Red Cross Publications

Accession Number: SC 19:12
Location: RB-M
Dates: 1910-1966
Size: 2 regular Hollingers; 0.6 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: American Red Cross
Acquisition info: Transfer from SLPL Compton Branch
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Unknown
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, January 2019
Conservation notes: Items placed in acid-free folders
Scope and Content: The collection contains publications related to the American Red Cross. Items include brochures, booklets, correspondence, and news clippings with a few items being St. Louis-related.
Arrangement: Alphabetical by topic
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Red Cross Publications
2 regular Hollingers; 0.6 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding Aid
1/2 Armed Forces

-"American Red Cross Service to Military Families"; 1966

-"How the Red Cross Takes Care of the American Soldier and Sailor"; 1918

-"I Knew Your Soldier"; 1944

-"The Red Cross with the Armed Forces"; 1943

-"Services to the Armed Forces"; 1941

1/3 Blood Donation

-"Answering Your Questions about Giving Blood thru the Red Cross"; n/d

-"Menthology Salutes the Red Cross Blood Donor Program"; 1943

-"National Blood Program Facts"; 1948

-"Red Cross National Blood Program"; 1948

1/4 Disaster Relief

-"The Arkansas City, Kansas Flood"; 1924

-"Disaster Relief"; 1945

-"Disaster Relief Service"; 1943

-"The Earthquake in Southern California, March 10, 1933"; 1933

-"The Ellsworth and Auburn, Maine Fires of May 1933"; 1933

-"In Disaster, a Friend"; 1956

-"The Mitchell County, Texas Cyclone"; 1924

-"The Ohio-Mississippi Valley Flood Disaster of 1937"; n/d

-"Relief Measures and Methods in Time of Disaster"; n/d

-"The Rio Grand Valley, Texas Flood"; 1924

-"Tornadoes of March and May, 1933 in Kentucky and Tennessee"; 1933

-"When Disaster Strikes"; 1929

1/5 Disabled Veterans

-"Home Service and the Disabled Soldier or Sailor"; 1918

-"A Plan to Turn a Nation’s Offering to Their Wounded Heroes into Permanent Blessings to Our Country"; 1917

-"Reconstructing the Crippled Soldier"; n/d

-Red Cross Institute for Crippled and Disabled Men contact information

1/6 General Information

-"The American Red Cross: A Brief Story"; 1951

-"The American Red Cross: Origin, Purposes, Organization"; 1911

-"The American Red Cross: Past, Present, and Future"; 1919 (3)

-"Are You in Step with the Times?"; n/d

-Book list; 1917 (2)

-Charter and Bylaws; 1919

-"Conservation: The Principles of the Red Cross"; 1910

-"Forerunning of the Red Cross in the Roman Army"; 1936

-"The Greatest Mother in the World"; n/d

-"It All Adds up to Saving Lives"; 1956

-"On the Job: Facts for 1956"; 1955

-"Organization and Activities"; 1916

-"Red Cross Questions and Answers"; 1942

-"Red Cross Service Programs"; 1956

-"Since You Ask Me, Let Me Tell You"; 1955

-"Someone Is Looking out for You"; 1947

-"Statement of Henry P. Davison, Chairman on Behalf of the American Red Cross War Council on Its Retirement"; 1919

-"This Is Our Story"; 1947

-"A Year’s Achievements by the American Red Cross"; 1922

-"You Are the Red Cross"; n/d

-"Your American Red Cross Needs You"; n/d

-"Your [Red Cross]"; 1921

1/7 Junior Red Cross

-"Agriculture for Junior Red Cross"; 1918

-"The American Junior Red Cross: Program for Service"; 1943

-"American Red Cross Enrollment of Junior Members"; 1956

-"Chapter School Committee Administration"; 1918

-"Junior Life-Saving Crews"; 1920

-"Junior Red Cross Activities: A Teachers Manual, Supplement No. 1"; 1918

-"Manual on War Relief Activities for Schools"; 1917 (3)

-"Our Red Cross: A Teachers’ Manual, Supplement No. 2"; 1918

-"A Program of Junior Red Cross Service"; 1918

-"Programs for Elementary Schools"; 1955

-"Programs for Secondary Schools"; 1955

-Saskatchewan Junior Red Cross bulletins; 1920-1922 (3)

-"Story of the Red Cross"; 1917 (2)

-"The Work and Spirit of the Junior Red Cross"; 1918

1/8 League of Red Cross Societies

-"The International Organization of the Red Cross"; 1951

-"Le Comité International de la Croix-Rouge: Ses Missions"; 1923; in French

-"League of Red Cross Societies: Improvement of Health, Prevention of Disease, Mitigation of Suffering"; 1927

-"The League of Red Cross Societies: Its Foundation, Organization, Program"; 1951

-"Under Which All Men May Serve"; 1946

2/1 Misc. Items

-Correspondence; 1917-1963 (4)

-News clippings; 1917-1944 (3)

2/2 Misc. Publications

-"American Red Cross Work for Belgium"; 1918

-"Baby Care Is a Family Affair"; 1956

-"Canoeing"; 1956

-"College Units"; 1944

-"The Organization of a Nutrition Service"; 1924 (2)

-"Pageant of the Red Cross"; 1921

-"The Red Cross on the Highways"; 1937

-"Report of the Board of Trustees of the Relief and Red Cross Funds"; 1917

-"This Side of the Trenches with the American Red Cross"; n/d

-"Truck-Ambulances Emergency Service"; 1941

-"With the Red Cross in Siberia"; 1919

-"The Work of the American Red Cross during the War"; 1919

-"The Work of the Foreign Language Information Service of the American Red Cross"; 1920

2/3 Nurses

-"Nurses, Teachers, Community Leaders"; 1955

-"Under This Emblem"; 1955

-"Volunteer Nurse’s Aide Service"; 1948

-"Wear It with Pride"; 1956

-"Your Country Needs Its Nurses"; n/d

2/4 War Fund

-"100,000,000 for the War Fund of the Red Cross"; 1917

-"Facts: 1944 War Fund"; 1944 (2)

-"This Is My Share: 1944 War Fund"; 1944 (3)

-"What Does the Red Cross Do?"; 1918

2/5 War Relief

-"No Blackout of Mercy"; n/d

-"Plan of Co-ordinating War Relief Outlined by Red Cross Commission"; n/d (2)

-"Relief to Prisoners of War"; 1941

-"War Relief Abroad"; 1941

-"What the American Red Cross Has Accomplished in European War Relief"; 1916 (2)

2/6 Woman’s Bureau

-"Comfort Kits"; 1917

-"Hospital Garments and Supplies"; 1917

-"Instructions for Knitting"; 1918

-"Refugee Garments"; 1917 (3)

-"Surgical Dressings War Manual"; 1917

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