Confidentiality Policy

The St. Louis Public Library protects the confidentiality of our customers’ Library records that are protected by state law.

All Library records that identify a customer or customers as having requested, used, or borrowed Library materials and all other records identifying the names of Library customers are confidential (“Library Records”). These include registration information, circulation records, database search records, computer use records, and interlibrary loan or reference records.

A customer’s Library Records will not be provided to a requesting government agency, unless

  1. In response to a court order.
  2. In response to that customer’s written request.
  3. In response to the written request of a parent or guardian of a minor child to release or disclose Library Records pertaining to the child’s account. The parent or guardian to whom records are being released or disclosed shall present identification as required by Library staff.

Adopted by the Board of Directors, September 2019

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