Railroad Literature Collection

Accession Number: SC 18:17
Location: RB-M
Dates: 1894-1968
Size: 1 record carton; 1.0 cubic foot
Creator/Collector: SLPL Staff
Acquisition info: Various sources
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Unknown
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, March 2018
Conservation notes: Items placed in acid-free folders
Scope and Content:

The collection contains advertisements, reports, and assorted

publications for United States railroads.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by railroad company
Restrictions: No restrictions
Remarks: No remarks

Railroad Literature
1 record carton; 1.0 cubic foot

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding Aid
1/2 American Electric Railway Association

-Coordination of Electric Railway and Bus Transportation; 1923

-Coordination of Motor Vehicle and Electric Railway Service by Electric Railways; 1924

1/3 American Federation of Labor

-The Case of the Railway Shopman; 1922

1/4 Association of American Railroads

-Day of Two Noons; 1941

-Railroads in Two Wars; ca. 1942

-Development of Railroad Transportation in the United States; 1945 (2)

-Railroads at Work; 1945-1954 (2)

-Names and Nicknames of Freight Trains; 1948-1949 (3)

-Named Passenger Trains; 1950

-Quiz on Railroads and Railroading; 1950

-Chronology of American Railroads; 1953-1954 (2)

-Highlights of American Railroad History; 1954

-List of Principal Railroads in the United States; 1954

-Rail Oddities; 1956

-Rail Transport and the Winning of Wars; 1956

-Yearbook of Railroad Facts; 1965

-Railroad Histories and Sources of Historical Information about Railroads

1/5 Association of Southeastern Railroads

-Railroad Information; 1954

1/6 Association of Western Railways

-Railroad Facts; 1954

1/7 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company

-One Hundred Years of Railroad Progress; 1927

-First Air Conditioned Railroad Trains; 1932

1/8 Chesapeake and Ohio Railway

-Route to the Springs Mountains and Seashore Resorts; 1905

-Annotated Time Table; 1909

-Agricultural and Industrial Outlook along the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Lines; 1923

-George Washington’s Railroad; 1935 (2)

-Leaves from a Traveler’s Notebook; 1938

1/9 Chicago and Northwestern Line

-The Famous “400”

1/10 Eastern Railroad

-Yearbook of Railroad Information; 1954

1/11 Fifth Avenue Coach Company

-Answered in Full

1/12 Frisco Lines

-Feathers and Fins on the Frisco; 1900

-Coach Travel; 1939

-Grow More Soybeans; 1939

-Friscorama; 1947 (2)

-Addresses by Clark Hungerford; 1949


1/13 Great Northern Railway

-Autobiography of an Engine; 1909

-Empire Builder

-Dedication and Opening of the New Cascade Tunnel (1929)

1/14 Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Company

-Special Bulletin of the American Museum of Safety; 1916

1/15 Kansas City Southern Railway Company

-Railroads—What of the Future?; 1923

-Great Indian Land Sale in Eastern Oklahoma

1/16 Louisville and Nashville Railroad

-The Georgian; 1946

-One Hundredth Anniversary; 1950

1/17 Menus

-Boston and Albany Railroad (4)

-Canadian National Railways

-Chicago and Alton Railroad; 1922-1923 (4)

-Frisco Lines (4)

-Great Northern Railway; 1915 (6)

-Missouri Federation of Women’s Clubs en Route to

Kansas City; 1917

-Northern Pacific Railway (2)

-Rock Island Lines

-San Francisco Limited

1/18 Missouri Pacific Railroad

-Important Revision of Trains Service; 1917

-Service: A Pageant of Progress; 1926

-Information; 1944

-How a New State of Mind Can Solve the Railroad’s Problems; 1959

1/19 Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railway

-Railroad Facts to Think About

1/20 National Automobile Chamber of Commerce

-The Motor Truck as a Supplement to the Railroads; 1920

-How Motor Trucks and Railways through Coordination of Effort Can Best Serve the Transportation Needs of the Country; 1931

1/21 New York Central Railroad Company

-What the Railroad Has Done for America; 1928

2/22 Norfolk and Western Railway

-Highest Award in Railroad Safety; 1938-1941 (2)

-Powered by People; 1957

-Along the Right of Way

-For the Utmost Progress

-Industrial Opportunities in the Land of Plenty

-Our Railroad!

1/23 Northern Pacific Railway

-Free Government Land; 1911

-From Office to Orchard; 1950

-Northern Pacific Rivers

-Traveling in the Lap of Luxury (3)

1/24 Northwestern Line

-Northwestern Homesteads

1/25 Pennsylvania Railroad

-Address by Ivy L. Lee; 1914

-Historical and Descriptive with Annotated Map; 1916

-Our Mutual Rights to Settle Our Own Affairs; 1921

-To Save People from Too Much Hurry; ca. 1924

-Railroads and Trucks; 1932

-American and Spirit of St. Louis Air-Conditioned; 1934

-Enjoy a Luxury Fleet; 1941

1/26 Pullman Company

-Pullman Surcharge; 1927

-Pullman Progress; 1859-1929 (4)

-Pullman Diamond Jubilee; 1934

-Pullman Accommodations; 1939

-Single Section Occupancy; 1939

-Exploding the Myth of Cheaper European Rates

-Hidden Mechanisms of a Pullman Car

-How a Pullman Car is Lighted

-Peripatetics of a Pullman Car

-Pullman Bureau of Tests

-Pullman Travel Tale for Little Folks

-Reserve Your Duplex Room

-Strike at Pullman

-Travel at Reduced Rates to Your Favorite Summer Resort

-Travel the Educator

1/27 Railroadians of America

-Railroad Historical Research; 1946

1/28 Railway Executives’ Advisory Committee

-Under Forty-nine Masers; 1916

1/29 Railway Express

-Romance of Railway Express

1/30 Reading Railroad Company

-Report on Reading; 1945

-This Is the Reading

1/31 Rock Island Railroad

-Rock Island-Frisco System; 1909

-Story of Rock Island’s 70th Anniversary Celebration; 1922

-Marvel of the Midland; 1941

-Rock Island: The Path into and out of Receivership

1/32 Ruthven Railway Signal Company

-Railway Accidents and How They Can Be Prevented

1/33 St. Louis Southwestern Railway

-St. Louis Southwestern Railway; 1923

1/34 Santa Fe Railroad

-No Need for the Santa Fe; 1946

1/35 Southern Illinois and St. Louis Railway

-Questions and Answers; 1915

1/36 Southern Pacific Railroad

-Southern Pacific Company: Pioneers of Western Progress; 1929

-Southern Pacific’s First Century; 1955

1/37 Southern Railway System

-Southern Railway Belongs to the People of the South; 1914

-Southern Railway; 1925

-Southern Serves the South; 1927

-Southern Serves and Sells the South; 1944

-Modern Railroads; 1953

-Introducing the New Southern Market; 1954

-Study of the Southern Railway Company; 1958

-In Behalf of the South; 1960

-75th Annual Meeting of Stockholders; 1968

1/38 Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis

-St. Louis—East St. Louis Terminal Lines; 1911

-Evidence Submitted in the Coal Rate Case Hearing; 1913

-Map of East St. Louis and Vicinity; 1920 (2)

-The Post-Dispatch, Star, and the Bridge Bill; ca. 1927 (2)

-Statement of the Trunk Line Railroads of St. Louis upon the Proposed Exchange of Uses of the Eads and Municipal Bridges; 1927 (3)

-St. Louis Plan of Unified Railway Terminals; 1928 (2)

-Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis; 1928

-Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis Statistics; 1928 (2)

-St. Louis Railroad Facilities

1/39 Union Pacific Railroad

-Homeseekers’ Opportunities in the West; 1909

-Opening Statement of RS Lovett; 1922

-At Grade Crossings; 1923

-Romance of the Pony Express; 1924

-“An American Trail of the Ages” from Union Pacific Magazine; 1926

-“Built to Preserve the Union” from Union Pacific Magazine; 1927

-Tomorrow’s Train Today!; 1934 (2)

-Union Pacific Railroad: A Brief History; 1946-1952 (2)

-How the Union Pacific-Rock Island Merger and Related Proposals Affect You

1/40 Western Pacific

-Time Tables for the Feather River Route; 1941

1/41 Western Railways’ Committee on Public Relations

-The Sleeping Car “Surcharge”; 1926

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