1,000 Books Before Kindergarten!

Here is our September update for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten! 

Remember, if you have not yet registered, there are two ways to participate in 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten: 

  • You can visit a Library location to receive a paper log. Staff will take your information and provide you with a booklet to keep track of all the books your child reads. 
  • Or sign up on Beanstack to track books online, the Library’s online reading platform. Just create an account and log books as your child completes them. You can even download the Beanstack app to log books by scanning their barcode with your phone! 

Literacy at Home 

One of the points we like to share when explaining the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, is that you are not expected to read 1,000 different books to complete the program. For this newsletter’s literacy tip, I will take it one step further: we encourage you to reread! 

Rereading familiar, and much-loved stories boost your child’s understanding! Many of the components of early literacy like print awareness and vocabulary are supported and encouraged by rereading. Next time you pick up Green Eggs and Ham for the hundredth time, let your child finish the lines and point out the words and objects they refer to on the page--they are gaining new skills! 

Ultimately, if your child has a favorite book they are requesting, they are making a positive association with books and displaying a desire to read. So take a deep breath, and pick up that favorite book again! 

Book recommendations 

When your child lets you take a break from their current favorite, and you’re looking for something new, try one of these picture books published in 2022!:

Don't Worry, Murray by David Ezra Stein follows Murray, a little dog with a lot to worry about. He doesn’t want to go out in the rain, he’s scared of the barking dogs at the park, and fireworks make him jump, but gradually Murray learns he can be brave! If your child is a fan of Interrupting Chicken or Leaves, they may let this be their new favorite! 

Endlessly Ever After by Laurel Snyder is a great option for a reread with a twist. This is a rhyming mash-up fairytale with a choose-your-path element, allowing you and your young reader to follow Rosie down a story of your choosing. 

A Very Big Fall by Emmy Kastner invites us to read about the coming change of the season from the perspective of adventurous Birch, nervous Oak, and grumpy Maple as the squirrels tell them about changing colors and… another coming fall. 

The Blur by Minh Lê is an action-packed story about a baby who turns into a little girl with special power-like abilities after taking her first steps, and becoming: The Blur! Your child may be familiar with some of Minh Lê’s previous, and beautiful, picture books like Lift and Drawn Together

Kick Push by Frank Morrison follows Epic, whose family has just moved into a new neighborhood and is having trouble making new friends, and is considering giving up his skateboard. Instead, his dad helps him see that the best way to make friends is to be yourself! Your child may be familiar with Morrison’s distinct artistic style as seen in I Got the Rhythm, Little Melba and Her Big Trombone, and many more! 

Don’t forget, for every 100 books read, stop by your local library branch and redeem for a prize book! 

Check out this list of all of our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten prize books! 

For caregivers:
As you're teaching your child to read, you may find that you need some resources as well! Here is an excellent guide for parents of children ages 3-6, to encourage an interest in reading: 

Teaching your Child to Read by Jessica Wang

Wang combines her knowledge of cognitive and brain science, with her own experiences as a parent and explains how to help children cultivate reading ability step by step, as well as answering the questions of: Why should I? and How do I? when it comes to specific exercises. 

Library updates 

There are so many fun in-person programs and events going on at your library! Check out our events page to find out what kind of Early Childhood programs we have planned, we can’t wait to see you! 

Check out our October Pop-up Storybook Walk in Lindenwood Park, featuring You Are a Beautiful Beginning by Nina Laden! 

Happy reading!