Manolo Valdes’ sculpture ‘Butterflies’ installed at Central Library

Manolo Valdes’ sculpture ‘Butterflies’ has found a home at St. Louis Public Library's Central Library.

The enormous and breathtaking public artwork was installed on April 11 in three separate pieces by way of a crane over the east terrace wall of Central Library, 1301 Olive Street.

The sculpture is owned by the Gateway Foundation. It measures 15'1" H x 31'2" W x 16'5” D and is the second largest piece in Gateway’s collection of 55 pieces displayed throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

 Click here to view a photo gallery of the installation.

“Butterflies” is a series of work by Manolo Valdes featuring butterfly headdresses made of steel and aluminum. Valdes worked with welders at Capa Escultura in Madrid, Spain, to create the unique piece in 2015.

 Gateway and SLPL began work several months ago to prepare for the placement of the statue. A 31-foot-deep concrete pier was installed to support the statue, which which was then placed on a metal and granite base. 

The focus of Gateway Foundation is to foster and support cultural and artistic activities and, on occasion, related to educational activities devoted to improving the quality of life in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.