Arthur Witman Photo Collection

Accession Number: MA 88:02
Location: Manuscript stacks, row 12
Dates: 1929-1964
Size: 4 boxes
Creator/Collector: Collected by Art Witman
Acquisition info: Donated by Art Witman
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Donated to the Media Archives in January of 1988 by Art Witman. Photos were originally housed in the St. Louis Publications Photograph Collection. Removed to create a discrete collection in August 2018.
Language: English
Processed by: Kristina Impastato, August 2018
Conservation notes: All folders placed into archival box. Clippings are very fragile and require special handling.
Scope and Content: The collection of Arthur Witman consists of black and white photographs covering the years 1929-1964 with the bulk of the photos ranging from the early 1930s to the mid-1940s . The collection also contains newspaper clippings from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch featuring Witman’s published work covering the years 1933-1939. Witman worked as a photojournalist with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1932-1969. He was a member of the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis.
Arrangement: Arranged into series:


Series 1: Photographs

Series 2: Clippings and Published Materials.

Restrictions: Copyright. Permission required to reproduce images.
Remarks: A caricature of Art Witman is held in the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis Caricature Collection.
Fragile clippings.  

State Historical Society of Missouri at St. Louis holds a substantial Arthur Witman photo collection.

Arthur Witman Photo Collection
1 photo letter Hollinger, 2 small flat boxes, 1 flat folio; 2.2 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding aid
  Box 1: Photographs
1/2 Joseph Pulitzer and guests hunting, wading in water. Ph-1
1/3 Trees and birds flying in air. Ph-2
1/4 Joseph Pulitzer and guests hunting, Ph-3
1/5 Hunting guest wading in water. Ph-4
1/6 Joseph Pulitzer and guests hunting, wading in water. Ph-5
1/7 Mrs. Pulitzer holding bird and rifle. Ph-6
1/8 Mr. & Mrs. Pulitzer and daughters, Elinor and Kate Davis. Ph-7
1/9 Three men in canoe fishing. Ph-8
1/10 Three men in canoe fishing. Ph-9 + Ph-10 [copy]
1/11 K.D. [Kate Davis] Pulitzer & others at horse races. Ph-11
1/12 K.D. [Kate Davis] Pulitzer & others at horse races. Ph-12
1/13 K. D. [Kate Davis] Pulitzer & others at horse races. Ph-13
1/14 Mrs. Pulitzer on fishing trip. Ph-14
1/15 Mr. & Mrs. Pulitzer & guest on fishing trip. Ph-15
1/16 Mr. & Mrs. Pulitzer on hunting. Ph-16 missing 5/17/14
1/17 Mr. & Mrs. Pulitzer with son, Joseph Pulitzer, Jr. on hunting trip. Ph-17
1/18 Mr. Pulitzer & group riding on horse-drawn carriage (close-up). Ph-18a, b
1/19 Group riding on two horse-drawn carriages. Ph-18c
1/20 [President Dwight] Eisenhower & Witman, Ph-19a, b
1/20 [President Dwight] Eisenhower speaking into microphone. Ph-20
1/21 Julius Klyman and Fitzpatrick. Ph-21, 22
1/22 Witman and Julius Klyman. Ph-23
1/23 Julius Klyman, Clint Murphy & Bill Byrnes. Ph-24
1/24 Ted Wagner, Joe Groom, Malley (back), John Cousley. Ph-25
1/25 Photographers giving blood: Eddie Meyer, Floyd Bowser, unknown standing, Ed Swift, Bruce Bacon, Art Witman. Ph-26
1/26 Lois Witman, Maggie Ruhl, and unidentified woman sitting by a fire in a hunting lodge. Ph-27
1/27 W.C. Handy playing the Blues at Negro Music Festival in the late 1930s. Ph-28
1/28 Julius Klyman and Heywood Broun. Ph-29
1/29 Sam Caldwell, Arthur Witman, Lester Linck, Lou Phillips, Jack January, and Ed Burkhardt dressed for the VP [Veiled Prophet] Ball. Ph-30
1/30 Photo staff from left: John Gerard, Lou Phillips, Jack January, Jack Gould, Gene Hunter, Art Witman, Holly man; foreground – Jack Hackathorn. Ph-31
1/31 Gene Hunter and Clint Murphy of the Post-Dispatch staff. Ph-32
1/32 Press Corp at [Governor Henry] Caulfield’s Inauguration. Caulfield, back row center, ca. 1929. Ph-33
1/33 Lois Witman, second from left, then M/M Roy Harris, Chas and Mildred Marsalek, Ed & Mrs. James (Sydney James).Ph-34
1/34 Julius Klyman. Ph-35
1/35 Arthur Witman, photographer for the Post-Dispatch, and Mario Cavagnaro, photograph for the Star-Times and formerly the Star. Ph-36
1/36 Nellie Muench and Gene Hunter, editor for the Post-Dispatch. Photograph taken by Mario Cavagnaro of the Star-Times. Ph-37
1/37 Ralph Coghlan, Richard Baumhoff, Marquis Childs, Ed Harris, Charles Ross, Pete Brandt, Boyd Carroll (3rd row, 3rd from the left), and Harold Grams (5th row and last) of the Post-Dispatch staff. Ph-38
1/38 Post-Dispatch Editorial staff with New York journalist Herbert Bayard Swope, ca. 1939. Ph-39 [copy]
1/39 P-D Sunday PICTURES staff, 1956. Ph-40
1/40 Bob Hannon atop the completed north leg of the Arch, Sept. 1, 1964. Ph-41
1/41 New SDX members, Schoyen, Dopking, Kirby, Crowley, Witman, ca. 1954. Ph-46
1/42 [Julius] Klyman and Buck O’Malley. Ph-47
1/43 McCorkle & Roy Webster in the Old Fed. Building Press Room. Ph-48
  Box 2: Clippings
2/1 1933 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
2/2 1934 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
2/3 1935 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
2/4 1936 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  Box 3: Clippings & Ephemera
3/1 1937 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
3/2 1938 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
3/3 1939 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
3/4 Clippings, Time Magazine, 1935
3/5 Miscellaneous clippings, n.d.
3/6 Copy of Churchill address, Sinews of Peace, 1946
3/7 Photo, Veiled Prophet 1937, ‘Art & Kavy approach methods’
3/8 Program, Six-Day Bike Race, n.d.
3/9 Program, San Carlo Opera Company, Municipal Auditorium-Opera House, Apr 22-28, 1935
3/10 Program, Silver Skates, Eighth Annual St. Louis Ice Skating Championships, Jan 15, 1933
  Box 4: Oversized Photographs
4/- "My friends…" Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressing large outdoor crowd. Exhibited at Kay’s One Many Show. [matted, 11x14] Ph-43
4/- Franklin Delano Roosevelt in top hat riding in convertible. [framed] Ph-44
4/- President Harry Truman, Prime Minister Winston Churchill & Governor Donnelly, Westminster College, Mar. 5, 1946. [framed] Ph-45
4/- "A political situation – FDR , ‘Happy’ Chandler and ‘Dear Alben’". [matted, 11x14]
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