St. Louis Radio Collection

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MA 91:40
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MA 95:05
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Location: SC E1 Shelf 1 - Shelf 2; Map drawer A-13
Dates: Circa 1925 – Present
Size: 6 boxes; 3 oversized folders

Collected by Art Department, SLPL.

Collected by Frank Absher; Steve Sorkin; Richard Wassall;

Anthony Cabanellas; Barb Godfrey; Greg Kornfeld; Larry Hoffman; Dick Ulett; Rita Jensen; Susan Wolin; Barbara Anderson; Bob Kochan.

Acquisition info: Portion transferred from SLPL Tin Room files, stacks, and the Art Department.
Individual donations were given from 1989 to 2014.
Accruals: Accruals expected
Custodial history:

The St. Louis Media Archives dates to 1987, when St. Louis Public Library and the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis agreed to work together to create an archival collection of materials documenting the history of media in the St. Louis region. The bulk of the collection consists of donations from people associated with the St. Louis media, supplemented with rich resources from Library collections.  

Individual donations were made by unknown donors between 1989 and 2013. These donations have been interfiled with the materials transferred to Special Collections from the Tin Room Files and the Art Department and the donations given by Frank Absher and the St. Louis Media History Foundation in order to make one discrete collection. 

The first accession is thought to be come from SLPL stacks, Art Department, and Tin Room files, which were vertical files assembled over time. In addition to the transfer of these files to Special

Collections, Special Collections staff have been collecting ephemera for the collection.

Frank Absher and the St. Louis Media History Foundation has been donating materials since 1988 and continues to actively donate to the collection. Non-clipping items are integrated into the St. Louis Radio Collection once it has been accessioned.

Language: English
Processed by: Sarah Cain, February 2015
Conservation notes: All items placed into acid-free folders. Some fragile items placed into mylar sleeves. Metal fasteners removed and replaced with vinyl-coated paper clips where necessary. 
Scope and Content:

The St. Louis Radio Collection aims to serve researchers of St. Louis media by providing them with historical information on radio stations in the St. Louis area. The files include correspondence, administrative files, memorabilia, ephemera and memorabilia about individual radio stations as well as those employed at the stations. The majority of the material is related to marketing and advertising, particularly promotional items.

Acquisitions for the St. Louis Radio Collection are still ongoing.

Arrangement: Collection arrangement starts with general radio items, and then progresses alphabetically by station call letters.
Restrictions: Unrestricted.  Permission required to reproduce images.  

Some fragile items. Some items are oversized or have odd dimensions and housed in map drawers. The collection is still growing and the number of boxes as well as their contents may change.

Jean Gosebrink accession numbers included with appropriate items.

St. Louis Radio Collection
Circa 1925 – Present
1 slim legal Hollinger, 5 legal Hollingers, 3 oversized folders; 4 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
  Box 1: St. Louis Radio Collection – General
1/1 Audience ratings
1/2 A Continuing Study of Major Radio Markets (Study 11), St. Louis, March 14, 1949
1/3 A fair deal for radio, 1941
1/4 An FM History by Edward B. Bench, September 17, 1998 [presentation]  

Correspondence, various radio stations: broadcast engineer in


1/6 Foreign Language Radio in Metropolitan St. Louis by Stanley J. Konieczny, May 1987 [thesis]. Ge-001477
1/7 Memorandum in support of the St. Louis Broadcast Coalition’s request for the Missouri Commission of Human Rights to investigate discriminatory employment practices by the electronic media in the St. Louis area, circa 1978
1/8 Press passes, 1990s. Ge-187/MA 93:10
1/9 Radio broadcast schedule, 1934
1/10 Red and Blue Networks
  Box 2: St. Louis Radio Collection – KADI-KCLC
2/10 KADI-FM, promotional items—decals
2/11 KADI-FM, memorabilia—buttons, patches 

KADI-FM, playlists—KADI outsight record report, 1970-1971. Ge-580,

MA 14:02         

2/13 KATZ-AM
2/14 KATZ-AM, playlists, 1963-1981. MA 91:40, MA 15:05
2/15 KATZ-AM, vanity license plate. Ge-001266
2/16 KATZ-FM
2/17 KBIL
2/18 KCFM
2/19 KCFM, program guide 1957-. Ge-353
2/20 KCFV
2/21 KCFV, promotional items—decals
2/22 KCFV, playlists, 1981-1987
2/23 KCLC. MA 15:05
2/24 KDHX, promotional items—decals
2/25 KDNA. Ge-306/MA 98:01
2/26 KDNA, Fat Chance program guides, 1961-1973. Ge-306/MA 98:01
  Box 3: St. Louis Radio Collection – KEZK-KLTH
3/1 KEZK
3/2 KFNS-FM, Advertising, 2000-2003
3/3 KFRH
3/4 KFVE, postcard. Ge-846
3/5 KFVE, EKKO verification stamps. Ge-00897, 
3/6 KFXB
3/7 KGLD
3/8 KHIT, marketing, Winter 2000
3/9 KHIT, promotional items—decals, magnets 
3/10 KHOJ
3/11 KHRU. MA 14:23
3/12 KHTK
3/13 KHTR
3/14 KHTR, hit surveys, 1983-1984
3/15 KHTR, promotional items—decals. PM-18/MA uu:162; PM-42/ MA uu:162
3/16 KIRL, playlists, 1968-1973; memorabilia—metal ink pen. MA 15:05
3/17 KKOJ
3/18 KKSS
3/19 KKSS, playlists, 1976-1979
3/20 KLOU-FM, marketing and promotional items
3/21 KLTH
  Box 4: St. Louis Radio Collection – KMJM-KWMU
4/1 KMJM-FM (MAJIC 108), marketing and promotional items
4/2 KMJM-FM (MAJIC 108), playlists 1980-1990. MA 14:09
4/3 KPNT
4/4 KPNT, Point Press August 1994. Ge-208, Ge-941
4/5 KPNT, promotional items—decals 
4/6 KRCH
4/7 KRJY (Jukebox 96). Ge-196/MA 94:08
4/8 KSIV
4/9 KSLH
4/10 KSLQ. MA 15:05
4/11 KSLZ
4/12 KTRS
4/13 KUSA
4/14 KWMU, correspondence
4/15 KWMU, marketing and promotional items
4/16 KWMU, publications: The Guide, August 1996-Spring 2006 [incomplete]; KWMU Notes, April-May 1988; Studio Set, September 1995
  Box 5: St. Louis Radio Collection – KXEN-WGNU
5/1 KWUR. Ge-816
5/2 KXEN. Ge-372, MA 15:05
5/3 KXEN, Souvenir Picture and Song Folio. Ge-1246, Ge-1439, Ge-1246
5/4 KXLW, license plate
5/5 KXLW. Ge-382
5/6 KXLW, Paul Turner and his Green Valley Ranch Hands
5/7 KYKY
5/8 WALC
5/9 WAMV
5/10 WBBR, correspondence, May 14, 1962
5/11 WBBY
5/12 WBGZ
5/13 WCBW
5/14 WCEO, marketing
5/15 WEB
5/16 WESL, ephemera—playlists, 1973-1983; advertising rates. MA 15:05
5/17 WFUN,
5/18 WFXB
5/19 WGNU. MA 15:05
5/20 WGNU, playlists, 1960s
5/21 WGNU, staff car license plate 1968
  Box 6: St. Louis Radio Collection – WIBV-WZEN
6/1 WIBV. Ge-00900, Ge-510, Ge-001250
6/2 WIBV memos/internal
6/3 WIBV copy/scripts
6/4 WIBV liners, etc.
6/5 WINU
6/6 WKBQ. Pr-73/MA 91:25; Pr-48/MA 90:16; Pr-148/MA 90:17
6/7 WKKX (KIX 106). MA 94:01
6/8 WMLL, promotional items—decals
6/9 WMRY
6/10 WMRY, promotional items—decals 
6/11 WMVN
6/12 WOKZ
6/13 WOKZ, WOKZ-FM Guide, April 1970-July 1972
6/14 WRDA, promotional items
6/15 WRTH
6/16 WSBF
6/17 WSIE, playlists, November 1990-January 1992 [incomplete]; logo. Ge-208; MA 14:09; MA 14:25
6/18 WSNL
6/19 WSSM, promotional items
6/20 WTMV. Ge-1460
6/21 WVRV
6/22 WXOZ, promotional items—decals
6/23 WXTM, promotional items—decals; folder
6/24 WZEN, playlists, October-November 1979
  Map drawer A-13
[oversize] Radio – General. MA 14:20
[oversize] KACO – KZQZ. Ge-489, Ge-961, Ge-756, Ge-863, Ge-801, Pr-4, Pr-3, MA 14:20
[oversize] WALC – WZEN
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