St. Louis Radio Photograph Collection

Accession Number: MA uu:113
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MA uu:124
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MA 91:68
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Location: Manuscrip
Dates: Circa 1920s – Present
Size: 8 boxes: 4 letter Hollingers, 4 slim letter Hollingers
Creator/Collector: Collected by Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation
Collected by Marvin Wilmer
Collected by Marty Bronson
Collected by KMOX radio
Acquisition info:

The first accession of photos was donated from Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation between 1987– July 2013.

The second accession was from Verna Smith on June 24, 1991 and consisted 3 photos of St. Louis radio personalities taken by Peter Ferman Photographers: Ed Wilson; Harry Fender with Milton Ferman (2). 

The third through sixth accessions were donated by Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation in/on March 2011; August 2013; October 30, 2013; February 12, 2014 

The seventh accession was an 8x10” B&W photo of Grandpappy Jones and the Carson Melody Roundup, which was donated by Marvin Wilmer on February 12, 2014

The eighth and ninth accessions were donated by Frank Absher/St. Louis Media History Foundation on April 11, 2014 and May 1, 2014, respectively. 

The tenth accession of two Jack Carney and Rex Davis doubleexposure photos was donated by Samuel Atkinson on March 11, 2015

The eleventh accession of four KMOX photos was donated by Terry Edelmann on March 11, 2015

Fourteen photos of personalities from KSD, WIL, or KMOX were donated by Howard DeMere on the behalf Marty Bronson. Date of donation unknown.

Two photos of KXOK personalites were donated by Robert Lynn on November 5, 2001.  

Another accession (MA uu:124) came as a donation from KMOX radio sometime in the 1990s. Fourteen of 15 photos donated were placed in this collection as one photo was not a KMOX radio personality but instead belonged in the St. Louis Publication Photograph Collection.

Another accession (MA 02:19) of Ed Wilson with a KSD microphone  came as a donation from Jane Wilson Hutchins on September 3, 2002.  

Accruals: Accruals expected
Custodial history: The collection was created in Special Collections, April 2014 
Language: English
Processed by: Sarah Cain, April 2014. Content verified by LeAnn Fisher (intern) February and March 2016
Conservation notes: All items placed into acid-free folders. Some items housed in mylar sleeves. Metal fasteners removed.
Scope and Content: The radio photos are part of the Media Archives Collection that was created in 1987.  Acquisitions for the St. Louis Radio Photograph Collection are still ongoing. The collection aims to serve researchers of St. Louis media with photographs of St. Louis area radio personalities, announcers, and staff.
Arrangement: The collection is first arranged alphabetically by station, and then alphabetically by photo descriptor.
Restrictions: Most photos under copyright. Permission required to  reproduce images.  

Some fragile items. The collection is still growing and the number of boxes as well as their contents may change.

Jean Gosebrink accession numbers included with appropriate items.

Ge-001392 (RA/Ph/KXOK/Busch) moved from KXOK box to KMOX box

Marty Bronson Photo Collection (MA uu:116; J. Gosebrink Accession #Ge-426) has been split in order to keep radio photographs as a discrete collection and the TV photographs as another discrete collection.

Collection reviewed and all photocopies were identified and removed from collection in February and March of 2016 by archivist.  Finding Aid marked accordingly with “[removed 2/2016] and [removed 3/2016]’.  List of deaccessioned photocopies located in collection folder.  

St. Louis Radio Photograph Collection Circa
1920s – Present
8 Hollingers; 2.8 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
  Box 1: Radio Photos – General 
1/2 Frank Absher, Ty Wamsley, Joe Cosenteno, 1972. Ge-01012/Pr-172
1/3 African-American radio personalities. Ge-001206
1/4 Ben Abell
1/5 Booth, Nellie. Ge-00655
1/6 Marty O’Reilly Browne (9)
1/7 The Carson Melody Roundup, Grandpappy Jones, The Carson Cowboys, (Herb Houseman, Cecil Bay, Bill Reid, Mack McQuigg, Slim Dortch, Johnny Giacoma, Charlotte Gelt, Mary Reid, Gracie Tuhill, Betty Gelt, Gordon Jennings, Deacon Curley King, Roy Shaffer, Johnny Rion, Rolla Coughlin, Georgie Johnson, Bobby Armstrong, Gracie Tuhill, Judy Benne, Gordon Reid, Tex, Slim, Bob Simmons, Joe Schirmer, Fredna Parker, Ralph Stein, Johnny Becker, Art Hall, Veron Dolan, Dickie Phillips, Curley Roberts, Monty Ryan, Vonnie Penzel, Yodelin’ Frankie) (10) Negative (1). Ge-00597
1/8 Disc Jockeys, 1950s, “St. Louis leading disc jockeys all play MGM records” (Jesse Spider Burks, Ray Manning, Gil Newsome, Cury Ray, Frank Murphy, Roy Queen) (4). Ge-00335, Ge-001254d
1/9 Jim Cox. Ge-001050
1/10 Sally Gibbons. Ge-0860
1/11 Grandpappy Jones and The Carson Cowboys (2)Z. Ge-00825, MA 14:08
1/12 Joni James record promotion in St. Louis, 195-?
1/13 Radio performers, ca. 1920s-1930s, postcards (Eddie Austin Shucks, Roy Queen, “Gen” Accordion Queen, Lullaby Lester, Poppy Cheshire)  (6). Ge-00871
1/14 Radio personalities, ca. 1960s (14): Jim Bulter missing 08/2013, Bill Calder, Dan Daly, Rex Davis missing 08/2013, Harry Gunther (Nee Guntheroth), Bob Hardy missing 08/2013, Gene Hirsch, Grant Horton, Ron Jacober, David Lee, Done Miller, Bob Osborne, Carson Rennie, Biographical notes (John Roedel, Officer Don Miller, Clif St. James, Jennings “Jay” Randolph, Bob Hardy, Ron Jocober, Dan Stengel, Bob Chase, Harry Gunther (Nee Gutheroth), Lee Sheppard, hris Condon, Dick Ford, Russ Carter, Carson Rennie, John Audle,  Dianne White, Grant Horton, Bill Calder, Howard DeMere, Dan Daly, Jim Butler, Rex Davis, David (Davy) Lee, Bob Osborne, Gene Hirsh) [3 pages]. MA uu:116 (Ge-426)
1/15 Radio staff and personalities. Steve Mosier, Dr. Jockenstein, Irv Zuckerman, Freeman Bosley Jr., Maurice “Snoopy” Falls ( Ge001205y
1/16 Rick Sanborn
  Box 2: Radio Photos – KACO -WTMV 
2/1 KACO, Joan Colegrove (2). Ge-00540
2/2 KADI, Rich “Radio” Dalton. Ge-001188
2/3 KADI, Richard Miller. Ge-01014

KATZ, The Five Du-Tones with KATZ personalities (3): Gracy, Robert BQ, Dave Dixon [removed 2/2016]

KATZ, personalities (1): Buddy Lonesome, Donnie Brooks, Robert

BQ, Jerome Dixon, Buster Jones, Bernie Hayes, Al Waples, Lou

Thimes, Jim Gates, Doug Eason. Ge-654a-I  [removed 2/2016]

2/5 KATZ, DJs, 1965 (2) (Chuck Cunningham, James Brown, Bernie Hayes, Jerome Dixon, Buster Jones, Robert BQ, Dony Eason, German Masserberg, Ovoin Reed. Ge-649
2/6 KATZ, Bernie Hayes. Ge-00963 [missing 2/2016]
2/7 KATZ, Dr. Jockenstein, Rod King (4). Ge-00951
2/8 KCFM, Harry Eidelman, Sibley Smith, Ed Bench, 1962. Ge-00798 
2/9 KCFM studios, 1960 (2). Ge-0797a-b
2/10 KDHX, Gabriel. Ge-00653
2/11 KDHX, Lou Fatha Thimes. Ge-00652
2/12 KEZK (5) (Jim Connett, Steve Jankowski). Ge-00978
KEZK, Ed Goodman. Ge-188/MA 94:01
2/13 KFNS, Craig Hawksley, 1989 (2). Ge-00979
2/14 KFTK, Dave Glover [removed 2/2016]
2/15 KFUO (Dr. Walter Maier, Jerry & Phyllis Househoulder, Phyllis Wallace). Ge-00966, Ge-00967, Ge-00970, Ge-00971, Ge-00969, Ge-00968 
2/16 KHTK, staff  Ge-00980 [removed 2/2016]
2/17 KHTR, Chuck Buell. Ge-001349
2/18 KHTR, Ron Morgan, 1988. Ge-00468
2/19 KHTR, Dave Rabbins, 1985
2/20 KHTR, staff (Kandy Klutch, Kat Michaels, Brian Bridgman)
2/21 KIHT (KHITS96), staff (7). Rich Dalton, Drew Johnson (2), Mark Klose (2), Rick Sanborn, John Ulett. MA 15:05
2/22 KIRL [slide] 
2/23 KIRL [slide] 
2/24 KLOU (11) (Randi Naughton). Ge-00981a-k
2/25 KLOU, Cyndi Dooley [removed 2/2016]
2/26 KLOU, Mike McKann
2/27 KMJM (6): Doc Wynter, Kevy Kev, D.J. Kut, Dneice Williams,
Tossin’ Ted, Raynah Reynolds. Ge-00964
2/28 KMJM, bus. Ge-00965, Ph-117
2/29 KMJM, Chuck Atkins, 2002. Ge-00962 [removed 2/2016]
2/30 KRCH, 1970 (2). Ge-00982a-b [removed 2/2016]
2/31 KSHE (6). Ge-00988a-f (Rich Dalton)
3/32 KSHE (2). Ge-00854, Ge-00986
2/33 KSHE, Ruth Hutchinson [removed 2/2016]
2/34 KSHE, Joel Meyers
2/35 KSHE, staff (12). Ge-00987a-l (John Beck, Caroline Miller, Nick Winter, John Byrd, John Ulett, Randy Raley, Carll “The Intern”, Katy Kruze, Michelle Holliday, Al Hofer, Guy Favazz, K.C. Clarke
2/36 KSHE, staff, 1968, 1970 (2). Ge-00804a-b (Sir Ed, Prince Knight, Gary Bennett, Shelly Grafman, Steve Rosen, John Williams, Don Carey, Dick Merkle)
2/37 KSLQ, Young Bobby Day (3). Ge-001493
2/38 KSTL, Pat Cook and his horse Lucky. Ge-001219
2/39 KSTL, Johnny Rion [removed 2/2016]
2/40 KSTL, Price Wiley, Jr. (3). Ge-372a-c
2/41 KTRS, John Carney. MA 13:05
2/42 KUSA (3). Ge-00989a-c (Lee Sherwood, Robert Fox)
2/43 KUSA. Ge-001261 (Lee Sherwood, Unk Poss, Robert Fox, Paul Warner, Davie Lee, Jim Cox)
2/44 KWMU, Ben Abell
2/45 KWMU, Bernie Hayes
2/46 KWMU, pledge drive. Ge-001489
2/47 KWMU, staff (4). Ge-001488 (Mark Manelli, Bob McCabe, Kevin Lavery, Brett Blume, Bill Raack)
2/48 KXEN, 1967: Earle Trigg, Jack Greene, Bernie Harville
2/49 KXLW (3): Scoop Sanders, Spider Burks, Janet Dailey. Ge-00648a-b
2/50 KXLW, Jim Booth, Lee Cavanaugh, Spider Burks [removed 2/2016]
2/51 KXLW, John Buckner. Ge-001390
2/52 KXLW, Spider Burks (1). Ge-00972 [1 image removed 2/2016]
2/53 KXLW, Charlie Clements [removed 2016]
2/54 KXLW, Tex Terry and his group [removed 2/2016]
2/55 KYKY, Guy Phillips. Ge-00991
2/56 WCBW-FM. Ge-00992
2/57 WESL, staff, ca. 1980. Ge-00954
2/58 WEW, band playing in WEW studio, 1935 [removed 2/2016]
2/59 WEW, Walter Cleary at WEW controls, 1941 [removed 2/2016]
2/60 WEW, Lanctob? Cliff, 1946 [removed 2/2016]
2/61 WEW, country (5). Ge-001484, Ge-00891, Ge-00891a-b (Gypsy Joe, Frankie Townsend, Cowboy Jake)
2/62 WEW, first control room [removed 2/2016]
2/63 WEW, William Dunkin at WEW microphone, 1941 [removed 2/2016] 
2/64 WEW, Sherman Gordon at WEW controls, 1933 [removed 2/2016]
2/65 WEW, Marjorie Rosebrough [removed 2/2016]
2/66 WEW, Gabby Street. Ge-001468
2/67 WEW, studio, 1945 [removed 2/2016]
2/68 WEW, Ed Wilson, 1965. Ge-00993/MA 91:68 (Photographer Peter Ferman)
2/69 WEW-FM. Ge-00994 [removed 2/2016]
2/70 WEW-FM, control board [removed 2/2016].
2/71 WGNU personalities (5): Richard “Onion” Horton (3), Daniel T.
Magidson, DJ Silvia. Ge-00995, Ge-00958
2/72 WGNU. Ge-00996 (WGNU station summer staff description list)
2/73 WIBV (Kernel Korn) 
2/74 WINU (2). Ge-001498 [removed 2/2016]
2/75 WKBK, Kathy Foxx. Ge-01005
2/76 WKBQ
2/77 WKBQ, John Millinder, 1990. Ge-0001003
2/78 WKKX (2). Ge-01006a-b (Terry Dailey, Frank O. Pinion, Unk)
2/79 WMRY, ca. 1988 (5): Mark Klose, Ted Habeck, Joy Grdnic, Ron
Stevens. Ge-00952
2/80 WMRY, staff (23). Ge-001207 (Jim Doyle, Gary Kolander, Mark Klose, Ted Habeck, Angela Gabriel, Mark Klose, Greg Neimuth, Dan Strauss, Mike Furhman, Joe Rusch, Kevin Krueger, Ann Tober, Steve Mosier, Rachel Roe, Phil Thoman, Ted Habeck, John Pace, Marc Lemeuth, Brian Krueger, Besty Lemire (Kirkchoff, Don Buinak, Mike Schroeder, Father Harry Schlit, Bob Burch, Bob Buchhauser, David Grafman, Gary Kolander) 
2/81 WMVN
2/82 WRTH, Ron Elz. Ge-001215
2/83 WTMV, Western musical groups (3): Joe Lieber, Susie “The Gal
from the Hill”. Ge-00859
2/84 WTMV. Ge-001353
2/85 WTMV, Jim Hummel [removed 2/2016]
2/86 WTMV, Stern Brau Band, 1939. Ge-00908, MA 14:07
2/87 WTMV, Erle White, Mrs. Prentergast, DJ Robert B.O. [removed      2/2016]
2/88 WTMV, Gordon Zalks. Ge-001204
  Box 3: Radio Photos – KDHX
3/1 1987 (3) (Brian Costello)
3/2 1988 (46, negatives) (Joe Edwards) 
3/3 Renovations, September 1988 (24, negatives)
3/4 Bowling Ball, 1989 (28, negatives)
3/5 1989 (4, negatives)
3/6 February 1989 (10) (Naomi Soule, Michael Danahoe, John the Mailman, Terry Moses, Tim Weatherford
3/7 March 1989 (17)
3/8 Mardi Gras, 1990 (24, negatives)
3/9 1993 (6; 2 sheets)
3/10 Airwaves, 1993 (27, negatives)
3/11 Blues Festival, September 9, 1993 (39, negatives)
3/12 October 1993 (1; 2 boards)
3/13 December 1993 (6)
3/14 1994, Frank Moskus, Jan Makama (2)
3/15 Mardi Gras, 1994 (22, negatives)
3/16 Historical, January 1994 (2 contact sheets, negatives)
3/17 Gaslight Square, January 1994 [in Airwaves March/April 1994]  (13, contact sheet, negatives) 
3/18 February 1994 (negatives) [empty 2/2016]
3/19 Pledge Drive, April 1994 (13, negatives)
3/20 Jenny Kallen, Debra Brown, May 12, 1994 (contact sheet, negatives)
3/21 KDHXpo, September 24, 1994 (29)
3/22 1995 (29)
3/23 1996 (4)
3/24 1997 (83, negatives)
3/25 1998
3/26 Airwaves (28)
3/27 Miscellaneous 1 (46, negatives)
3/28 Miscellaneous 2 (77). Ge-368b
  Box 4: Radio Photos – KMOX (1 of 2)
4/1 Personalities, etc. 1 (16). MA uu:124/Ph-119, Ph-143 (Jack Buck, Skip Caray, George Carson, Rex Davis, G. Romney, Walter “Doc” Eberhardt, Bob Hardy, Jack Herman, Jim Heberis, Bill Henry, Bob Richardson, Jim Tooney)

Personalities, etc. 2, color (11). Ge-01021 (Fred Bodimer, Bruce

Bradley, Charlie Brown, Nancy Drew, Bob Hardy, Kathe Hartley,

Jim Holder, Mike Murphey, Bob Osborn, Bill Reiker, Bill Wilkerson)


Personalities, etc. 3 (8). Ge-00385 (Jack Buck, Marlin Perkins,

Doug Newman, Bob Harty, Rex Davis and FCC Commissioners,

Lucille Ball, Arnie Warren, Bob Hardy, Wendy Wiese, Bill Wilkerson)


Personalities, etc. 4 (9). Ge-387a-I (Dan Devine, Arthur Godfrey, Marty Marion, Stan Musial, Al Onofrio, Red Schoendienst, S.

Solomon, Dr. Frank Stanton, Charley Winner)


Personalities, etc. 5 (13). Ge-466 (Jim Butler, Nancy Drew, Grant Horton, John Scoane, Steve Houston, Kent Martin, Sue Mathews,

John McCormick, Mary Phelan, Bruce Bradley)


Personalities, etc. 6, color promotional cards (14). Ge-0496 (Jim

White, Nancy Wyatt, Kevin Horrigan, Wendy Wiese, John Carney,

Charles Brennen, John Carney, Carol Daniel, Charles Jaco, Ron

Jacober, Doug McElvein, McGraw Milhaven)


Personalities, etc. 7, B&W (28). Ge-00532 (Karen Carroll, Carol

Daniel, Barbara Whiteside, Nan Wyatt, Bob Anthony, Keven

Horrigan, Charles Brennan, Charels Jaco, Dan McLauglin, Doug

Mc Elvein, Kevin Killen, Ollie Dowell, Harry Hamm, McGraw

Millhaven, Casey Van Allen, Rick Sanborn, Bob Ramsey, Dan

Kelly, Ron Jacober, Tom Langmyer, Mike Kelly, John Carney, Steve Jankowski, Don Wolff)


Personalities, etc. 8, color (10). Ge-01022; MA 14:15 (Wendy

Wiese, Doug McElvein, Rodger Brand, Mary Phelan, Dianna

Proffitt, Barbara Whitesides, Wendy Wied, Jim White, Charles

Brennen, Jack Buck, Kevin Horrigan, Bob Hardy, Dick Gephardt,

Tom Eagleton, Joe Buck, Dan Dierdorf, Gusil Busch)

4/9 Musicians, postcards (23). Ge-00824, MA 14:25(Odie Zimmer, SkLeonard Gash, Baby Mary Lou, Hal Choissen “the singing cowboy”, Roy Fields, Eddie Gentry, Goerge Goebel, Helen Graham “the Ozark sweetheart”, Ambrose Haley, Dixie Roy Jordon, The Kasper Sisters, (Betty and Ginger), “Banjo” Murphy McClees, Wade Ray, Smitty, “Sons of the Prarie” Frankie Townsend, Monte Rhine, Curly Roberts, Smokie Smith”, Charlie Storkey, Texas Blue Bonnetts, Viola and Eddie, Johnny Buffington, Al Roth Ovenheater, Skeets and Frankie, Jimmy Pierson, Dick Klaski “The Novelty Boys, Edward “Shucks” Austin)
4/10 Performers, postcards (16). Ge-00666, Ge-00574 ( Skeets & Frankie, Freddie Easterday, Frankie, Jimmy Pierson, Dick Klasi,  Baby Mary Lou, Viola, Hank the Cowhand, Ambrose Haley, Little Ozark Sweetheart and her little pals, Cowboy Jake, Roy Queen, Don Walkers, Bill Broy) 
4/11 Personalities, etc. 11, color and B&W (34). Ge-001378 ( Charlie Brown, Joe Buck, Bob Hamilton, Kathe Hartley, Charlie Menees, Brett Blume, Tom Ackerman, Kevin Wheeler, Bernie Miklosz, Mike Grimm, Rodger Brand, Wayne Hagix, Bernie Iederko, Brian Kelly, Casey Van Allen, Kelly Hatinaker, John Larabee, Don Wolff, Ralph Graczak, Dan McLaughlin, Mike Kelly, Megan Lynch, Daphne Wright, Randy Karracker, Paul Harris, John Grayson, Debbie Monterrey, Mark Reardon, Fred Bedimer, Harry Hamm, Carol Daniels) 
4/12 Personalities, etc. 12 (32). Ge-00607 (Ellen Sherberg, Bill Wilkerson, Wendy Wiese, Mike Breitenstein, Grant Horton, Jack Buck, Robert Hyland, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dizzy Dean, Lefty Gomez, Pepper Martin, Franz Laux, Fred Bodimer, Mary Phelan, Leon Marion “Willie”, Ted Strater, Kmox Junior Orchestra, John McMahon, Doug McElvein, Carol Daniel, Mike Claiborne, Gus Torregoza, John Carney, John Grayson, Ron Jacober, Bob Holt, Terry Cruppen, Lisa Herman, Larry Connners, Larry Flynt, Larry Conners, Nan Wyatt, Emmet McAuble
4/13 Frank Absher (4). Ge-00388, Ge-001230 Jim Scott, “Bing” Devine
4/14 John Angelides w/Joan Beuckman, Jeff McKinney (3). Ge-00384
4/15 Shucks Austin and negative (2). Ge-001393
4/16 Dottye Bennett, Tom Brooks, Curt Ray with music quintet, ca. 1960. Ge-001492 
4/17 Herbert Berger (2). Ge-001265
4/18 Big Red Line Steam Heat Dancers and O.J., 1986. Ge-00803
4/19 Billboards (20). Ge-001031
4/20 “Wyoming Jack” Bryant. Ge-00567
4/21 Buddy Blattner. Ge-001017
4/22 Buddy Blattner and Jim Butler. Ge-001074
4/23 Miriam Blue (Miss Blue). Ge-00534
4/24 Al Bland and Mose. Ge-001229

Jack Buck (16), with Harry Caray, Joe Garagiola, Ron Jacober, negative

(1). Ge-001370, Ge-001381,
Ge-001382, Ge-001385

4/26 Bunny, Uncle Dee, and Bobby, 1931.
4/27 Bob Burnes [and Toots Shor]. Ge-0000882, Ge-001384, MA 15:07
4/28 Jim Butler (4). Ge-00880
4/29 John Butler (2). Ge-001073
4/30 Tony Cabooch, ca. 1930. Ge-00956
4/31 Al Cameron. Ge-001365
4/32 Campbell and negative (2). Ge-001391
4/33 Harry Caray (4). Ge-001043, Ge-001474, MA 14:02, MA 15:05
4/34 Jack Carney (4). Ge-00881, Ge-001346
4/35 Jack Carney and Rex Davis (2). MA 15:03
4/36 Pappy Cheshire, Ambrose Haley, Baby MaryLou, Roy Queen, Harry Campbell, Johnny Buffington, HillBilly Willy, Ozark Sweetheart, Little Pal, Jimmy Pierson, Dick Klasi, Hal, the Smiling Cowboy, Wade Ray, Shucks Austin, Eddie Gentry, Stuffy Austin, Mary Miccolis, Sally Foster, Ruth Miccolis, Skeets Yaney, Frankie Taylor, Patsy the Pest, Freddie Eaterday, Harry Campbell, Hazel Campbell, Helen Graham, Lucile Bennet, Carl McDaniels, Aaron Jordon, Charles Austin, Frankie Kratcir, Bill Hoglund, Dave Pearson, Andy Andreason  (10). Ge-00873, Ge-001403, Ge001404, Ge-001405, Ge-001390, Ge-791
4/37 Thomas P. Convey, 1927. Ph-00115
4/38 Bob Costas, Dan Dandorf, Bill Wilkerson, Harry Caray (7). Ge001384

Country Journal Entertainers, Lester “Lullaby” Mayberrie, Eddie “Catfish” Gentry, Stuffy Austin, Brother Bob Hastings, Wade Ray.


4/40 Bill Crews. MA 14:18
4/41 Carol Daniel. Ge-01023
4/42 Katherine Darst [removed 2/2016]
4/43 Rex Davis (3). Ge-001352, Ge-677 (see also “Jack Buck and Rex Davis”)
4/44 Tom Dooley and Biography (4). Ge-386, Ge-530
4/45 Ollie Dowell. Ge-001345
4/46 “Farewell to the Chase”, Charlie Menees, Art Fleming, Charlie 
4/47 Doumouoros, Harry Fender. Ge-00467
4/48 Harry Fender (2). Ge-01024
4/49 Harry Fender and Milton Ferman (2). Ge-00383, MA 91:68
4/50 Ray Fields. Ge-001281
4/51 Harry W. Flannery. Ge-001195
4/52 Sally Foster and negative. Ge-001392, MA 15:05
4/53 Fundraiser, Mile O’ Dimes, Infantile paralysis. Ge-001406
4/44 Joe Garagiola (2). Ge-001044, MA 14:02
4/45 Joe Garagiola and Harry Caray. Ge-001114
4/46 Globe-Democrat photos, 1920s-1950s (3). Ge-00542
4/47 Paul Grundhauser [removed 2/2016]
  Box 5: Radio Photos – KMOX (2 of 2)
5/1 Bill Haley, 192-?. Ge-001248
5/2 Bob Hardy and Walter Burke (4). Ge-01025a-b, Ge-001379, Ge001386
5/3 Henry, Zeb, and Otto (2). Ge-001035
5/4 Jack Hill. Ge-01026

Robert Hyland, Nicholas Bozich, Ed Arthur, Frankie Helms,

Cardinal Carberry, Tony Bello, Bob Holt, Jack Buck (16). Ge001116, Ge-00455, Ge-001387, Ge-00148

5/6 Bob Ingram. MA 14:08
5/7 Venida Jones (2). Ge-001389. Ge-001280
5/8 Joe Karnes and Ol’ Chuck. Ge-001389
5/9 John Karoly, Jack Carney, Louis Bellson, Charlie Menes. Ge-00381
5/10 Anne Keefe (5) w/Jeff Rainford, Jeanette Hoag, and Bill Little. Ge-00536
5/11 Brian Kelly. Ge-001350
5/12 Woody Klose
5/13 France Laux, Gussie Busch, Eberhart Anheuser J. G. T. Spinks, Dick Haynes, Gabby Street, Max Carey, Jack Dempsey, Geo. Barton Ge001255, MA 14:24, Ge-00936, Ge-001392
5/14 France Laux, Jack Dempsey, G. Barton, 1936. Ge-00936 [moved to Laux + Others folder]
5/15 France Laux, August “Gussie” Busch, T.G.T. Spink. Ge-001392 [moved to Laux + Others folder]
5/16 Kay Loraine
5/17 Lucky Penny Trio. Ge-001117
5/18 Bill Mack (2) [removed 2/2016]
5/1 Ted Manager, Rex Davis, Howard Dorsey. Ge-00573
5/20 Don Marsh. Ge-001343
5/21 Alice Maslin (2), 1929. MA 14:18, MA 14:25
5/22 Jean Maune. Ge-01033
5/23 Mart Building studio (3) [removed 2/2016]
5/24 Roy McCarty. Ge-00541
5/25 John McCormick, ca. 1960 (3). Ge-001253
5/26 Grace McGowen, 1929. MA 14:18
5/27 Melody Ann and negative (3). Ge-001394
5/28 Don Miller (4). Ge-537
5/29 Don Miller and Sue Matheis, Copter One (4). Ge-01028
5/30 Sergeant Ed Moore. Ge-00544
5/31 Stan Musial, August 22, 1973. Ge-001039
5/32 News/Talk 1120. Ge-001355
5/33 The Novelty Boys, Jimmie Pierson, Dick Klasi (10). Ge-00872,
Ge-001396, Ge-00574, Ge-446
5/34 Office, equipment and negatives, Kirkwood, 1920s (7). Ge-00545
5/35 Old Fashioned Barn Dance. Ge-001401
5/36 Old Newsboy’s Day, early 1960s: Jack Buck, Taffy Wilbur, Jim
Butler, Skip Caray.

Ozark Mountaineers (Aaron “Dixie Boy” Jordan, Eddie Gentry, Eddie “Shucks” Austin, Charles “Stuffy” Austin, Carl Mc Daniels,

Charley Stookey” (4). Ge-00585, Ge-01029

5/38 Ozark Rambler. Ge-001221
5/39 Pickard Family. Ge-791
5/40 The end of Prohibition (2 photos; 8 photocopies). Ge-00609 *Restrictions*
[removed 2/2016]
5/41 Roy Queen (2); Roy Queen Band (1). Ge-001380, Ge-001402
5/42 Quiz-Down. Ge-001461
5/43 Curt Ray, Julius LaRosa, Penny Singleton, G. Jessel, Marion Marion Marlowe, F. Parker (2). Ge-00917, Ge-001279 v
5/44 Harlan Read and P.H. Tobin. Ge-001360
5/45 Remote broadcast from Holland, Michigan (Robert Hyland, Dottye Bennett, Ollie Rayland. Ge-01032
5/55 Reporting from car [removed 2/2016]
5/56 Rita Rogers. Ge-01027
5/57 Walter Rothchild, 1929
5/58 Steve Rowan. Ge-00533
5/59 St. Louis Public Schools broadcast, September 27, 1939 (2). Ge-00543
5/60 Mike Shannon (12) w/Wayne Hagin, Jack Buck, Joe Buck, Whitey Herzog.
5/61 Signs/banners (3)
5/62 The Singercrafters. Gay [Gary] Lee, Buddy, Zeb, and Otto Harold Bolande.
5/63 Smiling Announcers, 1930: Delmar King, Woody Klose, France Laux, 
Captain Charles Lewis [removed 2/2016]
5/64 Stage, group photo; Richard Klassi, Jimmy Pierson, Stuffy Austin, Schuck Austin, Frankie Kratje, Pappy Cheshire, Wade Ray, Hazel Campbell, Helen Graham, Lucile Bennent, Roy Queen, Roy Fields, Ambrose Haley, Skeets Yaney. Ge-001395
5/65 Stark Delicious Apple Boys, Red and Gold, 1928 (3). Ge-001036
5/66 Charlie Stookey. Ge-00538
5/67 Studios, John Angelides,  (12). Ge-00607
5/68 Frankie Taylor
5/69 Frankie Taylor, Helen Fields and Skeets Yaney (2). Ge-001397, Ge-001301, Ge-001398,  Ge-001399 missing 4/7/14 
5/70 Laurent Torno. Ge-001388
5/71 Traffic Copter. Ge-00531
5/72 Gerard Varnum, 1929. MA 15:05
VP Fair. Ge-001366
5/73 Western musical groups (4). Ge-001030
5/74 Jim White  Ge-001351
5/75 Paul Wills (3). Ge-001462
5/76 Jim Woods. Ge-001370
5/77 Michelle Wirth. Ge-001344
5/78 Ken Wright at KMOX organ. Ge-01034
5/79 Skeets Yaney and negative (3). Ge-001400
5/80 Negatives
  Box 6: Radio Photos – KSD
6/1 Jim Cox. Ge-001259
6/2 Russ David, Laura Lange, (3). Ge-00391, Ge-001495, Ge-001496
6/3 Russ David and Julie O’Neil, July 28, 1950 (2). Ge-00935

Frank Eschen with John Roedel, Sterling Harkins, Del King, Carl

Mc Intire, Alan Post, Jack Garrion, Harold Grams, George Abel,

(15). Ge-00392a-r; Ge-00392b,g,q missing 4/10/14

6/5 Harold Grams and Taylor Spink, 1950s. MA 14:13***
6/6 Billy Greenwood, 2004, KSD-FM. Ge-00985 [removed 2/2016]
6/7 Sterling Harkins and Anne Harrington [removed 2/2016]
6/8 Sterling Lansing
6/9 Bob Hille (8). Ge-00393a-h
6/10 Bob Ingram. Ge-00677b
6/11 Virginia “V.A.L.” Jones (2 photos, 1 negative). Ge-00389
6/12 Thomas R. Marshall, 1922 (1 photo, 1 negative). Ge-00390
6/13 News booth [removed 2/2016]
6/14 Buck Owens. Ge-001214
6/15 Personalities-Robert Fox, Nancy Crocker, Jim Cox, Bill Coffey. Ge-001260
6/16 Salvation Bash, 1990s (4), KSD-FM. Ge-00984a-d
6/17 Studio, radio antenna, 1922 (2)
6/18 Studio rotunda [removed 2/2016]
6/19 Nance St. James
6/20 Ed Wilson. Ge-00684d MA 02:19
  Box 7: Radio Photos – KXOK

Announcers and personalities Charley Stookey, Al Hallman, Emmett

Schuster, Jim Duncan, Art Wamser, Bill Thompson, Bill Lauth, 1946, circa 1970. Ge-001042

7/2 Vicki Atlas. Ge-00646
7/3 Band (5). Ge-001072
7/4 Genevieve Bierman. MA 88:45 [removed 3/2016]
7/5 Charlie Brown. Ge-01007 [removed 2/2016]
7/6 Jerry Burns, 1938-1944. MA 14:17
7/7 Jack Buck and Harry Caray, 1954. Ge-00703
7/8 Harry Caray (2). Ge-001361, Ge-001457
7/9 Chickenman (Dick Orkin)
7/10 Lou Cooley. Ge-00774
7/11 Mort Crowley. Ge-01008 [removed 2/2016]
7/12 Mason Lee Dixon. Ge-01009 [removed 2/2016]
7/13 Ron Elz (Johnny Rabbitt) with The Five Du-Tones
7/14 Richard Fatherley, 2005 (2). Ge-01013
7/15 Field car. Ge-001321
7/16 Jim Gates. Ge-01010
7/17 The Gaylords (4). MA 01:09
7/18 Lynne “Angel” Cooper Harvey (2). Ge-001212a-b
7/19 Paul Harvey. Ge-001018
7/20 Paul and Lynne “Angel” Harvey, [2007?]. Ge-001198
7/21 Jeff Hendrickson. Ge-00647
7/22 Bob Hille (3). Ge-00379
7/23 Bill Hopkins (2) Ge-00600 [1 removed 2/2016]
7/24 Tony Isable
7/25 Lou Kirby. Ge-00645 [removed 2/2016]

Robert R. Lynn.  Lynn with Besty Bruce, Wil Shaw, Susan Hinkel Bayer,

Patty Lewis, Thom Lewis, Patrick Murphy, Bob Shea, Don Johnson, Kate

Nolan, Joneal Joplin, Larry Ward, Pam Paladin, Joan Crawford.  (9). Ge000118, Ge-00624 MA 01:25

7/27 Buddy MacGregor (2). Ge-00837

Miscellaneous, Gov. Winfield Rockerfeller, Mr. & Mrs. Lou Cooley, Phil Tammel, Bud Armstrong, Jim Erwin, “Buz” Howad, Bob Storz (10). Ge-


7/29 Kay Morton. Ge-00776
7/30 Management at the Stadium Club, Bud Connell, John Corrigan, Jim Erwin, Joe Adams, Jack Sampson
7/31 Ray Otis (2). Ge-00623 [1 removed 2/2016]
7/32 Personalities (5)
7/33 Public event (2). Ge-00394a-b
7/34 Radio Park, Don Pietromonaco, ca. 1965. Ge-001367
7/35 Jack Sampson  Ge-001049, Ge-00772, Ge-00773
7/36 Jack Sampson and Rocky Marciano, ca. 1950s. Ge-0768
7/37 “Chief Sequiche” promotion, September-October 1959
7/38 Don Stinky Shafer (2). Ge-00644
7/39 Bob Shea (7). Ge-00643 
7/40 Bobby Sherman. Ge-001368
7/41 Lou Thimes, Jr. Ge-00778b, Ge-00778a missing 4/11/14
7/42 Sports teams (5). Ge-00629a-c, Ge-00770 MA 01:25
7/43 Charley Stookey, 1949. Ge-001243
7/44 Robert Storz and Jack Sampson, 1967. Ge-00771
7/45 Charles E. “Gabby” Street, Ray Schmidt, Alex Buchan, 1945. Ge-001476
7/46 Studio exterior, ca. 1960s. Ge-00777
7/47 Studio interior, 1982. Ge-00642
7/48 Ben West, Paul McCartney and Jack Simpson, 1964. Ge-0775
7/49 Harry Wismer, 1944. MA 14:13
  Box 8: Radio Photos – WIL
8/1 Jack Bierger. Ge-00576
8/2 Ed Bonner. Ge-00976
8/3 Anita Bryant. Ge-00782 [removed 2/2016]
8/4 Harry Caray (3) [removed 2/2016]
8/5 Jack Carney. Ge-00974 [removed 2/2016]
8/6 Gene Chase, Rosemary Clooney (14). Ph-167a-o  MA 88:45
8/7 Dick Clayton. Ge-00997 [removed 2/2016]
8/8 Danny Dark (3). Ge-00601, Ge-00605
8/9 Dave Diamond, 1963
8/10 Ron Elz (Johnny B Goode/Johnny Rabbitt) (4). Ge-00838a-b
8/11 Gene Hirsch (1). Ge-00641a,b [removed 2/2016]
8/12 Davie Lee. Ge-00977 [removed 2/2016]
8/13 Dick Kent, ca. 1960-1963
8/14 Ron Lundy. Ge-001047
8/15 Ray Manning, Turhan Bay, Chill Willis, et al. [removed 2/2016]
8/16 Ray Manning, ca. 1952-1955 (4). Ge-001254a-c, Ge-001273
8/17 Stretch Miller (1 photo, negative). Ge-00677a, Ge-676e
8/18 Miscellaneous
8/19 Music Library [removed 2/2016]
8/20 Musicians [removed 2/2016]
8/21 News wagon [removed 2/2016]
Chuck Norman. Ge-001497
8/22 Gary Owens. Ge-00998 [removed 2/2016]
8/23 Personalities, WIL-FM (1 of 2) (6). Ge-01002a-g
8/24 Personalities, WIL-FM (2 of 2) (3). Ge-188/MA 94:01, Ge-00975a-b
8/25 Personnel, ca. 1920s [removed 2/2016]
8/26 Picnic Patrol van  [removed 2/2016]
8/27 Portal Players (12). Ge-00513a-l/ MA 01:20
8/28 Slides, WIL-FM (3). Ge-01004
8/28 Gary Stevens, ca. 1961-63
8/29 Theater group. MA 14:11
8/30 Three Comets Ge-00999
8/31 Gus What, 1974
8/32 Ed Wilson (postcards) Ge-01000
  Map drawer A-14
[oversize] KMOX, The Carson Melody Roundup – Gandpappy Jones and The Carson Cowboys. Ge-571
[oversize] KXOK, Don Pietromonaco (Johnny Rabbitt). Ge-001363
[oversize] KXOK, Don Pietromonaco (Johnny Rabbitt). Ge-001303
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