Your Library Podcast S4E2: Forest Park Owls

This episode of Your Library Podcast is dedicated to the great horned owls of Forest Park. We talk to award-winning naturalist Mark Glenshaw about his Forest Park Owls program at the Library. And we even joined him at the park for an “owl prowl!”

First, Regina, Adult Services Provider at Central Library, joins us to talk about the Library’s new program, Voices of St. Louis Women in the Family, a Women’s History Month virtual program. Customers are encouraged to record their own unique histories of the women in their families in the form of oral history recordings. Together with the Library, we can document, preserve, and celebrate the legacy of women in our families.

Next in the episode, we chat with Mark Glenshaw, owl ambassador, and join him on an owl prowl in Forest Park.  For the past 15 years, Mark has studied great horned owls, one, in particular, has especially captured his attention, Charles. Mark invited Honna and Mary on an amazing owl prowl to see Charles and his mate in their habitat, hear their hoots and learn about Mark’s connection to the Library. To learn more about Mark and his work, check out his Twitter and Forest Park Owl blog. And don’t forget to register for his upcoming virtual program at the Library--Forest Park Owls: Mating, Nesting, and Owlets on Thursday, April 8. 

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