing, George; book 6-615*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Fahey, Michael; book 6-466*
Falkenberg, Louis W.; book 6-55*
Fallis, Ellen M.; book 6-611*
Fann, Arthur; book 4-519
Fann, Benjamin; book 6-240*
Fann, Davis; book 4-520
Fann, Sally Jo; book 4-58
Farace, Sam Nunzio; book 6-491*+
Fatke, John; book 3-53
Faust, Mary; book 2-238
Feigel, Alexander; book 4-344*
Feigel, Anna; book 6-221*
Fennewald, Anthony B.; book H-177*#
Fennewald, Margaret H.; book 6-564*
Fennewald, Sister M. Giseela; book 6-332*
Figge, Sarah; book 4-120
Finch, Edit; book 2-31
Fink, Addie; book 4-432
Finke, Mary Marie; book 4-32
Finke, Pauline M.; book 6-440*
Finke, William A.; book 6-640*#
Finn, Edward Ross; book 4-459
Finnerup, Nina B.; book H-387
Fiori, Rose; book 1-283
Fischer, Agnes; book 6-439*
Fischer, Anna; book 6-186*
Fischer, Caroline; book 6-367*
Fischer, George H.; book 4-381
Fischer, Martin; book 4-216
Fischer, Oliver W.; book H-198*+
Fitzjohn, Margaret; book 2-284+
Flaherty, John; book 1-290
Flake; Wilhelmina (Minnie); book H-358*
Flegel, Bruno; book 6-361*+
Fletcher, William; book 1-275
Flook, Ivor; book 6-647*
Flori, Byron; book 3-55
Flower, Mary; book 2-200
Floyd, Clyde Evert; book H-337*
Flucken, Laura; book 1-16
Fohrman, Mary L.; book 6-663*
Fohrman, William; book 4-178*
Foley, Edward; book 2-90
Foley, Hannah; book 1-123
Folkers, George; book 1-185
Ford, Catherine; book 2-164
Fordyce, Jennie Bell; book 6-309*
Formanck, Sister M. Vitalis; book 6-349*
Forrest, James W.; book 6-305
Fosberg, Catherine; book 1-211
Foster, Allen Russell; book H-317*
Foster, Walter; book 1-31
Foster, William; book 1-37
Fournie, Sister Mary LaSalle; book 6-237*
Fowler, John; book 4-65
Fox, James; book 6-508*
Fox, Theresa; book 2-276
Francis, Norman; book 4-251
Franck, John William; book 6-278*
Franck, Lillian; book 6-273*
Franke, Marie; book 2-150
Frarrell, Sallie; book 1-36
Free, Laura Joan; book 6-342
Freinhagen, Fred H.; book 6-168*
French, Russell B.; book H-158*+
Frenz, Helen; book 2-50
Frevert, Louise; book 2-157
Frey, Belle; book 1-189
Frey, Henry; book 4-274
Friederich, Harold; book 1-144
Froehly, Emil F.; book 6-316*
Froehly, George W.; book 6-770*
Froehly, Joseph F.; book 6-876*
Fronczak, Steven Lamarr; book H-353
Fry, Eugene E.; book 6-709*
Fry, Santa Marie; book H-401*
Fuchs, Christian; book 4-331
Fuhrig, Anna; book 2-32
Fuhrig, August; book 4-329+
Fuller, Arthur B.; book 6-769*
Fuller, Diane Jean; book 4-457
Fuller, Gerald; book 4-2*
Fuller, Harry; book 1-289
Fusselman, baby; book 3-56

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Gabrisch, John H.; book 6-143*
Gaines, Edward Otis; book 4-502
Gaines, Henry C.; book 4-505
Galloway, Arthur; book 1-21+
Galloway, Levi; book 1-26
Gardner, Elmer; book 1-154
Gardner, William; book 2-146
Gardner, William Thomas; book 6-423*
Garlando, Angiolina; book 4-82+
Garniee, Katherin; book 1-55
Gartland, Gladys; book 6-124*
Gartland, Lawrence; book 2-289*
Gartland, Lawrence F.; book 4-500+#
Gassel, Anna; book 4-212
Gassel, Bernett H.; book 6-599*
Gassel, Theodore; book 4-241
Gawler, Rose; book 1-23
Gegel, baby; book 4-5
Gegg, Annie; book 2-119
Gegg, David; book 2-272
Gegg, Janet; book 2-273
Gegg, John E.; book 6-840*
Gegg, Rebecca Elaine; book 6-191
Gehner, Harry; book 4-340
Gent, Barney; book 1-50
Gerard, Chester Ernest; book 6-708+
Gerard, Elizabeth; book H-368*+
Gerber, Sister Mary Cecilia; book 6-496
Gerken, Edward L.; book 4-479
Gerken, Ernest; book 4-385
Gerling, Charles; book 2-262
Gerling, Henry; book 2-159
Germann, George W.; book 6-111
Gerrard, Nora; book 2-242
Gevers, Edward M.; book 6-187*
Gevers, Linda Lee; book 6-167*
Gevers, Marie Wilma; book H-192*+
Geyer, Robert Dail; book 6-540*
Gherardi, Martha; book 6-848*
Ghirardi, baby; book 3-12
Ghirardi, Conjoe; book 6-545*
Ghirardi, James; book 6-518*
Ghirardi, John B.; book H-446*#
Ghirardi, Lurline M.; book H-175*+
Ghirardi, Paul Vincent; book 4-534
Giebe, Catherine; book 1-294+
Gieseking, Theodore P.; book 6-154*
Gifford, Laura; book 6-454
Gifford, Milton; book 4-156
Gilg, John; book 2-120
Gillman, Lillie L.; book H-98*
Gilmore, Emma A.; book H-111*
Gilmore, Hugh C.; book H-220
Giunta, Angelina; book H-250*+
Giunta, Frank; book 6-448*
Glasser, Anna; book 2-28
Goad, Roy Lee; book H-252*+
Godfrey, Mary E.; book 4-341
Goebel, Catherine; book 4-252
Goebel, George; book 4-146
Goebel, Harry H.; book 6-515*#
Goebel, Olinda; book 6-628*
Goettling, Lydia; book 6-713*
Goettling, William A.; book 6-524*
Goewert, Henry; book 4-143
Golden, David Andrew; book 6-648
Golden, John A.; book 4-406
Golden, John Adam; book 6-727
Golden, Mary Elaine; book 6-438
Golden, Paula Frances; book H-95
Golden, Vickie Marie; book 6-573
Goldsmith, Henry; book 2-205
Goldsmith, Mary; book 6-457*
Gomez, baby; book 1-79
Gordon, Geneive M.; 6-556*
Gordon, Mary; book 2-235
Goree, baby; book 2-114
Gorman, Rose; book 4-369
Gould, Clara Belle; book H-256*+
Grabner, Gottfried; book 6-528*
Grady, Blanche; book 6-79*
Graf, Henry; book 2-210
Graf, Louise; book 6-683*
Graham, Mary; book 4-332*
Graham, Noah; book 6-292*
Grant, Catherine; book 6-836*
Grant, LM; book 1-249
Gray, Amanda; book 4-289
Gray, Edward; book 1-65
Gray, Ethel; book 6-733
Gray, Lillie Gertrude; book H-397*
Gray, Ruth Q.; book H-329*+
Green, Harry; book 1-20
Green, John P.; book 6-356*
Green, Roy; book 1-116
Greene, Betty; book 4-200
Greene, Frank L.; book 6-873*
Greene, Katherine; book 1-68
Greene, Marie; book H-262*+
Grelle, baby; book 4-16
Grelle, Barbara; book 4-504
Grelle, Elizabeth; book 6-559*
Grelle, Fred Henry; book 4-590*
Grelle, John H.; book 4-446*+
Grelle, Raymond; book 6-344*
Griffin, Nathan; book 1-246
Grimm, George; book 4-319
Groezinger, John; book H-132*
Grojean, Nolia; book 6-326
Gronemeier, Carl F.; book 6-233*
Gronemeier, Mathilda E.; book 6-684*+
Gronemeier, William; book 6-592*
Grones, Sister Mary Ephrem; book 6-245*
Groom, Judy; book 2-256
Grote, baby; book 2-20
Grote, Caroline; book 6-714*
Grote Henry A.; book 6-722*+
Grote, Ida; book 6-728*+
Grote, William; book 1-223*+
Gruener, Mary; book 1-58
Gruettemeyer, Carl; book 6-437*
Grummer, Sister Mary Bethilda; book 6-442*
Guariglia, Frieda; book 6-574*
Guariglia, Patrick Pasqale; book 4-457
Guerney, Jacob; book 1-80
Gulledge, Lonnie O.; book H-421*
Gunn, John; book 2-99
Gunn, William; book 2-223
Gunther, Irene; book 2-134
Guscic, Birdie B.; book H-218*+

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Haase, Anna; book 4-552
Haase, Frank; book 4-266
Hackmann, William F.; book 6-444
Hachmeister, Lucy M.; book 6-660
Hackmeister, Mary; book 6-2
Haefer, Walter; book 2-230
Haeffner, Anna; book 6-328*
Haeffner, Christ; book H-180*+
Haefner, Wilbur; book 6-146*
Hagnauer, Leo; book 4-237
Hahn, Foundton; book 6-802*
Hahn, Herman; book 4-423
Hahn, Max F.; book 1-11
Haig, Margaret H.; book H-261*
Haig, Theodore; book 2-267*
Halbmann, Frances; book 1-82
Haldenwanger, Dorothy; book 3-57
Haley, Mary; book 1-158
Hall, Mabel V.; book H-314*+
Hall, Mary Belle; book 4-25+
Halteman, Adeline; book 2-244
Halteman, Cecelia; book 2-3
Hamersen, Olinda; book 6-804*
Hamersen, Paul; book 2-239
Hamilton, Ella; book H-145
Hamilton, George; book 4-141
Hammersten, Robert Arthur; book 4-498
Hammerstone, George W.; book 6-778*#
Hammett, Thomas; book 4-256
Hampton, Albert E.; book 6-106*
Hampton, Albert E.; book H-390*
Hampton, Arvol Murry; book H-205*+
Hampton, Edgar A.; book H-307*
Hance, Leroy; book H-312*+
Hanebrink, Barbara; book 4-68*
Hanebrink, Christine; book 6-738*
Hanebrink, Henry; book H-202*+
Hanebrink, Herman; book 4-47+
Hanebrink, Tony; book 2-221
Hanna, baby; book 4-72
Hanning, Mary; book 1-184
Hanning, William; book 4-279
Hanselman, Belle C.; book H-385*
Hanselman, Nora P.; book H-146*
Happe, Stephen; unknown book*
Happel, Charles W.; book 6-828*
Hardwig, Sister Mary Edwardine; book H-37*
Harilson, Eva May; book 6-131*
Harman, Sharran; book 2-296
Harms, Johanna; book 6-614
Harnanez, Guadalupe; book 6-379
Haroian, Lucy; book 4-9
Haroian, Zakar; book 2-47
Harper, Alvina; book 6-841*
Harper, John W.; book H-280*
Harper, Joseph R.; book 6-375*
Harris, Christopher Columbus; book 4-441
Harris, Helen M.; book H-395*
Harris, James; book 4-115
Harris, John W.; book 6-555*
Hartman, Clarence J.; book 6-198*
Hartman, Edward W.; book 6-687*
Hartman, Emil; book 4-113
Hartmann, Emanuel; unknown book*
Hartwig, Frank; book 4-287
Hartwig, Gustav A.; book 4-439+
Hartwig, Herman; book 6-175*
Harvel, Fred; book 6-436*
Hasting, Clarence A.; book 6-875*+
Hastin, Ruth Ann; book 4-99
Hauer, Sister M. Alphonse; book 6-325
Hauser, Mary Clara; book 4-447
Hauswirth, John; book 6-761*
Havlicek, Anna; book 3-10
Havlicek, Hermina; book 2-38
Havlicek, Joseph W.; book 6-748*+
Hawkins, Mack D.; book 4-390
Hayden, Lawrence A.; book H-25*
Heaivilin, Earl; book 4-124
Heid, Nichel; book 2-61
Heinen, Henry; book 3-52*+
Heins, Catherine; book 6-125*
Heins, John C.; book 6-188*#
Heins, Margaret B.; book 6-35*
Heinz, Emma; book 6-246*
Heinz, Lydia; book 6-317*
Heinz, Martin J.; book 6-112*
Heinze, Edward W.; book 6-525
Heinze, Henry; book 2-110
Heinze, Mary; book 1-263+
Heinze, Rose; book 4-430
Heitert, baby; book 2-209
Heitland, Josephine; unknown book*
Heitz, Frank Lorenz; book 6-250*
Heitzenroeder, Emil; book 4-182
Heitzenroeder, Katherine; book 2-54
Heitzenroeder, Lydia L.; book H-279*
Heitzenroeder, Mildred L.; book H-121*
Heldman, Elizabeth; book 4-424
Helgans, George; book 2-268
Helker, Harry L.; book 6-138*+
Hellmann, Ada; book 1-77
Hellmann, Eunice Ruth; book 4-408
Helsey, Elizabeth; book 1-148
Hemmy, Charles R.; book H-328*
Henderline, Cecelia; book 6-693*
Henderline, Charles L.; book 6-853*
Henderson, Daisy; book 4-107
Hendrick, baby; book 2-2
Henkel, Lydia; book H-197+
Henne, Ruth A.; book 6-59*
Hennemeyer, Melcenia; book 4-84*+
Henning, Alvina; book 3-5
Henning, Charles; book 6-182
Hentges, Sister M. Winnebalda; book 6-297*
Hepp, Sister Mary Lucidia; book 6-285
Hermans, Mary; book 4-410
Hermeling, Louise; book 6-672*#
Herring, James Magus; book H-76*
Herrod, Luke; book 6-209
Hess, August; book 4-365
Hetling, Anna; book H-102*
Hettenhaus, Andrew; book 4-384+
Hettenhaus, Harry; book 4-215
Hettenhaus, Louise; book 2-291
Heuer, Joseph; book 4-173
Heuermann, Henrietta C.; book 6-758*
Heuermann, Mary A.; unknown book*
Heydt, Herman T.; book H-178*+
Hicks, Ivan C.; book 6-800*
Higgins, James; book 6-710*
Hillemann, Charles; book 2-126
Hillemann, William W.; book 6-63*
Hilmer, Amalie; book 4-375
Hines, Katie; book 2-72
Hirschbeck, Katherine; book 6-781*+
Hirschboeck, Anna; book H-377*
Hirschboeck, Henry; book 6-766*
Hirschboeck, John; book 6-102*+
Hirschboeck, Joseph; book 4-560*
Hirschboeck, Margaretha; book 6-107*
Hirschboeck, Marie; book 3-20*#
Hix, Beatrice; book 2-240
Hix, George; book 1-225+
Hizer, Jean Ellen; book 6-578
Hobath, Joseph; book 4-228+
Hobusch, Fred; book 3-54
Hobusch, Gustave; book 4-83
Hoechst, Joseph; book 4-305
Hoeffner, Christian; book 1-133
Hoeffner, Edwin; book 1-140
Hoehle, Louis F.; book 6-306*#
Hoehle, Myrtle; book 6-864*
Hoelscher, Anton; book 4-267
Hoelscher, Oscar; book 4-450
Hoelscher, Raymond B.; book 6-616*
Hoerrmann, George; book 1-18
Hofer, Joseph; book 4-555#
Hoff, Charles P.; book 6-829*
Hoff, Hilda; book 6-646*
Hoff, John; book 4-202
Hoffman, John; book 3-29
Hoffman, Joseph; book 2-66
Hoffmann, Clara A.; book H-415*#
Hoffmann, Joseph; unknown book*
Hoffmann, Sister Mary Seraphica; book H-33
Hoffschwelle, Sister M. Wilhelmina; book H-58*
Hofmann, Jacob Carl; book H-18*+#
Hollstein, Elizabeth; book H-230
Hollstein, M. Daniel; book H-315*
Holt, Hugh Matlock; book H-227#
Holtgrewe, Caroline; book 4-290
Holtgrewe, Edward F.; book 6-358*
Holtmann, Charles; book 1-126
Homann, Frank; book 2-294+
Hopper, Joseph; book 2-293+
Horn, Charles H.; book 6-745*#
Horstmann, Christ; book 4-242
Hoscher, John; book 4-483+
Hoscher, Rosina; book H-156*
Hosto, Henry Charles; book 6-532
Houghton, George H.; book 4-309
Houlihan, Michael J.; book H-36*
Howk, William; book 2-18
Hranicka, Paul; book H-149*
Huber, Albert; book 1-130
Huck, Anna Marie; book 2-57+
Huck, Edwin F.; book H-159*
Huebner, Elizabeth; book H-168*+
Huebner, Maria; book 6-33*
Hueffmann, Elizabeth; book 1-135
Hueffmann, George H.; book 6-784*
Hueffmann, William; book 6-269*
Huehn, Flora M.; book H-237*+
Huemmer, Katherine; book 6-507*
Huested, Sadie; book 3-7
Huighe, baby; book 1-109
Hull, Scedell M.; book H-335
Hulsman, Charles; book 2-170
Humpert, Roney; book 4-454
Humphrey, Thomas; book 4-158
Hundelt, Alwina; unknown book*
Huning, Arthur; book H-104*
Hunstein, Herman; book 2-203
Hunstein, Maria; book 1-220+
Hunter, Clarence; book 4-422
Hunter, Ellen; book 1-17
Hutcheson, Carl N.; book H-284*
Hutcheson, Elsie Mae; book 6-19*
Hynes, Hugh; book 6-57*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Ilg, Emma; book 4-207+
Imhulse, Fred; book 2-257*
Imhulse, Louise; book 6-166*
Ingamells, Elsie A.; book H-331*
Irmer, Ernest; book H-270*+
Irmer, Maria Anna; book H-14*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Jackson, Alice I.; book 6-173*
Jackson, Fannie; book 6-409*
Jackson, John H.; book H-140*
Jacobs, Charley; book 1-1
Jacobs, James; book 4-161
Jacobs, Mary C.; book 6-830*
Jacobsmeyer, Edward; book 4-461*
Jacobsmeyer, Emil; book 6-462*
Jacobsmeyer, Fred W.; book 6-312*
Jacobsmeyer, Julius W.; book 4-530
Jacobsmeyer, Marie; book 4-185
Jacobsmeyer, Mathilda; book 2-278
Jacobsmeyer, Theodore; book 2-7
Jacobsmeyer, Theresa; book 4-370
Jacobson, Christian; book 4-528*
Jacobson, Minnie; book 6-227*
Jacobus, Lena; book 6-820*
Jaeger, Florence; book 4-535+
Jakes, Anna; book 3-48
Jakes, George T.; book H-219*+
James, Ernest C.; book H-408*
Janish, Fred; book 1-136
Janos, [Milrrad]; book 1-84
Jansen, Robert; book 1-269
Janz, Anna M.; book 6-298*
Jedicke, Augusta; book 3-17
Jedicka, Charles; book 2-186
Jedicke, Charles F.; book 6-455*
Jedicke, Mary; book 3-9
Jeffrey, Harry; book 1-166
Jeggle, Mary; book 4-109*
Jenne, Barbara C.; book 6-109*
Jensby, Nikoline Marie; book 6-489
Jilg, Adolph; book 1-203
Jilg, Aielard H.; book 6-631*
Jilg, Rev. George; book 4-100
Jilg, Lena; book 4-548*
Jilg, Rose; book 6-630*
Johnson, David; book 4-193
Johnson Earl F.; book 6-675*
Johnson, Lula; book 2-218
Johnson, Thad; unknown book*
Johnson, Nola; book 1-99
Johnston, John; book 2-168+
Jones, Audree R.; book 6-655*+
Jones, Davie W.; book 6-538
Jones, Frank; book 2-176+
Jones, Kathleen Ann; book 6-402
Jones, Marie; book 6-737*
Jorden, James A.; book H-379*
Julian, George B.; book 6-651*
Julow, Laura Catherine; book 6-740+
Jury, George; book 4-245
Jury, Jose Eduardo; book 6-80*
Jutze, William E.; book H-424*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

 5/- Kabo, Mary Carol; book H-49
Kahr, Charles; book H-195*#
Kahr, Eva; book H-417*
Kahre, Henry George; book H-275*
Kahre, Wilhelmina; book 6-289*
Kalajian, Aroosiag; book 4-87*
Kalajian, Charles; book 6-416*
Kalajian, Humpartz; book 4-219
Kalschutz, Charles; book 4-299*
Kalschultz, infant female; book H-77
Kalschultz, infant girl; book H-107
Kamischke, Carl W.; book 4-496
Kamp, Anna; book 1-201
Kamp, Fred H.; book 6-381*#
Kamp, Gertrude; book 6-851*
Kamp, Roy; book 1-286
Kappel, Caroline; book 1-191
Kasekert, Rose; unknown book*
Kasekert, Wenzel; book 4-70+
Kastien, Frank; book 3-49
Kastien, John; book 1-205
Keane, Anna S.; book 6-165*
Keane, George I.; book H-171*#
Kegel, Jacob; book 2-109
Kehoe, Michael F.; book 4-366+
Keitz, Hulda L.; book 6-100*
Kellie, Donald Erwin; book 1-6
Keller, Marie; book 6-562*
Keller, William B.; book 6-49*
Kelley, Shawn Lee Patrick; book H-345
Kelly, Joseph H.; book 6-835*
Kelly, Marie; book 6-459*
Kelsey, Columbus L.; book H-207*+
Kemper, Dolores; book 3-8
Kemper, Sarah; book 1-162
Kendall, Rose M.; book 6-661*
Kerls, Bertha; book 4-499
Kerls, Henry W.; book 6-544*#
Kerner, William C.; book 4-351
Kerns, Mary; book 1-259
Kerwin, Charlotte; book 1-117
Kerwin, Darrial; book 1-120
Ketcherside, James; book 6-263*
Kettmann, Theodore; book 6-403*
Khorll, Antonette F.; book H-344*
Khorll, Joseph V.; book 6-18*
Kibler, William D.; book H-211*+
Killian, Sister M. Michael; book 6-239*
Kimble, Charles Brison; book 6-406*
King, Hal A.; book 6-262*
King, Sarah C.; book 4-455+
Kirkpatrick, baby; book 1-260
Kirkpatrick, William; book 4-76
Klaas, Charles H.; book 6-659*
Klausmeyer, Lena; book 3-24
Klausmeyer, Louis; book 4-353+
Kleen, Darline; book 1-228+
Klein, Bertha; book 1-4
Klein, Frank; unknown book*
Klein, John; book 2-139+
Kleine, Anna; book 1-239
Kleine, Fred; book 4-96
Kleine, John H.; book H-89*
Kleine, John J.; book 6-354*
Kleine, Louise; book 6-307*
Kleine, Lucille B.; book 6-734*
Kleine, Marie M.; book H-213*
Kleine, Mary; book 6-436*
Kleinhans, Sister Mary Elois; book 6-493
Kleinschmidt, Lawrence F.; book 6-703*+#
Klemme, Minnie G.; book H-318*+
Klessen, George; book 2-179
Kliethermes, Jacob; book 4-208
Klinckhardt, Walter Leon; book 4-330#
Klipp, Anna M.; book H-423#
Klipp, Otto; book 2-64
Klocke, Louise K.; book 4-360
Klocke, Sophie; book 6-664*
Kneisel, Emma; book 6-267*
Kniemeyer, Justin; book 4-217+
Kniemeyer, William; book 4-64
Knobbe, Anna; book 4-527
Knobbe, Bernard; book 4-246
Knobbe, Henry G.; book 4-325+
Knop, Wilma; book 4-294
Knox, William; book 1-61
Koch, Henry W.; book 4-475*
Koch, Joseph; book 4-134
Koch, Katherine; book 4-259
Kochay, baby male; book H-122
Kocsmaros, Steve; book 4-14
Koeneman, Marie G.; book 4-412+
Koenemann, William J.; book H-63*
Koenig, Emma M.; book H-298*
Koenig, William J.; book 6-386*
Koenn, Malissa; book 6-721*
Koert, Edward; book 4-419
Koesterer, Emma; book 3-1
Kohlschreiber, William; book 6-296*
Kolb, William; book 6-335*
Koller, John; book 2-27
Kollenberg, Christopher; book 1-222+
Kollenberg, Henry J.; book 6-729*
Koller, Marie; book 4-111
Konitz, Ida M.; book 6-271*
Kopiske, Frederick; book 4-362
Kopp, baby; book 4-308
Kopp, Clarence F.; book H-133*+
Kopp, Harry John; book 6-535*
Kopp, Hazel Mae; book H-268*
Korkcian, George; book 6-415
Kosman, Gradus; book 4-474
Kowalski, Joseph A.; book 6-705*
Kowalski, Michael; book 4-29
Kowalski, Victoria; book 4-557
Kozemski, Walter J.; book 4-480+
Kraemer, Frances C.; book H-127*
Kraemer, William F.; book H-418#
Kraft, Fred; book 1-252
Krankeola, Anthony; book 4-17*
Krankeola, Dorothea; book 6-314*
Krauck, Ellen; book 1-74
Krebs, George E.; book 4-431*
Krebs, Louise H.; book H-186*
Krenning, Katherine; book 1-179
Kress, Bertha; book 6-627*
Kreuper, Bernard; book 6-529*
Kreutz, Cecelia; book 6-432*
Kreutz, Henry E.; book H-231*
Kreutz, Johanna; book 6-536*
Kreutz, Walter; book 4-312*
Krieger, Kimberly J.; book 6-713
Krigbaum, James; book 2-1
Krueger, Ada; book 1-115
Krueger, Adeline; book 6-10*
Krueger, Alma O.; book H-247*+
Krueger, Elizabeth; book 1-118
Krueger, S. Sgt. Frank; book 4-112*
Krueger, Frank C.; book 6-128*
Krueger, Gottlieb; book 4-149*
Krueger, Oliver H.; book 6-258*
Krueger, Walter h.; book 4-427
Krueger, Wilhelmina; book 2-274
Kuban, Joseph; book 1-299
Kuban, Mary; book 4-11*
Kuehn, Anton; book 6-547*
Kuehn, Paulina; book 6-396*
Kuehn, Ruth; book 1-279
Kuehnlein, Pvt. Edward; book 4-110
Kuehnlein, John George; book 6-52*
Kuenzel, Sister Mary Cunigunda; book H-72*
Kuesel, John T.; book 6-785*
Kuesel, William; book 6-816*
Kuetemann, Anna; book 6-56*
Kuetemann, William; book 1-97#
Kuhn, Charles; book 4-445*
Kuhn, Emma; book 6-569*
Kuhn, Otho; book 2-181
Kuhs, Fred; book 4-556
Kuhs, William H.; book 6-431*
Kulage, Betty Ann; book 2-288+
Kulage, Matilda; book 6-95*
Kulenguski, Joseph Arthur; book 6-300*
Kulp, Christopher; book 4-476
Kulp, Theresa; book 6-156*
Kummer, Caroline; book 1-227
Kummer, Herman; book 2-70
Kummer, Katherina; book 4-238
Kummer, Louis; book 1-76
Kummer, Louis; book 2-41
Kummer, Oliver; book 4-301
Kummer, Susanna; book 6-481*
Kumpel, Herman; book 4-6
Kuntz, Emma; book 6-589*
Kuntz, George; book H-406
Kuntz, Minnie; book 2-249
Kunz, Anna; book 3-3
Kunz, Charles; book 1-285
Kunz, William; book 4-39
Kupris, Mike; unknown book*
Kurre, William F.; book H-394*
Kurth, William A.; book 6-803*
Kutscher, Helen; book 2-33
Kyfus, Ida; book 6-134*
Kyle, Michael; book 1-214        

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Laabs, Elizabeth; book 2-48
Laabs, Fredericka; book 3-35
Laas, Anna W.; book H-351*+
Lada, Leo; book 6-755*
Lahay, Ellen; book 1-168
Lahay, James A.; book 6-244*
Lahay, Mary; book 2-122
Lahay, Minnie; book 4-543*
Lahay, Raymond A.; book H-393*
Lahsfeuer, Mary; book 2-158
Lamb, John; book 4-547
Laminger, Joseph Alfred; book 6-136*
Lammering, Catherine; book 2-14
Lammering, Herman; book 4-537
Lammers, Chester; book 1-139
Lampe, Henry; book 4-189*
Lampe, Sophia; book 2-105*
Lampe, William; book 1-43
Landwehr, Anna J.; book 4-293
Landwehr, Ethel; book 4-485
Landwehr, Fred; book 2-241
Landwehr, Lu Ann; book 4-565
Landwehr, Walter C.; book 4-321
Laney, Phyllis; book 4-462
Lang, John; book 4-59
Lange, Earl August; book 6-31*
Lange, Lena Laura; book 6-36*
Lange, Louis; book 6-266*
Lange, Orville C.; book 6-83*
Lange, Wilhelmine; book 6-523*
Lauer, August; unknown book*
Lause, Sister Mary Adolphine; book 6-495*
Laut, Jacob; book 2-220
Leber, William Conrad; book H-45*
Lee, Jean; book 6-428*
Lee, Leslie C.; book H-137*+
Lee Mary Ellen; book 2-131
Lefmann, Nellie D.; book H-263
Lehmuth, August H.; book 6-597*
Lehmuth, Charles Rudolph; book 6-24*
Lehmuth, Fred; book 3-13
Lehmuth, Kate; book 2-49
Lehn, Gustav Otto; book 6-363*
Leis, Jacquelyn Frances; book 6-473*
Leis, Wayne P.; book H-170*+
Leive, George A.; book 6-199*
Leive, Shirley; book 3-11
Leive, Velma L.; book H-258*+
Lemke, Adeline M.; book 6-324*
Lemkemann, Anna; book 6-780*
Lemkemann, Nicholas; book 4-254
Lenear, Juanita; book 1-147
Leonard, Albert; book 4-108*
Leonard, Harry A.; book 6-753*
Leonard, infant female; book 6-426
Leonard, Kathryn; book 6-650*
Leonard, Rachel; book H-209*+
Leonard, Robert H.; book 6-110*#
Leonard, Rose A.; book 6-202*
Lesich, Joseph; book 2-259
Lewis, Carol; book 1-165
Lewis, Charles; book 1-10
Lewis, Elizabeth; book 2-243
Lewis, Elizabeth; book 2-287
Liek, Clifford; book 1-272
Liliensiek, Edward; book 4-221+
Liliensiek, Henry; book 1-219*+
Liliensiek, Maria; book 3-36+
Limberg, Edgar H.; book 4-468
Linck, Frank T.; book 4-378
Linck, Isabel; book 1-254
Lindemann, Clarence; book 1-183
Lindemann, Martha; book 2-188+
Lindemann, Peter; book 1-207
Lindemann, Raymond; book 2-16
Lindemann, William; book 4-536*
Lindhorst, Frank; book 2-133*
Lindsey, Leonard; book 1-167
Lindsey, Lester; book H-206*+
Lindsey, Leslie; book H-322*
Lindsey, Liberty D.; book 6-414*
Linnemann, Herman; book 1-39
Lipe, infant female; book H-79
Liss, Edwin; book 2-269
Lloyd, Glen Emil; book 6-371*
Lloyd, Rose; book 4-467
Locascio, Gaspare; book 6-521*
Loeffler, Carl M.; book 6-681*
Loesing, Alvin; book 4-138
Loesing, Arthur H.; book 6-658*
Loessing, Herman; book 2-167
Loftin, EL; book H-184*+
Lomax, Nellie; book 6-767+
Long, Eugene Dennis; book 4-572
Longsdon, Helen M.; book H-117*
Lopez, C. Harold; book H-422*
Lopez, Laura; book H-71*
Lord, John; book H-86*
Lotte, baby; book 2-225
Lotte, Roy; book 6-96*
Lowe, Anna MB; book H-221*+
Lowe, Fred; book 6-29*
Lowery, Van B.; book 6-765*
Lubiewski, Abbie Mary; book 6-189*
Ludwig, Elizabeth; book 2-286+
Ludwig, Harry L.; book 6-468*
Ludwig, Irene; book H-226*+
Ludwig, Sister Mary Aquila; book 6-500
Luebbert, Mayme K.; book 6-842*
Luebbert, William; book 6-308
Luecke, Anna; book 4-588*
Luecke, Mollie; book 6-865*
Luecke, William H.; book H-249*
Luer, Anna May; book 2-127
Luke, Homer Glenn; book H-313*
Lux, Elizabeth; book 1-46
Lux, Elizabeth; book 6-447*
Lux, Eva; book 6-814*
Lux, John Louis; book 4-538
Lux, Thomas; book 4-253*
Lydick, Orin T.; book H-78
Lydick, Rose Francis; book
Lyons, Philip; book 2-15

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

McAlpine, Agnes; book 6-735*
McBride, Christine; book 1-110
McBride, John; book 2-295
McCarey, Albert R.; book H-65*
McCarey, Mary Louise; book H-54*+
McCarthy, Katherine L.; book 6-77*
McCarthy, Thomas; book 4-377*
McClearn, Elizabeth; book 6-350*
McCollom, Lester W.; book H-418*
McCormick, Emma; book 6-41*
McCormick, Leigh Molen; book 6-127*#
McEntire, John R.; book 4-448
McGee, George W.; book 6-807*
McGee, Julia M.; book H-269*
McGrath, George A.; book 4-522#
McIntosh, infant male; book 6-288
McLean, Helen E.; book 6-717*+
McLean, Walter James; book H-208*+
McKelvey, John; book 2-128
McKelvey, Mamie; book 1-274
McKinney, Robert Allen; book 6-410
McKinnon, Della E.; book 6-854*
McLaughlin, Bezzie; book 4-203
McMillan, Agnes; book H-292*
McMillan, Alexander B.; book 6-73*
McNulty, Henry T.; book 4-371
Macholtz, Sister Mary Stanislaus; book H-65
Maczuk, Stanley; book 2-207
Madsen, Josephine Eleanor; book 6-327*
Magers, Roscoe; book H-385
Mahon, James; book 4-10*
Mahon, James; 4-91*
Mahoney, Charles; book 4-345
Maier, Joseph; book 2-112+
Maier, Maria; book 4-550
Malin, Clara Olive; book 6-251*
Malley, Alexander J.; book 6-594*
Mamelian, Bedros (Peter); book H-139*
Mandle, Eugene; book 6-287*
Manion, Patrick T.; book 6-282*
Manion, Thomas P.; book H-130
Mann, Marion; book 1-2
Mann, William O.; book 4-397
Marechek, Barbara; book H-363*
Marechek, Paul; book H-131*#
Marino, Michael J.; book H-286*
Marquart, Bernard August; book 6-174#
Marquart, Margaret; book 6-759*
Marquart, Mary; book 1-13
Marrow, Donald; book 1-297
Martin, Andrew Morris; book 6-321
Martin, Augusta; book 6-129*
Martin, Catherine; book 6-1*
Martin, James; book 6-715*
Mason, Ben; book 4-306
Mason, Lillian; book 4-148
Masters, Bessie D.; book 4-458
Masters, Herman; book 3-31
Mathews, Chloa; book 4-501+
Mathis, Fred; book 4-292
Mattingly, Josephine L.; book 6-862*+
Mattingly, Lyndon; book 6-834*+#
Matyas, Michael John; book 6-185
Mauk, Clyde Paul; book H-316*
Mauk, David C.; book H-304*
Maxwell, Leanna J.; book 6-557*
May, Lou T.; book 3-27
Mayberry, Glenn Webster; book 4-515
Mayer, Anna K.; book 4-460
Mayer, Frank; book H-243*
Mayhew, Mary Irene; book 6-169
Mays, Harry D.; book 6-357*
Mead, Barbara T.; book H-383*
Meeker, John Harry; book 6-838*
Mehegan, Louise A.; book H-183*+
Mehrhoff, Edward James; book 6-222
Mehrhoff, infant female; book 6-163
Mehrhoff, Ramon; book H-93*
Meier, George; book 4-437
Meierotto, Lillian; book 6-499*#
Meierotto, Matthew; book 4-529
Meisel, Ottilie; book 2-283+
Meisse, Carrie; book 4-18
Melzer, Christine; book 1-180
Melzer, Otto; book 2-153
Menard, Helen B.; book 6-692*
Menke, infant male; book 6-231
Menke, infant male; book 6-467
Menke, infant male; book 6-608
Mergenthaler, Theresa; book 4-176
Merz, Anna; book 6-725*
Merz, Herman; book 2-108
Merz, John; book 6-434*#
Meschede, Sister Mary Achillea; book H-57*
Meseke, Catherine; book 6-554*
Metzler, Sister Mary Clemens; book H-42*
Metzler, Sister Valeria; book 6-39
Meyer, Albert; book 2-42
Meyer, Albert John; book H-91*#
Meyer, Anne; book 6-385*
Meyer, Anna; book 6-602*
Meyer, Anton; book 2-233*
Meyer, Anton J.; book 6-453*
Meyer, Augusta; book 1-174
Meyer, Catherine; book 6-542*
Meyer, Clarence; book 6-338*
Meyer, Doris J.; book H-167*+
Meyer, Elizabeth; book 1-277
Meyer, Elizabeth; book 6-548*
Meyer, Emma; book 6-774*
Meyer, Frank J.; book 6-64*
Meyer, Fred P.; book 4-562
Meyer, Fredia; book 1-256
Meyer, Georgia Ann; book H-245
Meyer, Jesse; book 4-180
Meyer, Joseph; book 1-15
Meyer, Joseph; book 3-44#
Meyer, Julia; book 2-198
Meyer, Julia; book 2-237
Meyer, Larry; book 4-24
Meyer, Loretta Ann; book 6-622*
Meyer, Louis H.; book 6-394*#
Meyer, Michael; book 6-430
Meyer, Philip; book 6-376
Meyer, Raymond J.; book 4-481
Meyer, Regina; book 4-136
Meyerhoff, Herman; book 6-553*
Meyerkord, Henry; book 4-95*
Meyerkord, William; book 2-92
Meyers, Joseph; book 4-392
Meyers, Mary T.; book H-215+
Meyersick, Sister Mary Agellia; book 6-236*
Michael, Emma; book 2-166
Michoelson, Elizabeth; book 2-97
Micka, Gerald; book 6-752*
Mieger, Agnes; book 6-126*
Mielenz, Diann; book 6-25
Mielenz, Emma; book 6-826*
Mielenz, Paul R.; book H-162*
Miesch, Lorenz; book 1-44
Mikel, Lucille M.; book H-334*
Miklendin, Agnes; book 6-513*
Miklendin, Paul; book 2-229*
Miles, Watler; book 1-271
Miller, Edna Fern; book 6-939*
Miller, Elijah D.; book 4-561*
Miller, Elizabeth; book H-112*+
Miller, Mamie A.; book H-404
Miller, Raymond R.; book 4-559*+#
Miller, Sidney; book 2-71
Millikan, Forrest; book 4-3*
Million, General Relford; book H-336*
Mills, Charley H.; book H-388*
Mills, Pauline W.; book H-354*
Mincher, Mary Ann; book H-214
Minkemann, Annie; book 4-103
Minkemann, Henry; book 2-217
Minkemann, William; book 2-245
Mitchell, baby; book 4-66
Mitchell, Frieda; book 6-533*
Mitchell, Jennie Theresa; book 6-582*
Mitchell, Ray; book 1-124
Mitchell, Raymond; book 4-23
Mitchell, Robert; book 4-20
Mitchener, Elmer O.; book H-371*
Mittrucker, Mary T.; book 6-183*
Mockel, Arno; book 6-377*
Mockel, Fritz M.; book H-253*
Mockel, Minna A.; book 6-347*
Moeller, Louise; book 6-284*
Moeller, John; book 1-172
Moeller, Mary; book 2-226
Moellering, Emma; book 6-494*
Mohr, Walter G.; book 4-393
Mohre, Cecilia; book 6-119*
Mollerus, Mathilda; book 2-197
Monroe, Goldie; book H-115*
Monroe, William; book 4-98
Monshau, Grace Marie; book 6-21*
Montgomery, Ella May; book H-46*
Montgomery, Frank; book 6-249
Montgomery, Jennie; book 2-172
Montgomery, Russell E.; book H-293*+
Montgomery, Sylvester; book H-160*
Moore, George E.; book 6-178*
Moore, Helen; book 4-177
Moose, Robert L.; book 6-699*
Morgan, Florence; book 2-290
Morawetz, Adolph D.; 6-54
Moritz, George; book 6-218*
Morrow, Annie; book 6-619*
Morrow, Ralph Pomroy; book H-305*
Morrow, Raymond L.; book 6-279*#
Morrow, William P.; book 4-566*
Moser, Charles E.; book 6-50*#
Moser, Ralph R.; book 4-391
Moser, William A.; book 6-470
Morton, Thelma; book 6-844*
Mothershead, Anna A.; book H-124*
Mott, Ida; book 2-125+
Mowery, Bessie B.; book H-134*
Muehlbauer, Kenneth; book 4-211
Mueller, Angeline H.; book H-271*
Mueller, August; book 1-177
Mueller, Clara A.; book 6-858*
Mueller, Henry; book 1-196
Mueller, Herbert; book 1-38
Mueller, Herbert; book 2-17
Mueller, Herbert; book 6-435*
Mueller, Josephine; book 4-389
Mueller, Lora B.; book 6-391*
Mueller, Louise; book 2-195
Mueller, Matt; book 4-40
Mueller, Richard; book 2-143
Mueller, Sadie; book 2-255+
Mueller, Virginia; book 4-44
Mueller, William; book 1-258
Mues, Casper Joseph; book 6-679*
Mulholland, Sharen; book 4-94
Mullen, William J.; book 2-102*
Munyat, John; book 6-531*
Munyat, Katie; book 6-849*
Murphy, Lucilles; book 6-475*
Muskopf, baby; book 2-58
Muskopf, Lena; book 4-31
Muth, Fred; book 1-78#
Muth, Peter L.; book 6-157*
Muth, Thomas J.; book 4-488
Myerscough, Allie; book H-60*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Nabb, Marie B.; book H-217*+
Nadler, Thaddeus; book 6-368
Narsh, Joseph M.; book 4-570
Nattrass, Ada; book 1-137
Neises, Sister M. Martina; book 6-348
Nekic, Anton; book 4-75
Nelson, Anna M.; book 6-398*
Neuherz, Maria; book 4-170
Neusel, Katie; book 4-55
Neusel, Milton; book 2-265
Neustadt, Annie; book 1-132
Neustadt, Edward; book 1-215+
Neustadt, Edward H.; book 6-501*
Neustadt, Fred; book 4-181*
Nevin, John; book 6-801*
Nevin, Laura (Terry); book 6-425*#
Newell, Mary; book 1-264
Newton, Serena; book 1-235
Nichols, Arthur A.; book 6-116*
Nichols, Milo; book 1-229
Nick, Dollie D.; book H-151
Nick, George; book 6-397*#
Nick, Mary; book 2-121+
Nicolas, Catherine; book 4-19
Nicolas, Lawrence; book 4-236
Niehaus, Alvina; book 6-629*
Niehaus, August; book 4-43+
Niehaus, Bertha; book 2-11
Niehaus, Emma; book 6-635*
Niehaus, Henry; book 4-317
Niehaus, Henry J.; book 6-607*
Nieman, Albert; book 6-492*
Niemann, Ronald Gary; book 6-4
Niere, Caroline; book 3-32
Niere, Emil; book 6-821*
Niere, Lillie; book H-210*+
Niere, Simon; book 3-6
Nieshoff, Sophia; book 6-105*
Noble, Catherine; book H-297
Noble, Edward; book 2-117*
Nockunas, Jonathan Wayne; book H-50#
Nockunas, Karen Marie; book 6-92
Norton, Archibald; book 4-250
Nosiewicz, Mary; book H-135*
Novak, Frank J.; book 6-711*
Nowinski, Andrew; book 6-741*
Null, Victor G.; book H-335*+
Nusbaum, infant boy; book 4-567
Nusbaum, Lula; book 4-223

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Oberhoffer, Agnes; book 4-420
Oberjuerge, Alfred; book 1-234
Oberjuerge, Catherine; book 1-12
Oberjuerge, Fred; book 4-85
Oberjuerge, Gustav; book 1-129
Obert, Louise; book H-9*+
O’Brien, John; book 2-130+
O’Connor, John P.; book 6-845*
Oellein, Charles; book 1-176+
Oellein, Mary; book 1-231+
Ohalloran; John P.; book 6-144*
O’Laughlin, Eugene; book 6-754*
Oliver, infant female; book 6-299
Oliver, Frank P.; book 6-744*+
Ollinger, Magdalena; book 6-786*
Olson, Andrew; book 6-395*
Olson, Leslie B.; book 6-384*
O’Neill, Anne; book 6-652*
Order, Jess; book 1-131
O’Reilly, Mary; book 4-73
Ort, Donald Robert; book 6-586*
Ort, Katherine; book H-5*+
Orton, Geraldine H.; book 6-51*
Ossian, George; book 4-338
Ossian, Parants; book 4-313+
Ossyra, Charles; book 4-257
Ostmann, Henry E.; book 4-526*+
Ostmann, Katherine; book H-212*+
Oswinkel, Rose; book 4-121
Oth, Bertha M.; book 6-638*+
Ottersbach, Bertha; book 1-42
Ottersbach, Bertha; book 4-53
Ottersbach, Erich; book 4-372*
Overholt, Juanita; book 2-124
Overy, Mary H.; book 4-414
Oyen, Lawrence H.; book 6-588*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Pace, baby; book 4-38
Paces, William; book 1-188
Padgett, Ronnie; book 4-484
Page, Dixie Lee; book H-366*
Palermo, baby; book 2-52
Pankoke, Sophia; book 1-151
Papick, Anton; book 4-512
Parkhurst, Alexander; book 6-161*
Paro, Lee; book 6-248*
Paschang, Sister Mary Melania; book H-41*+
Patterson, Georgia; book 6-32*
Paulley, Fred Joseph; book H-239*
Pavich, Lucas; book 6-180
Pavich, Marie; book 6-194*
Paydon, baby; book 2-87
Paydon, Emory; book 4-175*
Pearman, Charles; book 2-254+
Pearson, Alonzo; book 2-202
Peckron, Bernard; book H-150*
Peckron, Hilda; book H-142
Peckron, Leona; book H-283*
Peckron, Mary; book 2-9
Peckron, William; book 6-855*
Pedtka, Sister Mary Elia; book 6-213*
Peimann, Gottlieb; book 4-168
Penn, Emmett; book 2-118+
Peters, Edward Gerard; book H-119
Peters, Julia; book 4-417
Peters, William; book 4-477
Peterson, Anna; book 6-388*
Peth, Mary V.; book H-61*
Petri, Rosa; book H-116*
Pezold, Jeanne; book 4-92
Pezold, Nicholas; book 6-204*
Pfeiffer, Charles E.; book 4-568
Pfeiffer, Ella; book 4-230
Pfeiffer, Mary Kathryn; book 4-403
Phillips, Esther; book H-74*
Phillips, Margaret Tulluis; book H-80
Phillips, William; book 6-333*
Pieke, Bernard J.; book 6-164*
Pieper, Emma; book H-15*#
Pieper, George; book 6-254*
Pierlow, Annie; book 4-81
Pierlow, Eugene J.; book H-179+
Pierlow, Thomas Eugene; book H-148*
Pierson, Granvel; book 6-451*
Pike, Beatrice E.; book H-357
Pike, George; book 4-263
Pilger, Katherine A.; book 4-540*
Pilger, Herman A.; book 6-482*
Pilgram, Nellie; book 4-508
Pingolt, Joseph; book H-341*
Pitts, Billy; book 2-196
Pitts, Charles; book 1-255
Plagemann, Ida; book 1-268
Plaggenberg, infant male; book 6-162
Plaggenburg, infant male; book 6-558
Podorski, Frank X.; book 6-878*
Podorski, Leo Paul; book 4-438
Podorski, Shirley; book 1-91+
Poeling, Frederick W.; book 6-581*
Poggemoeller, Anna; book 2-252
Poggemoeller, Elizabeth; book 1-143
Poser, Mathilda A.; book H-88*
Poth, Maria; book 4-278
Pott, Benjamin Edward; book 4-322
Pott, Clarence G.; book 6-195*
Pott, Felix; book 6-265*
Pott, John; book 4-214
Pott, Sophia; book 4-194
Potts, Ida; book 2-191*
Potts, William; book 2-154
Povich, George; book 4-531+
Powell, Leonard; book 4-402
Powell, Rachel; book 2-111
Powers, Gregory Francis; book 6-796*
Prange, Emil; book 3-26+
Prange, Elmer W.; book 6-9*
Prange, Ernest; book 4-41
Prange, Roy; book 1-257
Pressey, Alice; book 1-281
Pressey, Daisy; book 2-190*
Pressey, Modest; book 1-181
Price, Michael Wayne; book 6-609*
Price, Rose Mary; book 2-93+
Priesmeyer, Henry; book 2-96
Pritchard, Lorette; book H-369*
Proctor, Charlotte; book 4-471+
Pryer, George A.; book 6-407*
Pryer, Virginia; book H-255*
Pszybylowski, Stanley; book 4-582
Puntigan, Frank; book 4-451
Puntigan, Marie; book 1-161
Puntigan, Mary; book 6-145*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Queretaro, Lillian A.; book H-378*
Quinn, Charles E.; book H-303*
Quiroz, Anna; book 2-59
Quiroz, Julian; book 1-54

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Rabe, Ester; book 2-156
Rackovan, infant; book 4-324
Rackovan, Stephan; book 4-190
Rahn, John Henry; book 4-343
Rahn, Margarete; book 1-270
Rahn, Margaret; book 4-157
Ramming, Fred; book 4-198*#
Ramming, 2nd Lt. George FW; book 6-140*
Ramming, Lena; book 6-736*
Ramming, Sophia; book 6-334*
Randazzo, John; book H-398*
Randolt, Killian; book 4-415
Randolt, Theresa; book 6-399
Rath, Anna Marie; unknown book*
Rathert, Christina; book 4-234+
Ratkowski, Linda Ann; book 6-252
Rau, Charles; book 4-1*
Rauth, Bertha I.; book 6-877*
Reader, Harry H.; book H-384*
Rechert, baby; book 2-187
Reckamp, Charles; book 1-175
Reckamp, Theodore; book 2-206
Reckert, Louis R.; book 6-351*
Regna, Josephine; book 4-261*+
Reich, Martin Allen; book 4-491#
Reichert, August; book 4-283
Reichert, John; book 1-113
Reichert, Joseph H.; book 6-220*
Reichert, William; book 6-104*#
Reid, Callie; book H-4*
Reid, Christine Lynn; book H-10*+
Reid, James; book 1-92#
Reid, Lillie Elsie; book H-370*
Reid, Virgies; book 1-155
Reidy, Edward J.; book 6-329*+
Reidy, James; book 6-674
Reifeiss, Martin; book 4-288
Reinhard, Sister Mary Frieda; book H-29*
Reinhardt, John O.; book 3-38*
Reinhardt, Otto; book 4-77
Reininger, Elizabeth; book 1-111
Reiss, Hilda J.; book H-410*
Remiger, August; book 1-3
Remiger, Charles; book 1-107
Remiger, John; book 4-368
Remiger, Margaret; book 2-215
Remmert, Gustav; book 6-137*
Remstedt, John J.; book H-295*+
Renicker, Henry E.; book H-152*
Rennekamp, Mathilda; book 4-126
Resch, Mabel A.; book H-308*
Rethemeyer, Louise; book 6-742*+
Rethemeyer, Sophie; book 4-104*
Rethemeyer, William; book 4-575
Reymond, Gustav; book 1-169
Reynolds, Philip H.; book 6-331*
Rezinsky, Frank J.; book 6-205*
Rezinsky, Serna Vollmer; book 6-637*
Rhodes, Theodore; book 1-204
Rice, Luther; book 2-247
Rich, Augusta; book 6-720*+
Richards, Alice E.; book 6-810*+
Richards, Louise; book H-311*
Richards Roy S.; book 6-795*
Richardson, Earl O.; book 6-750*
Richman, Arthur H.; book H-191*+
Richman, D. Arthur; book 4-188
Richter, Emil; book 6-776*
Richter, Hulda W.; book H-200*
Richts, Katherine R.; book 6-809*
Richts, Otto; book 3-18#
Rider, Arthur; book 4-34
Rider, Benjamin C.; book H-367*
Rider, Gary Joseph; book 4-587
Riechmann, Ellen; book 6-118*
Riechmann, Henry; book 6-355*#
Riechmann, William; book 6-731*
Riedesel, Frank H.; book 6-819*
Riedesel, Marie Irene; book H-194*+
Riggle, Earl; book 6-537*
Ringeisen, Jacob; book 6-449
Riska, Elizabeth; book 6-791*+
Ritchey, Ben; book 1-213
Ritchey, Donna Fay; book 4-513
Ritchey, James Monroe; book 6-150*
Ritchey, Raymond; book 2-37
Ritter, Augusta; book H-56*
Ritter, baby; book 4-218
Ritter, Ernest; book 2-258
Ritter, Ernest; book 4-233#
Ritter Eva; book 6-584*
Ritter, Lena; book H-52*
River, Sandra; book 6-364
Roady, Mary Ann; book 6-69*
Roberson, Joseph Doyle; book 6-666*
Roberts, Claude; book H-244*
Roberts, Jerome; book 2-83
Roberts, Jimmie; book 2-149
Roberts, Melissa; book H-181*+
Roberts, Orville W.; book H-59*
Robinson, Lucy; book 6-783*
Robinson, James J.; book 6-142*
Rocco, Ruth; book 6-290*
Rochus, Joseph; book 2-182
Rogers, Verna; book 6-751*
Rohde, Fred; book 1-300
Rohrbacher, Walter; book 4-162
Rokyta, Mary; book 6-295
Rosch, Lizzie; book 1-142
Rose, Caroline; book 1-29
Rose, Florence F.; book H-287*+
Rose, Sigmund F.; book H-296*
Rosenkoetter, Anna; book 1-280
Rosenkoetter, Anna; book 2-136
Rosenkoetter, baby; book 4-46
Rosenkoetter, Charles; book 4-436
Rosenkoetter, Charles; book H-166*
Rosenkoetter, Ella; book 4-469
Rosenkoetter, Elsie; book 6-256*
Rosenkoetter, George; book 6-712*
Rosenkoetter, Gustav; book 2-193
Rosenkoetter, Gustav; book 6-26*
Rosenkoetter, Harold; book 4-297
Rosenkoetter, Henry W.; book 4-545
Rosenkoetter, Katie; book 1-112
Rosenkoetter, Norman A.; book 6-446*
Ross, Francis M.; book 6-565*
Roth, Anna; book 4-352
Roth, Charles; book 2-39
Roth, Emilie; book 4-510
Roth, Henrietta L.; book 6-255*
Roth, John; book 4-337*#
Roth, Leonard H.; book H-92*
Roth, Mary A.; book 6-633*
Roth, Raymond P.; book 6-671*
Rother, Melvin; book 4-119
Rottman, Fred; book 1-145
Rottmann, Walter W.; book 4-428*
Rowland, Bertha; book 3-37
Ruegg, Fredricka; book 4-342
Rummerfield, Ellen Rose; book H-236
Rummerfield, Lawrence; book 6-53*
Ruppenthal, Louis Henry; book 6-176*
Russell, Mary M.; book 6-768*
Russnogle, Cynthia Ann; book 6-460
Ruthmeyer, Mary; book 4-97*
Rutschmann, Anne; book 4-89
Rutschmann, Joseph; book 4-105
Ryan, Thomas Edward; book 6-97*#
Ryska, Lizzie; book 6-791
Ryska, Stephan J.; book 6-214*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Saeger, Edith; book 1-72
Sagat, George; book H-288*
Sagat, Katherine; book 6-587*
Sagat, Michael; book 4-492+
Sallee, Nellie; book 1-212
Sandbothe, Frank F.; book 4-589*+
Sandbothe, Frank Joseph; book 4-443*+
Sargent, Frieda; book H-352*
Sarkisian, Kasbor; book 1-73
Sarkisian, Hagop; book 2-165
Satrag, Tatoian; book 2-175
Sattler, Caroline; book 1-156
Sattler, Dena; book 3-2*
Sattler, Charles S.; book 6-223*
Sattler, Charles W.; book 6-579*
Sattler, Harvey W.; book 6-593*#
Sattler, Wesley; book 1-57
Saunchgrow, infant female; book 6-151
Saunchgrow, Robert A.; book 6-846*
Saunchgrow, Thomas J.; book 4-346
Sawren, Edward; book 4-27
Scanlan, Julia; book 4-135
Schaeffer, Fred; book 4-80
Schaeffer, infant female; book 6-281
Schaeffer, Marie Emma; book 6-336*
Schapp, Lena; book H-30*
Schapp, Thomas; book 4-373
Schave, Charles Norman; book 6-704*
Scheffel, Joseph; book 6-378*
Schelin, Benjamin; book 1-32
Schelin, John; book 4-272
Schelin, Mabel E.; book H-349*
Schelin, William; book 6-225*
Schepke, Marie Sophia; book 6-224*
Schewe, Gladys; book 1-88
Schewe, Marie; book 4-243
Schewe, Oscar; book 2-106
Schickler, Mabel; book 6-264*
Schiereck, Louis; book 1-70
Schilling, Mary; book 4-585
Schindler, Alma; book 2-104
Schindler, Bernard E.; book 6-859*#
Schindler, Bert; book 4-197
Schindler, Gilbert; book 2-253
Schindler, Leo; book 2-142
Schinner, Fred E.; book H-425*
Schinner, Johanna; book 6-45*
Schirp, Almyra; book 6-346*
Schirp, Frank; book 4-304
Schirp, John; book 2-24
Schlaffer, Paul; book 6-861*
Schleef, baby; book 4-56
Schleef, Fredericka; book 1-67
Schlueter, Edward; book 4-163
Schlueter, Glenn Edward; book 6-618*
Schlueter, Mary; book 1-30
Schlueter, Sister Mary Gerhardine; book H-62*
Schlueter, Ruth G.; book 6-617*
Schmegel, William H.; book 6-149*
Schmid, Ludwig; book 6-42*
Schmidt, C. Fred; book 6-272*
Schmidt, Elizabeth; book 4-276
Schmidt, Joseph; book 6-871*
Schmitt, Sister Mary Clotilde; book 6-268*
Schmitt, Sister Mary Ercola; book H-73*
Schmitt, Theodore; book 4-284
Schnardthorst, Harry E.; book 4-533*+
Schnatzmeyer, Herman C.; book H-103*
Schnedler, August; book 1-278
Schneider, Alvina; book 4-516
Schneider, Bessie Mae; book 4-333
Schneider, Fred; book 2-8
Schneider, Helen; book 3-4
Schneider, Henry; book 4-86
Schneiderhahn, Sister Mary Valeria; book 6-304*
Schnell, Alfred; book 4-315*
Schnell, Anna Frances; book H-290
Schnell, Carl; book 2-214
Schollmeier, Henry J.; unknown book*
Schollmeyer, Emil A. Jr.; book H-128*
Schollmeyer, William; book 2-13
Schollmeyer, William; book 6-743*
Schroeder, Augusta; book 4-429*
Schroeder, Fred A.; book H-420*
Schroeder, Paul; book 2-19
Schroeder, Regina; book 6-517*
Schroeder, William; book 6-190*
Schroeter, Gregory; book H-114
Schuchardt, Elizabeth; book 1-284
Schuette, Emilie; book 4-363
Schulte, Barbara Ann; book H-185*+
Schulte, Claus; book 2-6
Schultheis, Clare; unknown book*
Schultz, Emma; book 6-170
Schultz, Louis; book 1-25
Schumacher, Julius; book 6-598*
Schuster, Edward; book 6-764*+
Schuttenheln, Christian; book 2-298+
Schwarzbauer, Fred S.; book H-118*
Schwarzbauer, Rosa; book 6-549*
Schwetye, Ida; book 4-497
Schweier, Bernard; book 6-99*
Schweier, George; book 4-273*
Schwentker, August; book 4-291
Schwieterman, Sister Mary Leander; book H-31
Schwitalla, Sister M. Gonzaga; book H-13+
Scott, baby; book 2-185
Scott, Frances M.; book 6-201*
Scott, Mary E.; book H-213*+#
Scripcar, Lee; book 6-669*
Scronce, James; book 1-261
Scully, John Raymond; book 6-788*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

6/- Seals, Martin W.; book 4-542*
Sebacher, Sister Mary Abundantia; book 6-228*
Seifert, Bernard Sylvester; book H-392*
Seifert, Kate; book 4-220
Seifert, Peter; book 6-235*
Seiler, Emily; book 4-255
Serra, Josephine; book 4-150
Sewing, Bertha; book 6-464
Sexauer, Carl; book 6-315*
Sexton, Cora; book 6-5
Sharkey, John F.; book 4-523
Sharkey, Joseph Aloysius; book 6-339*
Sharp, Eleanor; book 2-169+
Sharum, Mamie A.; book H-257*
Shaw, Bessie Pearl; book 6-706*
Shaw, William; book 4-240#
Shellhart, baby; book 4-45
Shelton, Caroline Emma; book 6-93*
Sheperd, Marshel; book 4-235
Sheperd, Ruth Leota; book 6-47*
Shivers, baby girl; book H-125
Shoemaker, James; book 1-247
Shook, Zilla; book 1-33
Shoults, Florence A.; book 6-67
Shoults, Stephen A.; book 6-247*#
Siebert, Adolph; book 4-74+
Siebert, Anna; book 6-604*
Siemer, Anna K.; book 4-302
Siemer, Joseph Henry; book 6-680*
Siemer, Lucas; book 4-145
Siemers, Julius Charles; book 6-512*
Simon, Clarence Frank; book 6-90*
Simon, Frank J.; book 4-553
Simon, Joseph; book H-373*#
Simon, John; unknown book*
Simon, Mary; book 4-576
Simon, Walter L.; book H-113*
Singler, Sister Mary Philomine; book 6-471
Skaggs, James C.; book 6-697*
Skala, Edna; book 4-183
Skybrock, William; book 6-853*
Slack, John; book 1-282
Slizek, Josephine; book 1-63
Slizek, Walter; book 2-227
Smart, John; book 4-280
Smeehuyzen, Clara; book 6-580*
Smeehuyzan, John James; book 6-193*#
Smith, Charles; book 4-186
Smith, Charles E.; book 6-632*
Smith, Charles William; book 1-14
Smith, Charlotte C.; book 4-347*
Smith, Clara H.; book 6-261*
Smith, Dolores; book H-154*
Smith, Earl K.; book H-246*+
Smith, Elizabeth; book 6-81*
Smith, Frank E.; book 2-297+
Smith, Frank W.; book 2-192*
Smith, Gladys A.; book H-343*
Smith, Henry; book 2-162
Smith, Lena; book 6-643*
Smith, Margaret E.; book 6-576*
Smith, Martha E.; book 6-74*
Smith, Mary Agnes; book 6-879*
Smith, Mazie Marie; book H-141*
Smith, Ora B.; book H-235*+
Smith, Paul; book 6-866*+
Smith, Ray Albert; book 6-794*
Smith, Rosa B.; book 4-421
Smith, Roy F.; book H-289*
Smith, Stanley; book 4-153
Smith, William E.; book 6-686*
Smith, William F.; book H-94*
Smith, William T.; book 2-98
Smithers, Donald; book 1-153
Snyder, Alfred John; book 6-552*
Sobol, Eufrozyna; unknown book*
Soeder, Anna; book 3-30
Soeder, Anna B.; book 6-179*
Soockion, Mary Ellen; book H-100*
Spangler, Bertha; book H-399
Spanswick, Minnie; book 2-234
Spataford, baby; book 1-298
Spence, Charles Edward; book 4-354
Spence, Juanita L.; book H-324*
Spicher, Dora Bell; book 4-364
Spies, William Philip; book 6-825*
Spilker, Evelyn; book H-99*
Spreen, Anna; book 1-89
Sprinkle, William D.; book H-106
Srock, Joseph; book H-403*#
Stadtfeldt, Sister Mary Avina; book 6-417*
Stahl, Edwin H.; book 6-405*
Stalling, Gloria; book 2-270
Stanley, Thomas H.; book 6-27*
Stanze, Lena; book 6-860*
Stealey, James Edward; book 6-421*
Stege, Mae Henrietta; book 6-16*
Stege, Ralph O.; book 6-505*
Streibich, Sister Mary Evaline; book 6-424*
Steinbruegge, Adelaide; book 4-539
Steinbruegge, Caroline; book 4-546*
Steinbruegge, Carl; book 3-46
Steinbruegge, Frank; book 4-282
Steinbruegge, Frank A.; book 4-440
Steiner, Adolph A.; book 6-511*
Steiner, Ethel Gertrude; book 6-815*
Steiner, Norman; book 3-58
Steinnerd, Mary; book 6-148*
Steinnerd, William H.; book 6-345*
Stephans, Frank F.; book H-143*
Stephans, Joseph A.; book 6-40*
Stephens, Edward; book 4-224
Stephens, Laura; book 6-641*
Stern, Clara K.; book H-224*+
Stevens, Ike Edward; book 4-489
Stewart, Oscar; book 1-164      

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

6/- Stieneker, Mary Elizabeth; book 6-22*
Stieneker, William; book 4-210
Stilwell, George L.; book 4-359
Stilwell, John; book 4-195*
Stilwell, Louis; book 4-49
Stilwell, Martha Elizabeth; book 6-114*
Stinebaker, Jean; book 4-541*
Stock, Laura; book 6-454
Stockglausner, Dennis Michael; book 6-605
Stoltz, William; book 2-228
Stonum, Charles E.; book H-87*
Stoplos, Marie; book H-97*
Stottmann, Sister Mary Borromea; book H-53*
Strathmann, Henry; book 4-67
Strathmann, Hulda; book 1-93
Strauss, Anthony W.; book 4-425
Strauss, John; book 2-68
Strauss, Louise M.; book 4-405#
Strey, Edward; book 1-149
Strey, Maria; book 4-511
Stroh, William; book 6-624*
Strub, David; book 1-243
Stuebe, Henry F.; book 6-78*
Stumborg, Edward L.; book H-382*
Stutzer, Sister Mary Caroline; book 6-509*
Sudmeier, Gustav; book 6-20*
Sullivan, Timothy; book 4-465
Sundermeyer, Henry; book 4-125
Sutter, Fred; book 4-169
Sutter, John J.; book 6-657*
Sutton, Emily S.; book 6-613*
Sutton, Leslie F.; book 6-497*
Suttmiller, Casper; book 2-160
Suttmiller, Katherine; book 2-222
Swafford, Pollie F.; book H-241
Swaringin, Charles; book 6-113*
Swetisch, Frances; book H-26*      

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Tassus, Richard M.; book 6-688*

Tatoian, Satrag; book 2-175*

Taub, Francis; book 4-191

Taylor, Ethel Louise; book H-155*+

Teas, Anna; book 2-63

Tegder, Louise Barbara; book 6-291*

Tegeler, Frank W.; book 6-37*

Teipel, Sister May Frances; book H-3

Telesky, Brenda; book 2-282

Temke, Gertrude; book 6-775*

Tesson, Mary Louise; book 6-510*

Tesson, Philip; book 6-863*+

Thierman, Henry F.; book 4-335

Thomas, Andrew J.; book 4-413*

Thomas, Cyclona; book 6-401*

Thomas, Elmer L.; book H-204*+

Thomas, Helen; book H-292*

Thomas, John; book 4-213*

Thompson, Gladys; book 4-320

Thornton, Thomas; book 4-88

Thurman, baby; book 1-100

Thurman, Luther; book 6-28*

Thurman, William; book 2-100

Thurman, Willie; book 6-141

Thyssen, Gerhard W.; book H-82*

Tiemann, Arthur P.; book 6-115*#

Tiemann, Dorothy K.; book 6-84*

Tiemann, William; book 4-139

Tiesmeyer, Sister Mary Regis; book H-84*+

Tiggemann, infant female; book 6-625

Tillson, Lambert; book 4-174

Timmerman, Oscar W.; book 4-472

Todisman, Donald; book 4-295*

Todisman, Hildred; book H-300

Toelle, Mathilda; book 4-226+

Tolin, William H.; book 6-690*+

Toney, Thomas; book 1-226+

Torbitt, Lillian B.; book 6-695*

Torian, John; book 4-554

Torian, Rose; book 2-141+

Torluemke, Henry; book 1-104

Torluemke, Louise; book 2-174

Toutloian, Flora; book H-48*

Toutloian, Patricia Ann book 4-298

Trampe, Anna; book 1-64

Trampe, August; book 2-212+

Trautwein, infant male; book 6-383

Tringl, Barbara; book 2-145+

Tringl, Celeste; book 6-852*

Tringl, Frank J.; book H-265*#

Tringl, John Francis; book 6-793*

Tringl, Joseph; book 1-40

Tschudin, Gustav; book 1-251

Tschudin, Maria; book 1-132

Turley, Michael G.; book 6-58

Turnbull, Ida; book 4-518+

Turnbull, Lydia; book 1-202

Turnbull, Warden; book 3-19

Twellman, George Louis; book 6-71*

Twellman, Mary Louise; book 4-387

Twillman, George; book 1-266

Twillman, John; book 2-56

Twillman, Martha; book 6-352*

Twillmann, Arvil; book 2-73

Twillmann, Eileen; book 1-146

Twillmann, Florenz; book 4-166

Twillmann, Martin; book 2-12

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Uhlig, Robert; book 2-183

Umbeck, Frieda; book 6-668

Underwood, Sadie; book 6-362*

Unger, Anna; book 6-13*

Unger, John P.; book 6-369*

Uthe, Christian; book 1-119

Untnecker, Alouis; book 6-520*

Uzzell, William; book 2-53+

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Vaal, Chris; book 1-134

Vahling, Sister Mary Mathia; book 6-275*

Valdez, Mariana; book 1-197

Valdivia, Opal; book 1-86

Vandervort, Albert; book 2-65

VanHoefen, Roland; book 1-248

VanWinkle, Emma; book 6-441*

VanWinkle, James; book 1-200

VanWinkle, Pearl; book 4-442+

Vassier, Albert; book 3-42+

Vassier, Bernardine; book 1-66

Veale, Viola M.; book 6-577*

Vedder, Mary; book 1-90

Vedder, Oliver; book 1-60

Verhaeghe, infant male; book 6-419

Verhaeghe, Charles E.; book 4-521

Verhaeghe, Henry; book 1-41

Verhaeghe, infant boy; book 4-525

Verhaeghe, Zenobie M.; book 4-416

Vernitte, Gotarde; book 2-135

Vernitte, James; book 6-606*

Vernitte, Nathaniel; book H-360*

Vickers, Arthur K.; book 6-654*

Viedenschek, John; book 1-244

Videnschek, Louis; book 4-8

Viedenschek, Mary; book 1-101

Vierrether, Fred; book 1-240

Vierrether, Frieda F.; book H-375*

Vierrether, Louise; book 4-167

Vieth, Christopher; book 4-394

Vint, Jesse; book 4-396+

Vogel, Amanda; book 6-230*

Vogel, Charles E.; book 6-46*

Vogel, John G.; book 6-723*#

Vogel, Julius W.; book 6-322*

Vogelsang, Anna; book 1-238

Vogelsang, Mary L.; book 4-482

Vogt, Marie; book 4-376

Vollmeyer, Anna; book 6-665*

Vollmeyer, John; book 4-133

Vorderstrasse, Amanda; book 6-546*

Vorderstrasse, Ben F.; book 4-470

Vorderstrasse, Christine; book 1-186+

Vorderstrasse, Henry; book 4-490

Voss, Marie; book 4-517

Vosse, Herman John; book H-187*

Vosse, Pearl E.; book 6-739*

Vossenkemper, Caroline; book 4-69+

Vossenkemper, Henry; book 4-466

Votaw, Alice; book 4-35

Votaw, Martin A.; book 4-551#

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Wagner, Charles A.; book 6-805*

Wagner, Marjorie; book 1-98

Wagner, Sister M. Florentine; book H-21

Wagner, Russell; book H-372*

Wallace, Everett; book 4-51

Wallace, Lillian; book 4-101

Walsh, Arthur; book 4-122

Waltmueller, Patrick V.; book 6-857*

Warmann, August; book 3-21*#

Warmann, Charles L.; book 6-571*#

Warmann, Elizabeth; book 4-50

Warmann, Emma; book 6-787*

Warmann, infant; book 6-98

Warmann, John; book 1-296

Warmann, John; book 6-429*+

Warmann, Katie; book 1-106

Warnecke, William; book 1-288

Warniecke, Ralnold; book 1-51

Warren, George; book 4-30

Watkins, Paul; book 6-667*

Watrous, Roy; book 6-620*

Watson, Dorothy; book 2-22

Watson, Roy; book 2-21

Waugh, Jesse J.; book H-301*#

Waugh, Robert J.; book 6-789#

Waugh, twins; book 1-159

Webb, Mary Ellen; book H-182*+

Webb, Rolland Joseph; book 6-502*

Weber, Arthur H.; book 6-408*

Weber, Charles; book 1-96

Weber, Christ H.; book 6-678*

Weber, Fred A.; book 4-311

Weber, Marcella Marie; book H-333*

Weber, Russell M.; book H-229*+#

Weberm, Sadie; book 4-222

Webster, Carolina; book 6-685*

Webster, Frank Mansfield; book 6-192*

Weckenmann, Frank N.; book H-174*

Wehmeier, Rev. August; book 3-51+

Wehmeier, Esther; book 2-67

Wehmeier, Clara; book 6-433*

Wehmeier, William; book 2-113+

Wehmeyer, Agnes; book 6-487*

Wehmeyer, Albert; book 1-267

Wehmeyer, Alfred; book 6-70*

Wehmeyer, Arthur; book 4-495

Wehmeyer, Mary; book 2-77

Wehr, Augusta; book 2-89

Weidner, baby; book 2-151

Weidner, infant female; book 6-241

Weinig, Sister Mary Paulette; book 6-260

Weinman, Ernest; book 4-36

Weinman, Irene; book 4-54

Weinman, Mary; book 2-30

Weisner, John; book 2-177

Weisner, Marvin; book 2-184

Weiss, Frank; book 1-34

Weithers, Elba; book H-157+

Weitkamp, Anna; book 1-152#

Weitkamp, Rose S.; book 6-184*

Welch, Charles H.; book 4-583

Wellmeyer, Florence Mary; book H-136*+

Wellmeyer, James H.; book 6-639*#

Wendler, Henry; book 1-62

Wendling, Sister M. Carola; book 6-313*

Wenzel, Sister Mary Adelgundis; book 6-452

Werner, Edith; book 6-790*+

Werner, Jacob; book 4-137

Werner, Joseph; book 4-179*

Werner, Sister Mary Genevieve; book H-32

Werner, William F.; book H-38*

Werz, Ernest Elmer; book H-81*

Wesche, Carl; book 6-561*

Wesche, Carl Jr.; book 6-44*

Wesloh, baby; book 1-59

Wesloh, Frederick; book 2-236

Wessel, Fredericka; book 1-292

Wessel, Louis; book 1-206

Wessel, Louis C.; book 6-543*

Westman, Harry; book 6-530*

Whaley, Frances E.; book H-39*

Wheadon, Joseph; book 4-269

Wheeler, infant; book 4-524

Wheeler, infant male; book 6-702

Whitaker, baby boy; book 6-372

White, Alvie J.; book 6-413*

White, Hooper James; book H-188*

White, Jessie; book 1-94+

White, Maryann; book 6-756

Whitworth, Anna M.; book H-193*+

Whitworth, Mildred; book 2-261

Wick, Stephen; book 3-33

Wiedman, Mary M.; book 6-653*

Wiedner, Pamela; book 6-318

Wiegand, Fred; book 4-209

Wiegand, Mary; book 2-137+

Wiemann, Charles; book 3-47

Wiemann, Ernest; book 1-22

Wiemann, Herman; book 1-230+

Wiemann, Robert; book 1-114

Wienstroer, Anna; book 4-37*

Wienstroer, Gerhard; book 6-498*

Wiese, Augusta; book 6-772*

Wiese, baby; book 1-245

Wiese, Emil; book 6-570*

Wiese, George; book 3-34*

Wiese, Oliver H.; book 1-21

Wiese, Sophia; book 6-302*

Wiese, William; book 1-273

Wiesner, baby; book 1-125

Wiesner, baby; book 1-141

Wiesner, Rose; book 1-102

Wilhelm, George; book 4-232+

Wilhelm, Herman; book 3-50

Wilhelm, Joseph A.; book H-199*

Wilhelm, Margaret A.; book H-69*

Wilhelm, Mathilda; book 4-379

Willems, Minnie; book 6-293*

Willems, William M.; book 6-270*

Willett, Bridget; book 1-190

Willett, John; book 2-79

Williams, Crastel; book 4-473

Williams, Evelyn T.; book 6-868*

Williams, Ira; book 1-209

Williams, Nellie; book 2-173

Willis, Willie M.; book 6-461*

Willmann, John Henry; book 4-367

Wilson, Carlos; book 4-187

Wilson, Ted Wesley; book H-325*

Wippermann, Mamie; book 1-122

Wippern, Florence; book 4-154

Wirth, Josephine; book 1-232+

Witsken, Sister Mary Berni; book H-83

Witte, Adele; book 6-61*

Wittling, Joseph H.; book 4-569

Wobbe, August F.; book 6-757*

Woerther, Lydia; book H-129*

Woerther, Philip; book 2-199*

Wolf, Anna; book 1-163

Wolf, Evelyn; book H-356*

Wolf, Fred H.; book 6-238*

Wolf, Marcella M.; book H-232*+

Wolf, William H.; book 6-817*

Wolff, baby; book 2-55

Wolff, Melba; book 2-129

Wolff, Edward B.; book 6-6*

Wolk, Anton; book 4-116*

Wolk, Bernard; book 1-262+

Wolk, Frank; book 3-23

Wollgast, Mathilda K.; book 6-673*

Womack, John R.; book 4-383

Wray, Edward D.; book 6-108*

Wray, Ethel Belle; book 6-691*

Wright, Dorothy; book 4-310+

Wright, Mabel; book H-234*

Wright, Nellie; book 2-144

Wuench, Fred; book 1-253

Wuertz, Ann; book 6-34*

Wuertz, Joseph; book 2-279

Wulfers, Manuel A.; book 6-833*

Wulfers, William J.; book H-101*+

Wunderlin, Anna; book 2-86

Wunderlin, Anna Frieda; book H-67*

Wunderlin, Richard; book H-90*

Wunnenberg, Johanna; book 4-532+

Wunnenberg, William; book 4-327*#

Wycoff, Andrew; book 2-25

Wycoff, Anna; book 6-670*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Yates, Gail; book 2-26

Yenigues, Arlena E.; book H-190*

Yenigues, Jesse Jr.; book H-355*

Yinger, Robert Melvin; book 4-401

Yordt, Louise; book 6-159*

Yordt, Mary; book 1-233

Yordt, Walter C.; book 6-219*

Yordt, William; book 6-575*

York, Mary; book 2-140*

Young, John D.; book 6-207*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

Zauf, Harry; book 6-773*

Zauf, Joseph; book 4-339*

Zauf, Josephine M.; book 6-200*

Zdazinsky, Pete; book 4-348+

Zeller, Sister Mary Jerona; book 6-400*

Zieres, John; book 4-118*+

Zieres, Mary; book 4-117*

Zirges, Henry W.; book 6-366*

Ziglasch, Anna; book 2-208

Zimmermann, Ruth Ann; book H-364*+

Zimmermann, Walter; book 1-127

Zinser, Eugene; book 1-24

Zipe, Reinhart; book 4-21

Zodrow, Frank; book H-267*

Zuehlke, Caroline W.; book 6-837*

Zuehlke, Charles; book H-228*

* = burial announcements included on index card
+ = separate item in miscellaneous items folder
# = also in mailing address index

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