Live at SLPL

Join us for world-class live performances in kid-friendly spaces. These performances are for children 0-8, but open to all ages and families. Support provided by St. Louis Public Library Foundation.


Classical Indian Dance - February 17

10 a.m.  at Carpenter Library
12:30 p.m. at Central Library
Explore and move along to the rhythms, colors, and stories of classical Indian dance. Audience members will learn some basic hand and foot movements and perform along with the dancers! Presented by Dances of India.

Puss in Boots - March 23

10 a.m. at Carpenter Library
2:30 p.m. at Central Library
Everyone’s favorite feline fable is here to charm and beguile! The miller’s son is not finding life easy, with barely a penny to his name and no inheritance from his father, save for a useless cat and a pair of too-small boots. But this cat hides a secret: She can talk! And sing! And she has a plan to take them from the poor house to a princely castle. But how long can this extraordinary kitty keep up the ruse before the cat is out of the bag? Bring the whole family and share the legend of Puss in Boots presented by The Imaginary Theatre Company.

Music Inspired by St. Louis Nature Spaces - April 13

10 a.m. at Buder Library
2 p.m. at Central Library
Join the EcoTones Ensemble for an innovative and whimsical concert featuring music inspired by St. Louis nature spaces and the sounds of their resident flora and fauna!


When the Rattlesnake Sounds - May 4

12 p.m. at Julia Davis Library
3 p.m. at Central Library

During summer, Harriet Tubman and her friends, Lennie and Celia, work hard to raise money for the abolitionist cause. When the Rattlesnake Sounds offers a fresh perspective on Harriet and how she uses fear to sing a song of freedom. Presented by The Black Rep.