Louisiana Purchase Exposition Truman Ward Ingersoll Stereograph Cards

Accession Number: SC U:70
Location: RB-F Photo
Dates: 1904
Size: 1 small box; 0.33 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: Truman Ward Ingersoll
Acquisition info: Unknown
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Unknown
Language: English
Processed by: Amanda Bahr-Evola, February 2012
Conservation notes: No notes
Scope and Content: The collection contains stereograph cards with images from the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. All images were photographed by Truman Ward Ingersoll.
Arrangement: Kept in original, numbered order
Restrictions: No restrictions
Remarks: No remarks

Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Truman Ward Ingersoll Stereograph Cards
1 small box; 0.33 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
1/- Finding aid
1/1 Festival Hall
1/2 The Terrace of States
1/3 Entrance to Government Building
1/4 Sunken Gardens, Palace Liberal Arts
1/5 Palace of Varied Industries at Night
1/6 Palace of Electricity
1/7 Palace of Electricity
1/8 Palaces of Education and Manufacture
1/9 Floral Clock, Palace of Agriculture
1/10 Palace of Machinery and Lagoon
1/11 Bethlehem Steel Co.’s Exhibit
1/12 “Lone Star” of Texas, Made of Grains
1/13 The Mammoth Bird Cage
1/14 Birdseye View from Buffalo Tower
1/15 Entrance to “Creation” on the Pike
1/16 Natives Planting Rice, Philippine Village
1/17 Three Magicians in the “Court of Asia”
1/18 Oklahoma State Building
1/19 Illinois State Building
1/20 California’s Old Mission Building
1/21 Louisiana’s State Exhibit
1/22 Royal Gateway to China’s Exhibit
1/23 The Mexican Government’s Pavilion
1/24 The Missouri State Building
1/25 Pennsylvania State Building
1/26 Bird’s-eye View from Observation Wheel
1/27 Grand Stairway of Cascade Garden
1/28 General View Across Grand Basin
1/29 Festival Hall at Night
1/30 Japanese Tea House, Palace of Machinery
1/31 Palace of Mines and Metallurgy
1/32 Palace of Mines and Metallurgy
1/33 Palace of Varied Industries
1/34 Palace of Varied Industries
1/35 The Happy Family in Mammoth Bird Cage
1/36 Moose in Minnesota Game Exhibit
1/37 Indiana and Missouri Grain Exhibit
1/38 General View of “The Pike”
1/39 The Castle in the Tyrolean Alps
1/40 View in the Tyrolean Alps Village
1/41 A Picturesque Corner in the Tyrolean Alps
1/42 Bon Bon girls in the Alpine Village
1/43 Visayan Houses in Philippine Village
1/44 Visayan Natives, Philippine Village
1/45 Bagobos Maidens, Philippine Village
1/46 Kentucky State Building
1/47 Indiana State Building
1/48 Kansas State Building
1/49 Minnesota State Building
1/50 The Canadian Building
1/51 The French Government’s Building
1/52 Cuba’s Pavilion
1/53 E. Lagoon, Palaces Education, Manufacture
1/54 California’s Exhibit of Fruit
1/55 The Austrian Building
1/56 England’s Building and Gardens
1/57 The Italian Building
1/58 New Mexico’s State Building
1/59 The Brazilian Building
1/60 Washington State Building
1/61 War Department Exhibit
1/62 Palace of Liberal Arts
1/63 St. Louis Monument, Palace of Manufacture
1/64 Festival Hall and Cascades
1/65 Nebraska Corn and Grain Exhibit
1/66 Texas Building
1/67 Festival Hall and statue of Thomas Jefferson
1/68 Entrance to “Cliff Dwellers” on the Pike
1/69 The Grand Plaza from Administration Building
1/70 Japanese Tea House and Gardens
1/71 “Battle Abbey” on the Pike
1/72 Bagabos Women in the Philippine Village
1/73 Superstitious Chinese Children Covering their Faces to Avoid Being Photographed
1/74 Seal and Sea Fowl at Hagenbeck’s Show
1/75 Japanese Rest House and Gardens
1/76 Montana State Building
1/77 Alaska Building and Totem Poles
1/78 Arkansas State Building
1/79 Michigan State Building
1/80 Festival Hall from Across Grand Basin
1/81 Inner Court of the Tyrolean Alps Village
1/82 Ceylon’s National Pavilion
1/83 New York State Building
1/84 In the Main Court of “Asia” on the Pike
1/85 Bagobos Married Couple, Bagobos, Philippine Village
1/86 Ceylon and Brazilian Buildings from Palace of Agriculture
1/87 Birdseye View from Observation Wheel
1/88 Iowa State Building
1/89 Connecticut State Building
1/90 Moorish Street in “City of Jerusalem”
1/91 Oriental Acrobats in the Streets of “Asia” on the Pike
1/92 Camel and Driver in “Asia” on the Pike
1/93 Entrance to the “Pike” from Plaza St. Louis
1/94 Ben Chama Temple, the Siamese Pavilion
1/95 The Administration Building
1/96 Members Bagobos Tribe, Philippine Village
1/97 Gateway to Tyrolean Alps Village
1/98 Statue of Marguerite, in the French Gardens
1/99 David Street, in the “City of Jerusalem”
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