St. Louis Television Photograph Collection

Accession Number: MA uu:116
MA uu:117
MA uu:122
MA uu:125
MA 99:09
MA 05:04
MA 14:02
MA 14:06
MA 14:22
MA 15:02
MA 15:04
MA 15:05
Location: Manuscripts stacks, Row 12
Dates: 1950s – 1990s
Size: 1 legal Hollinger; 2 oversized folders
Creator/Collector: Collected by Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation
Collected by Marty Bronson
Collected by Bob Kirschnik
Collected by Gene Stamps
Acquisition info: Donated by Frank Absher/SLMHF
Donated by Howard DeMere on the behalf of Marty Bronson
Donated by Gene Stamps
Donated by Bob Kirschnik
Accruals: Accruals expected
Custodial history:

The collection was assembled over time in Special Collections through the numerous of donations made by Frank Absher/SLMHF from the late 1980s through June 2014. 


The second accession of 11 photos of KSD-TV personalities came as a donation by Howard DeMere on the behalf of Marty Bronson in October 1999.    


The third accession of the 17 photos of KPLR-TV came as a donation by Bob Kirschnik (date unknown). 


The fourth accession of 1 photo of the Channel 2 Newsroom came as a donation from KTVI-TV in 1988.  


The fifth accession of 21 slides of KMOX-TV came as a donation by Gene Stamps on March 11, 2015.  

Language: English
Processed by: Sarah Cain, April 2014; reprocessed by Kristina Impastato, June 2017
Conservation notes: All items placed into archival boxes and acid-free folders.  
Scope and Content: The collection contains photographs of St. Louis television personalities, performers and staff.  The collection aims to serve researchers of St. Louis media by providing them with photographs of St. Louis area television personalities, performers, and staff as well as images of the television studios. Acquisitions for the St. Louis Television Photo Collection are still ongoing.
Arrangement: The collection is first arranged alphabetically by station, and then alphabetically by photo descriptor 
Restrictions: Some items are under copyright.  Permission required to reproduce images.  

The collection is still growing and the number of boxes as well as their contents may change.  

Marty Bronson Photo Collection (MA uu:116; J. Gosebrink Accession #Ge-426) has been split in order to keep radio photographs as a discrete collection and the TV photographs as another discrete collection.


Jean Gosebrink accession numbers included with appropriate items.

St. Louis Television Photograph Collection 
1950s – 1990s
1 legal Hollinger; 0.5 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
1/2 KDNL-TV, Barry Baker (6) w/ Larry Marcus. Ge-001054
1/3 KDNL-TV, Bernie Hayes and Jim Gates (2). Ge-00670
1/4 KDNL-TV, miscellaneous (2)
1/5 KMOV-TV, Al Holzer. MA 14:02
1/6 KMOV-TV, news van

KMOV-TV, personalities (12): Russ Mitchell; Betsey (Barnett)

Bruce (2); Gary Apple (2); Zip Rzeppa, Julius Hunter, Larry

Conners; Julius Hunter (3), Mike Brown; Mike Nelson; Ollie Raymond. Ge-001055

1/8 KMOX-TV, 1960s (20). MA 14:22
1/9 KMOX-TV, Cooky and The Captain. Ge-001385
1/10 KMOX-TV, personalities, staff, and studio, ca. 1957/1958 (65). MA 14:06
1/11 KMOX-TV, Martin Quigley and Pat Fontaine, 1961
1/12 KMOX-TV, television set
1/13 KMOX-TV, Peter Walloch
1/14 KPLR-TV, billboards (3). Ge-001368
1/15 KPLR-TV, personalities (6): Cree Craig; Dr. Joyce Brothers; Christine Buck; Rich Gould; Laurna Godwin; Bill Rees and Don Clark. Ge-001056
1/16 KPLR-TV, personalities, staff, and building (17), 1973, 1977, 1997. MA uu:125
1/17 KSD-TV, 1950s, 1976 (6). Ge-00842B
1/18 KSD-TV, 1960s (27). MA 14:22
1/19 KSD-TV, camera. Ge-001071
1/20 KSD-TV, Bob Chase. Ge-00493
1/21 KSD-TV, Genevieve Bierman Chase (5). Ge-001059a-e
1/22 KSD-TV, control room. Ge-00699
1/23 KSD-TV, Russ David, 1953-1968 (4) w/ Rosemary Clooney; Rita Harbough, Pevely Playhouse Party; Kate Smith P. Ge-001061, Ge001269
1/24 KSD-TV, Dizzy Dean. Ge-001347
1/25 KSD-TV, Frank Eschen (4; negative). Ge-001062a-b
1/26 KSD-TV, Keith Gunther. Ge-001213
1/27 KSD-TV, Ernie Heldman (2).
1/28 KSD-TV, Bob Hille (2) w/ Rosalie Solomon. Ge-001064
1/29 KSD-TV, Bob Ingram, Buddy Blattner, Sterling Harkins (1; negative). Ge00352
1/30 KSD-TV, Ron Jacober. Ge-001019
1/31 KSD-TV, Merry-Go-Round Show
1/32 KSD-TV, Sheila Moseley (9). Ge-00893 MA 05:04
1/33 KSD-TV, personalities, ca. 1960s (11): John Auble, Russ Carter missing 08/2013, Bob Chase, Chris Condon, Howard DeMere, Dick Ford, Jennings “Jay” Randolph Jr., John Roedel, Clif St. James missing 08/2013, Lee Sheppard, Dan Stengel, Diane White, Biographical notes [3 pages]. MA uu:116 (Ge-426)
1/34 KSD-TV, personalities and performers (6)
1/35 KSD-TV, Charlotte Peters (3). Ge-001060/Ph-59, Ph-58
1/36 KSD-TV, Charlotte Peters, Harry Fender, Bob Godard, John Grosbaur? 
1/37 KSD-TV, Santa (2). Ge-001057, Ge-001058
1/38 KSD-TV, Wilma Sim
1/39 KSD-TV, Clif St. James (2) – Corky the Clown, Corky’s Colorama. Pr-062
1/40 KSD-TV, studio at 1111 Olive (2)
1/41 KSD-TV, Texas Bruce [Harry Gibbs] (2) and Corky the Clown [Clif. St. James]. Ge-001210
1/42 KSDK-TV, Howard DeMere (2). Ge-001375
1/43 KSDK-TV, personalities, 1989-1990 (12): William Bolster, Mike Bush, Rich Brase, Jennifer Blome, Patrick Emory, Art Holliday, Ron Jacober, Aaron Mermelstein, Karen Foss, Clif St. James (3).
1/44 KSDK-TV, personality postcards (6): Mike Bush, Dick Ford, Huel Perkins, Jay Randolph (2), Bob Richards. Ge-00878, MA 15:05
1/45 KSDK-TV, Clif St. James. Ge-01015a-b, Ge-01015b missing 4/25/14
1/46 KSDK-TV, television tower after tornado, February 10, 1959
1/47 KTVI-TV, 1960s (19). MA 14:22
1/48 KTVI-TV, George Abel. Ge-00396
1/49 KTVI-TV, Jim Brady. MA 15:04
1/50 KTVI-TV, Donn Johnson. Ge-001069
1/51 KTVI-TV, Kenneth H. MacQueen
1/52 KTVI-TV, miscellaneous 
1/53 KTVI-TV, Jack Murdoch (4). Ge-395. Pr-160
1/54 KTVI-TV, Dave Murray
1/55 KTVI-TV, News team, 1988. Ge-001068/Pr-78/MA uu:122 

KTVI-TV, personalities, 1980s (13): Donn Johnson (2), Diane Willis, Dave Murray, Susan Kidd, Bruce Gordon, Greg Gizinski, Betsey Bruce (2), Lisa Brown, John Auble, Lisa Allen, [Jim Hale?].


1/57 KTVI-TV, Romper Room. Ge-001067
1/58 KTVI-TV, Diane Wills, 1983
1/59 KWK-TV, Catholic Radio, Father Francis J. Matthews. Ge-001070 
1/- slide box, 9 slides of Channel 4, KMOX-TV, National Studios                      
New York
1/- slide box, 12 slides of Channel 4, KMOX-TV
  Map drawer A-14
[oversized] KMOV-TV, Chris Abel, 1987. Ph-85
[oversized] KMOX-TV, KTVI-TV, Spencer Allen
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