KXOK Collection

Accession Number: MA uu:168
MA 91:40
MA 91:68
MA 92:16
MA 94:14
MA 96:02
MA 99:08
MA 03:02
MA 04:02
MA 05:03
MA 14:02
MA 14:15
MA 15:05
Dates:  circa 1938 – circa 2000
Size:  2 boxes
Creator/Collector: Created by Special Collections.
Individual items collected by Larry Hoffman, Jim Bafaro, Charles Geer, Anthony Cabanellas, Frank Absher and the St. Louis Media History Foundation.
Acquisition info: The first accession is an assembly of materials transferred from the SLPL Tin Room Files and individual items given by unknown donors.
The second accession of KXOK playlists from 1967-1973 came as a donation from Larry Hoffman on June 24, 1991.
The third accession of KXOK Surveys from 1964-1965 came as a donation from Jim Bafaro on December 5, 1991.
The fourth accession was a donation of materials that included a promotion sheet (c. 1983) from Charles Geer on March 31, 1992
The fifth accession was a donation from Anthony Cabanellas on September 16, 1994. The donation consisted of playlists: Sing-a-long surveys, 1964-66 and Bookmarks, 1968-69.
The sixth and seventh accessions were donations of KXOK materials from Frank Absher on April 30, 1996 and July 8, 1999, respectively.
Accessions eight through ten were donations from Anthony Cabanellas in August 2003, July 2004, and 2005, respectively. The donations consisted of KXOK administration files from Nick Charles time at the station, publications, and over one-hundred radio playlists.
Accessions eleven through thirteen were donations given by the St. Louis Media History Foundation on February 12, 2014; July 2, 2014; and March 11, 2015, respectively.
Accruals: Few accruals expected
Custodial history: The collection was created in Special Collections in 2015. All of the KWK radio materials were combined to create one discrete collection.
Language:  English
Processed by: Sarah Cain, May 2015
Conservation notes: All items placed into acid-free folders and envelopes within archival boxes. Metal fasteners have been removed.
Scope and Content: The collection contains administrative files, publications, ephemera, and memorabilia of KXOK Radio.
KXOK-AM first broadcasted in September 1938 after three years of legal battles to become a St. Louis radio station. KXOK became one of the highest-rated radio stations in the nation because of its quality programs and star radio personalities that included Bill Addison, Ed Bonner, Louise Harrison Caldwell (The Beatles' George Harrison's sister), Delcia Devon (later Corlew), Ron Elz aka Johnny Rabbitt, Richard Ward Fatherley, Bob Hille, Kay Morton (born Jane Foster), Ray Otis, Don Pietromonaco aka Johnny Rabbitt, Don Shafer, and Bob Shannon. KXOK was one of the lead pioneers of the Top 40 radio format. The station was highly popular with St. Louis teens the 1960s and 1970s. KXOKAM was changed to KJSL when ownership changed from Storz Communications to Crawford Broadcasting in June 1994.
KXOK-FM first signed on the air in 1948, broadcasting much of the programming of its sister station KXOK-AM and remained in operation until March 31, 1953. Around twenty years later, another radio station that broadcasted at 97.1 FM took the call letters KXOK-FM. The station originally signed on the air in the mid-1970s as KSCF. Frequency 97.1 went through a variety of call letters and formats throughout the 1980s and 1990s before becoming KXOK-FM “Mix 97” in November of 1992. KXOK-FM changed its format from urban to classic rock in 1998 or 1999, and sometime in 2000 current owners, Emmis Communications, changed the station’s call letters to KFTK.
Arrangement: Collection organized into subseries:
Subseries 1: KXOK-AM
Subseries 2: KXOK-FM
Folders are arranged alphabetically within subseries.
Restrictions: Copyright. Permission required to reproduce images.
Remarks: Some fragile items.
Jean Gosebrink accession numbers included with corresponding items.

KXOK Collection
c. 1938 – c. 2000
1 legal Hollinger, 1 slim legal Hollinger; 0.75 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
   Subseries 1: KXOK-AM
Box 1: KXOK Collection – KXOK-AM
 1/2  Administrative files and interoffice materials. Ge-505b
 1/3  The Beatles as heard on KXOK, Official Beatle-book, 1964. Ge-633
 1/4  Chickenman
 1/5  Decals
 1/6  FCC license. MA 15:05
 1/7  History. Ge-254
 1/8  Illustrations (hand drawn originals)
 1/9  The KXOK Listener, 1946-1947
 1/10  KXOK: Radio Today, Spring-Summer 1986
 1/11  KXOK, the Star-Times, St. Louis, Missouri, 1950 [thesis]. Ge-001053
 1/12  Memorabilia
 1/13  Playlists, 1958-1978. Ge-505c, Ge-482
 1/14  Playlists, Bookmark 630 (Today’s Top 30), 1967-1969 (1 of 2). MA 14:15, MA 99:08, MA 15:05
 1/15  Playlists, Bookmark 630 (Today’s Top 30), 1970-1974 (2 of 2). MA 15:05
 1/16  Playlists, Top 63 sing-a-long survey, 1963-1967 (1 of 2). Pr-88/MA 91:40, MA 91:68, MA 15:05
 1/17  Playlists, Top 63 sing-a-long survey, 1963-1967 (2 of 2). Ge-210/MA 94:14
   Box 2: KXOK Collection – KXOK-AM & KXOK-FM
 2/1  Programming. Ge-220, Ge-625, Ge-0844, Ge-0907, Ge-918, MA 14:02
 2/2  Promotional publications and ephemera. Ge-385, Ge-843, Ge-1048, Ge-1277, Pr-122/MA 92:16
2/3 QSL cards, 1962-1974
2/4 Rate cards, 1945-1979
2/5 Reunion, 2001
2/6 Tributes—Rick Bantle ink illustration; Nerve Magazine, October 1964. Ge-210/MA 94:14
2/7 TV Radio Mirror 1958. Ed Boomer article. Ge-702
   Subseries 2: KXOK-FM
2/9 KXOK-FM, decals
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