Missouri Coalition for the Environment Forest Park

Accession Number: SC 18:27
Location: RB-M 
Dates: 1974-1998
Physical Size: 2 record cartons, 1 legal slim Hollinger; 2.2 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: Missouri Coalition for the Environment
Acquisition info: Transferred from SLPL Map Room
Accruals: No accruals expected 
Custodial history: Unknown
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, June 2018
Conservation notes: Items placed in acid-free folders; some items removed from binder
Scope and Content: The collection contains materials related to the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, specifically focusing on Forest Park master plans. Items included in the collection are correspondence, news clippings, reports, and maps.
Arrangement: Chronological; box 1 contains loose items; box 2 contains bound publications
Restrictions: No restrictions   
Remarks: No remarks 

Missouri Coalition for the Environment Forest Park
2 record cartons, 1 legal slim Hollinger; 2.2 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid

1977-1979 Miscellany

     -Board Bill No. 39 (3)

     -Correspondence (4) 

     -Forest Park Workshop Report 2; 1979

1/3 1980 Master Plan

1980-1982 Miscellany

     -Correspondence (6)

     -Draft for Discussion (2)

     -Guide to the 1982 Capital Budget

     -Handwritten notes (11)

     -Meeting agendas (3)

     -News clippings (16)


1983-1990 Miscellany

     -Correspondence (8)

     -Forest Park Master Plan Advisory Task Force list

     -Forest Park Master Plan Summary (2)

     -Forest Park Shuttle; 1990

     -Handwritten notes

     -Illinois Note-For-Profit Organization information; 1990


     -Master Plan; 1983 (3)

     -Meeting agendas

     -News clippings (6)


1991-1992 Miscellany

     -Committee Disclosure Report (3)

     -Committee Statement of Limited Activity (2)

     -Comparison of Plans; 1991

     -Correspondence (14)

     -Forest Park Operations and Maintenance Costs (2)

     -Forest Park Issues; 1992

     -Master Plan for Swope Park

     -Meeting flier; 1992

     -Plan of the Metropolitan Park Commission; 1991

     -News clippings (7)

     -Registration of Fictitious Name

     -Request to Change Authorized Signers

     -Statement of Committee Organization

     -Transportation Planning Grant; 1992

1/7 1992 Financial Information
     -Bank statements (9)
     -Campaign Contributions and Expenditures (3)
     -Donation slips
     -Handwritten notes (10)
     -Invoices (17)
     -Receipts (6)
1/8 1993, Correspondence and News Releases (41)
1/9 1993, Miscellany
     -Amendment Act
     -Dr. Brent Blackwelder biography
     -Campaign information and notes (6)
     -Citizens to Protect Forest Park recommendations
     -Commentary Article draft (2)
     -Fliers (6)
     -Forest Park Issues
     -Forest Park Summit workshop program (2)
     -Funding contacts
     -General Suggestions for Mayor’s Conference
     -Handwritten notes (4)
     -Maps (2)
     -Meeting Notice
     -Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District brochure
     -Mission and Principles Statement (3)
     -News clippings (22)
     -Resolution Number 6
     -Science Center position statement
     -Speech transcript
     -Summit schedule and information (4)
     -Surveys (6)
     -Where We Live booklet (2)
     -Workshop Report

1993, Plans

     -Forest Park Master Plans Impact on Parking and Access for the St. Louis Muny Theatre
     -Master Plan for the Rehabilitation of Forest Park (3)
     -Master Plan Summary
     -Plan for Alternative Transportation in Forest Park (4)
     -Principles and Suggestions

1/11 1994, Correspondence and News Releases (28)
1/12 1994, Master Plan
1/13 1994, Miscellany
     -Committee information (6)
     -Dolphin Defender paper
     -Exhibit B of Master Plan
     -Fliers (2)
     -Goals and Policies (5)
     -Governance proposals (3)
     -Handwritten notes
     -Land Use
     -McGuire Draft
     -Meeting minutes (3)
     -Meeting schedule
     -News clippings (11)
     -Planning process (2)
     -Rules of the Lincoln Park Advisory Council
     -Suggestions to resolution
     -Surveys (3)
     -Vision Statement  
1/14 1994, Working Group Notes
     -Access, Circulation, and Parking
     -Aesthetics and Design (2)
     -Land Use (2)
     -Maintenance (2)
     -Management and Implementation
1/15 1995, Correspondence and News Releases (47)
1/16 1995, Forest Park Institutions
     -Balance sheets
     -Concerns and questions (3)
     -Long term plans
1/17 1995, Forest Park Institutions, Jewel Box and MOHIS
     -Jewel Box information (3)
     -Missouri Historical Society information
     -Missouri History Museum Long Term Planning Summary (3)
1/18 1995, Forest Park Institutions, Muny and SLAM
     -Muny Long Term Planning Summary (3)
     -St. Louis Art Museum Community and Economic Impact
     -St. Louis Art Museum Long Term Planning Summary (3)
1/19 1995, Forest Park Institutions, Science Center and Zoo
     -Science Center Long Term Planning Summary (3)
     -Zoo Long Term Planning Summary (3)
1/20 1995, Master Plan
     -Funding Plan
     -Goals and Policies (2)
     -Governance Plan
     -Management Plan

1995, Miscellany

     -Alert newsletter
     -Arena Site information (4)
     -Education Director job description
     -Fliers (2)

     -Forest Park Plan: An Institutional Dream, A Public Nightmare (4)

     -Governance Preliminary Report
     -Handwritten notes (4)
     -Maps (4)
     -Meeting agendas and notes (3)
     -Oakland Edge information (2)
     -Planning Process Schedule
     -Resolution Number 178
     -Resolution of the Open Space Council
     -Statements (2)

1/22 1995, News Clippings (35)

1996-1998 Miscellany

     -Arena Site information
     -Correspondence (3)
     -Final Draft editing suggestions
     -Fliers (2)
     -News clippings (5)
     -Resolution Number 271; 1996
     -Transaction Outline

1/24 Undated Items
     -Forest Park Conservancy Founding Members
     -List of names
     -Maps (6)
     -News clippings (3)
     -Some Thoughts about the Missouri Historical Society and Forest Park     -Zoo Parking and Access Outline
2/- Bound Publications
     -1974: Project Follow Through
     -1977: Project Follow Through
     -1978: Inventory of Park, School and Recreation Facilities within St. Louis County 

     -1979: Forest Park Descriptions of Planning Alternatives

     -1979: Forest Park Task Force Summary of Progress to Date

     -1979: Forest Park Workshop Notebook

     -1979: Forest Park Workshop, Report 1

     -1979: Forest Park Workshop Resource Book

     -1979: Gateway Mall Concept Plan

     -1981: Forest Park Draft Master Plan (2)

     -1983: Forest Park Master Plan (4)

     -1991: St. Louis Riverfront Trail, Phase I Application for Land & Water Conservation Funding

     -1995: Forest Park Alternative Transportation Plan

     -1998: 1997 Natural Resource Inventory of the Forest Park Linear Water System

3/- 1994 Master Plan
-/- 1995 Master Plan blueprints; housed in RBM map cabinet
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