Presidential Election Campaign Collection

Accession Number: SC 18:41
Location: RB-M
Dates: 1860-1968
Size: 1 record carton; 1 cubic foot
Creator/Collector: Unknown
Acquisition info: Found at SLPL Compton Library
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Unknown
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, July 2018
Conservation notes: Items placed in acid-free folders
Scope and Content: The collection contains political campaign material for US presidential elections from 1860-1968. Items include convention programs and publications, party campaign books, and candidate advertisements.
Arrangement: Chronological; misc. items and larger publications located at end of collection
Restrictions: No restrictions   
Remarks: Older campaign text books are crumbly 

Presidential Election Campaign Collection
1 record carton; 1 cubic foot

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid

1860-1908 Convention and Inaugural Programs

     -Democratic Party Facts; 1892

     -Inaugural Ceremonies of William McKinley; 1897 

     -The National Republican Convention of 1860; University of Illinois Bulletin; May  1904

     -Official Order of Business of the Republican National Convention; June 1908


1908-1920 Elections

      -Democratic Party; June 1908

     -Republican Platform; June 1908

     -Address of James S. Sherman in Response to Notification Speech; August 1908

     -Hiram W. Johnson: Machine Smasher, Constructive Statesman; 1912 election

     -Woodrow Wilson and Social Justice; 1912 election

     -Republican Platform; June 1912

     -Souvenir Ballot, Democratic Convention; June 1912

     -Instructions to those desiring to vote for Roosevelt and the Progressive Party; 1912  election

     -Labor Record of Charles E. Hughes; [1916]

     -Platform of the Republican Party; 1916

     -Roosevelt for President; 1916 election 

     -Train tickets; 1916 

     -Wilson’s Labor Views/Hughes’ Labor Record; 1916 election

     -Democratic Manual; 1918

     -ABC of the League of Nations; 1920 election

     -Speech of Acceptance; 1920 election

     -Democratic Platform; June 1920


1924 Election

     -Address of Acceptance Delivered by President Coolidge

     -Arguments for Husbands Who Do Not Want Their Wives to Vote (Davis)

     -Biography and Record of John W. Davis

     -By Upholding Your Country You Are Upholding Your Home (Coolidge)

     -Coolidge/Dawes stickers (2)

     -The Democratic Party and Labor

     -Facts for Labor (Davis)

     -Farm Women Will Vote the Republican Ticket (Coolidge/Dawes)

     -Getting the Right Start

     -Introducing Our Next President: John W. Davis (2)

     -“On Guard for the People”; (La Follette/Wheeler) (3)

     -The Negro: An American Citizen (Coolidge)

     -The President! (Coolidge)

     -The President Speaks on Real World Peace (Coolidge)

     -The President Speaks on Saving the People’s Money (Coolidge)

     -Private Schools Are in Danger!

     -Responsibility in Government (Davis/Bryan)

     -The Tariff as a Tax on Women

     -Why the People Cannot Support Davis or Coolidge for Presidency (La Follette) (2)


1928 Election

     -The American’s Right to Fish (Hoover)

     -The Business Man and Herbert Hoover

     -Charles Curtis: Consistent Supporter of Humanitarian Legislation

     -The Child’s Bill of Rights (Hoover)

     -Chronological Biographical Sketch of Herbert Hoover

     -Curtis: The Man Who Never Broke His Word

     -Delegates to the National Republican Convention

     -Democratic Platform

     -Excerpts from Speeches and Writings of Herbert Hoover

     -Germany and Central Europe Fed through Efforts of Hoover

     -The Great Fat Fight (Hoover)

     -Herbert Hoover: A Product of America

     -Herbert Hoover and Agriculture

     -Herbert Hoover and the American Home

     -Herbert Hoover as His Friends See Him

     -Herbert Hoover as Women See Him

     -Hoover and the Farmers 

     -Hoover: The Man Who Took America’s Women into His Confidence

     -Hoover on Teaching and Education

     -Hoover Recalls His Iowa Boyhood Days

     -Hoover Wins Fight to Protect Americans against Foreign Monopolies

     -Hoover’s Plan for Governmental Reorganization Hoover’s War Record Proves His Friendship for Agriculture

     -Increased Farm Prosperity through the Saint Lawrence Waterway (Hoover)

     -A Kentucky Woman Calls Herbert Hoover Tender Humanitarian

     -A Man Schooled by Destiny for the Needs of This Hour (Hoover)

     -“Master of Emergencies” (Hoover)

      -Mrs. Herbert Hoover (2)

      -The New Hoover

      -Orphaned, Hard Work was Hoover’s School for Service to Mankind

      -Picture Life of a Great American (Hoover)

     -A Progressive Editor’s Estimate of Herbert Hoover

     -Speech of Charles Curtis

     -We Women Want Herbert Hoover

     -What’s the Matter with Hoover?

     -Why I Am for Hoover

     -Will Uphold Best Republican Traditions (Hoover)

     -Your Job versus the Spectre of Idleness and Ruin (Hoover)


1932 Election

     -Address by Robert H. Lucas (Hoover)

     -Agriculture: What Is Wrong and What to Do about It (Roosevelt) (3)

     -“By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them” (Hoover)

     -Can You Trust Democratic Congress? (Hoover/Curtis)

     -Don’t Gamble with the Destiny of Your Nation (Hoover) (2)

     -Engineers for Hoover (3)

     -Facts: President Hoover and the Republican Administration

     -A Farm Woman States the Case (Hoover) (2)

     -Garner Stands for “Pork Barrel” Extravagance in Government (Hoover) (3)

     -Hails Genius of Hoover

     -Hoover sticker

     -How Federal Loans Help Small Home Owners (Hoover) (2)

     -It’s an Elephant’s Job, No Time for “Donkey Business!” postcards (2)

     -Men and Women Who Work (Hoover) (2)

     -Platform Adopted by the Democratic National Convention             

     -Power: Protection of the Public Interest (Roosevelt) (2)

     -The Railroads: Republican Mistakes and Democratic Remedies (Roosevelt

     -Republican National Convention train information

     -Republican Party Platform

     -Results of the Republican National Convention                  

     -Roosevelt Never Reduced Anybody’s Taxes (Hoover) (3)                     

     -Roosevelt’s Get-Broke-Quick Plan (Hoover/Curtis) (2)

     -Roosevelt’s Record: Actual vs. Promissory (Hoover) (3)

     -Tariff: Grundyism Responsible for Ills of the Farmer (Roosevelt)

     -To the Women of America (Hoover)

     -Two of a Kind or Nothing to Choose From (Independent Party)

     -Vote for Hoover, Don’t Change Now (3)

     -Women Who Work—An Men Too! (Hoover)

     -You Can’t Avoid a Vote! (Hoover (3)


1936 Election

     -America’s Future (Roosevelt)

     -Boondoggling (Roosevelt)

     -The Case against Franklin D. Roosevelt

     -The Case for Franklin D. Roosevelt

     -Cattlemen! (Roosevelt)

     -Champions of Civil Service (Roosevelt) (2)

     -Conservation Ruined by Politics—“Ding”             

     -Dairymen! (Roosevelt)

     -Democratic Blackboard, Republican Blackmail (Roosevelt) (2)

     -Democratic Victory (Roosevelt)                  

     -Don’t Be Fooled by Figures (Roosevelt) (2)

     -Don’t Go Back and Backward with Republicans (2)

     -Don’t You Want This Kind of an America

     -Dry Party Leader Assails Landon (Landon)

     -An Exhibition to Celebrate the Republican National Convention

     -Facts, Mr. Business Man (Roosevelt)

     -The Farmer Remembers Longer Than the Elephant (Roosevelt)

     -Farmers and Foreign Trade (Roosevelt)

     -Goodbye Farmhouse Drudgery (Roosevelt)

     -Governor Landon vs. Candidate Landon (2)

     -Hearst over Topeka (Landon) I Want Roosevelt Again button

     -In America (Landon/Knox) (2)

     -The Issues of 1936

     -Keeping the Budget Unbalanced but Keeping Children Fed (Roosevelt)

     -Labor: Landon’s Platform, Roosevelt’s Record (Roosevelt)

     -Landon and Knox sticker -“Let’s Look at the Record” (Roosevelt)

     -Meet This Man (Knox)

     -Mr. Rockefeller Doesn’t Have Enough Money (antiRoosevelt)

     -The New Deal and Small Enterprise (Roosevelt) (2)

     -The New Deal Has Increased Missouri’s Share of National Debt

     -Notice: Deductions from Pay Start Jan. 1

     -One Man to Another (Landon)

     -Our Wealth of Earth and Water (Roosevelt)

     -Peace (Roosevelt)

     -Platform Adopted by the Democratic National Convention (3) 

     -Roosevelt Made Bank Deposits Safe

     -Roosevelt or Reaction? (Roosevelt)

     -The Roosevelt Record for Agriculture

     -Roosevelt stickers (2)

     -Saved more than a Million Homes (Roosevelt) (2)

     -Saving Farm Homes (Roosevelt)

     -Sign This New Declaration of Independence (Landon/Knox)

     -Soldier, You Can’t Stand There (anti-Roosevelt) -Spending to Save (Roosevelt

     -“Stabbing the Veteran in the Back” (anti-Roosevelt)

     -Tax Fakes and Budget Magic (Roosevelt)

     -They Can’t Put You in Jail for Asking! (Landon)

     -They Hate Roosevelt! (Roosevelt)

     -This Generation Has a Rendezvous with Destiny (Roosevelt) (2)

     -Through Tariff Walls (Roosevelt) (2)

     -The Truth about Farm Imports (Roosevelt)

     -The Truth about Taxes (Roosevelt)

     -The Two Wars (Roosevelt) (2)

     -We Want Roosevelt Again because of Facts and Figures

     -What about the Farmer? (Roosevelt)

     -What about the National Debt? (Roosevelt)

     -What Happened to the Little Red Schoolhouse (Roosevelt)

     -When Drought Comes (Roosevelt)

     -Where your daily $1 goes! (2)

     -Who’s against Roosevelt? (Roosevelt)

     -You’re Taking ‘Em on the Chin (Landon/Knox)

     -Your Electric Bill, 1936 (Roosevelt)


1940 Election

     -America Wants No Third Term! (Willkie)

     -Americans! Think Twice before You Vote Your Rights Away (Willkie)

     -Attention! American Army “On Order” (Willkie)

     -Bottlenecks (Willkie/McNary)

     -The Case against a Third Term for Any President (antiRoosevelt)

     -A Cherished Heritage from George Washington (Willkie)

     -Creeping Collectivism (3)

     -Dear Mr. & Mrs. American Citizen (Willkie)

     -“Double or Quits” (anti-Roosevelt)

     -Flash One Hundred and Forty Years Ago (Willkie) (3)

     -For Peace, Preparedness, and Prosperity (Willkie)

     -Going Away Party (anti-Roosevelt)

     -How We Can Recapture Prosperity in America (Willkie)               

     -“Look here, upon this picture and then on this!” (Willkie)

     -“Mother ought to feel Swell!” (anti-Roosevelt) (3)

     -My Willkie Pledge

     -No Third Term! (Willkie) (6)

     -Once, I Could Vote, Too! (Willkie)

     -Our Own Fifth Column (Willkie/McNary)

     -Pro America Opposes the Third Term (anti-Roosevelt)

     -A Real American! (Willkie)

     -The Real Roots of the War (Willkie)

     -Serious Questions for Serious Voters at a Serious Time (anti-Roosevelt)

     -Slave or Free (anti-Roosevelt) (2)

     -Think! (Willkie)

     -A Third Term? (anti-Roosevelt)

     -A Third Term Means War (Willkie)                        

     -The Third Term…Why Not? (Willkie)

     -“The United States Government…” (Willkie)

     -“We the People” Want Willkie for President

     -Wendell Willkie

     -Wendell Willkie: Man of Action

     -Wendell Willkie Speaks to Labor

     -Wendell Willkie Speaks to Women

     -Wendell Willkie: World War Veteran (2)

     -What Every “Buddy” Should Know about Wendell Willkie

     -Why a Third Term? (Willkie) (2)

     -Why Business and Professional Women Want Wendell L.

     -Willkie for President (2)

     -Will Democracy Survive? (Willkie)

     -Willkie lapel pins order form

     -Willkie sticker

     -Your Child Is Facing Bankruptcy (anti-Roosevelt)

     -Youth Today and Tomorrow (Roosevelt)


1944-1964 Elections

     -Meet Thomas E. Dewey; 1944 election

     -The Acceptance Speech of Dale H. Learn; 1948 election 

     -Dwight David Eisenhower: The Next President of the United States; 1952 election    (3)

     -1952: The Year of Decision (Republican)

     -Eisenhower’s Creed; 1952 election

     -Eisenhower Republican Accomplishments; 1956 election

     -My Political Credo (Eisenhower); 1956 election

     -Barry Goldwater Puts Principle above Politics; 1964 election

     -Barry Goldwater Speaks out on the Issues; 1964 election

     -Why We Are for Goldwater; 1964 election


Misc. and Undated Items


     -America First (Independent Party)

     -The Democratic Party Submits a Report

     -Document No. 116: Theodore Roosevelt


     -Gardner Bill Means Single Tax

     -Henry Ford’s Reasons for Supporting Wilson

     -The Inside Story newspapers (4)

     -League of All Humanity postcards; 1931 (2)

     -Make New York a National Convention City

     -National Party Platforms; 1892

     -News clipping; 1939 (2)

     -Promise and Performance; 1938

     -Questionnaires on Economics and Political Issues; 1920 

     -Republican or Democrat: If You Are a Home Woman, You Need Herbert Hoover for President

     -Republican State Platform; 1968

     -Republican Tariff Has Saved Agriculture, Industry and Labor

     -Roosevelt Recovery Plan Makes Democratic Campaign Issue; 1934

     -What Every Woman Wants to Know about Tariff (Hoover)

     -What the Republican Farm Plank Means to You

     -While Mr. Harding Reviews the Cases of the Politicals 

     -Why I Am a Republican; 1956

     -Working with Hoover




     -Democratic Campaign/Text Book; 1884-1952 (8)

     -The Facts: La Follette-Wheeler Campaign Text Book; 1924 (2)

     -Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties; 1932-1944 (2)

     -Republican Campaign Text Book; 1880-1932 (6)

     -Republican State Campaign Text Book; 1916

     -Speeches of Warren G. Harding of Ohio; 1920

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