Marconi Awards Collection

Accession Number: MA 91:09
MA 91:21
MA 91:31
MA 91:36
MA 91:37
MA 93:09
MA 93:13
Location:  Papers: SC D1 Shelf 5; Audio recordings: MA RADIO Ma (Compton)
Dates:  1987 – 1996
Size:  2 boxes
Creator/Collector: Collected by Frank Absher
Collected by Dick Ulett
Collected by Susan Wolin
Acquisition info:  Paper items donated by Frank Absher in 1991 and 1993.
Audio recordings donated by Dick Ulett in 1991 and 1993.
Marconi Award 1991 competition forms we donated by Susan Wolin on July 16, 1991.
Accruals:  Few accruals expected
Custodial history: All Marconi Award items were combined into one collection Special Collections in order to form a discrete collection.
Language:  English
Processed by:  Sarah Cain, February 2014
Conservation notes: All items placed into acid-free folders and archival boxes. Sticky notes, staples and metal paper clips removed and replaced with vinyl-coated paper clips.
Scope and Content: The Marconi Awards were presented by the St. Louis Radio Association to the best in local radio advertising. The collection contains Marconi Award papers and audio recordings from 1987 to 1996.
Arrangement: Collection organized into subseries.
Subseries 1: Marconi—Papers
Subseries 2: Marconi—Audio recordings
Restrictions: Copyright held by creator of advertisement. Permission required to duplicate images or recordings.
Remarks: Items in papers subseries include Jean Gosebrink accession numbers Pr-057, Pr-069, Pr-085, Pr-161 and Ge-213. Items in the audio recordings subseries include accession numbers Pr-079; Pr-084; Pr-165.
Paper records and audio recordings are kept in separate locations, with paper records being located at Central and audiocassettes and reels being at Compton.
See the Bob Kochan Collection (MA 13:14) for more Marconi Award items.

Marconi Awards Collection
1987 – 1996
1 legal Hollinger, 1 Hollinger Shoe Box; 0.9 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
   Subseries 1: Marconi—Papers
 1/2  Marconi Awards 1989
 1/3  Marconi Awards 1990
 1/4  Marconi Awards 1991
 1/5  Marconi Awards 1992
 1/6  Marconi Awards 1993
 1/7  Marconi Awards 1994
 1/8  Marconi Awards 1995
 1/9  Marconi Awards 1996
   Subseries 2: Marconi—Audio recordings
   Box 2: Marconi Awards audio recordings
 2/-  1987 Marconi Awards [4 tapes]. Ca-081
 2/-  1989 Marconi Awards [1 tapes]. Ca-139
 2/-  1990 Marconi Awards entries [7 tapes]. Ca-094(1-7)
 2/-  1991 Marconi Awards, categories 1-26 [4 tapes]. Ca-140(1-4)
 2/-  1992 Marconi Awards entries [16 tapes]. Ca-106, Ca-107, Ca-108, Ca-109, Ca-110, Ca-111
 2/-  1994 Marconi Judges Tape 1 and 2, masters [2 tapes].
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