Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis Caricature Collection

Accession Number: MA 90:06
Location: Manuscript row 12
Dates: 1960s – 1990s
Physical Size: 3 boxes; 2.25 cu. ft.  
Creator/Collector: Collected by the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis
Acquisition info: Donated by the Press Club of Metropolitan of St. Louis
Accruals: Further accruals possible.
Custodial history: The collection assembled over time by the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis. Donated to the Media Archives on March 30, 1990.  
Language: English
Processed by: Kristina Impastato, May 2018
Conservation notes: Original artwork removed from frames and placed in acid-free folders and archival boxes.  
Scope and Content: The collection consists of original caricatures of members of the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis. Framed caricatures were displayed on the walls of the various locations of the Press Club over the years. Artists include Amadee Wohlschlaeger, Ralph Graczak, Amour Krupnik, Bill Mauldin, Don Hesse and Paul Stoddard.  
Arrangement: Alphabetical by last name and then chronological. If subject is unknown, then alphabetical by artist, and then by date.  
Restrictions: Collection open for research. Permission required to reproduce.
Remarks: Gosebrink # Pr-038. Collection digitized.

Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis Caricature Collection
1 flat storage Hollinger, 2 oversize legal Hollingers; 2.25 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
  Box 1: B-N
1/2 Baldwin, Carl. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1967
1/3 Bertelson, Arthur. Artist: Bill Mauldin, n.d.
1/4 Bolen, Jim. Artist: Ralph Graczak
1/5 Broeg, Bob. Artist: Amadee Wohlschlaeger
1/6 Cervantes, Alphonso. Artist: Ralph Graczak. [signed by Mayor]
1/7 Clark, Marsh. Artist: Ralph Graczak
1/8 Clark, Nelson. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1967
10/9 Cornel, Adrian (pen name)/Ron Willnow. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1986
1/10 Dalton, William. Artist: Ralph Graczak
1/11 Dopking, Al. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1989
1/12 Ferman, Peter “Pete”
1/13 Flach, Jack. Artist: Helms
1/14 Graczak, Ralph. Artist: Amadee Wohlschlaeger
1/15 Hammer, Mike. Artist: Amour Krupnik, n.d.
1/16 Hannon, Bob. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1980
1/17 Hardy, Bob. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1970
1/18 Hogan, Tim. Artist: Paul Stoddard, 1990
1/19 Huchingson, Bill.   Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1965
1/20 Kaufmann, Al. (Mayor of St. Louis). Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1967
1/21 Kelliher, Cornelius “Con” Lee. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1969
1/22 Lipman, David. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1986
1/23 McMahon, Tommy. Artist: Ralph Graczak
1/24 Mauldin, Bill. Artist: Ralph Graczak 1963
1/25 Mokler, Stan. Artist: Amour Krupnik, n.d.
1/26 Muchnick, Sam. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1971
1/27 Noonan, Ray. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1977
  Box 2: P-Unknown
2/1 Pepper, Selwyn. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1969
2/2 Pulitzer, Joseph Jr. (III) (Post-Dispatch). Artist: Don Hesse
2/3 Quigley, Martin. Artist: Ralph Graczak
2/4 Sankey, Bruce. (Press Club President 1981, 1986). Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1987
2/5 Schacht, Beulah. Artist: Amour Krupnik
2/7 Stoff, Rick. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1989
2/8 Terry, Dickson. Artist: Bill Mauldin
2/9 Toroian, Soren Albert “Al”. Artist: Ralph Graczak
2/10 Witman, Art. Artist: Amadee Wohlschlaeger
2/11 Unknown [profile of man with red tie].  Artist:  Amadee Wohlschlaeger
2/12 Unknown.  Artist:  Amadee Wohlschlaeger
2/13 Unknown.  Artist:  Ralph Graczak, n.d. ]
2/14 Unknown.  Artist:  Ralph Graczak, n.d.  
2/15 Unknown.  Artist:  Ralph Graczak, n.d.  
2/16 Unknown.  Artist:  Don Hesse, n.d.
2/17 Unknown [Bill of Sales].  Artist:  Mad, n.d.
2/18 Unknown [man holding cigar].  Artist:  Mad, n.d.
2/19 Unknown.  Artist:  Ralph Graczak, 1985
  Box 3:  Oversized
3/1 Blach, Vernon. Artist: Amadee Wohlschlaeger, n.d. 
3/2 Hall, Leonard.  Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1976
3/3 Hearnes, Warren.  Artist:  Ralph Graczak, 1971 
3/4 Holland, Bill. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1972
3/5 Johnson, Marguerite “Peggy”.  Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1967 
3/6 Loeffler, Chas. [Charles]. Artist: Amadee Wohlschlaeger, n.d.
3/7 Richter, Tom.  Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1966
3/8 Stemmler, George L. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1976
3/9 Straeter, Jane.  Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1976
3/10 Wallace, Bill. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1970
3/11 Unknown [receding hairline with signature on shoulder]. Artist: Ralph Graczak, 1970 
3/12 Unknown [waiter with tray].  Artist:  Ralph Graczak 1971
3/13 Unknown [profile of man with blue collar].  Artist:  Graczak, 1970
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