Cruises Travel Literature Collection

Accession Number: SC 17:40
Location: RB-M
Dates: 1872-1990
Size: 1 record cartons; 1.0 cu. ft.
Creator/Collector: Collected by SLPL staff
Acquisition info: Collected by SLPL staff
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Collection assembled by SLPL staff (various branches) and stored in Central Library in former "Tin Room." At some point was moved to storage room at Compton Branch Library. Moved from Compton Branch Library storage to Rare Books and Manuscripts in September 2017.
Language: Primarily English but also includes German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Swedish
Processed by: Amanda Bahr-Evola, January 2018
Conservation notes: Items placed into acid free envelopes and into acid free record cartons. Metal fasteners removed.
Scope and Content: Collection of travel literature related to cruises and steamships spanning the globe. Much of the collection dates from the 1930s-1940s. Brochures and publications from travel companies and transportation companies are featured.
Arrangement: Collection organized alphabetically by company name
Restrictions: No restrictions
Remarks: “st” indicates the year that was stamped on the item by SLPL

Cruises Travel Literature Collection
1 record carton; 1.0 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding Aid
1/- General

"What to Know About Ocean Travel" International Mercantile Marine Company

"Passenger Ships Owned by the United States Government" United States Shipping board Emergency Fleet Corporation

American Express Travel Department

"West Indies Cruises" (1920)

"Crowded Season Sailings to & from Europe" (1931)

"Steamship Sailings & Travel Guide" (1927, 1928)

"Niagara to the Saguenay—a cruise down the St. Lawrence" (1918)

"Steamship Sailings" (1930—two copies, 1931)

"Around the World on the Dollar Line" (1927)

American Merchant Lines

"New York to London—Under the American Flag"

American President Lines

"New Ships for America’s Most Famous Fleet"

American Republics Line

"South American Cruises—38 Days" (st 1939)

Anchor Line

"Saloon Passenger List, Steamship Europa" (1872)

Bremen Europa North German Lloyd

"Lloyd Express First Class" (1934—two copies)

"Bremen Europa" (1935—two copies)

"Tourist Class: The Fastest Way to England France Germany" (1935) September 2017

Bureau of University Travel

"The Vergilian Pilgrimage and Aeneid Cruise"

Canadian Pacific

"To Japan and Hongkong; To Shanghai and Manila [sic]" (1924)

"Foundation Facts for Your Oriental Trip" (1924)

"Atlantic Steamship Service"

"Bridging Two Oceans & Linking Four Continents" (1921)

"Round the World & Mediterranean" (1925-1926)

Cleveland and Buffalo Transit Company

"Summer Tours" (1917)

Clyde-Mallory Lines

"Take the Ocean Trail Between Texas and New York" (1940)

Thomas Cook & Sons

"Cooks Excursionist and Home and Foreign Tourist Advertiser" (1872)

"Europe Popular Tours—sailings by the ships of the White Star Line-Red Star Line" (1932)

Cosulich Line

"General Information for Saloon Passengers" (st 1935)

"Saturnia-Vulcania: Second Class de Luxe and Tourist Class" (st 1935)

"Saturnia Vulcania" (st 1935)


"Clark’s Cruise Around the World" (1927)

"Over Eight Years of Transatlantic Travel" (1923)

"Hints for Ocean Travelers" by Eugene R. Trott (1911)

"West Indies Cruises"

"Queen Elizabeth 2—Transatlantic" (1990)

"RMS Servia: List of Saloon Passengers" (1888)

"Three Short Cruises to the West Indies" (1928-1929)

"Around the World Cruise S.S. Franconia" (1929)

"Around the World"

"The New Caronia"

"To Europe Third Class"

Diamond Jo Line Steamers

"Picturesque Route between St. Louis and St. Paul"

H.W. Dunning & Company

"Around the World" (1913-1914)

Eagle Packet Company

"Days of Pleasure on the River"

"Vacations by Steamboat"

"Enchanting River Trips through the Heart of America"

French Line

"Liste Des Passagers c.G. Transatlantique" (1928)

"Facts about the Normandie" (1938)

"The De Grasse"

"One Cabin Steamers Direct to France"

"Cie Gle Transatlantique—recital by the Kedroff Quartet" (1928)

"First Class Cabin Rates of Passage between New York and Havre" (1913)

"Sailing List" (1913-1914)

"Compagnie Générale Transatlantique Diagram"

"The Champlain"

"Sailings to and from England and France (1937)


"Compagnie Générale Transatlantique 1864-1939 (1939)

"Normandie" (1935)

Furness Bermuda Line

"Plan of 1st Class Accommodation S.S. Nova Scotia"

Grace Line

"South America" (1935)

Great Northern Steamship Company

"DeLuxe Oriental Tours—Japan, China, and the Philippines S.S. Minnesota" (1914)

"Japan china and the Philippines"

"S.S. Minnesota Sailing Schedule" (1910)

Greene Line

Steamboat Cruises: Ohio, Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers" (1951)

Hamburg-American Line

"Atlas Service"

"The Voyage of your Dreams: Around the World S.S. Resolute" (1928)

"Cabin Plan of the Resolute" (st 1935)

"Hamburg Amerika Line menu for the Deutschland" (1929)

"Third Class—The Famous Four: New York, Deutschland, Hamburg, Albert Ballin" (1934—two copies)

"A Revelation in First Class Ocean Travel" (two copies)

"5th Cruise Around the World by the S.S. Resolute" (1928)

"Reliance—De Luxe Cruise to Northern Wonderlands and Russia" (1935)

"Cabin Class Comfort on the Hamburg-American Line"

"Pleasure Cruises through the Seven Seas" (1935—two copies)

"Cabin Class on the Hamburg-American Line Famous Four: S.S. New

York, S.S. Hamburg, S.S. Deutschland, S.S. Hansa" (1937)

"Tourist Class on the Famous Four of the Hamburg-American Line: New York, Deutschland, Albert Ballin, Hamburg" (1935—two copies)

"Cabin Class: M.S. St.Louis, M.S. Milwaukee, S.S. Berlin, S.S. Steuben, S.S. Stuttgart" (1935)

"The Motor Bridge to Europe" (1935)

"Go Tourist Class" (1936)

"Third Class Bremen Europa: the fastest way to England, France,

Germany" (1934)

"The Famous Four: Deutschland, New York, Hamburg, Hansa" (1936)

"Proposed Sailings" (1930)

Holland-America Line

"The Luxury Cruises to the West Indies by the Magnificent Oil-burning

Turbine Steamer Veendam" (1927, 1928)

"Tourist Class ‘Ahoy’" (1933)

"Luxury Cruise to South America, Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe" (1928)

Italian Line

"Roma—the third class" (two copies)

"A Weather Log of the Southern Route" (st 1935—two copies)

"Rex and Conte di Savoia—third class" (st 1935—two copies)

"From the Mediterranean to New York—Conte Grande—second class" (st 1935)

"Rex and Conte de Savoia" (st 1933—two copies)

"New Low Excursion Rates to Europe" (1934-1935)

"Take Your Car to Italy" (1935)

"What You Should Know About Passports and Visas when Traveling via The Sunny Southern Route"

"New York to South Africa via Gibraltar" (st 1935)

"The New Tourist Class of the Italian Line" (st 1935)

"4 Mediterranean Cruises" (1935)

"Conte Biancamano--plan"


"Rex and conte Di Savoia—the Special Class, the Tourist Class" (st 1935—two copies)

Kitsap Ferry Lines

"Across Puget Sound" (st 1935)

Lloyd Triestino

"The Quickest Routes to Greece, Istanbul, Palestine, Egypt, India, and to the Far East" (1931)

Matson Line

"To Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia—SS. Lurline, S.S. Mariposa, S.S. Monterey, S.S. Matsonia"

"Malolo: Third Around the Pacific Cruise" (1931)

Memphis Excursion Lines

"The Famous Memphis Queen II" (st 1956)

Munson Steamship Lines

"South America: New York to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina"

New England Steamship Company

"Fall River Line, Providence Line, New London Line—Time Tables" (st 1932)

Nippon Yusen Kaisha

"S.S. Hakusan Maru—menu" (Thursday, February 7th 1929)

"S.S. Hakusan Maru—menu" (Sunday, February 17th 1929)

"S.S. Hakusan Maru—menu" (Monday, February 11th 1929)

"Trans Pacific Service" (1916)

"Australian Service" (1916)

"An Achievement—Nine New Ships on Orient Trade Lanes" (st 1935)

"Interesting Particulars of Trans-Pacific Liners"

North German Lloyd

"Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen—menu" (Saturday, July 27 1929)

"Lloyd Express Second Class: Bremen Europa Columbus" (1930)

"Lloyd Sailings to Europe" (1933)

"The Motor Bridge to Europe" (st 1935)

"West Indies Winter Cruises—S.S. Grosser Kurfurst"

"Sailings to England, Ireland, France, Germany" (1930—two copies)

"West Indies Winter Cruises—Panama Canal—S.S. Grosser Kurfürst"

"West Indies Cruises on the De Luxe Cruiser Columbus and the Transatlantic Liner Berlin" (1931-1932)

"Reliance—Pleasure Pirate Cruises to the West Indies" (1934)

"Bremen—poster" (1933)

Norwegian American Line

"Modern Twin-Screw Passenger and Mail Steamers Stavangerfjord and Bergensfjord"

Oriental Steamship Company

"Toyo Kisen Kaisha—Services San Francisco to the Orient and South America"

"Toyo Kisen Kaisha"

P&O Steamship Company

"Winter Outings on Summer Seas"

Pacific Coast Steamship Company

"California, British Columbia, Washington, Alaska, Mexico" (1905)

"Sailings" (1911)

Pacific Mail

"America-Manila; Honolulu-Russia; Japan-China-India" (two copies)

"Travel by Sea Between San Francisco or Los Angeles and Baltimore"

"Passenger Tariff No. 12—Rates of Passage Between San Francisco and Mexico, Central America, Isthmus of Panama, South America, New York, and Europe" (1911)

"Trans-Pacific Passenger Tariff No. 14—Rates of Passage from San Francisco to Hawaii, Japan, China, Philippine Islands, Straits, Settlements, India, Australasia, Etc." (1911)

Panama Pacific Line

"Plan of Passenger Accommodations—S.S. Finland and Kroonland, S.S. Manchuria"

"My Trip Through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific"

"PPL—New York and San Francisco Panama Canal All Water Route"

Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company

"Royal Mail Steamers India, China, Japan: Guidebook for Passengers. Printed for the Chicago Exhibition" (1893)

Quebec Steamship Company

"The Windward Islands and Bermuda" (1914)

Raymond & Whitcomb Company

"Mediterranean Cruise" (1923)

"North Cape Cruise" (1922)

Red Star Line

"Highlights on a Thrifty Modern Way to Europe Tourist Class"

"America’s Largest Steamship Company"

"The S.S. Belgenland"

Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Company

"Niagara to the Sea"

Royal Mail and Pacific Lines

"Regular Mail and Passenger Services"

Seabourn Cruise Line

"The Americas, Scandinavia, Europe, The Mediterranean" (1990)

Southern Pacific Atlantic Steamship Lines

"One Hundred Golden Hours at Sea" (1910)

"One Hundred Golden Hours at Sea" (1913)

Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company

"An Illustrated Description of the R.M.S. ‘Saxon’"

Union Steamship Company of New Zealand Limited

"Tours to the South Sea Islands—Tonga, Samoa, Fiji" (1913)

United Fruit Company Steamship Service

"Cruising the Spanish Main" (1913)

United American Lines

"Winter Cruise to the West Indies" (1924)

United States Lines

"Third Class Rates" (1926)

"Cabin on the Manhattan" (st 1939)

"2nd Cabin to Europe—S.S. Leviathan, S.S. George Washington"

"Introducing the new Manhattan" (1932)

Ward Line

"Havana, Nassau, and Mexico" (two copies)

White Star Line

"First Class and Cabin Passage Rates" (1929)

"The Spirit of Today Expressed in the New Tourist Class"

"Homeric—The Ship of Splendor"

"The Inside of a Great Ship"

"Morning Post Supplement: R.M.S. Queen Mary" (1935)

"The Queen Mary—a book of comparisons"

"Christmas Excursions—Third Class"

"Cruise News" (February 26, 1925; March 4th, 1924; March 19th, 1924)


"Dominion Canadian Service—Map of the St. Lawrence Route to Europe"

"Dominion Canadian Service—Liverpool, Quebec, Montreal"

"Cunard White Star—Third Class to All Europe" (1936)

"Dominion Canadian Service—The Short and Scenic Route" (1911—three copies)

"Rest and Recreation on a White Star Liner" (1911)

Miscellaneous Items

S.S. President Coolidge flyer (1926)

Press Release, October 12, 1931 regarding arrival in New York.

Photo of the President Coolidge (8x10)

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