St. Louis Publications Photograph Collection

Accession Number: MA uu:121
MA uu:123
MA uu:124
MA 88:02
MA 88:40
MA 91:38
MA 91:41
MA 91:49
MA 91:68
MA 94:13
MA 02:02
MA 02:09
MA 14:02
MA 14:07
MA 14:08
MA 14:13
MA 15:05
Location: Manuscript stacks, row 12
Dates: 1920s – 1980s
Size: 3 boxes
Creator/Collector: Collected by Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation
Collected by Jim Flagg
Collected by KMOX radio
Collected by David Pasternak
Acquisition info:

Several accessions occurred between 1987– July 2013 due to donations from Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation.

The first accession was 51 photos taken by Art Witman during his time at the Post-Dispatch (1932-1969). The photos were donated by Mr. Witman in 1988.

The second accession was donated by John Dengler in 1988. Dengler donated photos featured in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat; it is unclear which specific photos due to a lack of accession records before 2013. 

The third accession was a donation of 34 photos depicting the PostDispatch exhibit at the Mid-America Jubilee, September 1956. The photos were donated on March 18, 1991.

The fourth accession of 2 photos was donated by Verna Smith on June 24, 1991: Ferman News Team and Milton Ferman, latter was taken by Peter Ferman Photographers.

The fifth accession of the Pulitzer Prize winning photo that was featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of a fireman giving CPR to a child (photographer: Ron Olshwanger) was given on July 30, 1991 by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The fifth accession, a photo of Sigma Delta Chi members, was donated by Verna Smith on April 1, 1994.

The sixth through eighth accessions were donated by Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation on February 12, 2014; March 18, 2014 and March 20, 2014, respectively. 

The ninth accession (MA uu:123), two Sigma Delta Chi photos, was donated probably sometime in the 1990s by Jim Flagg. 

The tenth accession (MA uu:124) came as a donation from KMOX radio sometime in the 1990s. The photo was one of 15 photos donated, but was the only photo that was not a KMOX radio personality; thus was placed into this collection.

Individual item (MA 02:02) donated by Amour Krupnik on March 21, 2002.

Accruals: Few accruals expected
Custodial history: The collection was created in Special Collections, May 2014 
Language: English
Processed by: Sarah Cain, May 2014
Conservation notes: All items placed into acid-free folders. Some photos housed in Mylar sleeves.
Scope and Content:

The collection contains photos of professional organizations related to

St. Louis publications, photos of staff and the physical buildings of St. Louis publications, as well as other miscellaneous photos related to St. Louis publications. The collection is organized into two subseries, the bulk of which consists of photos of newspaper staff from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Note: The St. Louis Sun photographs are in their own collection. See the Thomas Birkenmeier/St. Louis Sun Collection (MA 90:08; 91:35;  93:20; 13:04).  


Collection organized into subseries.

Subseries 1: Newspapers
Subseries 2: Professional Organizations

Arrangement within subseries is alphabetically (by newspaper title and then alphabetically by the photo descriptor/last name in series 1).

Restrictions: Photos may be under copyright. Permission required to  reproduce images.  

Jean Gosebrink accession numbers included with appropriate items.

See Pictures of Post-Dispatch operational departments. St. Louis postdispatch. RB-M 071 (16 B&W photographs & 14 negatives). 

St. Louis Publications Photograph Collection
1920s – 1980s
1 slim letter Hollinger, 1 letter Hollinger, 1 flat folio; 2.6 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
  Subseries 1: Newspapers
  Box 1: St. Louis Publications Photo Collection – Newspapers (B - St. Louis P) 
1/2 Belleville News-Democrat (3)
1/3 Collinsville Herald
1/4 The Sporting News, C.C. Johnson Spink. Ph-144/Ge-001084/MA uu:124
1/5 St. Louis Argus, Richard “Onion” Horton. 
1/6 St. Louis Argus, Howard Woods. MA 14:07
1/7 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Thomas Amberg, 1972
1/8 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Adverting – Globe-Democrat on sale in all Public Service vehicles, September 1959. Ge-001091
1/9 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, building, 1929. Ge-001475
1/10 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Bob Burns. Ge-001085
1/11 [St. Louis Globe-Democrat?], Christmastime-missing 8/2016
1/12 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Civil Defense Auxiliary Police, 1954. Ge-001093
1/13 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Albert Delugach and Denny Walsh, 1969. MA 14:08
1/14 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, historic portraits (3): Frank Blair, Carl Schurg, B. Gratz Brown. Ge-001087
1/15 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Louis LaCoss
1/16 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Ray Noonan. Ge-001086
1/17 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, newsroom, 1938
1/18 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Old Newsboys Day, 1969. Ge-00659
1/19 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, photographs not used in “Final Edition” of St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 1984 (19). Ge-00660c. 
1/20 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, photographs used in “Final Edition” of St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 1984 (23). Ge-00660b.
1/21 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, E. Lansing Ray, ca. 1955
1/22 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Sportsman’s Park display board
1/23 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Beulah Schacht and Imogene Coca. Ph-00132
1/24 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, stereotype room. Ge-001092
1/25 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, St. Louis and Missouri scenes, 1937-1960 (28). Pr- 00107, Ge-001088
1/26 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, transportation photographs, 1944-1961 (7). Ge-001090
1/27 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, War Extra, December 1942 (3). Ge-001089
1/28 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Oliver Kirby Bovard, 1938
1/29 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Marquis Childs (2)
1/30 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Contempt of court case, 1940 (2). MA 14:13
1/31 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Richard Dunman (2), 1970, 1972. Ge-001464

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, exhibit at the Mid-America Jubilee,

September 1-30, 1956 (46). Pr-086, Ph-63, Ph-64, Ph-65, Ph-66,

Ph-67, Ph-68, Ph-69, Ph-70, Ph-71, Ph-72, Ph-73, Ph-74, Ph-75, Ph-76, N86; MA 91:38

1/33 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Daniel R. Fitzpatrick (2), 1961. MA 15:05 
1/34 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Alfred Fleishman (2). 
1/35 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert E. Hannon, 1946. Ge-001348
1/36 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Edward A. Harris, 1946
1/37 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Mei-Ling Hopegood, 1994. MA 15:05
1/38 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Hubert Humphry, Cardinals game
1/39 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Theodore Link, 1948
1/40 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David Lipman. Ge-001115
1/41 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Ray Malone, 1984
1/42 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bill Mauldin (2), 1959, 1962
1/43 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, newspaper delivery. Ge-001095, MA 15:05
1/44 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Ron Olshwanger, fireman and child Pulitzer Prize winner, 1988 (3). Ge-001097/Pr-093/MA 91:49
1/45 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Joseph Pulitzer, Jr. (2), 1948
1/46 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Ben H. Reese, 1940
1/47 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, John T. Rogers. Ge-001096
1/48 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Charles G. Ross, 1932
1/49 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Shootout at the Southwest Bank of St. Louis, 1951. Pr-062
1/50 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Waiting at the Mine Disaster”/ Sam Caldwell. Ge-001097/Ph-60

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Arthur Witman photos, 1930s-1940s (46); chiefly of Pulitzer family, St. Louis Post-Dispatch staff. Ge-

001099-1-41, Ge-001099-46-48; Ge-001099-17 missing 5/17/14

1/52 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sue Ann Wood, 1987
1/53 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Ed Wray. Ge-001491
  Box 2: St. Louis Publications Photo Collection – Newspapers (St. Louis S - St. Louis T) & Professional Organizations
2/1 St. Louis Star, building, 1908
2/2 St. Louis Star, building, 1908
2/3 St. Louis Star-Times, W. R. Hargraves, 1918
2/4 St. Louis Star-Times, newspaper boys in front of Pool Room
2/5 St. Louis Star-Times, Mario Cavagnaro. Ge-001102
2/6 St. Louis Star-Times, Milton Ferman. Ge-001107/ MA 91:68
2/7 St. Louis Star-Times, newsroom, ca. 1947 (3). Ge-001100/Ph-86,
2/8 St. Louis Star-Times, retirement dinner for Frank Taylor, 1941.
2/9 St. Louis Star-Times, reunion, 1961. Ge-001101/Ph-8-04
2/10 St. Louis Star-Times, staff at party, 1941 (3). Ge-001105/Ph-89

St. Louis Star-Times, staff members (7). Bruce Boehle (Ph-10);

James Flagg (Ph-13); Reed Hynds (Ph-12); Edward Maxwell (Ph-11);

Frank Mueller (Ph-14); Will Sandeson (Ph-9); Bill Burchfiel, Arthur Buck, Bernard Walsh, Edward Mills (Ph-15). Ge-001103/Ph-9, Ph10, Ph-11, Ph-12, Ph-13, Ph-14, Ph-15.

2/12 St. Louis Times, Ben Burch, 1925. MA 14:02
2/13 St. Louis Sun, Ralph Ingersol (6). Ge-001108, Ge-001109
2/14 St. Louis Sun, Peter O’Sullivan
2/15 [unknown], W. Ray Loomis, 1943
   Subseries 2: Professional Organizations 
2/16 Sigma Delta Chi, 1954. Ge-001110/ Ph-88/MA uu:123; Ph-87/MA uu:123; Pr-200/MA 94:13 missing 5/17/14
2/17 St. Louis Journalism Foundation, group photo. Ge-3001094/Ph-130
2/18 St. Louis Journalism Foundation, John Spano and Carl Baldwin. Ge-378
2/19 St. Louis Journalism Newspaper Guild (2). Ge-001082, Ge-001083
  Subseries 1: Newspapers [oversized]
  Box 3: St. Louis Publications Photo Collection – Newspapers [oversized]
3/1 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Lynn T. Spence.  “Safe ---Out!!!”  Cardinals vs. Dodgers in Busch Stadium, May 12, 1969.
3/2 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, original used in Final Edition, February 25, 1984. MA 02:02
3/3 St. Louis Globe-Democrat, John L. Dengler (5 photos).  “Farm scene,” Reynolds County; “The forgotten man of sports”; “Pumpkins,” entry in Famous-Barr company 1972 Scholastic Art and Photography entry; “Total loss,” GD 7/25/73, firemen from St. Charles Township Volunteer Fire Dept. fight St. Charles fire; “The signs of a deserted town,” GD 6/7/73, shows empty mailboxes that remain in Kampville Beach in St. Charles County, following March floods. Ph-94, Ph-95.
3/-  St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Jack Zehrt. “Glider crash.”  August 1, 1943. Ph-1
3/-  St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Art Witman. Snowcapped volcano. Ge-001099-43
3/-  St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Art Witman. “My friends ...” Franklin D. Roosevelt addressing outdoor crowd. Ge-001099-42

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Art Witman. “A political situation -- FDR,

‘Happy’ Chandler and ‘Dear Alben’”

3/-  St. Louis Post-Dispatch dinner, 34th National Convention Sigma Delta Chi, Hotel Jefferson, St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 13, 1953
3/-  St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Art Witman. Franklin D. Roosevelt in top hat riding in convertible [framed]. Ge-001099-44

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Art Witman. Harry S. Truman, Winston

Churchill, and Governor Donnelly at Westminster College, Fulton,

Mo., March 5, 1946 [framed]. Ge-001099-45

3/-  St. Louis Post-Dispatch?, group photo, party
3/-  St. Louis Post-Dispatch?, headshot of male
  Map drawer A-14
[oversized] St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dinner party celebrating Joseph Pulitzer II’s sixtieth birthday on March 21, 1945. MA 02:09  
[oversized] The Ferman Family “News Team:” Harold Ferman, Milton Ferman, Dorothy F. Gardner, B. Peter Ferman [framed] (2). Portrait cameos. "Out of the same family household came three guys and a gal in the early part of 1900 that split up to join the news gathering teams for the various newspapers publishing at the time – The Globe-Democrat, the Star-Times, and the Post-Dispatch." Photographs show Dorothy Ferman Gardner, who worked at both the Globe-Democrat and the Post-Dispatch, at one time writing the advice column as "Martha Carr;" Harold Ferman, chief news photographer of the Star-Times and later a public relations photographer; Milton Ferman, investigative reporter of the Star-Times and publisher of the Tri-Color News for the U.S. Army XXII Corps in Europe during World War II; and B. Peter Ferman, who, after a stint in World War II as a photographer for 15th U.S. Army Headquarters,worked briefly for the Post-Dispatch and later as a string photographer for the International News Service. Ge-401/MA 91:68
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