Appropriate Use of the Library

In order to maintain the Library as a welcoming environment for all, we have set the following standards for appropriate use of Library facilities. Failure to meet these standards may result in suspension from all Library services and facilities, notification of police, or other action.

The following are the Library’s requirements for customers:

  1. Respect the rights of others to use the Library without disturbance. Refrain from engaging in disorderly or disruptive behavior, including, for example, making loud noises, carrying strong smells into the Library, using profane or threatening language, harassment or assault of Library staff or customers, or damaging Library property.
  2. Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws on Library premises.
  3. Comply with all Library policies and directives given by Library staff.
  4. Weapons are prohibited on Library property except as permitted under Missouri law.
  5. Entering Library property while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted. Open containers and/or the consumption of alcohol is prohibited, except as authorized by the Library’s Chief Executive Officer for specific events. The use of drugs on Library property is also prohibited.
  6. Customers may not bring any animal, other than a service animal, into Library facilities, unless authorized by Library staff as part of an authorized Library program. Individuals with disabilities are permitted to bring service animals into Library facilities in accordance with applicable law.
  7. Tobacco use and smoking in all forms, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted anywhere on Library property.
  8. Customers are welcome to have a covered drink or a snack in designated areas of Library facilities so long as customers clean up after themselves. No drinks or snacks are permitted outside those designated areas, including at the computers.
  9. Respect the Library’s property by using it with care and for its intended purpose.
  10. Use only your own Library card and identification.
  11. Refrain from leaving personal possessions unattended in the Library. The Library is unable to guarantee and is not responsible for the security or safekeeping of any such items. Personal items that create odors, block passageways, are larger than a carry-on airline bag, or otherwise interfere with others’ enjoyment of the Library are not permitted. Library staff may ask to examine personal possessions if there is reason to believe that the contents pose a danger to the health or safety of library customers, staff, or facilities.
  12. The Library is not a place to sleep, bathe, solicit, or do laundry. Library staff can refer you to other local agencies if desired.
  13. Customers must wear proper clothing when visiting the Library, including shirts and shoes.
  14. Remain in the Library’s public areas and visit only during business hours, except for authorized Library activities or programs. Refrain from blocking doorways and stairways or otherwise preventing people from passing through.
  15. Some areas of our Libraries are reserved for children or teens. Adults cannot use these areas unless accompanying or supervising their children or teens or browsing the collection.
  16. The Library has additional expectations for the safety and supervision of children. These can be found in our Child Safety Policy.
  17. Respect the privacy of others when you’re at the Library, and refrain from looking at sexual content or other prohibited materials online while you’re here. See the Library’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
  18. If you’d like to photograph your visit, please make sure you ask permission from anyone recognizable in the photo. See our Photography, Filming, and Videography Policy for more details.
  19. You can petition, survey, or electioneer only under certain circumstances; please review our Petitioning, Surveying and Electioneering Policy. You may not distribute fliers, samples, or other materials in the Library.
  20. The Library has several other policies that apply to appropriate use; please visit here to review them.

Failure to observe this policy may result in the suspension of Library privileges, up to and including a permanent suspension from all Library services. During a suspension, you may not enter any Library property or use any Library service, including borrowing materials, using curbside services, accessing resources online or by phone, or attending Library-sponsored events or outings.

Customers whose Library privileges are suspended for violation of this policy for seven days or less will be notified verbally by Library staff. The Library’s Chief Executive Officer or delegate will notify customers whose Library privileges have been suspended for one month or more by means of written correspondence to your last known address or by hand delivery.

The suspension of privileges can be appealed to the Chief Public Services Officer by mail to 1301 Olive St., 63103, after receiving notice of the suspension. You may not use Library services during the appeal period.

Failure to comply with a Library staff member’s request to leave the premises may result in a referral to law enforcement. Once notification of the suspension of Library privileges has been communicated to you, further attempts to access Library services may result in an extension of the suspension.

Approved by the Board of Directors: January 9, 2023


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