Don Pietromonaco (Johnny Rabbitt) Collection

Accession Number: MA 93:05
MA 94:14
MA 97:05
MA 00:04
MA 01:11
MA 01:12
MA 04:02
MA 07:01
MA uu:128
MA uu:12
Location:  Manuscript stacks, row 12
Dates:  1957 – 1997
Size:  1 box
Creator/Collector: Collected by A. J. (Tony) Cabanellas
Collection created in Special Collections
Acquisition info: Donated by A. J. Cabanellas
Individual items given by Frank Absher
Individual items given by Richard W. Fatherly
Accruals:  No accruals expected
Custodial history: The majority of the collection was donated by A. J. Cabanellas on September 16, 1994. It contained 115 photos of Don Pietromonaco as well as Johnny Rabbitt ephemera, clipping, memorabilia and audiotapes. This was combined with Cabanellas’ earlier donation on January 1, 1993 of Johnny Rabbitt Show audiocassettes (4) from 1964-68.
The second accession, a KXOK Johnny Rabbitt Army pledge card, was donated by Frank Absher in December 2000.
The third accession of “The Johnny Rabbitt Story: Don
Pietromonaco” audio recording came from Richard W. Fatherly in
November 2001.
The Official Bat Joke Book (1966) was donated by Frank Absher in
September 2001 was the fourth accession.
The fifth accession was 41 photos of Pietromonaco (ca. 1960s)
donated by A. J. Cabanellas in July 2004.
The sixth accession comprised of clippings and a photograph of
Pietromonaco, which was donated by Frank Absher in October
The eighth accession is KXOK Johnny Rabbitt airchecks from
Dec. 1965 and Jan. 1, 1966; a Pietromonaco promotional photo;
and two photos of Pietromonaco with Delcia Corlew (nee Devon).
These items were donated by Frank Absher [donation date
The ninth accession was a Johnny Rabbitt videotape donated by
Tony Cabanellas [donation date unknown]
Language:  English
Processed by:  Sarah Cain, July 2014
Conservation notes:  All items placed in acid-free folders within an archival box. Some photos in Mylar.
Scope and Content: The collection contains photos, clippings, ephemera, and sound recordings from Don Pietromonaco’s career as Johnny Rabbitt at KXOK.
Arrangement: Collection organized into subseries.
Subseries 1: Papers
Subseries 2: Photos
Subseries 3: Video recordings
Subseries 4: Audio recordings
Within subseries arrangement is alphabetical.
Restrictions:  Unrestricted. Permission required to reproduce images.
Remarks: Jean Gosebrink accession numbers included with corresponding items. Ge-210 became MA 94:14.
Audio recordings are stored with other cassettes and CDs at
Compton. Recordings are arranged in order by Ca-## or CD-##
(Cassettes: approx. 10 boxes; CDs: approx. 2 boxes)

Don Pietromonaco (Johnny Rabbitt) Collection
1957 – 1997
1 legal Hollinger; 0.5 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
   Subseries 1: Papers
 1/2  Advertisements
 1/3  Bruno J. Grunion (Johnny Rabbitt sidekick)
 1/4  Bruno J. Grunion. Ge-210
 1/5  Clippings, 1964 – 1997
 1/6  Clippings, promotions, ephemera. Ge-210
 1/7  Ephemera. Ge-499; MA 00:04; MA 01:12
 [Map drawer A14]  "The Bruno J. Grunion Show" ink drawing by Dan O’Bannon (1966?); Johnny Rabbitt Show KXOK ad, December 26; Turkey Dinner and Bazzar, March 30, 1968. Ge-210/MA 94:14 [oversize folder]
   Subseries 2: Photos
 1/8  Bruno J. Grunion
 1/9  Johnny Rabbitt, ca. 1970s (4). Ge-210
 1/10  Johnny Rabbitt, ALSAC show for Danny Thomas, ca. 1960s (8). Ge-00883
 1/11  Johnny Rabbitt, Bruno J. Grunion’s event, ca. 1960s (4). Ge-00883
 1/12  Johnny Rabbitt, Delcia (Devon) Corlew. Ge-00620, Ge-0779 missing 7/9/14
 1/13  Johnny Rabbitt, Danny Thomas, ALSAC (7). Ge-210
 1/14  Johnny Rabbitt, Events (5). Ge-210
 1/15  Johnny Rabbitt, Fabian, ca. 1960s (6). Ge-00883 (Identified as Walter Scott of Bob Kuban and the Inmen, January 2016)
 1/16  Johnny Rabbitt, Fans (19). Ge-210
 1/17  Johnny Rabbitt, Females (12). Ge-210
 1/18  Johnny Rabbitt, The Glories, ca. 1960s (2). Ge-00883
 1/19  Johnny Rabbitt at KXOK Radio Park, ca. 1965.
 1/20  Johnny Rabbitt, KXOK, Teenagers march against leukemia, October 3, 1965 (6). Ge-00883
 1/21  Johnny Rabbitt and Johnny Mathis, ca. 1960s (2). Ge-00883
 1/22  Johnny Rabbitt, Miscellaneous (3). Ge-210
 1/23  Johnny Rabbit, Monkees Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz, October 1967 (6). Ge-00883
 1/24  Johnny Rabbitt with others, ca. 1960s (10). Ge-00883
 1/25  Johnny Rabbitt, Personal appearances (20). Ge-210
 1/26  Johnny Rabbitt, Publicity shots (11). Ge-210; Ge-499b; MA uu:128
 1/27  Johnny Rabbitt, Publicity shots, groups of 3 (13). Ge-210
 1/28  Johnny Rabbitt, Publicity shots with rabbits, Playboy Bunnies, IHOP (7). Ge-210
 1/29  Johnny Rabbitt, Rat Pack (5). Ge-210; Ge-499b
 1/30  Johnny Rabbitt in the studio (9). Ge-210
   Subseries 3: Video recordings
 1/-  KXOK, Johnny Rabbitt [videocassette]
   Subseries 4: Audio recordings
 -/-  KXOK, Johnny Rabbit aircheck, January 1, 1966. Ca-227/Ge-251/MA uu:128
 -/-  KXOK, Johnny Rabbit aircheck, December 1965. Ca-203/Ge-251/MA uu:128
 -/-  KXOK, The Johnny Rabbitt Story: Don Pietromonaco, 2001 [3 cassettes]. Ca-377a-c/Ge-0622a-c/MA 01:11
 -/-  KXOK, The Johnny Rabbitt Story: Don Pietromonaco, 2001. CD-20006/Ge-0622/MA 01:11
 -/-  KXOK, Johnny Rabbitt show airchecks, 1964-68; KROG, 1957 [4 cassettes]. Ca-097a-d/Pr-159a/MA 93:05

**Audio recordings are stored with other similar media types at Compton**

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