Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2015

In attendance were John Dubinsky, President, presiding; Keith Savage, Thomas F. Schlafly, and Vince Volpe.

Also present were Executive Director Waller McGuire and staff members Barry Berry, Gerald Brooks, Diane Freiermuth, Cathy Heimberger, William Jackson, Cynthia Jones, Kathy Leitle, Julia Wang, and Lisa Wolfe; Liz Reeves, Library Foundation, and John Fox Arnold, Lashly & Baer.

Mr. Land called the meeting to order at 5:41 p.m.


Mr. McGuire distributed the new "Not So Quiet Concert" series brochures.

Executive Director's Report:

Mr. McGuire highlighted a few items from the Monthly Report.

Mr. Berry presented the HR Report.

Mr. Jackson presented the Financial Report, stating that the audit was materially complete and that the final drafty would be delivered in about a week. It will be sent to the Fiscal Affairs committee.

Liz Reeves presented the Foundation Report announcing the appointment of five Foundation members to a Strategic Planning Committee, that the Capital Campaign only needs 1.1 million to reach its goal, and that the new donor sign is up in Central Library. She also mentioned a number of successful Foundation events and a few upcoming events.

Mr. McGuire invited the Board to the Staff Recognition Dinner and scheduled for March 28, 2015 at Palladium St. Louis.

Mr. McGuire asked Board Members to check their schedules to see if May 4 or May 11 from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. would be better for a strategic planning meeting.

Unfinished Business:

Mr. Volpe, chair of the Fiscal Affairs Committee, reviews the minutes of the last meeting held on February 10, 2015. Items discussed included future funding and capital projects.

New Business:

Mr. Schlafly raised a question about the Domestic Partners Policy recently approved by the Library Board, asking if conflict of interest issues would be a concern. Mr. Arnold stated that they would not.

The meeting ended at 6:32 p.m.