Sensory Storytime

Select St. Louis Public Library locations offer Sensory Storytimes. Designed for children ages 3-9, Sensory Storytimes are more interactive and provide built-in time for sensory play.    

Literacy-rich environments are essential to the development of all modes of language for children and public libraries help caregivers provide this exposure to all children from a young age. Sensory Storytimes include freedom of movement with more visual aids, action and sensory experiences. These Storytimes are also smaller, reducing the group size and noise level for those with sound sensitivity.

Click here to check our calendar for upcoming Sensory Storytimes.

Introduce yourself and your children to the Library using these Social Stories for each location:

Buder Library

Cabanne Library

Carpenter Library

Central Library

Julia Davis Library

Kingshighway Library

Schlafly Library

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