Panama Canal Photograph Collection

Accession Number: SC 1993:05
Location: RB-M Photo
Dates: 1904-1926
Size: 1 slim Hollinger; 0.15 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: Unknown
Acquisition info: Transfer from SLPL Fine Arts, 1993
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Presented to SLPL by William Durval before being transferred from SLPL Fine Arts to SLPL RBM
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, September 2019
Conservation notes: Photos placed in acid-free folders
Scope and Content: The collection contains black and white photographs of the construction of the Panama Canal from 1904-1926. The photographer is unknown.
Arrangement: Numerical
Restrictions: No restrictions
Remarks: No remarks

Panama Canal Photograph Collection
1 slim Hollinger; 0.15 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding Aid
1/2 Numbers 1—30 ½-D2

1: Trackshifting Machine

3-L: Culebra Cut, Looking South, from Contractor’s Hill, Showing Cucaracha Slide on Left; May 1911

5: Steam Shovel Loading Lidgerwood Flat Cars in Culebra Cut; August 17, 1907

7-E: Cut at Bas Obispo, Looking South; September 1907

9-B: Lidgerwood Unloader, 14% Grade, Tabernilla Dumps

10-A: Spreader on La Boca Dumps, Low Tide; March 1908

13-I: Break in West Bank at Culebra Showing Four Shovels Working on the Broken and Moving Mass. The Two Upper Shovels Are Casting Material over the Berm to Be Loaded by the Two Lower Shovels into the Lidgerwood Train; October 16, 1909

13-X5: Steam Shovel No. 225, Wrecked by Rock Slide, North of Gold Hill; July 5, 1911

18-C: Steam Shovel No. 254 Flooded by Heavy Rain in Pioneer Cut, Culebra; October 2, 1911

19-B: Explosion in Progress, Bas Obispo Cut; 4 Holes, 78 Ft. Deep, 9,600 Lbs. Black Powder, 29,640 Cu. Yds. Displaced; September 19, 1907

26 ½-H: Dumps Leading to Naos Island Breakwater, View from Sosa Hill, Looking South; July 1911

26 ½-K: Proposed Site of Dry Dock, Shops, and Commercial Docks at Balboa; November 11, 1911

26 ½-L: Canal (on left) and Harbor Site (on right), Looking North, from Balboa; November 11, 1911

27-A2: Lighting and Buoying Canal, Rear Tower, Range No. 9-11, Pacific Entrance, Looking Northwest; November 7, 1911

27-F38: Balboa, CA from Ancon Hill; March 12, 1926

30-A1: Miraflores Upper Locks, General View, Looking North; December 1907

30-A14: Miraflores Upper Locks, South End of West Chamber, Showing Stoney Gate Valve Frames in Position in West Wall; November 8, 1911

30-T8: Miraflores Upper Locks, East Chamber, Looking North; November 8, 1911

30-X71: Operation Miraflores Locks, Looking South from Forebay; July 1923

30 ½-C3: Miraflores Lower Locks, General View, from Berm Crane, Showing Steam Shovel Excavation; July 1911

30 ½-D2: The Sea Level Section of Canal, South of Miraflores Locks, Looking South, Showing Dipper Dredges at Work; July 12, 1911

1/3 Numbers 32-A—81-D24

32-A: Cucaracha Slide; October 5, 1907

32-V: Cucaracha Slide, View from Contractor’s Hill, Looking South; May 1911

33-A1: Pedro Miguel Locks, Looking South from West Bank; November 1907

33-D1: Pedro Miguel Locks, Looking North from East Bank; February 12, 1910

33-F15: Pedro Miguel Locks, General View, Looking South from Forebay; November 1, 1911

33-L18: Pedro Miguel Locks, West Chamber, Looking North; July 15, 1911

38-A: Culebra Cub, Looking North; December 1904

38-L: Culebra Cut, Looking North between Contractor’s Hill and Gold Hill; June 1911

38-M: Culebra Cut, Looking North from the Top of Contractor’s Hill; June 1911

38-X8: Culebra Cut, Culebra, Deepest Excavated Portion of Panama Canal, Showing Gold Hill on Right and Contractor’s Hill on Left; June 1913

38-X54: Panama Canal, Gaillard Cut, Looking North from Contractor’s Hill; June 1921

40 ½-A: The Cut, Looking North from Empire Hill; November 1906

40 ½-H: The Cut at Empire, Looking North from Hill; March 1911

43-R101: Dredging Division Activities; Jackhammering 35-Ton Rock Picked up at Toe, Powderhouse Side, Preparatory to Blasting; April 23, 1926

43-X9: Atlantic Entrance, Cristobal Harbor, Looking Southeast from Station 80 + 00, General View of Atlantic Terminus; June 19, 1924

43-X21: Gatun Locks, Looking South from Middle Chamber, Showing Entire Forebay of South End and Guarapo Islands on the Right; June 19, 1924

43-X52: Gatun Lake, Looking West from Gas Buoy No. 91, Part of Dump No. 4 on the Right and Dump 4 ½, Reserve Fleet Anchorage in Upper Left Hand Corner; November 2, 1923

44 ½-C: Culebra Cut at Las Cascadas, Looking South from West Bank; June 1911

45 ½-K: Las Cascadas Slide, Looking South from West Bank; December 15, 1910

49-C: Culebra Cut at Bas Obispo, Looking South from Relocation; June 1911

59 ½-D5: Trestle Dump across the Chagres at Point No.4, Material Washed away by the River; January 28, 1911

59 ½-E4: Point No. 5, Looking South, Showing Completed Channel 500 Feet Wide; June 1911

81-D24: Operation of Panama Canal, Ships at Chagres River Crossing; December 7, 1922

1/4 Numbers 100-A—640-B

100-A: Eighth and Front Streets, Colon, before Paving; September 1906

100-B: Eighth and Front Streets, Colon, after Paving; October 1906

230: New Style Kitchen for Negro Laborers, Near Gorgona

237: Sleeping Quarters for European Laborers

490-C: Mindi Excavation, Looking North from West Bank, Showing Intersection of the American and French Canals; July 1911

501-A: Closing of the Chagres River at Gatun; August 10, 1907

502: Excavation for Spillway, Gatun

502-R: Gatun Spillway, Close View of Concrete Pillars of Support for the Bridge during Flood; December 6, 1910

502-Z4: Gatun Spillway, Showing Construction of Spillway Dam, Looking South; July 1911

502-Z90: Gatun Spillway Dam, Gates 8, 9, 10 and 11 Discharging, View from West Wall

504-A: Excavating for Lock Site, Gatun, Looking South; January 1907

507-R: Torro Point Breakwater, Looking towards Light House, Showing Construction of Breakwater and Method of Unloading Rock from Cars; July 21, 1911

509-D: Gatun Locks and Dam from the Water Tower; December 1910

517-M: Gatun Upper Locks and Forebay, Looking North; June 16, 1911

518-Y9: Gatun Upper Locks, Construction of Upper Main Gates, East Chamber, Looking South; November 16, 1911

518-Z14: Gatun Locks, Looking North, Showing East Chambers of Upper, Middle, and Lower Locks; November 9, 1911

518 ½-X11: Panama Canal, Gatun Locks, Looking South from Top of Crane in Lower Lock

519-A15: Gatun Middle Locks, Looking North from Light House on West Wall, Lower Locks and Atlantic Entrance in the Distance; June 25, 1913

519-B1: The Middle Locks, Gatun, Looking South from West Bank; October 3, 1910

519-C2: Gatun Middle Locks, Construction of West Side Wall; February 15, 1911

519-E3: Gatun Middle Locks, West Chamber, Looking South, Showing Upper Locks and Upper Guard Gates in the Distance; July 5, 1911

519-N1: Gatun Lower Locks, Looking North from Middle Locks; April 1, 1911

519-P7: Gatun Lower Locks, East Chamber Looking North; October 5, 1911

519-S8: Gatun Lower Locks, Looking South from Coffer Dam, Showing West Chambers of Upper and Middle Locks; November 9, 1911

640-A: Application of Larvacide (Mosquito Oil) by Use of Knapsack Sprayer, Miraflores, CZ

640-B: Burning Grass from Side of Ditch, Crude Oil Used as Fuel, Miraflores, CZ; June 1910

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