St. Louis Post-Dispatch Collection

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Location: Manuscript stacks, row 12
Dates: 1878 - Present
Size: 15 boxes; 4 bound folios

Collected by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, P-D staff, and the St. Louis Media History Foundation/Frank Absher

Collection created in Special Collections in the 1990s

Acquisition info:

Donated by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Individual items donated by Post-Dispatch staff and Frank Absher of the St. Louis Media History Foundation

Accruals: Accruals expected
Custodial history: The collection was assembled over time in Special Collections.
Language: English
Processed by: Jean Gosebrink, 1990s; Verna Smith (volunteer), 1990s; Sarah Cain, December 2014
Conservation notes: All items placed in acid-free folders within archival boxes. Some items placed within mylar or buffered tissue paper. Some fragile items.
Scope and Content: Although the date of many of the pieces is unknown, the dated material covers the years 1878-2014 with the bulk of the material ranging from the 1910s-2000s. The collection is organized into three subseries, the bulk of which consists of publications that represent the history of and changes within the Post-Dispatch as well as the greater world of (newspaper) publishing trends and standards.

Collection organized into subseries.

Subseries 1: Manuscripts and ephemera
Subseries 2: Publications and pamphlets
Subseries 3: Advertising and marketing

Most boxes are arranged alphabetically. Boxes 10-13 are arranged chronologically. 

Restrictions: Copyright held by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The collection is still growing and the number of boxes as well as their contents may change.

Editorial cartoons 1913-1965 from the editorial page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, BK-21-2/MA uu:39 in RB stacks.

The Story of the Post-Dispatch (1940) BK-6/MA uu:79 in RB stacks.

The Story of the Post-Dispatch (1949) BK-26/MA uu:44 in RB stacks.

What are we fighting for? A symposium conducted by the St. Louis post-dispatch (1943) BK-110/MA uu:74 in RB stacks

MA uu:58-73 withdrawn by J. Gosebrink?

St. Louis Post- Dispatch Collection
1890s – Present
15 boxes, 4 bound folios;12.5 cu. ft.

Pencil sketch of D. Goodrich Gamble by Amadee, 1971 [framed]. Presented to Gamble upon his retirement from the P-D. Signed by P-D staff. MA 92:12 ​

Box/Folder Description
   Box 1: Manuscripts and ephemera
1/1 Finding aid
1/2 “The advertising censorship of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch / as explained by L.E. Prichard, chairman, Advertising Censorship Board to the United States Department of Agriculture Club of St. Louis” 1931
1/3 “Anniversary dinner given by Joseph Pulitzer, March 21, 1945 to the men and women of the Post-Dispatch and friends, 1885-1945” (3). MM-2/ MA uu:150
1/4 “Announcing the Post-Dispatch black & white competition for St. Louis scenes – January 17 to February 14, 1925, under the auspices of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild.”
1/5 “Announcing the St. Louis Post-Dispatch bi-centennial edition of the City of St. Louis, Sunday, February 16, 1964.”   Published Oct. 1963.
1/6 Bulldog edition logo, 1976-1978. MA uu:147
1/7 Circulation
1/8 Correspondence between Harry Truman, Raymond Crowley, & Ed Woods, February-March 1953. Harry S. Truman to Raymond L. Crowley, managing editor, PD, 1953, Feb. 14; Crowley to Truman, 1953 Feb. 17;  and Truman to Ed Woods, PD reporter, 1953 March 6; photocopy of photograph “President Harry S Truman on morning walk, accompanied by Secret Service agent and Ed Woods ...”. Pr-5/MS-007/MA uu:92
1/9 Correspondence, Post-Dispatch Art Department, April 7, 1894
1/10 Dist-o-meter, April 1967 (2). Ge-664, Ge-1479
1/11 Employee benefits, Your Ideas Count
1/12 Employee handouts
1/13 Ephemera
The Fat Boy’s Diet by Elmer Wheeler calorie chart card, 1950. Ge-755
1/14 First Day Cover envelope, Joseph Pulitzer, 100th Anniversary, 1947. Ge-663
1/15 “The greatest story ever told essay competition for high school students of all faiths…all denominations” 1949
1/16 History by Harry Wilensky, July 1977 
1/17 Identification cards. P-D identification card, Ronald D. Willnow, Feb. 1983.  MM-63/MA uu:141; Metropolitan Police Dept. press pass for Arthur Witman, staff member, 1957. Ge-515
1/18 Joseph Pulitzer Chronology, c. 1930. MM-64/MA uu:141
1/19 Letterhead envelopes, 1923-1935. Ge-539c
1/20 Martha Carr
1/21 Memo pad, 1998
1/22 Newspaper Guild bands, c.1995
1/23 Office directory, December 1988
1/24 Postcards, 1911-1960s. Ge-457 
1/25 “The Post-Dispatch and Its Founder”, c. 1920. MM-61/MA uu:141
1/26 Post-Dispatch Sticker Book, c. 1904 [Fragile]. PM-11 MA uu:149
1/27 Pulitzer Publication Co., news and records, 1997-1998
1/28 “Recent activities of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in the public interest…”  June 15, 1939
1/29 Reference department five year plan, July 5, 1984, “Critical Improvement Areas”
1/30 “Sight seeing in the new home of the Post-Dispatch”
1/31 Transcription of the speeches made at Mr. Joseph Pulitzer’s Anniversary Dinner, March 21, 1945 (2). MM-20-03/MA uu:148
1/32 Traveling Agent’s Monthly Reports, September-October 1897
1/33 Weatherbird. Ge-454, Ge-1367, Pr-89/MA 91:41, MA 95:03
1/34 Weatherbird, airplane. PM-68/MA uu:141
1/35 Weatherbird, reporter notebook. Ge-793
1/36 Weekly Calendar, October 4-November 22, 1925

Box 2: Reference department files, 1942-1982.  

Includes correspondence, memos, policies and procedures, surveys, staff lists, reports, etc.  The department, which held a reference library, picture file, map file, clipping files, primarily for staff use. 

2/1 Inventory and insurance evaluation, 1950-1960.
2/2 Modified manual system draft, 1980; Multiple copy system survey, 1979.
2/3 Procedures analysis 1978
2/4 Memos re: clipping, picture files, 1942-1963.
2/5 Information request forms.
2/6 Telephone studies, 1975-1982.
2/7 Correspondence, staff information, reports, etc., 1941-1980.
  Box 3: Art and Posters [oversized]
3/- Dan Martin. Amadee. MA 14:28
3/- Dan Martin. Weatherbird with 150th cake. MA 14:28
3/- “Post-Dispatch banners, heads.” Pr-152/MA 92:47
3/- Poster. “Celebrate the 90th birthday of the Post-Dispatch Weatherbird, Monday, February 11, 2nd floor cafeteria” 1991.
3/- Poster. “Good news just got better St. Louis Post-Dispatch” Dan Martin.
3/- “More than just sound bites, St. Louis Post-Dispatch” (c. 1990s). Pr-150/MA 92:45
  Box 4: Art and Publications [oversized]  
4/- Art studio?
4/- Pencil sketch of D. Goodrich Gamble by Amadee, 1971 [framed]. Presented to Gamble upon his retirement from the P-D. Signed by P-D staff. MA 92:12 
4/- Thomas A. Engelhardt. Go, my son, and sin no more. July 30, 1976 (reproduction). Signed, 8/11/1976.
4/1 Ralph Graczak, July 1974. “Garden page with Barbra Lawton”. Ge-1472
4/2 Dan Martin, November 29, 1990. “Wishing you good weather from the Post-Dispatch Weatherbird.” Ge-865 
4/3 P-D cartoons. Paul Stoddard (2), Ed Kohorst, (Steeve?). Ge-795/MA 02:10
4/4 Amadee. Weatherbird “No longer on Standard time” November 29, 1958
4/5 Amadee. Food Column.
4/- Amadee. Hanging ceiling sign. Dollars/Sense division in P-D newsroom, with Weatherbird
4/6 Paul Stoddard (4) originals. MA 89:08
4/7 Herbert L. Block “Herblock” (6), 1971-1974 (reproductions). “Follow that Car – And that one – and that one – ” 1971; New hand in the news room 1971; The war at home 1971; Violence on television 1973; “Anything you want, dear” 1974; “Chief we’re picking up some nice comments about your statement in favor of individual privacy” 1974
  Map drawer A-15
[oversize] Thomas A. Engelhardt. Think of the gas we could save if we’d just glide. March 17, 1970. [signed, 3/7/1970]. Ge-00945
[oversize] Thomas A. Engelhardt. Night Depository. March 22, 1972. [signed, 3/22/1972]. Ge-00944.
  Subseries 2: Publications and pamphlets
4/8 Sports Final baseball schedule, American League and National League, 1924. Ge-1401
4/9 “Rat Alley: A brief history of a St. Louis thoroughfare that became famous” April 14, 1940. Ge-889
4/- “Airplane for sale” July 20, 1958.
4/10 Sunday Magazine, “Senate Sketches” by Jacob Burck, January 2, 1938. MA 14:13
  Box 5: Publications and pamphlets (A-St, 1953)
5/1 Building the Constitution / by Irving Dilliard of the Post-Dispatch editorial staff. 1937. Reprinted from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
5/2 Cartoons; by Fitzpatrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1947 [cover missing]. MA uu:76
5/3 “Demoralizing a nation.” Reprinted from the St. Louis PostDispatch editorial page of November 17, 1933.
5/4 Editorial cartoons 1913-1965 from the editorial page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (3). BK-21-1, BK-21-3, BK-21-4
5/5 Editorials and cartoons on the 1952 Republican and Democratic conventions from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. BK-31/MA uu:49
5/6 “Fifty years of Pulitzer prizes” by John Hoenberg, 1966.
Reprinted from Saturday Review, May 7, 1966. MM-3
5/7 “Fishing lakes close to St. Louis (Missouri and Illinois): this list published for you as a public service of the St. Louis PostDispatch, 1964. MM-62/MA uu:141
5/8 High and mighty:  the flood of ‘93 by the staff of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel, 1993.
5/9 How to read a newspaper from the Public Affairs Department, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1960s. MM-60/MA uu:141
5/10 Keeping Posted, September 1985
5/11 A Little Souvenir of your visit to the Post-Dispatch, December 1922. Ge-870
5/12 A look to St. Louis ... great things are happening, c. 1960
5/13 Newspaper Talk About a Newspaper, as appraised by the people and the press on its 75th anniversary, 1953
5/14 The ruffled feather, v. 1, no. 1-6 (May 13, 1994-week of Oct. 17, 1994). MA uu:147 
5/15 A Statement by Joseph Pulitzer, February 13, 1942
5/16 St Louis Post-Dispatch, 1918; a description of the new building. Ge442, MM-16/MA uu:151 
5/17 St Louis post-dispatch, miniature edition, 1995. Ge-480
5/18 St. Louis Post-Dispatch magazine, Dec. 1, 1996. “The Sunday
5/19 magazine: a picture story.” Final issue.
5/20 The Story of the Post-Dispatch, 1949, 1953. MA uu:42, MA uu:30
  Box 6: Publications and pamphlets (St, 1954-Z)
6/1 The Story of the Post-Dispatch, 1954, 1957. MA uu:31
6/2 The Story of the Post-Dispatch, 1962. MA uu:41
6/3 The Story of the Post-Dispatch, 1973, 1981. MA uu:40, MA uu:45
6/4 “Technocrats” tackle the depression and teach some ominous conclusions, 1932
6/5 A tour of the Post-Dispatch, [1962?]
6/6 Welcome to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: a look behind the scenes of a great metropolitan daily, c. 1950s 
6/7 Who’s who on the World, 1922
6/8 The World, 1883-1903; the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1878-1903
6/9 The World, 1883-1903; the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1878-1903: two anniversaries, two accomplishments. Pr-077/MA 91:29 
6/10 You and the P-D, 1959-1965. Staff information.
  Box 7: Clippings (A-H)
7/1 Amadee. Pr-152/MA 92:47
7/2 Awards
7/3 Building
7/4 Christmas, 1913-1970
7/5 Contempt of court case, 1940
7/6 Contests and competitions
7/7 Editorials
7/8 Employees, 1900-1979
7/9 Employees, 1980-
7/10 Events, programs, and demonstrations
7/11 History, 1900-1969
7/12 History, 1970-1999
7/13 History, 2000-
  Box 8: Clippings (I-Z)
8/1 Mylan, David, articles with remarks
8/2 Newspaper in the Classroom program
8/3 Our Own Oddities
8/4 Post-Dispatch vs. Globe-Democrat
8/5 Printing and formatting
8/6 Radio newspaper
8/7 Readers’ advocate column. PR-89/MA 91:41
8/8 Sale of Star-Times, 6/15/1951
8/9 Sale to Lee Enterprises, 2004-2005
8/10 Sports
8/11 Strike
8/12 Sunday morning section, 1915-1916
8/13 Tree Planting Campaign
8/14 Weatherbird. Ge-518
8/15 Write & Wrong column, 1986-1990
  Box 9: Style manuals, specimen books, etc.
9/1 “Effective January 9, 1944, Mechanical information for photo engravers, typographers, artists, layout men and copy writers: new measurements for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch column width.” 1944
9/2 Proofreading, formatting
9/3 Rotogravure manual. Rotogravure, and how it may be advantageously used in the Post-Dispatch: how and when to use it. 1924. This book prepared and copyrighted 1924 for the KimberlyClark company, Neenah, Wisconsin, by Merrill, Price & Taylor, Chicago.
9/4 Stylebook, December 1963 (2 copies)
9/5 Type, the selling force behind St. Louis business [n.d.]
9/6 Type books. Type book: borders, ornaments [192-?]. Type faces:borders, ornaments, figures, rules, etc. [194-?]. MA uu:84, MA uu:85
9/7 Typefaces. Type faces, borders, ornaments, rules, mechanical requirements and general information for advertisers / St. Louis Post-Dispatch, first in advertising in St. Louis, ca. 1950s (4 copies)
9/8 Type faces for display advertising. Type faces for display advertising in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. January 1973.
9/9 Type specimens, 1917. Type specimens, borders, rules, etc. New Post-Dispatch plant. Fall 1917. Signed H.A. Brockland.
9/10 Typography 6910, April 1976 (2 copies). MA uu:86
  Box 10: Publications [oversized]
10/1 I ain’t got not happy home to leave by J.F. Helf. March 4, 1900. Ge-1472
10/2 The “Bugaboo Man” by R.A. Barnet & J.E. Nicol. June 10, 1900. Ge-1480
10/3 I guess you’d better hush! Hush! Hush! By Julia Marion Manley [sheet music]. October 21, 1900. Ge-528
10/- The fiftieth anniversary edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, with the compliments of Joseph Pulitzer. Box edition of Dec. 9. 1928 issue [copy 1]. NC-P-043-3/MA uu:141
10/- St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Analysis of growth of newspaper. Ca. 1987?
10/4 Sun., September 29, 1918. The Post-Dispatch Sunday magazine. “How many?” Fitzpatrick cartoon showing Uncle Sam with 4th Liberty Loan bonds on cover. Ge-261
10/5 August 22-29, 1971. “The dilemma of delinquency: treatment or punishment?” “Juveniles in trouble. This is a special reprint of a series on juvenile delinquency …” NC-S-129/Ge-207/ MA uu:141
  Box 11: Publications, 1928-1979 [oversized]
11/1 December 9, 1928. St. Louis Post-Dispatch fiftieth anniversary number. Post-Dispatch section. Fragile. NC-0-043-03/MA uu:141 
11/2 April 6, 1947. “Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Joseph Pulitzer, founder of the Post-Dispatch, April 10, 1847-Oct. 29, 1911.  Special section (3 copies) [Fragile]. NC-5-003-03/MA uu:155
11/3 December 13, 1953. St. Louis Post-Dispatch seventy-fifth anniversary. Pts.1-2. NC-072-02/MA uu:151
11/4 Thurs., March 31, 1955. “Joseph Pulitzer, editor of Post-Dispatch since 1912, dies unexpectedly.” Final edition. NC-5-073/MA uu:151
11/5 Fri., April 1, 1955. “Tributes paid to Joseph Pulitzer by great and small.” Editorial section. NC-5-074/MA uu:151
11/6 Sun., February 16, 1964. Bicentennial edition
11/7 Historic Post-Dispatch pages, 1878. St. Louis Post and Dispatch  “15 historic Post-Dispatch pages” v. 1, no. 286 (December 12, 1878). [1960s-1970s] (11 copies of various editions). MM-21  
11/8 Sun., March 25, 1979. Special centennial edition of the PostDispatch.” Final edition. NC-128/MA uu:141
11/9 Sun., March 25, 1979. “Progress and reform: the first hundred years. St. Louis Post-Dispatch 100th anniversary.” NC-5-070/MA uu:151
  Bound volumes [folio]
[folio] 50th Anniversary [of P-D], December 9, 1928.
[folio] 16th Anniversary Section of the Post-Dispatch, December 13, 1938.
[folio] Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Joseph Pulitzer, April 6, 1947. Fragile.
[folio] 75th Anniversary [of P-D], December 13, 1953.
  Map drawer A-13
[oversize] Weatherbird calendar. 1991 (2 copies); 1992
  Subseries 3: Advertising and marketing
  Box 12: Advertising and marketing (A-G)
12/1 Advertising, Circulation statistics
12/2 Advertising clippings, 1927-1999. MA 14:07
12/3 Advertising ephemera. Ge-690a, Ge-690b
12/4 Advertising mailers
12/5 Advertising rates, 1932-1952
12/6 Advertising rates, 1996-2001
12/7 Advertisements. AD-10/N-109/MA uu:09, AD-11/MA uu:10, AD-12/ N-84/MA uu:11
12/8 Automotive advertising, 1932-1939
12/9 “Buy your Post-Dispatch here”
12/10 Department and Men’s Store advertising, 1930-1936
12/11 “The Distribution of Advertising in St. Louis”, 1938-1944
12/12 “Doublequick service for advertisers: a glimpse of the staff and a statement of purpose” 
12/13 Get Out magazine, c. 1996
12/14 Grocery and drug store advertising, 1935-1939
  Box 13: Advertising and marketing (H-Z)
13/1 Home Readership Surveys in Greater St. Louis, 1952, 1957. Ge-1309
13/2 “How 60 of the biggest advertisers bought space in St. Louis during …”, 1926-1940 
13/3 Letters to advertisers, 1920-1945. From George M. Burbach, 1936-1941.
13/4 Letters to advertisers, 1995-1996
13/5 Letters to subscribers – The New Saturday Post, October 1996
13/6 Liquor Advertising, 1935-1936
13/7 Lucky Bucks play money, Thimble Theatre
13/8 Marketing, 1996-1997
13/9 Marketing promotion, 2001
13/10 P+D+C, 1920s. The Advertiser’s Micrometer of a Newspaper, 1924.
13/11 Plaque. Front page of PD, Jan. 21, 1981. Sample of mounted front page, a “onetime project of the PD to sell front pages.  It didn’t work, however.” – [anonymous] donor. PM-10/MA uu:151
13/12 Report of an investigation made among radio owners of Missouri and Illinois, 1925
13/13 Retail advertising rates for 1996
13/14 St. Louis radio directory, April 10, 1925. Ge-308
13/15 Survey, “$20,000 spent – 120,000 homes visited, 15 million tabulations”
13/16 “An Unusual Comparison”, advertising percentages brochure, 1935-1940
13/17 Women’s advertising [advertising to women]
  Box 14: Advertising and marketing, memorabilia [oversized]
14/- Advertising copy sheet (2 copies)
14/1 Bumper stickers. “Start a new day”. MA 95:03
14/2 Memorabilia. Rulers (3). “You get the MOST when you get the ‘POST’”, ca. 1930. Ge-262/MA 96:01
14/- Ribbons (2). Christmas Festival, 1913. Public School Athlete League, 1912. 
14/- Newspaper apron. Ge-00912
14/- Hat. “Start a new day” 
14/- Buttons (3). “Get Out” (2). MA 95:03; “Start a new day.” PM-35/MA uu:152
14/- Pint glass. “Get Out”
14/- Keychain, baseball bat
14/- Pens (2). “Get Out.” “St. Louis Post-Dispatch.”
14/- Paperweight, 100th Anniversary, 1978 (marble) with card “with complements/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/1878-1978.” MM-35/MA uu:152
14/- Tie, 100th Anniversary, 1978. Pr-8/MA 89:13
14/- Handkerchief, 100th Anniversary, 1978. Pr-8/MA 89:13
14/- T-shirt. “Post-Dispatch”
  Oversized (not in boxes)

Bus tails. 

      “To get all this, just get this” (3). PD40052 

      “To get all this, just get this” mini bus tails (2). PD40052. 

       “Get a grip on your world” (2)

       “Easy as π”; “It’s a Breeze”; “No Sweat”. Classified advertising campaign,
        “Easy as π”; “It’s a Breeze”; “No Sweat” min bus tails. Classified advertising
       campaign, 1993.

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