St. Louis Star-Times Papers

Accession Number: MA uu:88
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Location: Manuscript stacks, row 12
Dates: 1900 - 1976
Size: 2 boxes
Creator/Collector: Collection created in Special Collections
Acquisition info: The bulk of the donations were given in the 1990s (donors unknown). 
Individual items donated by Betty and Jane Collins on April 27, 1989; St. Louis Media History Foundation on March 18, 2014; R.J. Noonan, D. Goodrich Gamble, Ray Kringer, and Leo Reid all donated items in the 1990s.
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: The collection was assembled in Special Collections in October 1999 
Language: English
Processed by: Jean Gosebrink, 1999; Sarah Cain, July 2014
Conservation notes: All items placed into acid-free folders and archival boxes. Some issues of newspapers are separated by buffered tissue paper. 
Scope and Content: The collection houses papers of the St. Louis Star, the St. Louis
Times, and the St. Louis Star-Times, chiefly those of the St. Louis Star-Times. The dated material covers the years 1900 to 1976 with the bulk of the material ranging from 1932 to 1951.   


The St. Louis Star published from 1895- 1932 and was first owned by Nathan Frank. In 1905, the paper’s name was changed to St. Louis Star and Chronicle after purchase of The Chronicle (1878- 1905) merged the two papers. The Chronicle was sold to E.G. Lewis in 1908 and the paper returned name to its original name, St. Louis Star. John Roberts, a founder of the Roberts, Johnson and Rand Shoe Company, bought the Star in 1913. Upon his death in 1924, the paper’s ownership was transferred to his sons, Elzey and John, Jr. 

The St. Louis Time was a daily paper published by WestlichePost/Anzeiger des Westens from 1895- 1932. 


The St. Louis Star and the St. Louis Time merged in 1932 to form the St. Louis Star-Times. The paper was published at 12th and Delmar from 1934 to June 15, 1951 when owner Elzey Roberts sold it to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Arrangement: Collection organized into subseries.
Subseries 1: Clippings
Subseries 2: Publications and ephemera  


Within subseries 1, arrangement is alphabetical by publication title and then subject. Within subseries 2, arrangement is alphabetical by publication title and then arranged chronologically.

Restrictions: Unrestricted.  Permission required to reproduce images.  

See D. Goodrich Gamble Papers for more Star-Times materials.

All items fall under the MA uu:135 accession number unless otherwise noted.

St. Louis Star-Times Papers
1900 - 1976
1 legal Hollinger, 1 folio Hollinger; 2.5 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
  Box 1: St. Louis Star-Times Papers
 1/1  Finding aid
  Subseries 1: Clippings
1/2 St. Louis Star – 1900, March 24
1/3 St. Louis Star – History
1/4 St. Louis Star-Times – Advertisements
1/5 St. Louis Star-Times – Associated Press membership
1/6 St. Louis Star-Times – Awards & recognition
1/7 St. Louis Star-Times – Building, 1934
1/8 St. Louis Star-Times – Censorship
1/9 St. Louis Star-Times – Cooking School
1/10 St. Louis Star-Times – Editorial re: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1940
1/11 St. Louis Star-Times – Employees
1/12 St. Louis Star-Times – Greater St. Louis Science Fair
1/13 St. Louis Star-Times – History
1/14 St. Louis Star-Times – Information service
1/15 St. Louis Star-Times – Learn to swim program
1/16 St. Louis Star-Times – National Snapshot Contest
1/17 St. Louis Star-Times – New Books feature
1/18 St. Louis Star-Times – Ownership statements, 1935, 1938
1/19 St. Louis Star-Times – Presses
1/20 St. Louis Star-Times – Scholastic Writing Award
1/21 St. Louis Star-Times – Sewing contest
1/22 St. Louis Star-Times – Strike
1/23 St. Louis Times – History
  Subseries 2: Publications and ephemera
1/24 St. Louis Star, Catalog of typefaces: mat services, ornaments, borders, figures, rules / The St. Louis Star.  192-?

St. Louis Star-Times, The college and the people: editorials from the St.

Louis Star and opinion of forty college and university presidents.  1922. 

Reprinted from The St. Louis Star.

1/26 St. Louis Star-Times, 101 kitchen tested recipes selected from St. Louis
prize recipes featured in The St. Louis Star Times, 1949.  Ge-0805
1/27 St. Louis Star-Times, Announcing the beginning of ‘New books’ in the St. Louis Star-Times, October 23, 1946.  The New books feature appearing every Wednesday, edited by Reed Hynds. Ge-1372
1/28 St. Louis Star-Times, “St. Louis Star-Times cooking school program, December 2-3-4-5, 1947, Kiel Auditorium Opera House”
1/29 St. Louis Star-Times, Domestic Art, 1929 (nos. 22, 37, 38, 43, 48). Ge-937
1/30 St. Louis Star-Times, employees telephone directory: Dec. 1, 1949, Nov. 1, 1950, June 1, 1951.
1/31 St. Louis Star-Times, ephemera and memorabilia. A view of the new St. Louis Star-Times Building (when opened shows pop-up view of building against St. Louis skyline), Ge-00500b. Matchbook, Ge-454.
1/32 St. Louis Star-Times, Fashion Bureau, dress patterns, ca. 1945. Ge-234
1/33 St. Louis Star-Times, A history of the St. Louis Star-Times: a thesis presented to the faculty of the Graduate School, University of Missouri / by Charles R. Suits, February 1970 [photocopy].
1/34 St. Louis Star-Times, Invitation, from President and Mrs. Roosevelt to Miss Maud McDougall (reporter for the Star Times), December 17, 1940. Ge-350/MA 89:07
1/35 St. Louis Star-Times, “Junior Town Meetings of the Air” originating from Saint Louis high schools, broadcast 9 p.m. every Thursday evening on radio station KXOK beginning February 20, 1947.
1/36 St. Louis Star-Times, Letter, 1976 Sept. 30, to “Chris” re: history of the Star-Times. MS-003/MA uu:89
1/37 St. Louis Star-Times, Letter, re: end of Star-Times, 1951. M-39/Pr11014/MA uu:97

St. Louis Star-Times, “A life is too much” by Jerry Mitchell Higgins, St.

Charles, Mo., High School, grand winner of The St. Louis Regional

Scholastic Writing Awards, conducted by The St. Louis Star-Times.” 

1/39 St. Louis Star-Times, Newsroom staff, 1950
1/40 St. Louis Star-Times, Postcards:  St. Louis Star building, Times Building – Ge-00507, Ge-00520a, Ge-00539a, Ge-00924; St. Louis Star subscription postcards – Ge-00520b, Ge-00520c
1/41 St. Louis Star-Times, “Remembering the St. Louis Star-Times” by Rick Stoff, 2011. Ge-1342
1/42 St. Louis Star-Times, Reunions, 1956-1971
1/43 St. Louis Star-Times, “A solution with honor: reprint of masterly editorial from St. Louis Star-Times under the title, ‘Memo to the White House,’ April 3, 1948.  Also, editorial from the Standard Examiner, Ogden, Utah, under the title ‘One world, indivisible’, March 27, 1948.”
1/44 St. Louis Star-Times, “‘The Star of our Times’: a history of the St. Louis StarTimes (1884-1951)” / by Christopher C. Reid, S.J.  Dec. 2, 1976.  MS002/MA uu:88
1/45 St. Louis Star-Times, Through the doorway of the St. Louis Star-Times (St. Louis, 1934) (2 copies). Ge-00500a.
1/46 St. Louis Star-Times, “We are pleased to keep you informed...” map of ‘Allied invasion routes?’ of Europe, May 1944, with letter addressed to Charles Compton, May 24, 1944.
1/47 St. Louis Star-Times, Winning the peace: a series of special articles on post-war planning, reprinted from the St. Louis Star-Times, 1944.
1/48 St. Louis Times, shaving kit, ca. 1920s. MA 14:07
1/- Button, Junior Baseball School. Ge-610
  Box 2: St. Louis Star-Times Papers [oversized]
2/1 St. Louis Star-Times, May 23, 1941, Extra! Frank Taylor edition (3 copies).

“Taylor takes run-out powder on Star-Times.” NC-001-03/ MA uu:131/

MA uu:132/MA uu:133

2/2 St. Louis Star-Times, May 23, 1941, Frank Taylor special edition.

St. Louisans at work.  

2/3 St. Louis Star-Times, December 8, 1941, Final edition, 7th war extra (2 copies).  “War declared.” NC-005-03/MA uu:132/MA uu:134. Night edition, 9th War Extra. NC-038-02/MA uu:132.

Final edition, 7th war extra, reprint. MA uu:135.

2/4 St. Louis Star-Times, December 11, 1941.  “War with Axis.”  Final edition War extra. NC-049/ MA uu:135
2/5 St. Louis Star-Times, April 12, 1945, Final edition. “Roosevelt dead.”  
2/6 St. Louis Star-Times, May 7, 1945, City edition. “Doenitz’ aid reports surrender of all Nazi troops in Europe.”  
2/7 St. Louis Star-Times, May 8, 1945, City edition. “V-E day – it’s official.”  
2/8 St. Louis Star-Times, May 8, 1945, Final edition. “V-E day – it’s official.” NC-048/MA uu:135
2/9 St. Louis Star-Times, [1947?]. “Meet the people … who make your Star-Times.”   8-page advertising section, with photographs of newspaper personnel.  NC-002/MA uu:133 [Very fragile]  
2/10 St. Louis Star-Times, June 15, 1951, City edition. “Star-Times is sold to Pulitzer Publishing Co..; Rising costs chief factor.”  Contains “An announcement” of the newspaper’s last day of publication.  NC-005-03/MA uu:132/MA uu:134
2/11 St. Louis Star-Times, June 15, 1951, Final edition (2 copies). “StarTimes is sold to Pulitzer Publishing Co..; Rising costs chief factor.”  Contains “An announcement” of the newspaper’s last day of publication.  NC-005-03/MA uu:132/MA uu:134
2/12 St. Louis Star-Times Mail Call (vol.1: no.2), March 25, 1943. Published spasmodically for our boys in the service. Ge-0753/MA uu:135
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