Staff Picks

Staff Picks

SLPL Teens

Teen Titles on Fire

Get warm and cozy this fall with these new fiery teen reads. -Becky, Teen Services

Comics/Graphic Novel Recommendations

Although we could not celebrate Free Comic Book Day at the Library this year, here are some seminal...

Comic Book Resources

Even though we could not celebrate Free Comic Book Day at the Library this year...


Personal hygiene is how you care for your body. Having good hygiene can keep you healthy. Check out these books to learn more about...

YA Horror

Halloween is fast approaching, and when all things creepy come out to play, it’s time to pull out the horror books.

YA Mysteries and Thrillers

With the cool autumn air comes the desire to reveal in all things mysterious and creepy.

11 Classics: Remixed

Classic tales as old as time get fresh reboots in these 11 captivating novels.

The Dead Are Walking--What’s Up With…

If someone mentions zombies, you’ll probably get a picture in your head of shambling, rotting former humans craving braaains. And a lot…

9 Super Teen Books

Superheroes aren’t just found between the pages of graphic novels. Full-length novels for young adults featuring superheroes…

9 Reads for Banned Books Week

Typically held during the last week of September, this is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read what you want to read. Banned…

What We're Reading For Teens Vol. 3

See what the Youth Services staff at the St. Louis Public Library has been reading in Young Adult lately.

12 YA Books About Dating, Breaking Up,…

Experience the mountain highs and the perilous lows that accompany every relationship in these 12 diverse young adult novels about the…

LGBTQ+ Books for Middle and High School

Celebrate Pride month at St. Louis Public Library, by checking out some of these titles featuring characters across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum!

10 Future Life Novels for Teens

Each book on this list explores a different idea of what happens to a person after death.

10 YA Novels About Survival

The books on this list show characters doing their best to get through a wide range of difficult situations. Relationships are threatened…

9 Spy Novels for Teens

Step into worlds of deceit and deception with these young adult spy novels.
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