Butterfly Gardens at SLPL

Did you know that there are more than 700 species of butterfly native to North America?

St. Louis Public Library hosts thousands of these six-legged guests every year in our butterfly gardens! Library staff and volunteers work tirelessly to maintain these beautiful spaces for our communities to enjoy.

So drop by one of these library locations, check out a book about Missouri’s pollinators and see who you can spot fluttering by!

This garden might be a little difficult to find, but savvy visitors can spot it at the far end of the parking lot on the south side of the library. 

Carondelet, opens a new window 
One of our larger gardens! This beautiful butterfly garden in the front of the library has a stone path so you can wander through the blooms without disturbing any dining pollinators. 

One of SLPL’s first butterfly gardens! Located on the west side of the library off the building entrance from the parking lot, this tiny but mighty garden plays host to all sorts of butterflies.

This all-native pollinator garden was installed in Fall 2018 and features 27 native plant species that bloom throughout the year. It surrounds Manolo Valdes’ sculpture, "Mariposas" (Butterflies) on the east side of the library.

This small garden includes a bench, making it the perfect space to read a book and look for butterflies. 

This garden lines the wall of the building at the library entrance. Stop by and look at the many different blooms as well as a bonus butterfly garden next door at Operation Brightside!  

This micro-garden is located by the library’s upper parking lot.

Walnut Park
Library visitors can enjoy this garden from Walnut Park’s computer lab. This garden features a beautiful stone mosaic as well as stunning native flowers.  

Want to learn more about Missouri’s native butterflies? Check out the Missouri Department of Conservation’s field guide!