Board of Directors – April 2, 2018

In attendance were John Dubinsky, President, presiding; Jacque Land, Nina North-Murphy, Janet Rainford, Keith Savage, Thomas Schlafly, David Sweeney, and Vince Volpe.

Also present were Executive Director Waller McGuire and staff members Tiffany Davis, Carrie Dietz, Jon Drakesmith, Diane Freiermuth, Cathy Heimberger, William Jackson, Lori Lakebrink, Kathy Leitle, Brenda McDonald, Jen Ohzourk, Justin Struttmann, Jen Wiese, and Ed Witkowski; Liz Reeves, Library Foundation; and Lisa Stump, Lashly & Baer.

The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by Ms. North-Murphy.

Mr. Savage's motion to approve the minutes of the March 5, 2018 Board meeting, seconded by Mr. Sweeney, was approved.

Mr. McGuire included an email from patron Kim Daniels who thanked the Library for giving her family access to the database Beanstack. She credits the books recommended specifically for her son with helping him not only read better but enjoy reading.

President's Report:
Mr. Dubinsky stated that he sent an article to Library Board Members of beautiful libraries around the world, showing that libraries are coming back as civic assets. He also commented on how wonderful the Rev. Jesse Jackson presentations were.

Executive Director's Report:

  • McGuire stated that once again tax season is bringing in large numbers of patrons needing services provided by staff working with AARP and VITA volunteers.
  • The staff recognition event will be held April 20, 2018, at Central and Board Members are invited.
  • A copy of the Public Library Association (PLA) sample program was included in the Board binders to give a sample of the many programs presented at this national conference, Because of snow storms, five staff members scheduled to attend were not able to do so because of canceled flights. Six staff did arrive and attend, but the conference attendance was down 30% from the previous meeting attendance. Reports about the conference from the staff who attended were requested by the Board. McGuire gave an update on Strategic Plan progress. The Dana Brown Foundation fully funded the "Born to Read" initiative. There have been requests for more of the kits in Spanish. This program will be evaluated over the next year.
  • Summer camps for 2018 have been increased and registration started March 26, with 50% of the slots already filled. The Summer Lunch Program will also be expanded this summer.
  • Central as a Cultural Destination has been enhanced by a variety of exhibits. The Catholic Sisters exhibit was brought to the Library and staff produced it quickly. It has been very popular. The next exhibit is "Working in America," which has arrived and will be installed soon.
  • "Not So Quiet" concerts and Storytime Theater continue to be very popular, and meeting room usage at Central has been growing.
  • The Elevate Awareness goal has been enhanced by the six "My Card My Way" spots on local TV stations. Mr. McGuire shared these with a national Library Directors' listserv and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

 The Digital World and Strengthen Neighborhoods goals are connected. Technology has increased the pipeline and upgraded equipment in Library locations. The Library is partnering with LaunchCode to offer ways to link patrons with their Discovery classes. The Foundation has committed to raising two million in funds to expand Creative Experience to four Library locations.

  • Several events have been planned around a visit by filmmaker Rory Kennedy to raise awareness of the issue of digital divide and the Library's digital initiative.
  • Volpe presented the Fiscal Affairs Committee report, stating that the committee recommended that the Library Board accept the audit. Mr. Volpe's motion, seconded by Mr. Schlafly, to accept the audit was approved.
  • Jackson presented the Finance Report.
  • Reeves presented the Foundation Report.

Mr. Savage's motion to go into Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Land, was approved by unanimous roll call vote. The regular meeting ended at 6:30 p.m.

At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public Library on April 2, 2018, the following actions were taken:

Mr. Savage moved  

that the Board approve the minutes of the meeting of March 5, 2018. MOTION APPROVED

(In favor Mr. Dubinsky, Mr. Land, Ms. North-Murphy,

Ms. Rainford, Mr. Savage, Mr. Schlafly, Mr. Sweeney, and Mr. Volpe.)

Mr. Volpe moved  

that the Board approve the audit. MOTION APPROVED (In favor Mr. Dubinsky, Mr. Land, Ms. North-Murphy,

Ms. Rainford, Mr. Savage, Mr. Schlafly, Mr. Sweeney, and Mr. Volpe.)

Mr. Savage moved  

that the Board go into Executive Session. MOTION APPROVED (In favor Mr. Dubinsky, Mr. Land, Ms. North-Murphy,

Ms. Rainford, Mr. Savage, Mr. Schlafly, Mr. Sweeney, and Mr. Volpe.)