Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2015

In attendance were John Dubinsky, President, presiding; Jacque Land, Nina North-Murphy, Keith Savae, Thomas F. Schlafly, and Vince Volpe.

Also present were Executive Director Waller McGuire and staff members Barry Berry, Judy Bruce, Diane Freiermuth, Cathy Heimberger, William Jackson, Cynthia Jones, Kathy Leitle, Leandrea Lucas, Jim Moses, John Newcomer, Julia Wang, and Ed Witkowski; Liz Reeves, Library Foundation; and John Foc Arnold, Lashly & Baer.

Mr. Dubinsky called the meeting to order 5:34 p.m.

Mr. McGuire introduced staff members in the audience to the Library Board.


Mr. McGuire included a copy of an article from the Webster-Kirkwood Times in the Board packet that announced the Webster Groves Public Library's withdrawal from a reciprocal borrowing agreement with St. Louis County Library.

Committee Reports:

Mr. Volpe gave a report of the last Fiscal Affairs meeting including acceptance of the 2014 audit report that was submitted to the State before the end of March, a plan to hire someone to oversee the implementation of the suggestions from the McGladrey report, a review of capital expenditures, and the progress of Senate Bill 114 concerning TIF and Libraries. He also announced that the Governor had released his gold on Library funding. The next Fiscal Affairs meeting will be held April 14, 2015 at 11:30 the Administrative Offices.

Ms. North-Murphy have a report of the Services committee meeting presenting the Fees & Fines document for consideration but the Board.l She also presented the Meeting Room Policy update and recommended approval.

Mr. Schlafly's motion, seconded by Mr. Savage, to approve the updated Meeting Room policy was approved.

Executive Director's Report:

Mr. McGuire highlighted the Black History Month programs detailed in the monthly report.

Mr. Berry presented the HR Report.

Mr. Jackson presented the Financial Report.

Ms. Reeves presented the Foundation Report that included information about the campaign to renew and add Friends of the Library members during May, a Tennessee Williams cultivation meeting scheduled on April 28, 2015, and scheduled library programming events that will cultivate Friends' membership including "Central Conversations" and "Not So Quiet Concerts." She also reported that the Friends' event before the Rick Bayless program was very successful with 80 people attending and Michael Kahn as the Chair of that committee. Additional upcoming events include the Tennessee Williams appreciating event as part of the "Grand Tour" Exhibit on June 12, 2015, a Young Literati partnership with Opera Theatre of St. Louis, and the "Stranger Than Fiction Goes Into The Woods" event on November 21, 2015.

Mr. McGuire mentioned that the Steedman Exhibit in Central's Great Hall was continuing and that the next exhibit will be called "The Grand Tour" and will be a partnership with the Campbell House. The Library will be displaying items from both the Library and Campbell House collections.

The beer designed by Schlafly Brewing for the Library as part of the 150th celebration is a heated Scot ale and will be presented at an event n April 7, 2015. Mr. Schlafly will present a check for $3,811 to the Library at that event.

Mr. Schlafly's motion, seconded by Mr. Savage, to go into Executive Session, was unanimously approved. The regular meeting ended at 6:13 p.m.


At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public Library on April 6, 2015, the following actions were taken:

Mr. Schlafly moved that the Board approve the updated Meeting Room Policy. MOTION APPROVED (In favor Mr. Dubinsky, Mr. Land, Ms North-Murphy, Mr. Savage, Mr. Schlafly, and Mr. Volpe.)
Mr. Schlafly moved: that the Board go into Executive Session. MOTION APPROVED (In favor Mr. Dubinsky, Mr. Land, Ms North-Murphy, Mr. Savage, Mr. Schlafly, and Mr. Volpe.)