Educator Accounts

Educator accounts are special library accounts that give educators a streamlined application process and additional borrowing privileges. These privileges include 30-day loan periods with an additional 30-day renewal as well as the ability to borrow up to 100 items per checkout, which can include books, toys, CDs, and playaways. You can also access digital items like eBooks, research databases, and tutoring/test prep software, along with printers/copiers. Educator account holders can also ask Library staff to prepare deposit collections for them. Educator accounts are for educational purposes and are not to be used for personal items. While library staff will curate deposit collections for educators, it is the educator’s responsibility to review collections before distributing the materials to students. 


  • You’ll only need to fill out one application or Google form per school that lists all the educators who should get an account. Schools can send in additional applications if they have new staff. 
  • Educators, administrators, librarians and childcare providers currently employed at public or private schools, childcare facilities, or afterschool or special education programs, as well as homeschooling parents in the City of St. Louis, are eligible for accounts. Homeschooling parents can call 314-241-2288 or email for assistance. 

Educator Account Use

  • You don’t need a physical library card. To check out materials at any of our libraries, you can tell us your account number or show your photo ID.
  • Your account will expire one year from the date of issue.

Lost and Damaged Items

  • If your account has $50 or more in lost or damaged items, you won’t be able to check out physical materials until missing items are returned or fees are cleared. This will not affect access to digital items or printers/copiers. Other educators at your school will not be affected. 
  • The school or organization assumes responsibility for returning materials when authorizing educator accounts.
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