World’s Fairs and International Expositions Collection

Accession Number: SC 18:60
Location: RB-M 
Dates: 1883-1940
Size: 1 record carton; 1.0 cubic foot
Creator/Collector: Unknown
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Custodial history: Found in Map Room, Central Library
Language: English
Processed by: Amanda Bahr-Evola, August 2018
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Scope and Content: The collection contains brochures, official reports, and publications of various World’s Fairs and International Expositions.  
Arrangement: Chronological

World’s Fairs and International Expositions Collection
1 record carton; 1.0 cubic foot

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding aid
  Southern Exposition—Louisville, KY 1883
1/2 Visitor’s Guide to Southern Exposition. Louisville Daily Commercial, 1883.
  World’s Columbian Exposition—Chicago, IL 1893
1/3 SnapShots or World’s Fair through a Camera:Recent Photographs by F. Dundas Todd.Assisted by W.H. Shuey and R.c. McLean. St. Louis Woodward & Tiernan Printing Company, 1893.
1/4 Streets in Cairo. Chicago:The Winters Art Lithography Company, [1893].
1/5 The Javanese Theatre, Java Village, Midway Plaissance. Java ChicagoExhibition Syndicate, [1893].
1/6 State of South Dakota Report of the World’s Fair Commission to the Governor. Pierre, South Dakota:1892.
1/7 Souvenir of A Ride on the Ferris Wheel at the World’s Fair Chicago. The American Engraving Company, Chicago:1893.
1/8 Guide to the Irish Village and Donegal Castle, Official Catalog No. 9. Chicago:C. Lohesy & Company, [1893]
1/9 Portfolio:World’s Columbian Exposition (German ed.). Chicago:Winters Art Lithograph Company, 1891.
  Trans-Mississippi Exposition—Omaha, NE 1898
1/10 Articles of Incorporation of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition with the officers for the Year 1896.
1/11 Catalogue of LiveStock:Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition. Omaha, NE:F.B. Festner Printer, 1898.
1/12 Official Guide book to the Trans-Mississippi and InternationalExposition June to November 1989. Omaha, NE:Megeath Stationery Company. (2 copies)
1/13 Trans-Mississippi International Exposition Omaha June-November 1898.
1/14 Report of Illinois Commission to the Trans-Mississippi Exposition. Springfield, IL:Phillips Brothers, 1899.
1/15 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition.Department of Publicity.
1/16 Report of the General Secretary of the Trans-Mississippi and International  Exposition. June 26, 1899.
  Exposition Universelle—Paris, France 1900
1/17 Anglo-Saxon Guide to the 1900 Paris Exposition. London:Boot & Son.
  Pan-American Exposition—Buffalo, NY 1901
1/18 The Pan-American and its Midway. Philadelphia, PA:J. Murray Jordan, 1901.
1/19 Classification of Exhibits of the Pan-American Exposition. Buffalo, NY: The Courier Company, 1901.
1/20 Glimpses of the Pan-American Exposition. By C.D. Arnold, 1989.
  Panama-California Exposition—San Diego, CA 1915
1/21 Panama-California Exposition and Vicinity—Art Views. Chicago: Around The World Views Company, 1914.
1/22 1915 Exposition San Diego. San Diego Sight Seeing Company
1/23 Panama California Exposition—Entire Year 1915. San Diego, CA: Board of Supervisors San Diego County, 1915.
1/24 The San-Diego Panama-California Exposition.1915
1/25 Ancient America at the Panama-California Exposition. By Edgar L. Hewett.The Aryan Theosophical Press, 1915.
1/26 Birdseye View of San Diego City and Harbor, Showing Panama-California Exposition Site. San Diego, CA:Gabriel Engraving Company.
  Panama Pacific International Exposition—San Francisco, CA 1915
1/27 Official Views of the Panama Pacific International Exposition. Postcard packet.
1/28 Color Views and Guide:Panama-Pacific Exposition.
1/29 Colortypes of the Panama Pacific Exposition at San Francisco 1915. Robert A. Reid.San Francisco, CA:Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915.
1/30 Beautiful Views of the Jewel City—miniature souvenir view book.San Francisco, CA:Pacific Novelty Company, 1915.
1/31 The Pilgrim Tours for California in 1915. Panama Pacific International Exposition Company, 1915.
1/32 Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915. Panama Pacific International Exposition Company, 1914.
1/33 San Francisco and the Panama Pacific International Exposition by James Henry MacLafferty.
1/34 Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 San Francisco. Remington Typewriter Company, 1913. (two copies)
1/35 Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 San Francisco. Santa Fe Railway.
1/36 The Panama Exposition. By Elbert Hubbard.Panama-Pacific InternationalExposition Company, 1910.
1/37 Opening Day Views of San Francisco’s Exposition Grounds. Southern Pacific.
1/38 Main Buildings Panama-Pacific World’s Fair. San Francisco, CA: Charles Weidner, 1914.Postcard.
1/39 Natural Color Studies of the Exposition City. Panama Pacific International Charles Weidner, 1914.Postcard.
1/40 Panama Pacific International Exposition.
1/41 The American States at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.
1/42 Painting the Lily—Expositions Artistic Beauties.
1/43 The Panama Canal at San Francisco. Panama Canal Exhibition Company, 1915.
1/44 The Gregory Way to the Frisco Fair.The Wanderlust Club.Gregory Tours.
1/45 The Library at the Exhibition—A Survey.1915 (two copies)
1/46 California Invites the World:Panama Pacific Universal Exposition. Panama Pacific International Exposition, 1913.
1/47 Information for Exhibitors.Panama Pacific International Exposition Company, 1915
1/48 The Inscriptions at the Panama Pacific International Exposition. San Francisco,CA:San Francisco News Company, 1915.
1/49 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Department of Fine Arts Circular of Information.1915 (includes entry form and labels)
1/50 Facsimile of the Gold Medal Ribbon Awarded “the Globe” by the Jury of Awards Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco for Superiority of Exhibit.
1/51 The Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco, CA February 20To December 4, 1915.
1/52 The Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Erie Railroad.
1/53 San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Exposition.  Denver and RioGrande Western Pacific, 1915.
1/54 An Announcement:Congresses, Conferences, Conventions—Panama-Pacific International Exposition, February 20-December 4. 
1/55 Universal Exposition 1915 Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal—Rules and Regulations for the Information and Guidance of Intending Participants. Panama Pacific International Exposition Company.
1/56 Exposition Memorial Auditorium—A World Forum for Congresses and Conventions in 1915. Panama Pacific International Exposition Company.
1/57 Universal Exposition San Francisco by Authority of the United States Government 1915 February 20-December 4 Celebrating the Opening of The Panama Canal.
1/58 Universal Exposition San Francisco 1915 Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal—a pictorial review of the exposition’s progress to March 15, 1913. Panama Pacific International Exposition Company,  1913.
1/59 Vice President Marshall’s Exposition Message to the Nation.
1/60 Artistic Glimpses Photographs and Photochromes:Panama-Pacific International Exposition. By W. Zenis Newton.
1/61 The Jewel City San Francisco. San Francisco, CA:Pacific Novelty Companyof San Francisco.
1/62 The Panama-Pacific Exposition 1915 Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal—Bulletin Business Facts for Business Men.
1/63 Facts for Boosters:San Francisco—The Exposition City. Panama PacificInternational Exposition Company, 1915.
1/64 37th Convention—ALA Berkeley June 3-9, 1915 “Routes and Restaurants”  Berkeley, San Francisco, and the Exposition. University of California Library.
1/65 Inside Inn—A Modern Up-To-Date Hotel Situated Within the Grounds of thePanama Pacific International Exposition.
1/66 Official Program Panama-Pacific International Exposition:Saturday, June 5, 1915. San Francisco, CA:The Wahlgreen Company Publishers, 1915.
1/67 Official Handbook of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. SanFrancisco, CA:The Wahlgreem Company Publishers, 1915.
1/68 The Exposition Fact Book—The Panama Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco 1915. (two copies)
1/69 Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco, 1915.
1/70 Condensed Facts Concerning the Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915 Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal.
1/71 The Exposition Fact-Book Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915.
1/72 Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915 Official Exposition Hotel Guide. San Francisco, CA:Official Exposition Hotel Bureau.
1/73 Plan and Scope of the Panama Pacific International Exposition.1915.
1/74 Programme of Illumination Effects at the Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915.
1/75 Progamme of Special Events at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915.
1/76 Panama Pacific International Exposition Celebrating the Opening of thePanama Canal San Francisco in 1915.
1/77 Information for Exhibitors—The Panama Canal Divides Continents to UniteThe World—The Universe Celebrates the Achievement at San Francisco in 1915. Panama Pacific International Exposition Company, 1913
1/78 Westinghouse Electric at the Panama-Pacific Exposition—AERA Convention San Francisco 1915.
1/79 Postcards and Train Tickets
1/80 Press Releases, Correspondence, Poster
1/81 Articles/Newspaper Clippings
1/82 Reference File of Plans
  Sesquicentennial Exposition—Philadelphia, PA 1926
1/83 The Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition 150 Years of American Independence 1776-1926.Sesquicentennial Exhibition Association.
  Spain International Exposition—Seville, Spain 1929-1930
1/84 Seville: Spanish American Exposition 1929-1930.  Official Committee of the Spanish-American Exposition. (two copies)
  Century of Progress International Exposition—Chicago, IL 1933-1934
1/85 How Firestone high Speed Tires are Made.World’s Fair Chicago 1934. Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, 1934.
  California Pacific International Exposition—San Diego, CA 1935-1936
1/86 San Diego and the Exposition—Things to Do, Things to See. San Diego, CA: San Diego California Club.
1/87 Water Exhibit Souvenir—California Pacific International Exposition.1935
1/88 California Pacific International Exposition San Diego May 29-Nov 11.
1/89 California-Old Mexico San Diego Exposition Bargain Tours.Wabash-Union Pacific.
  .Golden Gate International Exposition—San Francisco, CA 1939-1940
1/90 Visit the San Francisco World’s Fair by Rail 1939.American Express Travel Service.
1/91 1939 Golden Gate Exposition Facts.Golden Gate International Exposition.
1/92 San Francisco World’s Fair 1939.Southern Pacific.
1/93 Color:New Synthesis in the West—General Electric.
1/94 Newspaper Clippings/Press Release
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