St. Louis/Missouri Portraits Collection

Accession Number: SC 18:84
Location: RB-SPCOLL
Dates: 1840s-1980s
Size: 8 record cartons; 8 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: SLPL Staff
Acquisition info: Transfer from SLPL History and Genealogy, 2012
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Unknown
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, November 2018
Conservation notes: No notes
Scope and Content: The collection contains portraits of well-known St. Louis and Missouri personalities. The portraits come from a variety of sources such as books, newspapers, magazines, and actual photographs.
Arrangement: Alphabetical by surname
Restrictions: No restrictions
Remarks: Public access collection

St. Louis and Missouri Portrait Collection
8 record cartons; 8 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding Aid
1/- Abbott, Helene: kindergarten teacher              

Adams, Bea: author of "Rumor Girls" play; Creative Director of Radio and Television for Gardner Advertising Co. (2)

Adams, Chauncey B.: head of CB Adams & Co. Certified Public Accountants

Adams, Earl "Sparky": Cardinals baseball player, 1930-1933

Adams, Elmer B.: St. Louis Circuit Court judge, 1895-1905 (2)

Adams, Hampton: pastor of Union Avenue Christian Church

Adams, John H.: Secretary of the American Central Insurance Co.

Adreon, Edward Lawrence: St. Louis Comptroller, 1877-1907

Adreon, Robert Enos: General Manager of the American Brake Co.

Akin, Thomas R.: President of Laclede Steel Co.

Alexander, Archer: former slave (3)

Alexander, BW: businessman

Alexander, Moses Harvey: undertaker

Alkire, Josiah: grocery business

Allen, Gerard B.: manufacturer

Allen, Spencer: newscaster

Allen, Thomas: lawyer and railroad executive; Missouri US Representative, 1881-1882; Missouri State Senator, 1851-1855 (3)

Aloe, Louis P.: President of the AS Aloe Optical and Surgical Instrument Co. (2)

Alt, Charles: St. Louis Fire Department Chief, 1925-1932

Altgeld, John P.: Illinois Governor, 1847-1902

Altheimer, Benjamin: President of Altheimer & Rawlings Investment Co.

Ames, Edgar: businessman (2)

Ames, Henry: businessman (3)

Amrhein, Adolph: President of the St. Louis Police Relief Association

Anderson, C. Arthur: St. Louis County prosecuting attorney, 1933-1937; Missouri US Representative, 1937-1941

Anderson, Edgar: Director of Shaw’s Garden

Anderson, Homer W.: St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent, 1940-1942

Anderson, John J.: President of the Bank of St. Louis

Anderson, LK: Captain at Jefferson Barracks

Anderson, Mary: stage actress

Anderson, Oliver J.: banker

Anderson, SJP: clergyman at Central Presbyterian Church

Anderson, Thomas Lilbourne: lawyer and judge (2)

Anderson, Warren C.: manager of the St. Louis branch of Ford Motor Co.

Anderson, William "Bloody Bill": Civil War soldier

Angert, Eugene H.: lawyer at Jones, Hocker, Sullivan & Angert

Anheuser, Eberhard: brewer (3)

Anton, Phillip Gottlieb: cellist (2)

Arbuckle, James: President of the Arbuckle Export Association

Arden, Edwin: actor

Armstrong, David Hartley: St. Louis Comptroller, 1847-1850; St. Louis Postmaster, 1854-1858; Missouri US Senator, 1877-1879

Armstrong, Henry: boxer

Arnold, Glendy B.: probate judge (2)

Ashburn, Thomas Quinn: Major-General; head of Inland Waterways Corporation

Ashman, Charles: salesman

Atwood, Frank E.: judge; President of the Missouri Bar Association, 1934-1935

Auble, John: KSD-TV co-host of "Newsbeat"

Aull, Robert: St. Louis Park Commissioner

Ault, Frederick: librarian at the Municipal Reference Library

Austin, Mary: writer

Austin, Moses: businessman

Austin, Stephen: pioneer and businessman (5)

Babler, Jacob L.: donated land for Babler State Park; Vice-President of the International Life Insurance Company (2)

Bacon, Frank Page: businessman

Bacon, Henry D: businessman

Baer, Howard F.: businessman and civic leader (2)

Baer, Julius Adler: merchant; Vice-President of Stix, Baer & Fuller

Baer, Adolph: businessman; owner of Baer, Singer & Co.

Baer, Sigmund: grand leader of Stix, Baer & Fuller

Bailey, George W.: lawyer

Bailey, John D.: 1st librarian of the St. Louis Public Library

Baker, Henry A.: lawyer

Baker, Josephine: entertainer and dancer (3)

Bakewell, Claude I.: Missouri US representative, 1947-1949; St. Louis postmaster, 1958-1982

Bakewell, Paul Sr.: lawyer at Bakewell & Cornwall (4)

Bakewell, Paul Jr.: lawyer

Baldwin, Frederick A.: doctor and professor

Baldwin, Lewis W.: president of Missouri Pacific Lines

Barclay, Shepard: lawyer and judge

Barksdale, Clarence C.: CEO of Centerre Bank

Barlow, Stephen D.: St. Louis library founder; 1st president of library board

Barnard, George D.: printer; president of George D. Barnard & Co.; founder of Barnard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital

Barnard, Mrs. George D.: willed over $1,000,000 to the Barnard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital

Barnes, Arthur J.: president of Barnes’ Business College

Barnes, Robert A.: president of the Bank of the State of Missouri; Barnes Hospital founded at his bequest (2)

Barnes, Zane E.: CEO of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.

Barnett, Thomas P.: architect at Barnett, Haynes & Barnett (2)

Barnickel, William S.: chemist

Barns, William Eddy: editor of the St. Louis Lumberman

Barnum, Theron: businessman

Baron, Jules: doctor

Baron, Max G.: St. Louis Circuit Court judge, 1933-1939

Barr, Joseph H.: president of Barr & Widen Mercantile Agency

Barr, Robert: writer

Barr, William: president of William Barr Dry Goods Co.

Barret, Richard Aylett: lawyer and editor (2)

Barrett, Arthur B.: St. Louis mayor, 1875

Barrett, Jesse W.: Missouri attorney general, 1821-1825 (2)

Barrett, John Richard: lawyer and politician

Barrett, Richard F.: doctor

Barrows, John Chester: district manager of Aetna Life Insurance Company’s Accident Department

Barry, James G.: St. Louis mayor, 1849-1850

Barth, Robert: businessman

Bartholdt, Richard: Missouri US representative, 1893-1915; president of the Interparliamentary Union (7)

Bartholdt, Mrs. Richard

Bartholomew, Harland: urban planner

Bartle, William Howard: railroad representative

Barton, David: Missouri US senator 1821-1831

Bascom, Charles E.: secretary and treasurer of Broderick & Bascom Rope Co.

Bass, John: St. Louis Comptroller, 1973-1977; Missouri State Senator, 1981-1991

Bass, Tom: horseman (3)

Batdorf, Edwin: Colonel with the First Missouri Volunteers

Bates, Charles Woodson: lawyer (3)

Bates, Edward: early-Missouri statesman; Missouri Attorney General, 1820-1821; Missouri US Representative, 1827-1829; US Attorney General, 1861-1864 (4)

Bates, Frederick: Missouri Governor, 1824-1825 (3)

Bates, John Coalter: Lieutenant-General/Major-General (2)

Bauman, G. Duncan: St. Louis-Globe Democrat reporter and publisher

Baumgarten, Gustav: doctor; Dean and professor of medicine at Washington University

Beach, Jesse Waldo: coal dealer

Beach, Oscar: bookkeeper

Beacom, John H.: Army Colonel

Becker, Charles U.: Missouri Secretary of State, 1921-1933

Becker, William Dee: judge and lawyer; St. Louis Mayor, 1941-1943 (4)

Beckmann, Dee: track and field athlete at 1928 Olympics (2)

Beckmann, Max: artist

Behymer, Francis Albert: St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter

Beinke, August M.: architect

Belknap, Charles: Vice-Chancellor of Washington University; President of Monsanto (2)

Bell, James "Cool Papa": Stars baseball player, 1922-1931 (3)

Bell, Nicholas Montgomery: Vice-President of Peper Tobacco Warehouse Co.

Bemis, Judson Moss: founder of Bemis Bag Co.

Benesch, Adolph B.: General Manager of the Benesch Art Publishing Co.

Bennett, Helen: model

Bennett, Wallace F.: President of Bennett Glass & Paint Co.

Benoist, Eugene Hunt: real estate business

Benoist, Louis Auguste: banker (2)

Bent, Joseph K.: contractor

Bentley, Jarius Jerome: Methodist minister

Benton, Thomas Hart: painter (7)

Benton, Thomas Hart: Missouri US Representative, 1853-1855; Missouri US Senator, 1821-1951 (9)

Benstein, John W.: lawyer

Berninghaus, Oscar E.: painter and illustrator

Berra, Paul M.: St. Louis Comptroller

Berra, Yogi: Yankees baseball player (3)

Berri, Maude Lillian: soprano (2)

Berry, Chuck: rock and roll guitarist (2)

Bettman, Mrs. Irvin: philanthropist

Biggers, John David: glass manufacturer

Biondi, Lawrence: Catholic priest; President of St. Louis University, 1987-2013

Birge, Julius C.: President of St. Louis Shovel Co.; President of Seymour Manufacturing Co.

Bishop, Campbell Orrick: St. Louis Circuit Court judge, 1905-1907

Bishop, John E.: lawyer

Bissell, Daniel: General

Bitting, Dr.: clergyman

Bixby, William K.: capitalist, philanthropist, and connoisseur (4)

Black, AW: Master Builders’ Association trustee

Black, Gurdon G.: civil engineer

Black, William H.: President of Missouri Valley College, 1890-1926

Blackwell, Sidney S.: President of Battle & Co. Chemists’ Corporation

Blades, Ray: Cardinals baseball player, 1922-1928/1930-1932

Blair, Eugenie: actress

Blair, Francis Preston Jr.: Colonel/General; lawyer; Missouri US Representative, 1857-1864; Missouri US Senator 1871-1873 (7)

Blair, James T. Jr.: Missouri Governor, 1957-1961

Blair, Mrs. James L.: President of the Board of Lady Managers of the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition

Blair, John Jr.: politician

Blair, Montgomery: statesman and lawyer (2)

Blair, Thomas W.: Dean of Christ Church Cathedral

Blake, Cevedra D.: member of the Sons of the Revolution in Missouri

Blake, Maxwell: foreign service officer

Blake, Robert E.: President of the Missouri Constitutional Convention, 1943

Blanchette, Louis: founder of St. Charles, Missouri

Bland, Richard Parks: Missouri US Representative, 1873-1895 (3)

Blanke, Cyrus F.: manufacturer (2)

Blasingame, Don: Cardinals baseball player, 1955-1959

Blattner, Buddy: Cardinals baseball player, 1942; sportscaster

Blevins, John Alexander: lawyer

Blewett, Benjamin Turner: St. Louis Schools Superintendent, 1908-1917 (2)

Block, George Montgomery: lawyer

Block, Louis J.: poet and educator

Blodgett, Wells Howard: lawyer and general solicitor of the Wabash Railroad (2)

Blood, Sullivan: President of Boatman’s Bank, 1854-1871 (2)

Blossom, Henry Martyn: President of HM Blossom & Co. Insurance (2)

Blossom, Marion Clifford: wife of Dwight Bradford Blossom

Blount, Renee: tennis player

Blow, Henry Taylor: businessman, legislator, and philanthropist (3)

Blow, Susan E.: kindergarten pioneer (4)

Blumeyer, Arthur A.: banker (2)

Bode, Erwin H.: clergyman at St. Paul’s Evangelical and Reformed Church

Boehmer, Otto J.: architect

Boernstein, Henry: publisher of the "Anzeiger des Westerns"

Bofingen, John N.: 1st president of the St. Louis and New Orleans Packet Company

Boggs, Lilburn W.: Missouri Governor, 1836-1840

Bogy, Lewis V.: President of the Iron Mountain Railroad Company (2)

Bohanon, M. Leo: Director of Urban League activities

Bohmer, John G.: President of Jones Commercial College

Boland, John L.: President of the John L. Boland Book & Stationery Co. (2)

Bolling, Richard: Missouri US Representative, 1979-1983

Bommarito, Vincent J.: owner of Tony’s Restaurant

Bond, Christopher: Missouri Governor, 1973-1977/1981-1985; Missouri US Senator, 1987-2011 (5)

Bond, Henry W.: Missouri Supreme Court judge, 1913-1919

Bond, Young Hance: doctor; Dean and professor gynecology at Marion-Sims College

Boogher, John Hogan: lawyer

Boogher, John P.: businessman

Boogher, Lawrence: dry goods merchant

Boone, Daniel: pioneer and frontiersman (20)

Boone, John "Blind": composer and pianist

Borresen, John G.: lawyer

Bosely, Freeman Jr.: St. Louis Mayor, 1993-1997 (2)

Bottomley, James "Sunny Jim": Cardinals baseball player, 1922-1932; Browns baseball player, 1936-1937

Bowles, Edward Lindley: inventor, engineer, and educator

Boyd, Samuel S.: lawyer

Boyd, WW: pastor at Second Baptist Church

Bradley, Bill: basketball player; New Jersey US Senator, 1979-1997

Bradley, Frank R.: Director of Barnes Hospital

Bradley, Omar N.: Army officer (8)

Brady, James McCord: founder of McCord Brady Co.

Branch, Joseph W.: manufacturer

Brandeis, Louis Dembitz: US Supreme Court judge, 1916-1939 (7)

Brandes, Alan: pianist

Brandt, Raymond P.: St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter (2)

Brant, Joshua B.: soldier and businessman

Brawley, John: Ferguson, MO Mayor, 1964-1973

Breadon, Sam: president of Cardinals baseball team, 1919-1925 (3)

Breckenridge, Donald E.: hotels business

Brennan, Edward James: federal investigator

Brennan, Martin S.: clergyman and astronomer

Bretsnyder, Ferdinand C.: President of the Bell Oil Company

Brice, Fanny: comedian and entertainer (3)

Bridge, Hudson E.: founder of Empire Stove Works (2)

Britton, Roy Frank: lawyer (2)

Britton, Schuyler P.: President of Cardinals baseball team

Broadhead, James O.: lawyer (4)

Brock, James E.: Secretary and Director of the Mississippi Valley Trust Co.

Brock, Lou: Cardinals baseball player, 1961-1979 (6)

Brock, William R.: standard bearer

Brockman, Arthur: grain commissioner

Brockman, Philip H.: automobile dealer (2)

Brockmeyer, Henry C.: philosopher (2)

Broek, GH Ten: lawyer and editor

Brogan, Joseph H.: Missouri State Senator

Brokaw, Charles Livingston: banker

Bromschwig, Henry: founder of Henry Bromschwig & Co., tailors’ trimmings

Brookings, Robert S.: President of Washington University; philanthropist (5)

Brookmire, James H.: wholesale grocer

Brooks, George Raithel: Director of the Missouri Historical Society

Brooks, Hugh M.: murdered Charles Preller, 1885

Brooks, Robert B.: engineer; member of the Missouri State Highway Commission

Brosius, William Lewis: physician

Brosnan, Jim: Cardinals baseball player, 1958-1959

Brostron, Curtis: St. Louis Chief of Police, 1960-1970

Brown, Alanson D.: President of the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co. (4)

Brown, Arlayne: sharpshooter (2)

Brown, Baxter L.: civil engineer (2)

Brown, Charles S.: President of Hall & Brown Woodworking Machine Co.

Brown, George W.: President of Brown Shoe Co.

Brown, Mrs. George W.: funded the George Warren Brown School of Social Work

Brown, James Barrett: plastic surgeon

2/- Brownlee, John A.: President of Merchants’ Bank              

Brungard, Mrs. Edward G.: St. Louis Director of Public Welfare

Brono, Frank: professor and head of Washington University’s Department of Social Work

Brute, Simon: Catholic bishop, missionary, and educator

Bryan, P. Taylor: lawyer at Bryan & Christie

Bryan, R. Shepard: physician to medical clinic at Washington University

Bryan, William: St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent (2)

Buchman, Frank: religious leader

Buchtel, John R.: philanthropist

Buck, Dudley: composer and organist

Buck, Jack: sportscaster (2)

Buck, Myron M.: railroad supplier

Buckland, Thomas A.: businessman

Budd, George Knight: financier

Buddy, Edward P.: physician; President of the St. Louis Medical Society

Buder, Gustavus Adolphus: lawyer; President of the American Press (2)

Buder, Susan R.: worked for the welfare of children; namesake of St. Louis City school and library and St. Louis County park

Buford, Carter M.: Missouri State senator, 1906-1922

Bumbry, Grace: singer (11)

Bunch, Marion E.: professor; chairman with the Department of Psychology at Washington University

Bunsen, Robert: chemist

Burgess, Gavon: Missouri Supreme Court judge, 1893-1910

Burkham, Elzey: contracting engineer

Burlingame, Ira L.: railway official

Burlingham, Mrs. Louis H.: vice-president of the Girl Scouts Organization

Burnham, Michael: clergyman at Pilgrim Congregational Church

Burr, Truman Thomas: lawyer

Burroughs, William: writer (2)

Burrowes, Lon M.: St. Louis Globe-Democrat editor

Burton, William V.: hotel business

Busch, Adolphus: brewer (4)

Busch, Adolphus III: second vice-president of Anheuser-Busch (3)

Busch, Alice: daughter of August Anheuser Busch Sr.; Veiled Prophet Queen, 1922 (3)

Busch, August Anheuser Sr.: brewer; president and CEO of Anheuser-Busch (7)

Busch, August Anheuser Jr.: brewer; president of Anheuser-Busch; owner of Cardinals baseball team (4)

Busch, August Anheuser III: brewer; chairman of Anheuser-Busch (4)

Busch, Marie: daughter of Adolphus Busch III (3)

Bush, Benjamin F.: president of the Missouri Pacific Railroad (2)

Bush, John A.: businessman; board chairman of Brown Shoe Co.

Bushnell, William M.: general freight agent with the St. Louis-Peoria Line

Bussmann, Henry: founder of Bussmann Manufacturing Company

Butler, John M.: unknown

Butler, Ralph: musician

Byers, Joshua Kennedy: unknown

Byrne, Harry L.: Catholic priest; director of Father Dunne’s Home for Newsboys

Byrne, John Jr.: real estate business

Byrnes, James W.: belting manufacturer

Cabanne, Joseph Charless: President of the St. Louis Dairy Company

Cabanne, Julie: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1905

Cabell, Margaret: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1907

Cabet, Etienne: philosopher (2)

Cadle, Henry: Secretary of the Sons of Veterans in Missouri

Cady, L. Bertram: President of L. Bertram Cady Co., merchant tailors (2)

Cale, George William: Chief Surgeon in St. Louis

Calfree, Joseph Starke: banker

Calhoun, David R. Sr.: President of Ely & Walker Dr. Good Company (3)

Calhoun, David R. Jr.: President of the St. Louis Union Trust Co.

Calhoun, John W.: judge

Callanan, Lawrence: politician

Christy, Calvin: influential family in Oak Hill neighborhood; founder of Christy Fire Clay Company

Camden, Peter G.: St. Louis Mayor, 1846-1847

Campbell, Edward Taylor: President of the American Central Insurance Company

Campbell, George A.: clergyman at Union Avenue Christian Church

Campbell, James A.: son of fur trader Robert Campbell

Campbell, James Alexander: physician; oculist and aurist (2)

Campbell, Lewis F.: Vice-President of the Dr. JH McLean Medicine Co.

Campbell, Ralph Burden: son of James Alexander Campbell

Campbell, Robert: banker and fur trader (2)

Campbell, Robert A.: general freight and passenger agent for the Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis Railroad

Capen, Adaline: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1913

Capen, Samuel Davis: George D. Capen & Co., fire insurance (2)

Capps, George H.: President of Volkswagen Mid-America Inc.

Caray, Harry: Cardinals baseball sportscaster

Carberry, John Joseph: Catholic cardinal (14)

Carey, Ralph W.: Director of the St. Louis Housing Authority

Carleton, Murray: President of Carleton Dry Goods Co.; Vice-President of United Railways Co. of St. Louis

Carleton, Susan Rebecca: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1909

Carlin, Thomas: Illinois Governor, 1838-1842 (2)

Carlton, Steve: Cardinals baseball player, 1965-1971

Carnegie, Andrew: steel magnate and public benefactor (15)

Carney, Jack: radio personality

Carnovsky, Morris: Shakespearean actor

Carpenter, George O.: father of the President of the Board of the St. Louis Public Library

Carpenter, William Guy: lawyer

Carr, Archibald, F.: clergyman at Central Presbyterian Church

Carr, Joseph Samuel: banker

Caroll, JH: lawyer; Attorney General of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad

Carson, Gibson W.: doctor in Washington County, MO

Carson, William GB: Washington University drama professor (2)

Carter, John Henton: writer; Commodore Rollingpin

Carter, L. Ray: Carter Commission Co.

Carter, William Francis: banker and lawyer; President of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce and Board of Education

Carvalho, Eleazar de: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra conductor, 1963-1968 (2)

Cary-Elwes, Columba: Prior at St. Louis Priory

Case, JB: railroad and railway business

Casey, James: Captain at Jefferson Barracks

Cashman, John: unknown

Cass, Lewis: lawyer and statesman (2)

Castello, Charles: St. Ferdinand Mayor

Catlin, Daniel: President of the Catlin Tobacco Company (2)

Caulfield, Henry Stewart: Missouri Governor, 1929-1933 (3)

Caulfield, Mrs. Henry S.

Cedeno, Cesar: Cardinals baseball player, 1985

Cejka, Susan: President of Cejka & Company, executive search firm

Cenatiemp, Charles A.: author

Cervantes, Alfonso: St. Louis Mayor, 1965-1973 (5)

Cervantes, Barry: businessman; son of Alfonso Cervantes

Chadeayne, Henry F.: insurance executive (2)

Chambers, Maurice R.: President of Interco Incorporated

Chambers, Stuart M.: Treasurer of the Pulitzer Publishing Co.

Chambers, William Nisbet: writer

Chandler, DeLacy: Secretary of the Mississippi Valley Trust Co.

Chaplin, Winfield S.: Chancellor of Washington University, 1891-1907

Chappell, Edwin Rutherford: lawyer; Collins, Jamison & Chappell

Charless, Joseph: founder of the St. Louis Republic; printer and publisher (3)

Charless, Joseph Jr.: banker and businessman (2)

Chase, William M.: painter

Chauvenet, William: Chancellor of Washington University, 1861-1870; founder of the US Naval Academy (2)

Chauvenet, Mrs. William Marc: mother of William Chauvenet

Chenier, Antoine: pioneer and businessman (2)

Chevillon, Charles: businessman

Child, Alonzo: businessman

Childers, Naomi: actress

Childs, Marquis: journalist (2)

Chiswell, Joseph M.: businessman and jeweler

Chivvis, Mrs. William: President of the Missouri Federation of Women’s Clubs

Chopin, Kate: author

Chouteau, Auguste: founder of St. Louis (3)

Chouteau, Auguste: great-great-grandson of founder, Auguste Chouteau (3)

Chouteau, Charles Pierre: businessman (3)

Chouteau, Henri: businessman

Chouteau, Lucille: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1903

Chouteau, Pierre: fur trader

Chouteau, Pierre Jr.: fur trader and businessman (3)

Chouteau, Pierre III: Chairman of the World’s Fair Committee of Two Hundred

Christie, Harvey L.: lawyer

Christopher, Mrs. J. Arthur: unknown

Christy, Andrew: merchant

Christy, Calvin M.: President of Christy Fire Clay Co.

Christy, John G.: Missouri State Representative; Missouri State Speaker of the House, 1935-1941

Christy, William T.: merchant and pioneer (5)

Church, Marguerite S.: Illinois congresswoman, 1951-1963

Churchill, Winston: author (5)

Clardy, Martin L.: lobbyist for the Missouri Pacific

Clark, Bennett C.: Missouri US Senator, 1933-1945 (4)

Clark, Champ: Missouri US Representative, 1893-1921; US Speaker of the House, 1911-1919 (8)

Clark, Charles Dismas: Catholic priest (2)

Clark, Edwin M.: President of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. (3)

Clark, Horace G.: General Superintendent of the Missouri Pacific Railway Co.

Clark, John: owner of Clamorgan’s in Clayton, MO

Clark, Silas Henry H.: Superintendent of the Union Pacific Railroad

Clark, William: explorer and geographer (7)

Clark, William G.: lumber merchant (2)

Clarke, Bertrand Rockwell: Vice-President of the United States Trust Co.

Clarke, William Fayal: St. Nicholas Magazine editor

Clarke, William Rockwell: Kansas City banker

Clarkson, W. Palmer: lawyer with Attorney Fidelity & Casualty Co. and Southern Missouri Railroad Co. (2)

Clay, William: Missouri US Representative, 1969-2001

Clemens, Clara: daughter of mark Twain; singer and pianist

Clemens, Samuel "Mark Twain": author and humorist (23)

Clemens, Olivia: wife of Mark Twain

Clifford, Clark McAdams: lawyer; Secretary of Defense, 1968-1969 (3)

Cloud, Charles: Catholic priest; President of St. Louis University

Clymer, Harry G.: architect

Cochran, Alexander G.: railroad lawyer

Cochran, John J.: congressman

Cole, John J.: President of Col Bros., lightning rod manufacturers

Cole, Nathan: St. Louis Mayor, 1869-1871

Cole, Ned: Dean at Christ Church Cathedral (2)

Cole, Nelson: Army officer, businessman, and politician

Cole, Richard H.: inventor and manufacturer

Collett, Joan: St. Louis Public Library Director, 1978-1986

Collier, Robert: writer

Collins, Charles Cummings: lawyer (2)

Collins, James "Rip": Cardinals baseball player, 1931-1936

Collins, Martin J.: President of the Graham Paper Co.

Collins, Robert E.: lawyer with Collins, Jamison & Chappell

Colnon, RS: engineer

Comiskey, Charles A.: Browns baseball player, 1891 (2)

Commoner, Barry: ecologist at Washington University

Compton, Arthur Holly: physicist; Washington University Chancellor (9)

Comstock, Thomas Griswold: physician

Conant, Theodore P.: Secretary of Sligo Iron Store Co.

Condict, Wilson W.: President of the Newspaper Advertising Executive Association

Condon, August A.: baker

Conn, Joseph H.: merchant and businessman (2)

Connors, Jimmy: tennis player

Conrades, John Henry: President of the JH Conrades Chair & Parlor Furniture Co.

Conradis, Charles: lawyer

Conroy, Jack: author (2)

Conway, James: St. Louis Mayor, 1977-1981

Conway, William: Director of the Bronx Zoo (2)

Conzelman, Jimmy: Washington University quarterback (2)

Cook, Douglas G.: manufacturer

Cook, Isaac: president of the American Wine Co.

Cook, James F.: President of the St. Louis Real Estate Board

Cook, Sam: Missouri Secretary of State, 1901-1905

Cook, Theodore P.: Superintendent of the Western Union Telegraph Co.

Cockrell, Francis M.: Missouri US Senator, 1875-1905 (2)

Cope, Clyde C.: Missouri State Senator, 1935-1938

Cornwall, Frederick Reid: lawyer with Bakewell & Cornwall

Coste, Felix: President of the St. Louis Board of Public Schools

Coyle, James F.: merchant with Coyle & Sargent, sewing silks

Crabb, Robert A.: unknown

Craig, Robert E. Lee: pastor with the Church of the Holy Communion

Cramer, F. Ernest: Vice-President of the G. Cramer Dry Plate Co.

Cramer, Gustav: photographer; founder of the G. Cramer Dry Place Co.

Crawford, Dugwald: founder of D. Crawford & Co., retail dry goods

Creecy, Edmond Perkins: St. Louis Chief of Police, 1906-1910

Crenshaw, John Holmes: osteopathic physician

Cresap, Sanford Preston: Methodist clergyman

Crews, Thomas Bouldin: judge

Crimmins, Harry B.: Catholic priest; President of St. Louis University

Crittenden, Thomas T.: Missouri Governor, 1881-1885

Cronkite, Walter: broadcaster (2)

Crow, Wayman: founder of Washington University (3)

Crunden, Frederick M.: librarian with the St. Louis Public Library (3)

Crunden, Mrs. Frederick M.

Crunden, Mrs.: mother of Frederick M. Crunden

Culver, BB: President of the Wrought Iron Range Co.

Culver, Edwin: President of the Municipal Theatre Association

Culver, Lucius L.: founder of LL Culver Manufacturing Company/Majestic Manufacturing Company

Culver, Mary: wife of Lucius L. Culver; philanthropist

Cummings, John K.: glass manufacturer

Curd, Charles P.: Principal of Smith Academy

Curlee, Francis M.: lawyer

Curran, Cornelius P.: printer (3)

Curran, Pearl: writer inspired by the supposed spirit of Patience Worth

Curtis, Chester B.: Principal at Central High School

Curtis, Henry H.: President of Scarritt-Comstock Furniture Co.

Curtis, Orson L.: President of the St. Louis Rotary Club

Curtis, Samuel R.: Union General and engineer (2)

Curtis, Tom: Missouri US Representative, 1951-1969

Curtiss, Glenn H.: inventor and aviator

Cuthbert, Charles McIntosh: Treasurer of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Missouri

3/- Daggett, John D.: St. Louis Mayor, 1841-1842 (3)          

Dalton, John M.: Missouri Attorney General, 1953-1961; Missouri Governor, 1961-1965

Dalton, Mrs. John M.

Danforth, Donald: Chairman of the Board for Ralston Purina Co.; philanthropist (3)

Danforth, William H.: founder of Ralston Purina Co. (3)

Danforth, William H. II: doctor; Chancellor of Washington University (4)

Darby, John F.: St. Louis Mayor, 1835-1837/1840-1841 (3)

D’Arcy, William C.: President of the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World

Darragh, Nelson R.: fur trader

Darst, Joseph M.: St. Louis Mayor, 1949-1953 (2)

Davidson, Clarissa Start: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Davis, Albert J.: banker

Davis, Chester C.: agriculturist and banker

Davis, Dwight: tennis player; founded the Davis Cup; Secretary of War, 1925-1929 (8)

Davis, Mrs. Dwight

Davis, Horatio N.: President of Smith & Davis Manufacturing Co., iron bedsteads and spring beds

Davis, John D.: Vice-President of the Mississippi Valley Trust Co.

Davis, John T.: financier

Davis, Miles: jazz trumpeter (3)

Davis, Rex: radio personality with KMOX

Davis, Robert S.: general freight agent with the St. Louis Southwestern Railway Co.

Davis, William R.: judge

Davis, William W.: art glass windows and mural decorations

Day, Franklin O.: merchant

Dean, Charles L.: Vice-President of Ludlow-Saylor Wire Co.; Vice-President of St. Louis Transfer Co.

Dean, Hal: businessman

Dean, Jay Hafner "Dizzy": Cardinals baseball player, 1930/1932-1937 (3); Browns baseball player, 1947

Deibel, Frederick: businessman

Deibel, Ruth: daughter of Frederick Deibel

DeLassus, Carlos: Spanish Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana

DeMenil, Alexander N.: literary scholar, politician, and historian

Dempsey, Edward: Dean of Washington University School of Medicine

Dempsey, "Father Tim": Catholic priest; advocate for the poor

Dennig, Louis E.: businessman

Denny, Tony: St. Louis Recorder of Deeds (4)

Dent, Frederick F.: lawyer; father of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant

Dent, Ellen: mother of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant

Denvir, John B.: Manager of the P. Hayden Saddlery Hardware Co.

Derringer, Paul: Cardinals baseball player, 1931-1933

Desloge, Louis: Lieutenant; founder of Watlow

DeSmet, Pierre-Jean: Catholic priest; missionary to the Native Americans (3)

Devine, Bing: Manager of Cardinals baseball team, 1957-1964

Devlin, Nancy: actress

DeVoto, Frank A.: St. Louis Fire Chief, 1932-1933

Devoy, Edward: President of the Merchants’ Exchange of St. Louis

Diamant, Henry A.: President of the St. Louis Commission Co.

Dibble, Horace P.: concert singer and vocal instructor

Dickman, Bernard: St. Louis Mayor, 1933-1941 (5)

Dickson, Joseph Jr.: lawyer

Dillon, Paul: lawyer

Diller, Phyllis: comedian (2)

Dimmock, Thomas: journalist

Dirksen, Everett M.: Illinois US Senator, 1951-1969 (3)

Dischert, George C.: carriage manufacturer

Disbrow, Charles W.: lawyer

Disney, Walt: cartoonist and movie producer (4)

Dockery, Alexander M.: Missouri Governor, 1901-1905

Dodd, Samuel Morris: businessman

Doisy, Edward A.: physician

Donnell, Forrest C.: Missouri Governor, 1941-1945 (3)

Donnell, Mrs. Forrest C.

Donnelly, Phil M.: Missouri Governor, 1945-1949/1953-1957 (3)

Donnelly, Mrs. Phil M.

Dooley, Thomas A.: physician (2)

Doran, William J.: Missouri State Senator, 1932-1944

Dorriss, George Poole: merchant and businessman

Dorsey, Florence: author

Dostal, Hynek: editor of Catholic newspaper Hlas; appointed to the Order of Knight of St. George

Dougherty, John: fur trade

Douglas, Donald Wills: aircraft manufacturer; merged with McDonnell Aircraft

Douglas, Stephan A.: statesman (9)

Dousman, Hercules L. II: art patron

Doyle, James G.: President of HG Doyle Bricklaying Company

Doyle, Nicholas A.: unknown

Dozier, James: manufacturer

Dozier, Lewis D.: Manager of Dozier Banker; Director of Merchants-Laclede National Bank

Dozier, Lewis D. Jr.: businessman

Drefs, Arthur G.: industrialist

Drew, Francis A.: local manager of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.; Director of Merchants-Laclede National Bank

Drischler, Francis: architect

Drummond, Harrison I.: Treasurer of Drummond Realty & Investment Co.; Director of Mississippi Valley Trust Co.

Drummond, John N.: Director of Third National Bank

Drummond, John N. Jr.: capitalist

DuBois, Gaston F.: Vice-President of Monsanto Chemical Co. (2)

Dubourg, Louis GV: Catholic bishop; founded St. Louis University (2)

Duchesne, Philippine: Catholic nun and saint; established Sacred Heart Convent

Duford, William: St. Louis University football coach

Duggan, Martin: journalist; creator and host of "Donnybrook"

Dula, Robert B.: Managing Director of the Continental Tobacco Co.

Dunham, Katherine: dancer, entertainer, and social activist

Dunham, William G.: Secretary of Dunham Manufacturing Co.

Dunklin, Daniel: Missouri Governor, 1832-1836

Dunne, Edward F.: Illinois Governor, 1913-1917

Dupierris, Amie: cotton manufacturer

Durocher, Leo: Cardinals baseball player, 1933-1937

Dyer, David Patterson: federal judge (2)

Dyer, Ezra Hunt: Secretary and Treasurer of the Mound City Paint and Color Co.

Dyer, George L.: Manager of the Columbian National Life Insurance Co.

Dyer, William C.: Principal of Madison School in Webster Groves, MO

Eads, Eunice Sarah: wife of James Buchanan Eads

Eagleton, Thomas: Missouri Attorney General, 1961-1965; Missouri Lieutenant Governor, 1965-1968; Missouri US Senator, 1968-1987 (2)

Eames, Charles: architect

Early, Marion C.: lawyer and judge

Eastham, Richard: singer and actor

Easton, Alton R.: namesake of Alton, IL

Easton, Rufus: 1st Postmaster of St. Louis; Missouri Attorney General, 1821-1826; founded Alton, IL (2)

Edwards, George L.: President of AG Edwards & Sons Brokerage Co., bankers and brokers

Edwards, Joe: owner of Blueberry Hill (2)

Edwards, Richard: author

Edwards, Waller: lawyer; Assistant Supervisor of the State Department of Revenue

Ehlermann, Charles: President of Charles Ehlermann Hop & Malt Co.

Ehrmann, Max: author (2)

Ehnts, Bernard J.: lumber industry

Einstein, Alfred C.: Vice-President and General Manager of the Union Electric Light and Power Company (2)

Eiseman, David: Vice-President of Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co. (2)

Eiseman, Frederick B.: merchant

Eliot, Thomas H.: Dean and Chancellor of Washington University (2)

Elkins, Stanley: writer and teacher

Elliott, John C.: managing agent for Missouri IT & OT Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York

Ellison, Augustus B.: secretary and treasurer of the HH Coleman Company, merchandise brokers

Engelbach, William: physician

Engelmann, George: physician, surgeon, and botanist; helped develop Missouri Botanical Garden (2)

Engler, Edmund: mathematics professor at Washington University

Ennis, Del: Cardinals baseball player, 1957-1958

Erdman, Loula Grace: author

Erlanger, Joseph: doctor; Nobel Prize winner

Erker, Adolph P.: President of Erker Bros. Optical Co. (2)

Ernst, Lily: teacher

Evans, Albert D.: Strahorn-Hutton-Evans Com. Co., live stock commission

Evans, William T.: unknown

Ewing, James F.: President and General Manager of JF Ewing Salt Co. (2)

Ewing, Mark: unknown (2)

Ewing, William L.: merchant and businessman (2)

Eyssell, Moritz: President of the Master Builders’ Association (2)

Fagin, Aaron W.: businessman

Fardwell, Harry Ringgold: civil engineer and sewer commissioner

Faris, Charles B.: judge

Farrar, Anne: European war worker

Farrar, Benedict: architect

Fedder, William: businessman

Fellows, Albert Melvin: coal business

Ferguson, Peter: judge

Feuerbacher, Frank W.: President of Southern Commercial Bank and FW Feuerbacher & Co., malster (2)

Feuerbacher, Max: brewer

Field, Eugene: poet (3)

Field, Kate: journalist, author, editor, and orator

Field, John Telfair: businessman

Filipiak, Edward Stanislaus: Catholic priest; advocate for restoration of Shrine of St. Joseph

Filley, Chauncey Ives: St. Louis Mayor, 1863-1864; St. Louis Postmaster, 1873-1878 (2)

Filley, Giles F.: stove manufacturer (2)

Filley, John D.: President of the American Manufacturing Co.

Filley, Oliver Dwight: St. Louis Mayor, 1858-1861 (2)

Finkelnburg, George A.: lawyer

Finlay, Andrew Mitchell: President of Waters-Pierce Oil Co.

Finnegan, James P.: St. Louis prosecuting attorney

Fish, Albert Goodrich: Vice-President of Kokon Iron Works and Koken Realty Co.

Fisher, Samuel B.: chief engineer for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway

Fitzgerald, James N.: resident bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Fitzpatrick, Daniel R.: cartoonist

Flad, Edward: civil engineer

Fleisher, Moyer S.: bacteriologist

Flickinger, Adam: dentist; professor at St. Louis Dental College

Flitcraft, Pembrook R.: judge in the circuit court of St. Louis

Flood, Curt: Cardinals baseball player, 1958-1969

Flowers, D’Arcy Raymond "Jake": Cardinals baseball player, 1923/1926/1931-1932

Floyd, John: Missouri Senator

Folk, Joseph Wingate: Missouri Governor, 1905-1909 (4)

Folk, Mrs. Joseph W.

Folk, Martha Cornelia: mother of Joseph Wingate Folk

Fontaine, Pat: TV personality

Foote, Edward T.: Dean of the College of Law at Washington University

Ford, Dick: TV personality

Ford, Thomas: Illinois Governor, 1842-1846

Fordyce, Jane: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1897

Fordyce, Samuel W.: President of the Kansas City Southern Railway Co. (2)

Forshaw, Joseph: long-distance runner; Olympian

Forsyth, Robert: businessman

Fowler, Albert Covington: lawyer with Fowler & Fowler

Fox, Della: actress (3)

Foxworth, Ken: University City High School linebacker

Frager, Malcolm: pianist (2)

Frakes, Eugene N.: Captain at Jefferson Barracks

Fraley, Moses: underwriter for Fire & Liability Insurance

Francetta, Sister: nun and President of Webster College

Francis, David R.: Missouri Governor, 1889-1893 (6)

Francis, Mrs. David R.

Franciscus, James Madison: businessman

Franciscus, Marion: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1919

Francis, Edward: doctor; US Public Health Service

Frank, Dorothy: dancer

Frank, Eugene M.: bishop with the Methodist Church of Missouri

Frank, Nathan: President of the Missouri Famous Players Corporation; Missouri US Representative, 1889-1891 (2)

Frederick, Corinne: pianist

Fremont, Jessie Benton: wife of General John C. Fremont (3)

Fremont, John C.: explorer, politician, and General (11)

Fremont, Lily: early St. Louisan

French, Clifford E.: banker

Freund, Arthur J.: lawyer

Freund, Leopold: President of Freund Brothers Bread Co.; Director of South Side Bank

Freytag, Reinold: German consul in St. Louis

Fries, John A.: unknown

Frisch, Frank: Cardinals baseball player, 1927-1937 (2)

Fristoe, John W.: manufacturer and businessman

Froman, Jane: singer and actress (3)

Frost, Daniel M.: Civil War General (2)

Fruchte, Amelia C.: teacher (2)

Fruin, Jeremiah: head of Fruin-Colon Construction Co.

Fry, Frank Rhodes: neurologist; Washington University professor (2)

Frye, William G.: President of the William G. Frye Manufacturing Company

Fuller, Mrs. Aaron: wife of Aaron Fuller of Stix, Baer & Fuller

Fuller, Alfred Carl: President of the Fuller Brush Company

Fuller, Buckminster: engineer and architect (2)

Fullerton, Joseph Scott: Civil War General; St. Louis Postmaster (3)

Fullerton, Samuel H.: President of the Chicago Lumber & Coal Co. (2)

Funkhouser, Robert M.: businessman; President of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce

Furgol, Ed: golfer

Furlong, Thomas: President of the Furlong Secret Service Co. (2)

Fusz, Louis: President of Regina Flour Mill Co.; Director of the German Savings Institution

Gaier, Ernest: businessman

Galbreath, George Washington: cashier at Third National Bank

Gale, Daniel B.: wholesale grocer

Galloway, Charles: organist

Galoskowsky, Theodore F.: printer

Galston, Gottfried: pianist and teacher (2)

Gamble, George Andrews: unknown

Gamble, Hamilton Rowan: Missouri governor during the Civil War, 1861-1864

Gantt, James B.: judge on Missouri Supreme Court, 1891-1910

Garavelli, Joseph: restauranteur (2)

Gardner, AEL: lawyer

Gardner, Frederick Dozier: Missouri governor, 1917-1921 (5)

Garesche, Vital W.: lawyer and judge

Garneau, Joseph: baker

Garrels, Gerhard William: banker

Garrison, Daniel Randall: vice-president and treasurer of the Missouri Pacific Railroad

Garrison, Flint: printer

Gass, William: philosophy professor at Washington University; author

Gast, August: lithographer

Gaty, Samuel: merchant and businessman (2)

Gauss, Charles Frederick: president of the Gauss-Shelton Hat Co.

Gay, John H.: businessman

Gaylord, Clifford W.: Missouri adjutant general; president of Gaylord Container Corp.

Gaylord, Samuel A.: Gaylord, Blessing & Co., investment securities and bond/stock brokers

Gecks, Frank: music business

Gecks, Mathilde C.: teacher and assistant superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools

Gehner, Henry W.: president of H. Gehner Distilling Co.

Geissler, Eugene: publisher

Gelbert, Charles: Cardinals baseball player, 1929-1932/1935-1936

Geller, HW: president of Geller, Ward & Hasner Hardware Co.

Gellhorn, Edna: president of the Radio Council of St. Louis

Gellhorn, Mrs. George: participant in the St. Louis Pageant and Masque

Gellhorn, Martha: author; wife of Ernest Hemingway (2)

Gentry, North Todd: lawyer

Gentry, William Richard: lawyer

George, William Perry: diplomat to Ethiopia and Malta

Gerdine, Leigh: chairman of the music department at Washington University; president of Webster College (3)

Gephardt, Jane: wife of politician Dick Gephardt

Gerhart, Charles Beauregard: real estate business (2)

Gerk, Joseph A.: St. Louis chief of police, 1925-1934

Gerling, Henry J.: St. Louis Public Schools superintendent, 1929-1940

Geyer, HS: lawyer in the Dred Scott case

Gibson, Bob: Cardinals baseball player, 1959-1975

Gibson, Charles: lawyer and statesman

Gibson, Virginia: actress

Giddings, Salmon: clergyman; established 1st Presbyterian church in St. Louis

4/- Gill, Forrest Mason: unknown         

Gill, McCune: businessman (2)

Glaser, Adolph: Adolph Glaser & Brother, embroideries and laces importers

Glaser, Julius: dry goods merchant (2)

Glaser, Sigmund: Adolph Glaser & Brother, embroideries and laces importers

Glasgow, William: wine manufacturer

Glennon, John J.: Catholic cardinal; archbishop of St. Louis (9)

Glover, Henry: businessman

Godefroy, Alexandre Ferdinand: hairdresser; hairdryer inventor

Godfrey, James Aloysius: general contractor

Goerger, William: president of the William Goerger Malting Co.

Goins, Benjamin: St. Louis license collector (2)

Goldman, Alvin D.: president of Lesser-Goldman Commission Company

Goldman, Jacob D.: president of Adler-Goldman Commission Company; president of Lesser Cotton Co.

Golschmann, Vladimir: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra conductor, 1931-1958 (3)

Golterman, Guy: lawyer; general director of the St. Louis Grand Opera Co.

Gonzales, Miguel: Cardinals baseball player, 1915-1918

Goodell, CL: clergyman at Pilgrim Congregational Church

Gorse, Edward H.: secretary and treasurer for Monarch Rubber Co.

Gossrau, Otto J.: banker

Gould, David B.: publisher (2)

Grable, Betty: actress (7)

Grace, Charity: actress and teacher

Grace, PF: real estate business

Gradolph, William F.: engineer

Grant, Frederick Dent: Brigadier-General; son of Ulysses S. Grant (2)

Grant, Julia: wife of Ulysses S. Grant

Grant, Ulysses S.: Civil War General; US President, 1869-1877 (33)

Grant, Ulysses S. Jr.: son of Ulysses S. Grant

Grattendick, Alfred L.: lawyer and politician

Gratz, Benjamin: Warren, Jones & Gratz, cotton business (2)

Grayson, Kathryn: actress

Greeley, Carlos S.: wholesale grocer

Green, Charles: businessman

Green, Ernest A.: unknown

Green, John: physician; professor of ophthalmology at Washington University

Green, John F.: lawyer

Green, John L.: president of Laclede-Christy Clay Products Co.

Green, William C.: physician and surgeon

Green, William L.: president of WL Green Commission Co.

Green, William Wallace: steamboat captain

Greene, JP: president of William Wood College

Greene, Theodore Platt: businessman

Greensfelder, AP: engineer

Greer, Edward O.: physician; specialist in women diseases

Gregg, William H.: member of Quantrill’s Raiders

Grennan, Jacqueline: president of Webster College

Greve, Henry: banker

Griesedieck, Joseph: brewer; president of Falstaff Brewing (2)

Griffin, Everett Paul: lawyer

Grimes, Burleigh: Cardinals baseball player, 1930-1931/1933-1934

Grimsley, Thornton: Colonel and politician

Grollman, Jerome: rabbi

Grossman, Betty: art historian

Grossman, Mrs. EM: suffragist

Grove, EW: president of Paris Medicine Co.

Grund, Adolph R.: lawyer

Guilfoil, Thomas Joseph: lawyer

Guilford, Carol: actress

Gundlach, John H.: civic worker (3)

Gluth, Edwin F. Sr.: founder of the Edwin F. Guth Company

Haack, Katherine: nun; first Deaconess Sister in St. Louis

Haase, ACL: president of the ACL Haase Fish Co.

Hackman, Frederick M.: president of Hackman Brothers, grocers

Hadley, Herbert S.: lawyer and educator; Missouri governor, 1909-1913 (4)

Haemerle, Betty Jane: golfer

Hafey, Charles "Chick": Cardinals baseball player, 1924-1931

Hagar, William Gardner: president of the Western Iron & Supply Co.

Hager, Wesley: clergyman at Grace Methodist Church

Hagerman, James: lawyer

Hagerman, Lee W.: lawyer

Haggerty, William Henry: merchant

Hahn, Emily: writer

Haile, Columbus: traffic manager for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway

Haines, Jesse: Cardinals baseball player, 1920-1937

Haizlip, Jimmy: aviator

Hall, Frederick A.: chancellor of Washington University, 1913-1923 (2)

Hall, Maude Edna: leading lady at the Grand Opera House

Hallahan, William: Cardinals baseball player, 1925-1926/1929-1936

Haller, Julius: real estate business

Halpern, Abraham E.: rabbi

Halsted, Leonora: member of the St. Louis Public Library Board

Hamburger, Viktor: professor and embryologist at Washington University

Hamilton, Alexander: judge

Hamilton, Frank Hastings: secretary and treasurer of the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Co.

Hamilton, Henry A.: lawyer

Handy, WC: composer and musician

Hannegan, Robert E.: politician

Hardin, Charles H.: Missouri governor, 1875-1877

Hardin, Mrs. Charles H.

Harney, William Selby: Civil War General

Harris, DH: writer

Harris, Fletcher R.: treasurer of McNair & Harris Real Estate Co.

Harris, William Torrey: educator; superintendent of St. Louis schools, 1867-1880 (5)

Harrison, Edwin H.: engineer

Harrison, James: iron manufacturer

Harrison, Leon H.: rabbi of Temple Israel (3)

Harrison, William H.: Brigadier-General

Hartmann, Henry Jr.: vice-president and secretary of the Hartmann Bricklaying & Contracting Co.

Hartmann, Moses: lawyer and judge

Hattersley, Lelia Chopin: playwright

Hawes, Harry B.: Missouri US representative, 1921-1926; Missouri US senator, 1926-1933 (4)

Hawes, Richard S.: banker (3)

Hawks, Cicero Stephens: Episcopal Bishop of Missouri

Hawley, Thomas S.: physician; pension examining surgeon

Hay, Charles M.: lawyer

Hayden, Charles Sprague: judge

Hayden, Edwin: resident director of the American Express Company

Hay, Sam: director of the Black Studies Program at Washington University

Hayes, Bernadine: actress

Hayes, W. Alfred: founder of the Old Warson Country Club (2)

Haynes, John Ignatius: architect with Barnett, Haynes & Barnett

Hays, Walter A.: lawyer

Hayward, Florence: writer

Head, Walter W.: banker and insurance executive

Hearnes, Warren E.: Missouri governor, 1965-1973

Hearnes, Mrs. Warren E.

Heath, George B.: St. Louis chief of electrical division

Heimbuecher, John H.: president of the John H. Heimbuecher Metals Co.; charter member of the Downtown Kiwanis Club

Heinemann, Ed: aircraft designer with Douglas Aircraft Company

Heinrich, Ross R.: seismologist at St. Louis University

Heman, Harry F.: contractor

Hemingway, WL: banker

Henderson, James A.: lawyer

Henderson, John B.: Missouri US senator, 1862-1869

Hendrick, Wilson Spoor: Lieutenant-Colonel with the Fourth Missouri Volunteers

Hennings, Thomas C. Sr.: lawyer; St. Louis Circuit Court judge (2)

Hennings, Thomas C. Jr.: Missouri US representative, 1935-1940; Missouri US senator, 1951-1960 (2)

Henry, Lawrence: pianist

Henry, Robert: unknown

Hicks, Irl I.: clergyman and meteorologist; editor of "Word & Works"; almanac author (2)

Hicks, John J.: clergyman; president of the St. Louis Board of Education

Hicks, Vera: dress designer

Hiemenz, Henry Jr.: real estate business

Highleyman, Locke T.: founder of Fidelity Bank & Trust Company

Hill, Britton Armstrong: lawyer and author (2)

Hill, Ewing Sr.: president of the Western Advertising Co.

Hill, Ewing Jr.: Western Advertising Co.

Hermann, Mathias: carpenter

Heron, Grace: principal of the Mary Institute

Herthel, Adolph: banker

Hickey, David: first St. Louisan killed in World War I (2)

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen: Secretary of the Interior, 1899-1907 (4)

Hitchcock, Henry: lawyer; co-founder of the American Bar Association and president from 1889-1890 (2)

Hitchcock, Mrs. George C.: president of the St. Louis Children’s Aid Society

Hobbs, John E.: physician

Hobbs, Roscoe C.: chairman of the board of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis

Hoblitzelle, Harrison: unknown

Hocker, Lon O.: lawyer (3)

Hodgen, John T.: surgeon (2)

Hoester, Robert: judge

Hoffman, Ray: chairman of the Safety Council of St. Louis

Hoffmann, Samuel E.: vice-president of the Mississippi Valley Trust Company

Hogan, Edward J. "Jelly Roll": founder of the Hogan Gang, Prohibition-era mobsters

Hogan, Granville: judge (2)

Hogan, John: St. Louis postmaster; Methodist clergyman

Hohman, Charles: actor

Holbrook, WJ: businessman

Holderness, Marvin E.: president of Missouri Bankers

Holland, RA: Episcopal clergyman

Hottcamp, CW: judge

Hollister, Eli Treat: printer and merchant

Holman, Charles L.: president of Laclede Gas Light Co. (2)

Holman, John B.: president of the Holman Paper Box Co. (2)

Holmes, Daniel S.: director of the American Exchange Bank

Holt, Ivan Lee Sr.: Methodist bishop

Holt, Ivan Lee Jr.: St. Louis Circuit Court judge

Holtcamp, Charles W.: lawyer (2)

Holweck, FG: Catholic priest; rector at St. Francis de Sales Church

Hope, John A.: lawyer (2)

Hopkins, Henry: clergyman; president of Williams College

Horn, Adolph: baker

Horn, George B.: division passenger agent with the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co.

Hornsby, Rogers: Cardinals baseball player, 1915-1926 (2)

Hosmer, Harriet Goodhue: sculptor; works on display in St. Louis

Hosmer, James K.: educator, historian, and writer; professor at Washington University

Hospes, Richard: banker at German Savings Institution

Hough, Warwick: Missouri Supreme Court judge, 1875-1884

Houser, Daniel M.: president of the Globe Printing Co. (2)

Howard, James: aviator

Hubbard, Robert M.: president of Hubbard & Moffitt Commission Co., grain merchants

Hudson, William A.: president of Hudson Brothers Commission Co., produce merchants

Hughes, Charles Hamilton: physician; president of Barnes Medical College

Hulling, Florence: chef and restaurant owner (2)

Humphrey, Charles: concert singer and vocal instructor

Hungerford, Clark: railroad executive

Hunt, Anne Lucas: early St. Louisan; wife of Theodore Hunt

Hunt, Harriet: wife of Theodore Hunt Jr.

Hunter, Julius: news reporter and TV anchor

Hurd, Carlos: St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter

Hurst, Fannie: author (8)

Hurt, James Jr.: businessman, civic leader, and entrepreneur

Huse, William L.: President of Huse & Loomis Ice & Transportation Co.

Husslein, Joseph: Catholic priest; editor and author

Hussmann, Harry L.: founder of Harry L. Hussmann Butchers’ Supply Co.

Huttig, Charles H.: President of Third National Bank and Huttig Sash & Door Co.

Hyde, Arthur M.: Missouri Governor, 1921-1925 (2)

Hyde, Ira Barnes: judge; father of Arthur M. Hyde

Hyde, Laurance Mastick: Missouri Supreme Court judge, 1943-1966

Hyland, Robert: General Manager of KMOX (4)

Hynd, J. Hutton: leader of the Ethical Society of St. Louis

Ikemeier, AJ: Vice-President of Scruggs, Vandervoort & Barney Dry Goods Co. and William Barr Dry Goods Co.

Ittner, Anthony: brick manufacturer; Missouri US Representative, 1877-1879

Ittner, William B.: architect (3)

Ives, Halsey C.: painter; founder of St. Louis Art Museum and Washington University School of Art (2)

Jaccard, DC: jeweler

Jackson, Charles C.: Generalissimo; businessman

Jackson, Charles Tenney: writer

Jackson, Edward Fisher: established Jackson Academy

Jackson, John: businessman

Jackson, William Rufus: St. Louis Postmaster

Jacobson, Jacob: medical examiner for the Ancient Order of United Workmen

Jacobson, Laura: delegate for the St. Louis Section of the National Convention of Jewish Women

James, Jesse: outlaw

James, Samuel: St. Louis County judge

Jamison, Dorsey Albert: lawyer (2)

January, Derrick A.: President of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce

Jeffries, Sam B.: lawyer

Jennings, Curtis M.: Berthold & Jennings Lumber Co.

Jennings, Wanda: Mrs. America, 1955

Johansen, Johan: Johansen Bros., shoe manufacturers

Johansen, Mikkel: Johansen Bros., shoe manufacturers

Johns, George S.: editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Johnson, Ada: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1920

Johnson, Charles P.: lawyer and politician (2)

Johnson, C. Oscar: pastor at Third Baptist Church; President of the Baptist World Alliance

Johnson, CW: Basket & Box Co.

Johnson, Frederick Foote: Episcopal Bishop of Missouri

Johnson, George F.: Endicott-Johnson Co., shoe manufacturers

Johnson, Henry Columbus: businessman

Johnson, Jackson: Chairman of the Board with the International Shoe Co. (2)

Johnson, John B.: physician

Johnson, Josephine: writer

Johnson, Stephen: department manager of Waters-Pierce Oil Co.

Johnson, Sydney Carter: auditor with the St. Louis Southwestern Railway Co.

Johnson, Sylvester: Cardinals baseball player, 1926-1933

Johnston, Jack: banker

Johnstone, William H.: Major-General

Jones, Alice Hanson: economics professor at Washington University

Jones, Breckenridge: President of the Mississippi Valley Trust Company (2)

Jones, Buck: actor

Jones, C. Drummond: Busch-Diesel Co.

Jones, EA: unknown

Jones, Edwin S.: banker and civic leader

Jones, Hiram K.: physician

Jones, Jonathan: educator

Jones, Mary D.: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1916 (2)

Jones, Richard A.: lawyer

Jones, Robert McKittrick: Robert McKittrick Jones & Co., dry goods commission (2)

Jones, VAL: radio announcer at KSD

Joplin, Scott: ragtime pianist (2)

Jordan, Mrs. John H.: book reviewer

Joy, Charles Frederick: Missouri US Representative, 1893-1903

Judge, Sylvester Jr.: unknown

Judson, Frederick Newton: lawyer

Kain, John J.: Catholic Archbishop of St. Louis

Kane, Patrick Joseph: Catholic priest

Kastor, Herman William: President of HW Kastor & Sons Advertising Co.

Katona, Coloman: shoemaker and music writer

Kaufmann, Aloys: St. Louis Mayor, 1943-1949 (4)

Kaufmann, Tony: Cardinals baseball player, 1927-1928/1930-1931/1935

Kayser, Alexander: businessman

Kearney, Michael: businessman

Kearny, Stephen: Major at Fort Bellefontaine

Keemhle, Charles: Superintendent of Indian Affairs; publisher (4)

Kehlor, James: Kehlor Bros., flour; Director of Third National Bank

Kiel, Henry W.: St. Louis Mayor, 1913-1925 (4)

Kier, William F.: physician (2)

Kreismann, FH: insurance businessman

Keller, Albert M.: President of the Municipal Theatre Association

Kelso, IR: lawyer

Kennard, John: merchant

Kennard, John B.: President of J. Kennard & Sons Carpet Co.

Kennedy, Edward L.: unknown

Kennedy, Joseph W.: research chemist; head of the Chemistry Department at Washington University

Kennedy, Thomas D.: Catholic priest; American Legion chaplain

Kennett, Luther M.: St. Louis Mayor, 1850-1853

Kennett, William Potts: President of the German-American Bank & Merchants Exchange

5/- Kenrick, Peter Richard: Catholic Archbishop of St. Louis (6)       

Kent, Hervey V.: President of Kent & Purdy Paint Co.

Keppler, Joseph: caricature

Kerchoff, Dan C.: President of the Pevely Dairy Co.

Kerner, Ben: owner of Hawks basketball team

Khoury, George: founder of Khoury Baseball League

Kincaid, Jim: TV personality

Kinealy, Michael: lawyer

Kinealy, William B.: judge

King, Austin: Missouri Governor, 1848-1853

King, Goodman: Mermod, Jaccard & King Jewelry Company (2)

King, Rock: singer

King, Washington: St. Louis Mayor, 1855-1856

Kingsland, Bessie: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1895

Kingsland, Lawrence Douglas: President of Kingsland Manufacturing Co. and St. Louis Manufacturers’ Assn.

Kingsland, Philip: merchant

Kinney, Michael: Missouri State Senator, 1913-1969 (2)

Kinsella, William Joseph: President and Treasurer of Hanley & Kinsella Coffee & Spice Co. (2)

Kirby, Daniel Noyes: lawyer

Kircher, Charles E.: banker; Vice-President of German-American Bank

Kirkwood, James B.: chief engineer for Missouri Pacific; namesake for Kirkwood, MO

Kirschten, Ernest H.: author

Kirtz, Frank Groom: chemist and physicist

Klasing, August F.: businessman

Klasing, William: Treasurer of the Acme Truck & Tool Company

Kline, Lewis E.: publisher and bookseller

Knapp, George: editor of the St. Louis Republican

Knapp, John: newspaperman

Knapp, Charles W.: editor of the St. Louis Republican

Knight, Charles: business executive (2)

Knight, George N.: lawyer

Knight, Harry French: Treasurer for AG Edwards & Sons Brokerage Co.

Knox, Charles G.: unknown

Koehler, Hugo Arthur: businessman

Koenig, Julius: floriculturist

Kombrink, Ilone: soprano

Kotany, Max: stock and bond broker; President of the St. Louis Stock Exchange

Krasner, William: author

Krause, J. Marvin: politician

Krieckhaus, Auguste: businessman

Krieger, Joseph A.: physician and surgeon

Kroeger, Adolph Ernst: translator and author

Kroeger, Alice: librarian

Kroeger, LR: pianist, teacher, organist, and composer

Krueger, Harry A.: unknown

Krum, Chester H.: lawyer

Krum, John: judge; St. Louis Mayor, 1849 (2)

Kunkel, Charles: musician and composer

Kurn, James M.: railway president

La Beaume, Edmund W.:

La Marchina, Robert: musician (2)

Lackey, William G.: Vice-President of the Mississippi Valley Trust Co.

Lackland, Rufus J.: banker; President of Boatmen’s Bank (2)

Laclede, Pierre: founder of St. Louis (4)

Laclede, Pierre Charles: descendent of founder Pierre Laclede

Ladner, Joyce: writer

Lambert, Albert Bond: Olympic golfer; aviator

Lambert, Marion LJ: businessman

On reverse side: Minot Simons: Unitarian clergyman

Lambert, Stafford L.: aviator and businessman

Lamont, Deni: dancer

Lampert, Jacob: cigar manufacturer

Landesman, Alfred: playwright

Lane, Frank: Cardinals baseball General Manager, 1955-1957

Lane, William Carr: 1st St. Louis Mayor, 1823-1829 (4)

Lang, Bert H.: Bert H. Lang & Co., brokers; Director of Merchants’ Exchange

Lang, Jeannie: musical comedy star

Langenberg, Carl H.: businessman

Langenberg, HH: President of Langenberg Bros. Grain Co.

Langhorne, Edmund G.: Secretary and General Manager of the American Arithmometer Co.; Director of Jefferson Bank

Langsdorf, Alexander S.: physicist; part of the Manhattan Project

Larimore, JW: businessman

Larimore, NG: President of Central Elevator Co.

Laughlin, Henry D.: lawyer and judge

Laughlin, Hester Bates: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1894

Laumeier, Herman H.: real estate business

Lawrence, Joseph J.: physician; editor of Medical Brief

Lazarus, Sam: businessman

Leahy, John S.: lawyer (3)

Learned, Mrs. JC: wife of clergyman JC Learned

Lebaume, Louis A.: President of the St. Louis Gas Company

Lederer, Samuel Morris: President of Pickel Stone Co.

Lee, Edwin W.: lawyer

Lee, James W.: clergyman (2)

Lee, Robert E.: Confederate General (5)

Lee, Robert Edward: executive (2)

Leeds, Ellis N.: President of Mound City Insurance Company

Lehmann, Frederick: lawyer

Leighton, George E.: President of Washington University; Director of the Union Trust Co.

Leiweke, Anton: President and Treasurer of Centaur Lime Co.

Lemoine, Edwin: physician; Secretary of the American Medical Association; President of the St. Louis Obstetrical & Gynecological Society

Lemp, William J.: brewer; William J. Lemp Brewing Co. (2)

Lesser, Harry: businessman

Lesser, Julius: Vice-President of Lesser Cotton Co.

Leven, Charles Louis: economist at Washington University

Levis, Leo: President of Levis-Zukoski Mercantile Co.

Levi-Montalcini, Rita: physician; zoologist at Washington University

Lewin, William A.: businessman

Lewis, Edward A.: St. Louis Court of Appeals judge; related to George Washington

Lewis, Edward G.: President of the Mail Order Publishing Co. (5)

Lewis, Meriwether: explorer (8)

Liberman, Lee: President of Laclede Gas

Lichtenberger, Arthur C.: Episcopal Bishop; Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

Lichtenstein, Victor: violinist

Liggett, John: Liggett & Myers Tobacco Manufacturing Company

Lincoln, James Claiborne: railway and transportation industry

Lincoln, William S.: chief engineer for the Wabash Railroad Co.

Lindbergh, Charles: aviator (24)

Lindell, Jesse G.: businessman

Lindell, Peter: businessman and merchant (4)

Lindhorst, Will: magician (2)

Lindsay, John W.: railroad agent

Lindsey, Jim: Cardinals baseball player, 1929-1934

Linn, Lewis F.: Missouri US Senator, 1833-1843 (3)

Linneman, Henry J.: commission merchant

Linton, ML: physician (2)

Lionberger, Isaac H.: lawyer

Lionberger, John R.: banker and businessman (3)

Lippincott, Isaac: economics professor at Washington University

Lippmann, Gustav: physician

Lisa, Manuel: founder of the St. Louis Fur Co. (2)

Lloyd, Henry: physician, surgeon, and coroner

Lochmann, John J.: businessman

Logan, George Bryan: lawyer

Long, Breckinridge: US Ambassador to Italy; Third Assistant Secretary of State, 1917-1920 (2)

Long, Edward H.: St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent, 1880-1895

Long, Edward V.: Missouri Lieutenant Governor, 1957-1960; Missouri US Senator, 1960-1968

Long, James Edward: wholesale lumber business

Longmire, John R.: banker and lawyer

Lonsdale, John G.: President of the National Bank of Commerce (3)

Love, Edward K.: real estate business

Love, IN: physician; President of the American Medical Editors’ Association; founder and editor of Medical Mirror

Love, John E.: Love & Sons, real estate agents

Love, Martha: daughter of Edward K. Love; Veiled Prophet Queen of Love and Beauty

Lovejoy, Owen: newspaper publisher; opposed slavery

Lowry, Oliver: Chairman of the Washington University Department of Pharmacology

Lubke, George William: lawyer

Lucas, James H.: banker (3)

Lucas, Jean BC: early St. Louisan; donated land for the Old Courthouse (2)

Ludington, EK: President of Chase Bag Co.

Luedde, William Henry: ophthalmologist

Luedinghaus, Henry: President of Luedinghaus-Espenschied Wagon Co.

Luten, Drew: physician and cardiologist

Lutz, FJ: physician

Luyties, Frederick August: President of Luyties Homeopathic Pharmacy Co.; Vice-President of Walker Pharmacal Co. (2)

Lyle, Hugh Ranken: 1st Assistant Secretary of the Mississippi Valley Trust Co.

Lyon, Hartwell: physician; Bethesda Hospital chief of children’s clinic

Lyon, Nathaniel: Civil War General (5)

McAfee, J. Wesley: St. Louis Circuit judge; President of Union Electric (2)

McAnally, David Rice: Methodist clergyman (6)

McAnally, David Russell: son of David Rice McAnally; author

McCarthy, Eugene R.: President of the St. Louis YMCA

McCarthy, John J.: St. Louis Chief of Police, 1934-1937

McChesney, Warren F.: businessman

McChesney, William S. Jr.: President of the Terminal Railway Association of St. Louis

McClellan, Bill: St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist

McClellan, Thomas G.: general western agent for the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway

McCreery, Marie Louise: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1896

McCullagh, Joseph B.: editor for the St. Louis Globe-Democrat (3)

McCulloch, Mary C.: kindergarten supervisor

McCulloch, Richard: engineer (3)

McCulloch, Robert: President and General Manager of the United Railway Company of St. Louis (2)

McCune, John S.: President of the Pilot Knob Iron Company

McDonald, Jesse A.: judge

McDonnell, James S.: aerospace industry (4)

McDonnell, Sanford: engineer

McDowell, Joseph Nash: physician

McElwee, Lucien Claude: physician; Dean of the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri

McFarland, LB: contractor and builder; President of Builders’ Exchange

McKee, William: founded and published the Missouri Democrat

McKelvey, JN: Director of St. Louis Public Safety

McKinley, Silas Bent: writer

McKinley, William Brown: Illinois US Senator, 1921-1926

McKittrick, William James: clergyman at First Presbyterian Church

McLean, James H.: physician; medicine manufacturer (2)

McLean, Mary H.: physician; first woman member of the St. Louis Medical Society

McLeod, Lamar W.: Vice-President and regional manager for Westinghouse Electric Corporation

McLeod, Nelson Wesley: McLeod Lumber Co.

McManus, George: cartoonist

McMillan, NA: Chairman of the Board with First National Bank

McMillan, William N.: businessman

McNair, Alexander: 1st Missouri Governor, 1820-1824

McNary, Gene: St. Louis County Supervisor

McNeil, Gordon C.: Secretary and Treasurer of Plumridge & McNeil Supply Co., Builders’ Supplies

McNicholas, Joseph A.: Catholic Bishop

McPheeters, SB: clergyman

McPheeters, William M.: physician

MacFadden, Bernarr: publisher and body builder

MacKenzie, Kenneth: fur trader

Maconda, Charlotte: prima donna

Maddox, John J.: St. Louis Schools Superintendent, 1921-1929

Maestre, Sidney: banker (2)

Maffitt, Pierre Chouteau: capitalist

Maffitt, William C.: capitalist

Maguire, James H.: President of John Maguire Real Estate Co.

Mahoney, Richard: President of Monsanto

Maier, Walter A.: Lutheran pastor; professor at Concordia Seminary; KFUO announcer

Main, Lee R.: dentist; President of the St. Louis Dental Society

Major, Elliott W.: Missouri Governor, 1913-1917

Mallinckrodt, Edward: President of Mallinckrodt Chemical Works (3)

Mancuso, Gus: Cardinals baseball player, 1928/1930-1932/1941-1942

Manewal, August: Manager of Manewal-Lange Bakery

Manion, Jimmy: golfer

Marion, Marty: Cardinals baseball player, 1940-1950

Markham, Virgil: writer

Marmaduke, John S.: Confederate officer; Missouri Governor, 1885-1887 (2)

Marquat, WF: Major-General; antiaircraft officer under General MacArthur

Marquette, Jacques: Jesuit missionary and explorer (3)

Marshall, Edward S.: general sales agent with American Car & Foundry Co.; Vice-President of Missouri Railway Equipment Co. (2)

Martin, Edward: clothing manufacturer

Martin, George Nagle: unknown

Martin, John I.: politician

Martin, John Leonard "Pepper": Cardinals baseball player, 1928/1930-1940/1944

Martin, William McChesney Jr.: President of the New York Stock Exchange; Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (3)

Mason, Charles Pressley: educator

Mason, Edith: opera singer

Mason, Isaac M.: St. Louis City auditor; President of Merchants’ Exchange (2)

Masters, William: gynecologist; part of Masters and Johnson sexuality research team (3)

Mauldin, Bill: St. Louis Post-Dispatch cartoonist

Maxwell, Harold: Assistant Secretary at Samuel Cupples Wooden Ware Co.

May, David: merchant

May, John L.: Catholic Archbishop of St. Louis (5)

May, Morton D.: President of May Department Stores Co. (4)

May, Morton J.: President of May Department Stores Co.

Mayfield, Frank M.: President of Scruggs-Vandervoort-Barney

Mayfield, Waldo C.: St. Louis Circuit judge

Mayfield, WH: physician

Mayo, William H.: prominent Mason/Templar

Mead, William: Dean at Christ Church Cathedral

Medart, Fred: Civil War soldier; manufacturer

Meier, Adolphus: manufacturer

Meier, Henry: businessman

Mellier, Kennedy Duncan: Secretary and Treasurer of Mellier Drug Co.

Meissner, Edward B.: businessman

Meissner, Edwin: President of St. Louis Car Co.

Melson, EP: President of Missouri State Life Insurance Co.

Menne, Aloys: furniture and carpets merchant

Merdinger, Adolph: barber

Meriwether, Charles: dentist

Merrell, Jacob Spencer: merchant

Merryman, John Frank: lawyer

Messmore, John L.: grain merchant

Mette, Stella de: opera singer

Meurin, Sebastien Louis: Catholic priest

Meyer, Carl FG: President of Meyer Brothers Drug Co.; President of St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, 1925

Meyer, Christian FG: founder and President of Meyer Brothers Drug Co. (3)

Meyer, John Ferdinand: John F. Meyer & Sons; Queen City Flour Mills

Meyer, Theodore F.: President of Meyer Brothers Drug Co.

Meysenburg, Theodore A.: district manager of Republic Iron & Steel Co.

Michael, Elias: Secretary of Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co.

Michael, Rachel Stix: philanthropist; founder of Missouri Association for Occupational Therapy; wife of Elias Michael

Middlekamp, George H.: Missouri State Treasurer, 1917-1921

Milius, George Washington: Vice-President of Wertheimer-Swarts Shoe Co.

Milius, William B.: politician

Miller, Don: air traffic reporter with KMOX

Miller, Genell: artist

Miller, Henry: President of the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis

Miller, John: Missouri Governor, 1826-1832

Miller, Joseph Gilman: steel and railroad material merchant

Miller, Julian: rabbi

Miller, Orion Smith: physician in osteopathy

Miller, Sandy: rodeo competitor and model

Miller, Victor J.: St. Louis Mayor, 1925-1933 (7)

Miller, William H.: influential mason

Milligan, Rockwell M.: architect

Mills, Adam L.: 1st President of Boatman’s Bank (2)

Miltenberger, William HA: businessman

6/- Minor, Virginia Louisa: suffragette   

Mitchell, Guy: singer

Mitchell, John E.: Captain; served in European War

Mitchell, Minnie: teacher at St. Louis High School

Mizell, Wilmer: Cardinals baseball player, 1952-1953/1956-1960

Mohrstadt, Charles E.: constable

Moll, Paul: Vice-President of A. Moll Grocer Co.

Moloney, TO: businessman

Montgomery, Rita: city court judge

Moody, RE: Executive Vice-President of Union Electric Co.

Moon, Wally: Cardinals baseball player, 1954-1958

Mooney, Ralph A.: author

Moore, Carl V.: physician; chairman of the Washington University Department of Medicine

Moore, Charles Ludwig Jr.: member of the Missouri Society of the Sons of the Revolution

Moore, Homer: musician; Manager of The Odeon

Moore, John W.: Secretary and Treasurer of Blees-Moore Instrument Co.

Moore, Robert: civil engineer (2)

Moore, Virginia: poet

Morfit, John C.: surgeon; President of the St. Louis Medical Society, 1907

Morgan, George Hagar: Secretary and Treasurer of the Merchants Exchange of St. Louis

Morley, William Jarman: Morley Brothers, Proprietary Medicines

Morris, John: writer

Morris, William Cullen: Vice-President and General Manager of Christy Fire Clay Co.

Morrison, Adele: writer

Morrison, Mrs. James LD: wife of Illinois US Representative, 1856-1857

Morrison, William Ralls: Illinois US Representative, 1863-1887

Morsey, William L.: lawyer

Morton, Isaac Wyman: banker, bookkeeper, and printer

Morton, Robert Lee: Manager of Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Co.

Morton, Stratford Lee: President of the Academy of Science of St. Louis

Moses, S. Gratz: physician

Muchnick, Sam: sportswriter for the St. Louis Times

Mudd, Harvey G.: physician (2)

Mudd, Stuart: physician

Muench, Nellie: society lady, shop owner, and accused kidnapper and embezzler

Mullanphy, Bryan: St. Louis Mayor, 1847-1848; philanthropist (2)

Munroe, Charles A.: businessman

Murphy, David: unknown

Murphy, George T.: St. Louis Public Schools Assistant Superintendent

Murray, Dave: meteorologist

Musial, Stan: Cardinals baseball player, 1941-1963 (8)

Mylonas, George: archaeologist; Washington University professor (2)

Nagel, Charles Sr.: lawyer; US Secretary of Commerce and Labor, 1909-1913 (3)

Nagel, Charles Jr.: architect; Director of the St. Louis Art Museum

Nangle, John J.: President of the St. Louis District Golf Association

Nants, John Stanley: St. Louis High Schools Assistant Superintendent (2)

Nash, W. Hampton: physician

Nathans, Daniel: microbiologist; 1978 Nobel Prize winner

Nave, Abram: mercantile businessman

Neff, Paul J.: President of the Missouri Pacific Railroad (2)

Nelson, Edwin M.: physician and surgeon

Neun, WJG: unknown

Nemerov, Howard: poet (5)

Newcomb, George Amos: Newcomb Brothers Wallpaper Co.

Newell, JP: lawyer

Newman, Robert C.: life insurance agent

Newton, Cleveland A.: lawyer; US Missouri Representative, 1919-1927

Niccolls, SJ: pastor at 2nd Presbyterian Church (2)

Nicholls, Charles C.: Nicholls-Ritter Realty & Financial Co.

Nicholson, David: merchant of teas, wines, and liqueurs

Nicolaus, Mrs. Louis J.: wife of banker, Stifel-Nicolaus Investment Bank

Nidelet, James C.: physician

Niedringhaus, George W.: industrial leader (3)

Niedringhaus, Henry F.: Missouri US Representative, 1927-1933 (3)

Niedringhaus, Marion W.: son of George W. Niedringhaus; WWI Navy Lieutenant; businessman

Niekamp, WL: businessman

Niemeyer, Charles A.: President of the Vane-Calvert Paint Co.

Nietert, Herman L.: Superintendent and Surgeon in Charge at City Hospital

Nims, Eugene Dutton: businessman (2)

Nipher, Francis E.: physicist; professor at Washington University

Noble, John Willock: lawyer; Union General; US Secretary of the Interior, 1889-1893 (4)

Noble, Mrs. John Willock

Nolker, Louis T.: Vice-President and Treasurer of Commercial Electrical Supply Company

Nolker, Robert Edward: Secretary of Commercial Electrical Supply Company (2)

Nolte, Edward F.: architect

Nortoni, Albert D.: judge (2)

Norvell, Lucy: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1910

Norvell, Saunders: wholesale merchant; newspaper artist

Nugent, Daniel C.: 1st Vice-President of B. Nugent & Bro. Dry Goods Co. (2)

Nugent, Mrs. Daniel C.

Nugent, Mrs. Edwin: wife of insurance businessman; daughter-in-law of Daniel C. Nugent

Nute, John Wesley: civil engineer

O’Boyle, John J.: St. Louis Fire Chief

O’Brien, John Bernard: dentist

O’Day, John: lawyer; railroad businessman

O’Fallon, John: St. Louis pioneer; Colonel; statesman; civic and business leader (5)

O’Fallon, John J. Jr.: business and finance

O’Hara, Henry: railroad businessman

O’Hare, Edward H.: Lieutenant Commander; WWII hero; aviator; Congressional Medal of Honor, 1942 (3)

O’Hare, Frank P.: St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalist (3)

O’Meara, John Babtiste: Major

O’Neil, Barbara: actress

O’Neil, David N.: businessman and poet

O’Neil, Peter A.: unknown

O’Reilly, Robert S.: physician; Mississippi Valley Trust Co. Board Member

Obata, Gyo: architect

Ockerson, John A.: civil and mining engineer

Officer, Carl: East St. Louis Mayor (2)

Olin, John M.: Vice-President of Western Cartridge Co. in East Alton, IL

Olin, Spencer T.: industrialist and philanthropist

Oliver, Guy W.: businessman

Orr, Edward S.: general agent for the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railway Co.

Orr, Isaac H.: lawyer

Ortes, Elizabeth: St. Louis pioneer

Orthwein, Adolphus Busch: Executive with Anheuser-Busch

Orthwein, Charles F.: businessman (2)

Orthwein, Edith Hall: poet

Orthwein, Walter E.: investment broker

Orthwein, William D.: businessman

Orthwein, William J.: grain exporter; Director of Continental National Bank

Ottensmeyer, Henry C.: businessman

Outten, WB: Chief of Surgery at Missouri Baptist Hospital

Overstolz, Henry: St. Louis Mayor, 1876-1881

Overstreet, EB: livestock businessman

Owen, William H.: car dealer

Paddock, Gaius: President of Paddock-Hawley Iron Co.

Palmer, Singleton: tuba player

Papin, Harry E.: Treasurer of Moffitt-West Drug Co.

Papin, Theophile: businessman

Paramore, John W.: President of Texas & St. Louis Railway Co.

Parcel, John L.: engineer

Park, Guy B.: Missouri Governor, 1933-1937 (3)

Park, Mrs. Guy B.

Parker, Charles A.: Commissioner of the St. Louis Traffic Bureau

Parker, Clarence F.: railroad manager

Parker, George Turner: Assistant Secretary of Realty Security Co.

Parker, George W.: St. Louis, Alton, & Terre Haute Railroad

Parker, Luman: Superintendent of Parker-Russell Mining & Manufacturing Co.

Parker, Luman F.: lawyer; general solicitor of the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Co.

Parson, John R.: Grand Secretary of Masonic Grand Lodge of Missouri

Parsons, Charles: Union Colonel; banker (3)

Parsons, Lewis Baldwin: General; lawyer

Partridge, George: businessman

Paschall, Nathaniel: journalist; Editorial Manager of the Republican

Pastreich, Peter: Executive Directory of the St. Louis Symphony

Payne, Mrs. John S.: St. Louis Republican Committee member

Peach, George: St. Louis City Circuit Attorney

Peirce, Frederic M.: Chairman of the Board and CEO of General American Life Insurance Co.

Percich, Raymond T.: St. Louis sheriff

Perkins, Albert T.: transportation engineer and executive

Perkins, Marlin: Director of the St. Louis Zoo (3)

Pershing, John J.: General; WWI veteran (14)

Persons, Wallace R.: President of Emerson Electric

Peters, Charlotte: TV personality and entertainer (2)

Peters, Henry W.: President of Peters Shoe Co. (3)

Peters, Joseph: furniture manufacturer

Pettengill, HJ: Bell Telephone Co. (2)

Pettker, Henry: businessman

Pettus, William Grymes: businessman (2)

Phelan, DS: Catholic priest

Peugnet, Ernest: fire insurance

Pflager, H. Miller: First Vice-President of Commonwealth Steel Co.

Phelps, John S.: Missouri Governor, 1877-1881

Phillips, Homer G.: lawyer (4)

Phul, Henry von: businessman (2)

Pickel, Peter A.: President of St. Louis Cut Stone Co.

Pierce, Alexander B.: Assistant Secretary of NO Nelson Manufacturing Co.

Pierce, Thomas M.: unknown

Pilcher, John E.: First Vice-President of Simmons Hardware Co.

Pitcher, Henry: contractor and builder

Plant, George R.: railroad executive

Platt, Edward G.: investment banker

Pocock, John H.: President of JH Pocock Carr Co.

Poelker, John: St. Louis Mayor, 1973-1977 (2)

Polk, Eloise: pianist

Polk, Grizelda: daughter of William Julius Polk of Westmoreland Place

Polk, Trusten: Missouri Governor, 1857 (2)

Pollock, George J.: general auditor for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway

Pollmann, Ludwig: physician and surgeon

Pope, Charles A.: surgeon (3)

Pope, Charles H.: businessman

Pope, Charles R.: theater business (2)

Porteous, William M.: businessman

Post, Lewis W.: Vice-President of Blackmer & Post Pipe Co.

Post, Truman M.: clergyman at Third Presbyterian Church (2)

Potter, William B.: consulting engineer and metallurgist

Powell, Robert W.: President of Laclede Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

Prall, W. Mortimer: Manager of Central Car Service Association

Prange, Marie: field hockey player at Washington University

Prather, John G.: marine transportation business

Pratt, Charles E.: chairman of Southwestern Passenger Bureau

Pratt, Thomas: Chief Engineer for St. Louis Gas-Works

Pratte, Bernard: St. Louis Mayor, 1844-1846

Preetorius, Edward L.: Editor of St. Louis Times (2)

Preetorius, Mrs. Edward L.

Price, Sterling: Confederate General; Missouri Governor, 1853-1857 (3)

Price, Vincent: actor (3)

Priest, H. Sam: St. Louis Police Commissioner

Priest, Henry S.: judge (3)

Pring, George H.: Superintendent of Shaw’s Garden

Pritchett, Henry S.: astronomer; Director of the Observatory at Washington University

Proetz, Arthur: physician

Proetz, Augustus K.: businessman and banker

Pryor, Edward B.: Assistant to the Vice-President of the Wabash Railroad Co.

Pulitzer, Joseph: founder of St. Louis Post-Dispatch (10)

Pulitzer, Joseph II: newspaperman (3)

Pulitzer, Joseph Jr.: newspaperman (4)

Pulitzer, Michael: journalist and editor

Pulitzer, Ralph: Director and Owner of the New York World (2)

Queeny, Edgar M.: industrialist; chairman of Monsanto (3)

Queeny, John F.: founder of Monsanto Chemical Co. (3)

Rainey, Robert: physician

Rainwater, Charles C.: President of Holladay-Klotz Land & Lumber Co.; President of St. Louis Merchants’ Bridge Terminal Railway Co.

Ramlose, Christian E.: shoe manufacturer

Ranney, Nathan: General and businessman

Ramsey, John Patterson: President of the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Railroad Co.

Ramsey, Joseph Jr.: Vice-President and general manager of the Wabash Railroad Co.

Rand, William M.: President of Monsanto

Randall, John Frederic: American Fire Insurance Co.

Randolph, Ada: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1911 (3)

Randolph, Tom: businessman

Rathell, Mary Ruth: soprano

Raven, Peter: Director of Missouri Botanical Garden

Rawlings, Edward W.: Vice-President of Altheimer & Rawlings Investment Co.

Ray, E. Lansing: Editor of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat

Ray, Simeon: Editor of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat

Rayburn, French: iron manufacturer

Read, Harlan Eugene: author

Reardon, James A.: President of Reardon Manufacturing Co. (2)

Redemeyer, William H.: President of Redemeyer-Hollister Commission Co.

Reed, Nelson A.: businessman and archaeologist

Reifsnider, Calvin K.: publisher

Reinert, Paul C.: Catholic priest; President of St. Louis University (5)

Reinholdt, Julius W.: investment broker

Reinholdt, Roland: Captain; served in WWI

Remmers, Oliver: lawyer

Remoortel, Edouard van: St. Louis Symphony Conductor, 1958-1962

Reyburn, Valle: lawyer

Rhem, Charles Flint: Cardinals baseball player, 1924-1932/1934/1936

Rice, Jonathan: businessman

Richardson, James: member of the Board of Directors of SLPL (2)

Richardson, Scovel: Federal judge

Richeson, Thomas: Colonel; President of Collins Lead Works (2)

Rickey, Branch: Cardinals and Browns baseball executive (4)

Ridgely, FL: businessman

Rigali, Justin: St. Louis Archbishop

Rinaman, RL: Manager of American Surety Co. of New York

Ring, John: provision broker

Ritter, Joseph E.: St. Louis Archbishop; Catholic Cardinal (11)

Robbins, Edward C.: President of the St. Louis Well Machine & Tool Co.

Robbins, Nelson C. Jr.: Vice-President of A. Robbins Varnish Co.

Roberts, Elzey: publisher of the St. Louis Star

Roberts, Mike: Chairman of the Board of the Roberts Companies

Roberts, Steve: President of the Roberts Companies

Robertson, Charles F.: Episcopal Diocese of Missouri bishop

Robertson, John M.: real estate business

Robertson, William B.: aviation pioneer

Robidoux, Joseph: fur trader; founded St. Joseph, MO

Robinson, Daniel B.: President of the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Co.

Robinson, William Ferretti: Catholic priest; President of St. Louis University (2)

Roblee, Joseph H.: Vice-President of Brown Shoe Co.

Roby, Max: TV personality

Robyn, Ernst: President of Aroma Coffee & Spice Co.

Rockwell, Florence: actress

Rodemich, Gene: composer and musician

Roe, John J.: businessman (3)

Roemer, John: President of Lindenwood College

Roettger, Walter: Cardinal baseball player

Rogers, Mrs. Meyric R.: wife of St. Louis Art Museum director

Rollins, James S.: congressman

Roos, Lawrence K.: St. Louis County Supervisor (2)

Root, Oliver Bowen: shoe manufacturer

Rosati, Joseph: first Catholic bishop of St. Louis (2)

Rosenfeld, Isaac Jr.: merchant

Roth, Adam: founder of Adam Roth Grocery Co.

Rothschild, Julius: Rothschild Brothers, wholesale hats & caps

Rowell, Clinton: lawyer

7/- Rubelmann, George A.: President of George A. Rubelmann Hardcore Co.  

Ruhl, Joseph A.: clothing wholesaler

Rumbold, Thomas F.: physician and surgeon

Rumsey, Edwin: Vice-President and Secretary of James W. Byrnes Belting & Hose Co.

Rumsey, Horace S.: businessman and politician

Rumsey, Mary Harriman: farmer and founder of the Junior League

Runge, Edward C.: Superintendent of St. Louis Insane Asylum

Russell, CS: father of Western artist Charles Marion

Russell, Sol Smith: comedian and entertainer

Russell, Thomas A.: lawyer

Ruth, Junius Batte: member of the Missouri Society of the Sons of the Revolution

Ryan, PJ: Catholic bishop

Sacks, William: senate Republican candidate

Sager, Arthur Noble: lawyer

Sale, Moses Nathaniel: lawyer with Sale & Sale

Sale, Samuel: rabbi (4)

Samuel, Edward M.: businessman

Sander, Enno: President of Enno Sander Mineral Water Co.

Sanders, Carew: florist

Salvador, Mario: organist

Sampson, Clark H.: merchant and manufacturer

Sands, James T.: businessman

Sanford, John FA: owner of Dred Scott (2)

Sant, J. Francis: Catholic priest

Sappington, John: St. Louis pioneer (3)

Sarpy, John B.: businessman (2)

Sauerbrunn, George: President of the Sauerbrunn Construction Company

Saunders, Edward W.: physician; professor at Washington University

Sawyer, Isaac H.: Director of Brown Shoe Co.

Sayman, Mrs. Thomas M.: civic leader; wife of business executive (4)

Scanlan, Marie: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1898

Scanlan, Mary: society leader

Schear, Cheri Ann: singer

Scheer, Walter A.: pastor of Bethany United Church of Christ

Schetzer, Eleanor: AAU 100-yard backstroke champion

Schlafly, Phyllis: lawyer and conservative activist

Schlafly, Tom: microbrewer

Schlosstein, Louis: Director of South Side Bank

Schlueter, Robert E.: physician; President of the Missouri State Medical Association

Schmoll, John K.: unknown

Schnaider, Joseph: brewer

Schnuck, Edward J.: CEO of Schnuck Markets Inc. (2)

Schoemehl, Vincent: St. Louis Mayor, 1981-1993 (2)

Schoenberg, Moses: businessman

Schoendienst, Red: Cardinals baseball player, 1945-1956 (2)

Schoenlau, William: President and Treasurer of Schoenlau-Kukkuck Trunk Top & Veneer Company

Scholten, John A.: photographer

Schotten, Hubertus: son of William Schotten

Schotten, Julius John: son of William Schotten

Schotten, William: William Schotten & Co., wholesale teas

Schulenburg, Richard: merchant

Schultz, Chauncey Forward: businessman and public official

Schurz, Carl: Missouri US Senator, 1869-1875; US Secretary of the Interior, 1877-1881 (9)

Schweppe, William E.: President of Schweppe Grocer Co.

Schuyler, Montgomery: clergyman; first dean of Christ Church Cathedral (2)

Schwedtman, FC: inventor and consulting engineer

Scotland, Thomas H.: Secretary of the Citizens’ Fire Insurance Company

Scott, Dred: former slave (9)

Scott, Julius B.: wide traveler

Scott, Oreon E.: member of the Library Board; donated religious book collection to SLPL

Scott, Raymond G.: real estate business

Scott, Stewart: President of Stewart Scott Press Room Co.

Scott, William Samuel: Vice-President of the Missouri & Illinois Coal Co.

Scruggs, Richard M.: President of Scruggs, Vandervoort & Barney Dry Goods Co. (2)

Scudder, John A.: President of St. Louis & Vicksburg Packet Co.

Scullin, Harry: street railway manager

Scullin, John: President of St. Louis, Kansas City & Colorado Railroad Co.; President of Wiggins Ferry Co.

Seewir, DC: advertising salesman

Seifert, Shirley: author (4)

Sellew, Ralph: manufacturer

Semkow, Jerzy: St. Louis Symphony Conductor, 1975-1979 (3)

Semple, Anne Farrar: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1927

Senter, Charles Parsons: President and Treasurer of the Senter Commission Company

Senter, William M.: Senter & Co., cotton trade (2)

Seward, Frank D.: President of the FD Seward Confectionary Co.

Sexton, Henry Clay: Fire Chief Constable

Shannon, Mike: sportscaster

Shapleigh, Augustus F.: president of AF Shapleigh Hardware Co. (4)

Shapleigh, Dorothy: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1908

Shapleigh, Frank: 1st Vice-President of AF Shapleigh Hardware Co. (2)

Shattinger, Adam: Vice-President of Shattinger Piano & Music Co.

Shaw, Charles A.: Clayton, MO Mayor

Shaw, Charles M.: lawyer

Shaw, Elijah: musician (2)

Shaw, Henry: merchant and benefactor (9)

Shelton, Edgar: pianist (2)

Shepard, Samuel: District Director of Education

Shepherd, Lee: KMOX weathercaster

Shepley, Ethan AH: Washington University Chancellor, 1953-1961 (7)

Shepley, John: Chairman of the Board with St. Louis Union Trust Co.

Sherwood, Roberta: singer

Shoenberg, Sydney: Colonel; banker and financial business

Short, William: clergyman at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Shreve, Henry: inventor and steamboat captain

Shryock, Lee R.: commission business

Sibley, George C.: founder of Lindenwood College

Siegel, Alfred J.: Secretary with Huttig Sash & Door Co.

Sigel, Franz: Civil War General (8)

Siler, J.: photographer

Silver, Isidore: Washington University professor

Simmons, Edward C.: Simmons Hardware (2)

Simmons, Eleanor: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1921

Simmons, Lulie: actress

Simmons, Ted: Cardinals baseball player, 1968-1980

Simmons, Wallace D.: Trustee with Associated Simmons Hardware Companies

Simon, John H.: physician; St. Louis Health Commissioner

Simon, Paul: President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen

Simonds, John: banker

Sinclair, Clarence A.: Secretary of Sinclair-Holland Painting Co.; Colonel

Sire, Joseph A.: fur trader

Sisler, George H.: Browns baseball player, 1915-1927 (2)

Sizemore, Clarence R.: businessman

Sizemore, Ted: Cardinals baseball player, 1971-1975

Skinker, Alexander Rives: military Captain

Slater, Joseph M.: engineer

Slatery, George A.: President of Slatery-Hauer-Barth Realty Co.

Slatkin, Felix: violinist

Slatkin, Leonard: St. Louis Symphony conductor, 1979-1996 (6)

Sloan, William M.: manufacturer; 2nd Vice-President of Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.

Smith, Alfred H. Jr.: businessman

Smith, Andrew Jackson: Major-General

Smith, Edwin Bathurst: physician

Smith, Elsworth: physician; Washington University professor (2)

Smith, George Cline: President of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce

Smith, Henry M.: HM Smith Produce Company

Smith, J. Herndon: investment banker

Smith, James: merchant

Smith, James A.: merchant (2)

Smith, James Elwood: businessman

Smith, Luther Ely: attorney and civic leader; "Father of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial"

Smith, Ozzie: Cardinals baseball player, 1982-1996 (3)

Smith, Ralph Lancaster: businessman; Dalton Adding Machine Co.

Smith, Reggie: Cardinals baseball player, 1974-1976

Smith, Tom K.: Monsanto executive

Smith, Walter W.: banker

Sneed, Frank W.: clergyman at Washington and Compton Avenues Presbyterian Church

Snider, Denton J.: Shakespeare scholar; author (2)

Snow, Lewis Eben: Delafield & Snow insurance

Snow, Marshall: Washington University Chancellor, 1887-1891/1907-1908

Snyder, John: clergyman at Church of the Messiah (2)

Soldan, F. Louis: superintendent of instruction, Board of Education (2)

Souers, Sidney W.: Admiral and intelligence expert

Soulard, Adele and Marie: early St. Louisans

Soulard, James: surveyor, businessman, and farmer

Southwick, George E.: Secretary with Brown Shoe Co.

Southworth, Billy: Cardinals baseball player, 1926-1929

Sowden, John Clinton: Washington University Chairman, Chemistry Department

Spamer, Richard: music and drama critic (2)

Speck, Charles: judge

Specking, Inez: author

Spencer, Eugene Jaccard: Commander of the 1st Regiment

Spencer, Eugene Tritle: Cadet

Spencer, Horatio Nelson: physician (2)

Spencer, Raymond G.: Director of the Washington University Foundation

Spencer, Richard Perry: lawyer

Spencer, Selden Palmer: St. Louis Circuit Court judge (2)

Spiering, Theodore: violinist, conductor, and teacher (2)

Spinks, Leon: boxer

Sprague, Mrs. Harry E.: wife of businessman and lawyer

Stalnaker, Armand C.: businessman (3)

Stanard, Edna: wife of ET Stanard

Stanard, EO: President of EO Stanard Milling Co.; President of Merchants Exchange; Missouri Lieutenant-Governor (4)

Stanard, ET: Stanard Miling Co.

Stanky, Edward: Cardinals baseball player, 1952-1953

Stanley, Henry: President of H. Stanley Mill Furnishing Co.

Starbird, Adele: Washington University Dean of Women (3)

Stark, Lloyd Crow: Missouri Governor, 1937-1941 (2)

Starkloff, Hugo Max: physician; Marion-Sims College professor of orthopedic surgery

Starkloff, Max C.: physician and surgeon; City Health Commissioner during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918

Stearns, James P. Jr.: Mary Institute headmaster

Steigers, William L.: unknown

Steinberg, Mark C.: investment banker

Steindel, Max: cellist (2)

Stephens, Howard V.: unknown

Stevens, Thomas Wood: author (2)

Stevens, Walter B.: St. Louis Globe-Democrat editor (2)

Stewart, Albert Clifton: scientist

Stewart, Alphonso Chase: lawyer

Stewart, Seymour: merchant (2)

Stickney, William A.: President of William A. Stickney Cigar Co.

Stimson, Julia: Major; Army Chief of Nurses (2)

Stinde, Eugene B.: life insurance business

Stix, Charles Aaron: Stix, Baer & Fuller, retail dry goods (2)

Stix, William: 3rd Vice-President of Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co. (2)

Stocke, Jacob: gardener and fruit grocer; President of Progress Press Brick & Machine Co.

Stockton, Robert Henry: businessman (2)

Stoddart, Thomas A.: Manager of St. Louis Clearing House Assn.

Stoessel, Albert: violinist, composer, and conductor (2)

Stoffregen, Herman: Secretary of Koken Iron Works and Koken Realty Co.

Stokowski, Olga: musician (4)

Stone, Grace: author; pseudonym of Ethel Vance

Stone, William J.: Missouri Governor, 1893-1897; Missouri US Senator, 1903-1918 (4)

Stookey, Charley: farm radio reporter

Stout, Allyn: Cardinals baseball player, 1931-1933

Strauch, John B.: businessman

Straus, Louis: Secretary and Treasurer of The Broadway Furniture & Carpet Co.

Strauss, Julius C.: photographer (2)

Street, Gabby: Cardinals baseball player, 1931

Streett, J. Clark: JD Streett & Co.

Streett, Maude Miller: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1925

Sturgeon, Isaac H.: Assistant US Treasurer; Superintendent of the North Missouri Railroad

Sullivan, Lloyd A.: Catholic priest at the Old Cathedral

Sverdrup, Leif: General; engineer (3)

Sweeney, Michael: general superintendent for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway

Swift, William Henry: President of Fruin-Bambrick Construction Company

Swingley, Charles Ernest: St. Louis Fire Department Chief (2)

Switzer, William N.: flour merchant

Swon, John C.: steamboat captain

Swope, Gerard: electrical engineer (6)

Swope, Herbert Bayard: reporter; Pulitzer Prize winner

Symington, Eve: wife of Stuart Symington; singer

Symington, James: government official; lawyer

Symington, Stuart: Missouri US Senator, 1953-1976 (7)

Talmage, Archibald Alexander: railroad executive

Targee, Thomas: Captain of Missouri Company of the St. Louis Volunteer Fire Department; died in the fire of 1849 (2)

Tate, Frank R.: auto distributor

Tate, William H.: Railway Mail Service

Tatum, Henry C.: Secretary of the Western Commercial Travelers’ Association

Taussig, George W.: lawyer

Taussig, Hubert P.: Chief Engineer of the Terminal Railroad Association

Taussig, James: lawyer

Taussig, William: Vice-President of Union Trust Co.; President of St. Louis Bridge Co.

Taylor, Daniel G.: judge (4)

Taylor, Fletcher: member of Quantrill’s guerrilla raiders

Taylor, George R.: businessman (2)

Taylor, Jane: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1912 (2)

Taylor, John W.: engineer with Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis

Taylor, Seneca Newberry: lawyer

Teasdale, Joseph: Missouri Governor, 1977-1981

Teasdale, Kenneth: lawyer

Teasdale, Sara: poet (6)

Tebbetts, Lewis B.: President and Mansur & Tebbetts Implement Co.; Director of Continental National Bank

Teicholz, Martin: cellist

Terry, Clark: trumpeter (2)

Tevis, Hupp: transfer business

Thalmann, Bernard: President of Thalmann Printing Ink Co.

Thayer, Harold E.: Mallinckrodt Chemical Works

Thomas, Augustus: playwright (7)

Thomas, Charles Allen: President of Monsanto (5)

Thomas, Nathaniel S.: clergyman; Missionary Bishop of Wyoming

Thompson, Earl C.: life insurance business

Thompson, Frank A.: lawyer

Thompson, Guy Atwood: President of the American Bar Association

Thompson, Seymour D.: lawyer

Thompson, Thomas V.: President of Manley-Thompson Carriage Co.

Thompson, William H.: President of National Bank of Commerce in St. Louis

Thomson, Susan Larkin: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1900

Thomson, William H.: Boatmen’s Bank

Thoroughman, Thomas: lawyer

Thum, Marcella: author

Thurman, Samuel: rabbi at United Hebrew Temple (2)

Tichenor, Trebor Jay: ragtime pianist

Timmerman, John Henry: Treasurer of St. Louis Iron & Machine Works

Toberman, Walter H.: merchant

Tobin, John C.: President of the St. Louis Board of Education

Tolman, Carl: Washington University Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Faculties

Tontrup, George H.: businessman

Touhill, Blanche: UMSL Chancellor

Tower, Marguerite: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1906

Townsend, Bessie: woman of society

Traubel, Helen: opera singer (8)

Traville, James C.: St. Louis Street Commissioner

Treat, Samuel: federal judge

Trembley, Charles Z.: President of the Trembley-Miller Real Estate Co.

Triplett, John R.: John R. Triplett’s Insurance Agency

Troll, Harry: lawyer

Trotter, Gentry W.: businessman; civil rights advocate

Trotter, Mildred: anthropologist at Washington University

Tucker, Raymond: St. Louis Mayor, 1953-1965 (6)

Tuholske, Herman: physician; professor of clinical surgery at Washington University

Tupper, Paul: surgeon (2)

Turley, Clarence: civic leader

Turner, C. Hunt Jr.: Assistant Secretary with Mississippi Valley Trust Co.

Turner, Debbye: Miss Missouri, 1989; Miss America, 1990

Turner, Henry S.: banker

Turner, James J.: general manager of Vandalia Line

Tuttle, Daniel S.: Diocese of Missouri Episcopal bishop (11)

Udell, Clinton E.: businessman (2)

Usher, Roland G.: Washington University professor

Van Cleave, James W.: manufacturer (2)

Van Liew, Thomas Lillian: unknown

Van Duyn, Mona: poet; pictured with Jarvis Thurston

Van Ravenswaay, Charles: Director of the Missouri Historical Society (2)

Van Studdiford, Henry: physician

Valliant, Leroy B.: St. Louis Circuit Court judge (2)

Varnum, Girard C.: St. Louis Safety Council

Vaughan, John W.: Barnes Medical College professor of dermatology

Vaughan, Norman Maynard: Panama Pacific Exposition, Missouri Exhibit

Veeck, Bill: sportswriter and baseball executive; owner of the Browns baseball team

Verdin, Bernard M.: lumber trade

Vernon, Robert Rutherford: General Secretary of YMCA St. Louis

Vesper, FWA: businessman (2)

Vetsburg, Karl M.: lawyer

Vettori, Elda: opera singer (4)

Vierheller, George: St. Louis Zoo Director (4)

Villa, Albert: politician

Vinyard, Robert: Captain during WWI

Viviano, Gaetano: baritone

Vogel, Charles F.: businessman

Vogel, John C.: businessman (2)

Voges, George: businessman; "King of South St. Louis"

Vollmer, Frank: real estate business

Von der Ahe, Chris: Brown’s baseball owner (2)

Von Schrenck, Herman: timber engineer

Wade, Festus J.: banker; President of Mercantile Trust Company (8)

Wade, Stella Marie: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1904

Wagner, Hugh K.: lawyer (4)

Wahl, John: President of German Savings Institution; President of John Wahl Commission Company

Walbridge, Cyrus P.: President of JS Merrell Drug Co. (2)

Wales, Walter: physician; President of the St. Louis Medical Society

Walker, David D.: President of Ely & Walker Dry Good Co.

Walker, George S.: physician

Walker, Robert M.: space scientist at Washington University

Wall, Charles W.: Treasurer at Meyer Brothers Drug Co.

Wall, Edward E.: water works civil engineer

Wallace, Audrey Faust II: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1955 (2)

Wallace, Grace: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1923

Wallace, Harry B.: businessman

Wallace, Mahlon B.: Secretary of Samuel Cupple Wooden Ware Co.

Walsh, Edward: businessman (7)

Walsh, Edward Jr.: President of Mississippi Glass Co. (2)

Walsh, Ellen M.: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1899

Walsh, Julius S.: businessman (4)

Walsh, Thomas: architect

Ware, Charles E.: printer and publisher (2)

Wares, Buzzy: Cardinals baseball coach, 1930-1952

Warne, MW: businessman

Warner, George G.: 1st Vice-President of Missouri Pacific Railway

Warner, George K.: Treasurer of St. Louis Southwestern Co.

Waterhouse, Sylvester: Greek professor at Washington University (2)

Waters, Hattie: actress

Waterworth, James A.: life insurance business (2)

Watkins, George: Cardinals baseball player, 1930-1933

Watkins, Mrs. Horton

Watson, Howard: businessman

Watson, Virginia: dancer and actress

Watts, Frank O.: banker

Way, James W.: Chief Engineer of Missouri Pacific Railway (2)

Weaver, Henry: Manager of Planters’ Hotel

Webb, Albert: President and Treasurer of Albert Webb Supply Co.

Wehmiller, Fred: Secretary and President of Barry-Wehmiller Machinery Co. (2)

Wells, Ben H.: businessman

Wells, Claudette: actress

Wells, Edgar T.: President of the Consolidated Coal Co. of St. Louis

Wells, Erastus: Missouri US Representative, 1869-1881

Wells, Maude: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1902

Wells, Rolla: St. Louis Mayor, 1901-1909 (5)

Wempner, Charles M.: President of Fray Gas Fixture Co.

Went, Frits: Director of Shaw’s Garden

Wenzlick, Albert: business executive (2)

Werner, Percy: lawyer

Wernse, Henry: Wernse & Dickman, bonds and stock brokers

West, Allen T.: financier

West, Samuel Harris: lawyer

Westmore, Alphonso: editor

Wetterau, Ted C.: grocery executive

Whealen, Joseph M.: Missouri Governor candidate

Whitaker, Edward: President of Boatmen’s Bank

White, Edward Joseph: lawyer

Whitehead, Charles Powell: steel business

Whitelaw, Oscar L.: Whitelaw Brothers, wholesale paints; President of Merchants Exchange (2)

Whitelaw, Robert H.: Whitelaw Brothers, wholesale paints

Whitman, Charles E.: President of Whitman Agricultural Company

Whitman, Henry L.: Secretary of Whitman Agricultural Company

Whittaker, Francis: President of St. Louis Packing Co. (2)

Wickes, Mary: actress (2)

Wickham, Edmond F.: President of Universal Accountant Machine Co.

Wickham, Emily Catlin: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1901

Wiener, Meyer: optometrist (2)

Wiest, Adam: cotton broker

Wiggins, Samuel B.: businessman

Wilfley, Xenophon P.: Missouri US Senator, 1918; lawyer (2)

Wilhelmy, William: businessman

Wilkinson, Melville L.: President of Scruggs-Vandervoort-Barney (3)

Williams, Edmund A.: railway official

Williams, Henry: composer

Williams, Tennessee: playwright (6)

Williamson, William James: clergyman a Third Baptist Church (2)

Wilson, Charles Alonzo: physician; Civil War veteran

Wilson, James: Cardinals baseball player, 1928-1933

Wilson, Larry: Cardinals football player and coach, 1960-1973

Wilson, Mary: wife of Newton R. Wilson, donor of Mary Institute building

Wilson, Robert E.: orthopedic surgeon (2)

Witherspoon, Thomas C.: physician

Withnell, John: businessman

Woerheide, Arthur: Secretary and Treasurer of Lincoln Trust Company

Woermann, Frederick C.: civil engineer; President of the Woermann Construction Company

Woerner, J. Gabriel: lawyer; probate court judge (2)

Woerner, William F.: lawyer

Wohl, David P.: manufacturer and philanthropist (2)

Wolfe, DR: Wolfe & Good, manufacturers agents

Wolff, Marcus A.: real estate business

Wolfner, Henry L.: optometrist (2)

Woltering, William: Secretary of Stall & Brown Wood-Working Machine Co.

Wood, Henry: banker

Wood, Horatio D.: St. Louis Circuit Court judge

Woods, Leonard Waldo: inventor

Woods, Woodson K.: Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Members’ Conference at Ralston-Purina Co.

Woodward, Walter B.: Manager at Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co.

Wooster, Reuben L.: President of Dayton-Wooster Grain Co.

Wootten, William Edwards: author

Wright, Thomas: Director of Third National Bank; Director of Lincoln Trust Co.

Wuerpel, Frederick E.: President of Dehner-Wuerpel Mill Building Co.

Wulze, William H.: President of Camp Springs Mill Co.

Wunderlich, Charles: cooper

Wurdack, Hugo: engineer; President of the Light & Development Company

Wykes, Robert: composer and professor

Wyman, Henry Purkitt: member of the Missouri Sons of the Revolution

Wyman, Walter: US Surgeon General, 1891-1911

Yalem, Charles H.: businessman and philanthropist

Yeatman, James E.: banker and philanthropist; first President of the St. Louis Mercantile Library (4)

Yoakum, Benjamin F.: railway president (3)

Young, Paul Jr.: Manager of Breman Brewery

Young, Taylor R.: lawyer

Young, William: St. Louis Chief of Police

York, Frank R.: President of York-Key Mercantile Co.

Zach, Max: St. Louis Symphony Conductor, 1907-1921 (2)

Zeibig, Elsa: Veiled Prophet Queen, 1914

Zelle, Charles E.: businessman and financier

Ziegenheim, Henry: St. Louis Mayor, 1897-1901

Zimmerman, TFW: judge

Zuck, Maya: Director of Washington University Nursery School

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